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Kiss My Fat Ass!

This video makes me think...
- if a supermodel like Tyra Banks can find a way to still love herself after a million eyes critique her, than so can I
- hmmmm...Tyra is not fat, how is she plus-size?
- what's the deal with Top Model? All those girls are really kind of...perfect. What message is that show sending out to all the young impressionable girls out there?

This video makes me...
- cry
- grateful for strong women, especially women of color who rock
- wish my little sister didn't have to put up with a double standard every where she looks
- annoyed with the media, Hollywood, celebrities, men and women who don't use their resources and influence to make the world a better place. Instead the media creates a model that no one can fit or should be able to fit, while Hollywood is just in it for the money, so many celebrities become as superficial as their characters, and a lot of men and women don't fight the system - they just perpetuate stereotypes, internalize oppression, and continue pass on sexism to our future generations. GRRRrrrrr.....


Tyra's lost weight again after that segment. I saw some pics in one of the celebrity magazines. How aweful to be living under such a huge critical gaze, of a culture obsessed with body weight.