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Kanye's Workout Plan...

This video makes me think...
- Kanye sings about the hypocrisy of gold diggers, but I wonder what kind of women are flocking around him night and day
- Why is that a fat, old, ugly man can have all the beautiful women, as long as he is rich and famous, but the double standard dictates that old, bigger, and not so pretty women definitely does not get to roll around with beautiful men – even if she is rich, there she is still not has “cool? compared to a man.
- Who wants to be a video girl? How do you get in a position that you are willing to sell your body to be the woman of the day for a rapper or actor's entourage...it's demeaning
- I understand what Kanye is trying to say about trophy wives, but I want to know where the hell are his songs and videos are pointing out the hypocrisy of men. What now, Kanye?
- I think that this song trivializes everything that women go through: For example, trying to support a child, a family, fighting for self confidence, going against the media and the negative body images they present and competition against other women which is in no way productive to anyone.

This video makes me...
- laugh. The whole process of making yourself grade A 'le boeff" (name of Parisian girl in the video, which means "the beef") is down-right ridiculous
- annoyed at the double standard for men and women, especially as portrayed in the media
- wonder why Kanye's videos and songs such as 'gold digger' and 'workout plan' address issues in a way that targets women in such a negative light but never men. How is it always a woman's fault
- annoyed at Kanye


ummm.. did you take a look at kanye's latest ex-girlfriend? No hypocrisy there, right??
I don't think she's doing women any favors either.