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"Race: Are We So Different?"


I attended the Race Exhibit in St. Paul on February 20th and I found it very interesting. It had many different displays which made it appropriate for many ages. There was a little play area with dolls with different ethnicities for the kids, a locker display created by high school students from St. Paul’s Central High School, and also different displays for adults. A particular part of the exhibit that I found rather intriguing was a mosaic of skin tones that guests to the museum made by taking a picture of there skin and comparing it to the pictures.

I did not know what to expect when going to this exhibit but I was pleasantly surprised. The exhibit covered many issues including biracial couples, statistics for certain races, displays concerning the civil rights movement, etc. The exhibit was RACE: A Story with Three Themes: the science of human variation, the history of race, and race in our culture.
The exhibit shows how “economic interests, power struggles, scientific research, and even popular culture have informed the American understanding of race, and have provided a sturdy framework for discrimination�. Although it was difficult to read, I found the portion explaining the civil rights movement fascinating. I new a lot of this information but it was very effective to have actual signs and artifacts from when this actually happened in our nation’s history. Overall, I was very pleased with this exhibit and I think it is an important for more people to attend this event and learn as much as possible. While this exhibit asserts that race is only an idea, it also acknowledges that race affects everyone!