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Amazon Bookstore: A TC resource for feminist literature

About a month ago, I wandered into Amazon Bookstore (located at 4755 Chicago Ave So. in Minneapolis). It’s an independent, feminist bookshop that also sells some music and merchandise. Anyway, it is AWESOME, and if anyone is interested in reading up on feminist issues or looking for great books written by women, you should check it out! I browsed through Amy Sedaris’ “I Like You!? entertainment book while my friend Steve looked through memoirs (I guess I’m lucky to have a friend like him, who’s interested in feminism and who’ll also front me a whopping $30 for a Bust magazine and a hefty book on college women, “College Girls: Bluestockings, Sex kittens and Co-eds, Then and Now? by Lynn Peril). I’m excited to read it after school is out. I promise that the trek to South Minneapolis is well worth it for the bookstore- it’s even across the street from Turtle Bread Co. and the Parkview Theater (which, although dilapidated, is absolutely amazing). After having taken GWSS, I have a newfound appreciation for the books and resources they offer at Amazon (readings, etc.)