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Playstation and Racism

I browsed Google and searched specifically for Vogue ads. I chose Vogue magazine to search in because I have perused it before and seen many offensive and questionable ads I saw many that could have qualified for this project, however, the most offensive was a Playstation ad I found. sony_whiteiscoming_ad_large.jpg

Here we see the relations between the black and white. Although this ad is selling playstations, the main part of the ad is two women and racism. The only playstation in the ad is in the bottom corner. The ad is targeted at younger males who play video games. It seems as if the ad is saying that white is better than black when it comes to playstations, however, I see a very racist statement since there are two women in the ad, not games. The background of the ad is black which makes the Black woman almost disappear into the background with the white woman sticking out. It seems to be saying that the black woman should simply blend in and not stick out. The ad boldly states that there is no problem with the white woman violating the “other� woman. You don’t really see beauty issues within the ad, but you do see very prominent racism. The white woman has skin bared with cleavage showing as well as her stomach whereas the black woman has a ‘cover-all’ shirt on and this scared look on her face. The white woman is holding on to the black woman and looking angry and imposing as if she is the dominant person or race. The white woman has the permission to be provocative and dominating and the black woman needs to cover up and be submissive. The ad is confirming and reaffirming the normative view of white as beautiful and black should blend into the background and is not seen as beautiful or desirable. I believe that the ad supports the current socialization of racist norms.

Here are some other horrible ads that I found:
*This ad is so voyeuristic...lets buy this lingerie because we can see a woman through a hole almost touching herself!*
*If you buy this perfume, you will have an orgasm!*
*Look, there are two naked men having sex! Now I really want to buy those shoes! Seriously, why would gay sex make women want to buy shoes? And I don't care what anyone says, they are NOT wrestling!*