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For this assignment, I found a Skyy Vodka advertisement in my old Cosmopolitan magazine. This magazine is read by women in their late teens and in their twenties and early thirties. This particular ad is a Skyy Vodka ad and is targeted to those 21 and older as they are the one’s who can buy and consume alcohol.

This ad instantly portrays the media influenced ideal of beauty with a thin, white young woman dressed in skimpy clothes and sparkly jewelry. They only show the bottom half of her body, which is typical in many ads these days, and focuses mainly on her legs, as they are the majority of her body uncovered. Obviously, in this ad and many others, they have attractive women in their advertisements because sex sells. While looking at this ad, the lines and shapes immediately stood out to me. There is a fraction of a private plane in the picture and it shows a young woman coming down the stairs holding onto a railing that is shaped in a big arrow. Both the railing and the stairs lead to a bottle of SKYY Vodka along with a glass full ready to be served. Also, the woman’s leg is bend just perfectly to follow the railing and is also pointing to the alcohol. The woman is also extending her arm and reaching out for the alcohol. On the woman’s hand, is a very large ring, which looks like an engagement ring. The alcohol is also being carried by a man, so basically this ad is saying, ‘the beautiful, thin, high class women will be lured in by any man with Skyy Vodka.’ The ad is also implying that attractive women only want material items and look for men with lots of money, and you can capture this look with this Skyy Vodka!