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What is a perfect medium?

I have always considered myself to be fairly interested in an array of music styles. I don’t think that because I listen to a certain style of music I have to encompass myself in the clamor of its negativity. Yet, while watching the film Beyond Beats and Rhymes, I realized by supporting the efforts of the successful players in the music industry who peg women as toys and sex objects it just continues the endless cycle of exploitation of Women.

The chapter entitled Sistas and Hos was really shocking to me for two reasons. First, the men who were asked what they thought the difference was between the two types of women; Sistas and Hos. They claimed Hos “ask? for the treatment they get based on their clothing, presence, etc. Yet, as we watch the girls walk around the festival they were being grabbed at, exploited and filmed, and inappropriately treated just because these men felt they could do so.

Just as shocking as the men’s behavior was so was the behavior of the women. Some of them fought back when they felt violated. But, the majority of the women accepted the actions just because they are socially acceptable in the rap atmosphere. However, is it just that environment in which girls are required to be put into one of two boxes; easy and a slut OR uneasy and vigrinous. In the article We don’t Sleep Around Like White Girls Do by Yen Le Espiritu there is a statement that says, “To control sexually assertive girls nonimmigrant parents rely on the gender-based good girl/bad girl dichotomy in which “good girls? are passive, threatened sexual objects while “bad girls? are active, desiring sexual agents? (169 Espiritu). I think this only streghtens the argument that every girl is one or the other. Our society has built up that there is no happy medium and no such “sexually prefect woman? exists.