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Extra Event Posting

On April 28th, my friends and I attended the Young Women's Leadership Conference in Duluth. This program is sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation. The program begins at around 10:30 and ends at 5:30. This one-day conference focuses on issues important to women and the often overlooked connections between reproductive rights and health, sweatshop labor, HIV/AIDS, slavery and human trafficking, foreign policy, women in conflict, and violence. The program’s main focus is to promote the idea that women, especially young women, can change the current state of the world if they can only grasp how the problems are interrelated.

In the beginning, the only reason I was going to this conference was because I was visiting my friend in Duluth and it was convenience that I could attend this for extra credit. I was not even planning on staying for the whole day. But due to the high cost of the ticket price, my friends and I decided to stay. However, due to my surprise, I really enjoyed the program. It was very informative and interesting. All the guest speakers were very motivated and passionate about their topics.
We began the program at about 10:40 with an opening introduction from directors of different feminist’s organization. I was impressed that our senator, Amy Klobuchar was there also. Followed by the welcome statement was the watching of a short video called “They Lied?. Afterward, we went on lunch for about an hour. After lunch, there were more discussions on women’s issues. But that part of the afternoon was my favorite. First, Kirby Rafter presented us with the topic of women’s struggle across the border. Her main point of the discussion was that women everywhere should have the right to have access to reproductive health services and contraception. I really like this topic because I agree with what she had to say. In order for women to succeed, they need to have access to reproductive health services. They are entitled to their reproductive rights. If they cannot even control their own bodies than how can they succeed in any other field? Women in the United States need to come together to solve this issue. Only through this can women everywhere achieve equality.
Also, another activity in the program that I liked very much was the exploration of other cultures. In this one hour activity, we were able to ask questions and explore other cultures from a panel consisted of three speakers. I like this because I get to discover about the difficulties that women in other countries are facing.
Overall, I was glad that I decided to go. My friends liked it as well. The program was informational and engaging. I really enjoy talking to the guest speakers as well as hearing on what they had to say. Programs like this are very helpful, especially toward young women. The information that was presented in the program really goes along with the different topics that we had discussed in class. Besides that, there was new information about reproductive rights and women’s struggle worldwide that I was glad to learn. I came out of this conference feeling very informed and inspired. I would definitely recommend young women to attend this program. It may seems long but it is completely worth your time.


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