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What is a girl next door like anyway?

The show The Girls Next Door is a day-in-the-life-of reality style show that views the extreme lifestyles of the girlfriends of Hugh Heffner, magazine mogul and Playboy businessman. Bridget, Holly and Kendra are three women who live in the Playboy mansion in Los Angles, California. The girls have many things in common; their interest in being a Playboy playmate, bleach blonde hair, oversized breasts, tans, as well as that they are ALL dating Hugh Heffner.
The Girls Next Door is set in the Playboy Mansion and airs on Sunday nights at nine on Entertainment Television (E! T.V.). I missed what production companies produce the show.
In my opinion, the intended audience for this program is women. Most would believe that it was planned on generally men viewing it, however, the advertising throughout the program was geared mostly towards younger women and a little towards both sexes. Moreover, the topics of the shows are geared towards interests of women, for example, today’s show was Holly’s 26th Marie Antoinette themed birthday celebration.
In my opinion, the intensions of the program are to glamorize the lifestyles of being a playboy playmate as well as to showcase what are considered “beautiful women.? I feel as though this program does a lot of stereotyping of blonde women. For example, in today’s show Holly says while driving her new Golf Cart, “Contrariety to popular belief we can drive,? referring to her blondness.
Another aspect of the show that I feel dejects the growth of young women is the unnatural assets of the girlfriends. Each girl is showcased in all too small if at all clothing. Each has outsized breasts, unnatural hair, and abnormal tans just to name a few. Our society views this changes as not only attractive but also required to be perceived as beautiful. In the article Cosmetic Surgery: Paying for Your Beauty by Debra L. Gimlin she states, “Cosmetic surgery stands, for many theorists and social critics as the ultimate invasion of the human body for the sake of physical beauty. It epitomizes the astounding lengths to which contemporary women will go to obtain bodies that meet current ideals of attractiveness.? I feel that if it weren’t for programs like The Girls Next Door or the Playboy magazine itself, since it also upholds this ideas, we could reconstruct societies opinion of what is attractive. At one point in the program, Bridget states to the camera as her and Holly are getting dressed into their corset’s for French maid Birthday costumes “To get the look you want waste you must do a lot of synching and lifting your boobs is important too…it hurts to wear but it’s all worth in the end.? I feel this implies the old saying “beauty is pain? and if you don’t experience it than you aren’t truly beautiful. Why do we continue to allow this.

Finally, the show capitalizes on what is feminine. I think that the show showcases the epitome of what girls are and should be. Pink, long blonde hair, and skinny bodies. The present to Holly from Hef was a golf cart completely decked out in pink, glitter and feathers. The presents given by Kendra and Bridget were play dolls and princess gear. The tiara that Holly wore was adorned with her long blonde locks and made into a large part of the show. In the article Hair Still Matters by Ingrid Banks, she states “Ideas about relationship between hair, femininity, and sexuality, as well as images of beauty and male perceptions of femininity, surfaced as the women and girls addressed the question of whether hair is associated with femininity in any way. Several of the women explained how long hair is associated with femininity and how their beliefs have been nurtured through the mainstream media or other external forces.? Such as shows like The Girls Next Door where each “character? has very long, very blonde hair.
In conclusion, I think that this program affects the audience perceptions of what the ideals for beauty are and pushes the limits of what society sees as their fantasy. I think that I can speak for most of us when I say that we are all molded by the programs we watch and the media that manipulates our culture’s views. The Playboy magazine itself showcases women however it is always a specific type of women just as the ones that enter our living rooms every Sunday night. Our society will never shift its views of beauty if we continue to adore people for no specific reason other than their looks.