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A Girl Like Me...

This video makes me think...
- that we still have a long way to go in erasing racism from our society
- i cannot believe that the studies still had the same results as years ago - it's just sad!
- that this world is really a sad one, all the internalized oppression that is still going on today is horrible
- the media as a lot to do with oppressing and helping people internalize oppression

This video makes me...
- feel the pain of years of internalized racism
- cry when the young beautiful girl was conflicted about which doll looks like her or which one she wants to associate herself with
- sigh with just being tired of social injustice and wanting racism to be over and done with
- wonder which doll I would have chosen


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Only just stumbled upon this... Ya this documentation is kind of depressing, but then everyday ignorance and intolerance of so many people already shows me what this video pointed out. I'm really glad that I'm living in a _relatively_ tolerant country, at least when talking about the younger people.
Don't know if you care, but I found all the interviewed girls quite pretty - and just for the record, I'm caucasian... Not that I ever think about it that way ;)
Anyways, greetings from germany :)

Some of the most beautiful women this whitey has ever seen.

I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but the video made me cry. All the black children who picked the white doll...and said it was the "good" doll....I wanted to say, "No. No. You are good. You have the pretty skin. Your brown skin is beautful" I wanted to hug them and teach them better. Brown skin is beautiful...really dark brown skin is beautiful, white skin is beautiful. Skin doesn't make you "good". You're good through Jesus.

About the hair....I absolutely love the lovely afros on girls/women. It frames the face so beautifully.

I hope the cute girl with the glasses finds out about her culture and can learm the dance and language of her roots. I hope she can learn their moral code and if it goes against God she can grow some new roots in that area and become watered. I wish for her to be her own person while reflecting her heritage and that everyone would look at her and wish they could be that rich.

I have more to say. But, I'll leave it at this....How I wish I could have the one voice who could speak the truth to these young girls and I would be heard.

Oh and if anyone happens to read this and is curious about my skin color. I am white and I teach my children that all colors of skin are pretty and the loose "kinky" hair is pretty.

Okay, that's all.