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Science On Screen Event: Selling Sickness

Selling Sickness
Thursday, April 19, 2007
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This documentary film examines the consequences of aggressive drug marketing through the story of "Deb", who had never heard of social anxiety disorder until she saw an ad for Paxil on TV. She diagnosed herself and started taking the drug because she was getting nervous at job interviews. Now, she can't live without the drug, and has joined a lawsuit against its manufacturer. Dr David Healy comments on the potential risks of mass marketing medicines. (52 minutes)

$7, $5 students, seniors and museum members

Room Auditorium
Bell Museum of Natural History
Minneapolis Campus

Bell Museum of Natural History 10 Church St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55455 www.bellmuseum.org registrations@bellmuseum.org 612-624-7083


Very sad story, really, and thera are many more than this one... I personally think that anxiety disorders cannot be cured by using medicines only, but they should be accompanied by proper psychotherapy as well.

There are great and effective ways to develop social skills and get rid of social anxiety other than drugs. With the drugs, we can end up really dependent on it. So it does not really solve your problem, it just help you get away with it.

Learning how to develop your social skills through effective communication could be safer. Following tips or techniques, and the most important thing is to practice it. With constant practice, we will eventually get rid of social anxiety. Get rid of it in a way that next time we face tough social situations, we won't need any drugs to help us, but it will be ourselves who will take the action.