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Comcast Commercial

I remember seeing a commerical for Comcast a few months back with Jessica Simpson as her character from Dukes of Hazzrard. She mentions a feature to the package that is being advertized, and says that she doesn't even know what that means, but she wants it. The commercial puts across the message that women are stupid and buy things that don't understand what they products they buy do, nor does it matter. I thought that this commerical was relevant to the class because of the way it portrays women as stupid and gullible.


I don't get why Jessica Simpson is so willing to play the dumb blonde. She's not that dumb, if at all. I do get it - money. But is it really worth it?

This 'Alex' is a complete moron. You teach some kind of gender class? God help the people you teach. Jessica Simpson is a PERSON. She is not a gender identity, racial identity, religious identity, or sexual identity. And what, when you see O.J. Simpson getting tried for murder and you think he's representing black people as murderers? I dare you to say some crap like that to his face, he'll murder you. O.J. is a person. He represents only himself. Jessica Simpson is a person as well. If you said some crap like that to her she would feel belittled. You can't look past her gender and see her as a human being. Jessica Simpson did that commercial to mock her reputation as being stupid person. And, of course, that character is a dumb blonde. (Chicken or fish?) If you didn't know that you're speaking AND TEACHING PEOPLE before doing your research. You're talking out of your @$S. An uneducated person TEACHING people, Good lord we are all doomed. But if you DID know she was known for being stupid, and you chose to look at her gender instead of her personality it's just plain disgusting that you're preaching about gender sensitivity. You have no idea how dangerous you are. Not only are you judgmental towards women, but you're promoting and teaching it.