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Drama by R. M. 7:38pm Saturday, Mar 3 2007

"Drama. It can mean passion, anger, confusion, and pain. It can be a club at school or a frustrating situation. I am choosing to address the type of drama that people experience negatively on a daily basis.

I think we can agree that a good amount of drama is instigated by those who are females. Although many females will admit this, I expect backlash from those who are too drama-oriented to accept the truth.

I have met many different types of women. There are those who can be around guys and just fit in, not seeking to be the center of attention or any attention at all. Then there is the polar opposite, the girl who takes everything you say the wrong way, twists it around and uses her limited, but well practiced, vocabulary to make your head spin.

I decided to make an equation for all of those guys out there are sick of dramatic women. Look at any girl, and run her through this:


First, you evaluate how much clothing the girl is wearing. The less, the higher value C will be. Rate it on a level of 1-10. If she's wearing jeans and a tee, give her a 2-3 depending on how tight the jeans and tee are. If there is belly showing, add a point. If she's wearing a mini skirt and halter top, give her at least an 8.

Second, you evaluate how much makeup the girl is wearing. This is tricky because select few women are makeup artists, but they will be thinned out because they usually wear a decent amount of clothing. If the girl is wearing a little foundation and discrete eye-liner, give her a 1-2. If she looks like a stripper (as many girls do these days) she deserves a 9 or 10.

Run these numbers through the equation, and if the girl scores more than 70, stay clear. She will only bring confusion and anger to your life."

I wrote the following to the author (R.M.) who is actually a close friend of mine. Obviously, we don't see eye-to-eye on everything and as usual, I decided to add to the drama in his life by contributing my two-cents to his post and commenting on the other poster's thoughts.

*So the perfect woman for you would actually be a girl, (because you do use the word that refers to a young female) who doesn't call attention to herself at all and doesn't speak much? Why is her vocabulary limited? How is it well-practiced? A lot of women are silenced in and out of their home. Should this woman be repentant because she uses words that make your head spin? Whose fault is that? Sounds like a personal problem to me...

* Also, I am not sure what I think of your equation, only that it further proves my point that men are oppressive of women. Men size women up all day long and judge us from what we wear how we dress, even though we are really only trying to fit in with the standards set by, guess who? MEN! See the schism we are in? We are either the cock-tease virgin or the vamp slut...Just can't please anyone! Oh, and for the women who judge other women - that is a direct result of internalized oppression because we are so used to being judged by men that we have used the same standards on each other, which is admittedly detrimental in so many ways. Feminists are not calling for more rights or the extermination of men - we (men and women who call themselves feminists) just want EQUAL rights...which we still don't have by the way.

P.S. Social injustice = the consequence of White, heterosexual men having power systematically and institutionally.
I cannot take things like social injustice "lightly." Saying that "people should take things lightly" is like saying, women should get over not being heard or considered in important decisions that involve us every day. Feminists aren't about making white people, men, and heterosexuals feel guilty at all. We just want you to be aware of your privilege. Oh, and for clarification...that Adam and Even shit does not fly here with me. I (Eve) didn't cause any man (Adam) to do anything he did not want to do - there is always a choice...I just hate when people use the Bible as a crutch and revert back to it so quickly.

Drama (noun): any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results -or -composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict or contrast of character.

Key word: Emotional - tends to be used when referencing woman only...I wonder why? We could go into all the ways in which some things are masculine and feminine but that would be a whole other topic



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