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bebe accessories


I found this ad in the September 2006 issue of Cosmopolitan. This is only half of the ad it was actually a two page spread. This whole magazine is directed towards women. It is mainly for young adult women Cosmopolitan also has a magazine called Cosmo Girl which is directed towards a younger female audience.

All of the women’s legs in this ad appear to be white women who are pretty young and in shape. None of the women are wearing any real clothing other than tights or high socks and other accessories. The ad is very sexual showing a lot of leg and some of the women’s butt as well. When looking at the ad you don’t really see the accessories being advertised at all most of your focus is directed at the legs of the naked women. This ad is saying that women need to show a lot of leg and wear high heels to be good accessories for men. I think in our time women are encouraged to show a lot more leg than they were in the past. These women all have perfect legs and I am sure a lot of women would not be comfortable showing this much of themselves. The add has a lot of the accessories in it that they are trying to sell but who is really going to wear them in the way with out any other clothes. To me this ad is saying that the women are the accessories and you have to look like this to make a good one.