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The Vagina Monologues

For the artistic event, I too decided to attend the Vagina Monologues Play. Without knowing what it is really about, I had dragged my boyfriend into going. We went to the show on Feb 27 at the St. Paul Student. This program was sponsor by they Minnesota Public Interest Research Group and its main purpose is to raise awareness to end violence against women.

At first, we thought that it was just a play that we were seeing. But to my surprise, the Vagina Monologues is actually about the many realistic views that real women share with their audience on the issue of vagina. This is illustrated by a variety of different monologues throughout the production. The topic includes every aspect about the vagina whether it is sex, love, rape, menstruation, mutilation, masturbation, birth, orgasm, the variety of names for the vagina, or simply as a physical aspect of the female body. Overall, the main focus of the play is to promote the idea that the vagina should be considered as a tool of female empowerment and that we as whole need to put away the taboo that has been haunting it for many years.
There were many different monologues throughout the productions. While some are purely funny, others take on a more serious note. Nevertheless, whether it is humorous or somber, each monologue does focus on the many problems of vagina that women have to face. One of the amusing monologues that I remembered was called My Angry Vagina, in which a woman humorously rants about injustices wrought against the vagina, such as tampons, douches, and the tools used by OB/GYNs. Before attending this event, I have never considered items such as tampon and douches could anger my vagina!
Also, besides the many entertainment monologues, there are two serious topics that struck me the most. The first one is about the women in Juarez. This monologue discussed about the increasing rate of women being abused and mysteriously disappeared in Juarez. Most of these women were factory workers who had to endure through harsh living conditions. The majority of these disappearance and murdered cases took place during the time that these women travel to work. Furthermore, another topic that I was very taken back by was genital mutilation. In certain cultures, women were forced to mutilate their vagina as a right of passage. The reason that both of these monologues really had an impact on me because these are the topics that I have been recently researching on. Initially, my interest on these two topics began when I was watching the Opera Show. The first topic on the disappearing of women in Mexico was documented by Lisa Ling. The information provided from that documentary was very shocking. I was surprised by the numbers of women that have been murdered and raped. I was even more astounded by the fact that none of these cases have been solved. The local authority did not take this matter seriously at all. What is even worse is that no security measure has been established to prevent these tragic incidents from happening again. Up until today, women in Mexico are still facing the dreading fear that they could be the next victim.
Last but not least, the other topic that was also showing on Opera is female genital mutilation. The cases that Opera presented during her show were girls in South Africa. It is believe by that culture that it is only natural for girls to mutilate their vagina as they approach womanhood. Mutilation of the vagina is seen as way for girl to preserve their purity. It is because of this ridiculous belief that had caused many deaths in these innocent young girls.
Overall, I really enjoy the show. In the beginning when the show first started, I was afraid that my boyfriend would not like it. I was prepared for him wanting to leave. However to my surprise, he really liked it as well. We had a good discussion about the topics that were presented during the play afterward. In the end, we came up with the conclusion that while some of the terms as well as issues that were demonstrated might be a little overwhelming at first, they really bring forward the real challenges that women are facing today. People who come to watch the play need to keep an open mind and be accepted of the play’s blatant method of delivering its content. It is only through this that one can really grasp the important message that the Vagina Monologue is presenting.