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Prussian Blue: The Olsen Twins of the White Nationalist Movement

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So these two blond-hair, blue eyed girls: Lamb and Lynx Gaede sound like the most naive and sad little girls ever! They are brainwashed by their mother, who exercises her right to teach her daughters at home, by instructing them that the holocaust didn't actually happen and that the best thing they can sing about is keeping their race pure. I love how they identify with the Nazi swastika, when the original use of a swastika dates back to being used by people of color – Indians, American Indians, Mayans, etc… I looked up their lyrics and some of their music videos and found a lot of odd little underlying characteristics that I wasn’t expecting. They epitomize all things beautiful, in varying shades of white and use darker colors and blackness to symbolize evil and malevolent. Ironically, their voices don’t match their angelic faces; their voices sound like grating nails on a steel board. Maybe it was that I have a general disdain for the meaning behind their music or I am apprehensive about what it is that these young ladies will do when they “enter the real world? and realize that the world, really isn’t the place they were brought up to think it was. I just didn’t like their music, their lyrics, their voices, or their mother...but hey, who said this little review was supposed to be objective? :-)

ABC News: Young Singers Spread Hate

Thirteen-year-old twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede have one album out, another on the way, a music video, and lots of fans. They may remind you of another famous pair of singers, the Olsen Twins, and the girls say they like that. But unlike the Olsens, who built a media empire on their fun-loving, squeaky-clean image, Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. They are white nationalists and use their talents to preach a message of hate. Known as "Prussian Blue" — a nod to their German heritage and bright blue eyes — the girls from Bakersfield, Calif., have been performing songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds since they were nine. "We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race." Lynx and Lamb have been nurtured on racist beliefs since birth by their mother April. "They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening," said April, a stay-at-home mom who no longer lives with the twins' father. "I'm going to give them, give them my opinion just like any, any parent would." April home-schools the girls, teaching them her own unique perspective on everything from current to historical events. In addition, April's father surrounds the family with symbols of his beliefs — specifically the Nazi swastika. It appears on his belt buckle, on the side of his pick-up truck and he's even registered it as his cattle brand with the Bureau of Livestock Identification. "Because it's provocative," explains April of the cattle brand, "to him he thinks it's important as a symbol of freedom of speech that he can use it as his cattle brand."

Teaching Hate

Songs like "Sacrifice" — a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer — clearly show the effect of the girls' upbringing. The lyrics praise Hess as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up." "It really breaks my heart to see those two girls spewing out that kind of garbage," said Ted Shaw, civil rights advocate and president of the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund — though Shaw points out that the girls aren't espousing their own opinions but ones they're being taught. On that point, April Gaede and Ted Shaw apparently agree. "Well, all children pretty much espouse their parents' attitudes," she said. "We're white nationalists and of course that's a part of our life and I'm going to share that part of my life with my children." Since they began singing, the girls have become such a force in the white nationalist movement, that David Duke — the former presidential candidate, one-time Ku-Klux-Klan grand wizard and outspoken white supremacist — uses the twins to draw a crowd. Prussian Blue supporter Erich Gliebe, operator of one of the nation's most notorious hate music labels, Resistance Records, hopes younger performers like Lynx and Lamb will help expand the base of the White Nationalist cause. "Eleven and 12 years old," he said, "I think that's the perfect age to start grooming kids and instill in them a strong racial identity." Gliebe, who targets young, mainstream white rockers at music festivals like this past summer's "Ozzfest," says he uses music to get his message out. But with names like Blue-Eyed Devils and Angry Aryans, these tunes are far more extreme than the ones sung by Lamb and Lynx. "We give them a CD, we give them something as simple as a stick, they can go to our Web site and see other music and download some of our music," said Gliebe. "To me, that's the best propaganda tool for our youth."

A Taste for Hate

Gliebe says he hopes that as younger racist listeners mature, so will their tastes for harder, angrier music like that of Shawn Sugg of Max Resist. One of Sugg's songs is a fantasy piece about a possible future racial war that goes: "Let the cities burn, let the streets run red, if you ain't white you'll be dead." "I'd like to compare it to gangsta rap," explained Sugg, "where they glorify, you know, shooting n****** and pimping whores." Sugg shrugs off criticism that music like his should not be handed out to schoolyard children, arguing that "it's just music, it's not like you're handing out AK-47s." Perhaps not, but Shaw says it's the ideas in the music that are dangerous. "When you talk about people being dead if they're not white," said Shaw, "I don't think there is much question that that is hateful."

A Place to Call Home

Despite the success of Prussian Blue and bands like Max Resist within the White Nationalism movement, most Americans don't accept their racist message. Like many children across the country, Lamb and Lynx decided to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina — the white ones. The girls' donations were handed out by a White Nationalist organization who also left a pamphlet promoting their group and beliefs — some of the intended recipients were more than a little displeased. After a day of trying, the supplies ended up with few takers, dumped at a local shop that sells Confederate memorabilia. Last month, the girls were scheduled to perform at the local county fair in their hometown. But when some people in the community protested, Prussian Blue was removed from the line-up. But even before that, April had decided that Bakersfield was not "white" enough, so she sold her home, and hopes that she and the girls can find an all-white community in the Pacific Northwest.


Isn't there more to the Prussian Blue name than their eye color? This pigment is a key part of neo-Nazi holocaust denying lore. The pigment is a residue of the gas used in the chambers and deniers claim there is not as much on site as there ought to be ... if their heroes had killed so many jews, gypsies, blacks, gays, communists, trade unionists as history shows is the case.

"There is also the discussion of the lack of 'Prussian Blue' coloring (Zyklon B residue) in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the "Holocaust" myth."

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Good blog people but you could delve a bit deeper than ABC when it comes to neo-fascists!!

You have real right with prussian blue brainwashed girls.
in my country there's a lot of NS and national radicalists..
i live in Poland, and i see a lot of bad things developed by the nazis.
cheers ;o)

Are the prussian blue from Germany ?

its sad that ppl like these are still allowed to carry on with this kinda foolishness freedom of speech my ass i really dont give a ......

its sad that ppl like these are still allowed to carry on with this kinda foolishness there sad simple minded im actually srry 4 them, i really dont give a ......

Look at it this way, they will never really be happy with their lives, because of so much hate they have in their hearts, so really we should pray for their pathetic souls.
Now I have a question: Are these Girls pretending to be Christian? Last I checked Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew, am I right

i just heard about these girls today, i really trully think these girls have been brain washed by thier own mother and grandfather. they will never have thier own oppinon on this matter ever just by the way thier mother has thaught them. i am not of the white race, and when i found out that thier songs were of hate and hatered against other races i was really liek wtf you know, how can 2 innocent looking girls be so harsh.

Seems there's a lot of talk about the politics of these girls. I don't really care about that so much about that as how they sing and play. If these girls were Negro would there be such an outcry about their singing about race? I doubt it. There is a real double standard in the US with regard to what Whites can get away with and what colored people can say and do. I think if you look at how many times White men are hit and belittled in the media (movies, TV shows, etc.) you'll notice quite a difference.

We have millions of illegal aliens marching in our streets, demanding the death of white people and that's OK. Blacks have countless pro-black organizations and political groups. But, white people being proud of their heritage and race....no that will not do. Give me a break! White people have as much right to be proud and only promote what's best for whites as any other group.

To compare these hate spreading twins to MK and Ashley Olsen
is a discrace and disservice. The Olsen twins are the polar
opposite of these brain wash hateful girls. MKA Olsen sing
lovely tunes not hatred. The Olsen twins are beautiful, but
these Geade twins are ugly!

This is to Rick and Bill who commented this text about the twins.

People react so harsh i some cases because we had a second world war because of the ideas of nazishits.

Ofcourse you should be proud of who you are, but you have to be carefull with nazipropaganda and saluting Hitler. ITS SICK!
He killed millions of innocent humanbeings, children, women, husbands.
If they perform in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark I´ll arrange some to kill them.
300 us dollar for that.

I hope they´ll die proud! :)

There is a documentary called pop Nazis about theses girls. A film crew follows them and in the end it is shown that it is their mothers views, They are being forced on them and they DO NOT SHARE HER POINT OF VIEW. BLAME THEIR MOTHER

Looks like Jonah Goldberg's ripped off their T-shirts for the cover of his new book...

Still going strong. I'd just like it. The truth must go on. I have fight for the truth in 21 years. The Swede

Actually, sadly enough they will be very happy here in Kalispell, Montana where they live, as this is the Nazi bigot capital of America...possibly even the world!! They will be stars to the redneck mentality in this insipid place!

Their mother has forced her views on these young girls since the day they were born.They have not had a chance to think on their own.
Their mother studied these kids at home( they did not go to school ) so these poor kids have heard no other side to their mothers political views and beliefs. Only death threats.

ive never heard of these girls, until i took an ethnic american lit course in college, and belive me when i say i was angry to hear about them. i dont have anything nice to say about these hateful girls. if they had a real family to teach them family values, they wouldnt sing about what they do. i can imagine what their lives would be like if they attended public school, even private for that matter. one day they will leave their mothers home, and hate, and come out to the real world. no one to protect them from what is coming to them. shame on these two dogs who think that the holocaust didnt happen, bc it did. their freaking idiots, and so are everyone else who take pride in them, or believe in what they stand for. hope someone puts a bullet to their heads, and make the world a better place. i just want to rip those stupid shirts they have on, maybe ill make a shirt with their heads cut off, and see how many praise me
and why are they listening to jay z if they are all about the white? someone should give them a reality check and let them know hes black

My comment is directed at Chris Paul the first to comment on these girls. To educate your ignorant douche bag ass Prussian Blue was the first stable synthetic dye invented in the 1700s by a in Germany also called Berlin Blue and used in blueprints. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust which did not happen until hundreds of years later. And why would this die be found in Nazi gas chambers? The gas used was the exhaust large diesel engines which was piped into these chambers. This would produce an asphyxiating effect as the carbon dioxide (CO2) replaced life giving oxygen in the body. Also the effect of unstable carbon monoxide (CO) deprived the body of oxygen by absorbing oxygen from the bloodstream as it combined with oxygen to form the more stable molecule of carbon dioxide CO+O=CO2, basic physics 101! Both gasses are COLORLESS and odorless you repugnant moron.


The posts threatrening them wants me to get out the guns and start!! How dare you Bjork!! There are Nazis in Sweden you should look at before threatening these AMERICANS - YOU ASSHOLE!
You obviously have no idea and have not thought about what is happening here inthe US!! JEWS ARE ATTACKING WHITE NON JEWS OF GERMAN DECENT!!!

When I was 20 years old this racist talk would have digusted me - well I am older now and much more aware!!! JEWS DESERVE TO BE EXPELLED FROM THE US!!! Reason:

I wanted to be a musician.When I was 20 years old - Ricky Nelson asked me to be in his band. He also asked Jery GARCIA , OF THE gRATEFUL Dead. Some Jews found out about it and decided they wanted to take my place.Bob Weir and Bill Kurtzmann, of the Grateful Dead showed up with a bunch of Jews - including Carole King and her nephew Paul King and bunch of his friends. They put dope in a cigarrette - this dope made me forget what was happening from one moment to the next. THEY HOMOSEXUALLY RAPED ME! THEY STOLE ALL OF MY NOTEBOOKS of original songs.I woke up the next day - I didn;t remember them, Ricky Nelson or my songbooks.Now Jews are playing the songs I wrote and they have never paid me a penny!! Slash, Bono , Sting and Bruce Springsteen are all platying songs I wrote in High School. THEY ROBBED ME!! AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED JEWS SHOULD ALL BE ROUNDED UP AND KILLED _ THEY DID THIS TO ME AS AN EXTENDED FAMILY!!!! BECAUSE I WAS NOT A JEW!! JEWS ARE THE BIGGEST RACISTS EVER!!! IF YOU LOVE AMERICA - the best thing to do is to KILL BOB WEIR


I am white, and i have to say these girls are crazy! and looking from a musical point of view, they've got no talent, i'm sorry those of you who support them, but they can't even carry a melody!

this is sad that they young girls only 13 can sing about white supermacy like this, it a shame that the parents of these girls allow such way, then again the mother is to blame....home schooling these girls. Does she even have a proper education...honestly these girls need Jesus...need to break free of their mother, then again, they are blinded by the fame and the money, but afterall, look at the mark you're leaving on history girls, do you want to be viewed as a racist for the rest of ur lives??? Is this what u want ur kids to remember about you? Then again your kids might show u ...inter - racial is a thing of today not the past honey!!! Grow up and smeelll reality.

Dear lamb and lynx,
i am christian, i have blonde hair, i have blue eyes, and i am from german decent, but i think that you are ignorant. i have seen your music videos on youtube and the good morning america interview and i think that your view towards people who are not like you is completely racist. i have friends that are jewish and black and they are not bad people. infact, i am willing to bet that they are smarter than you two. this questions your superiority over them. I am sure you use cell phones. did you know that the person who invented the cell phone was black. so was the person who invented the refridgerator and peanut butter. if you hate black people so much than why do you use there things? i have also seen you playing dance around the swastica. have ever thought about the fact that if there were no jews than hitler would have not been as infamous as he is now? i have also read that you are christian. did you know that the jews were the ones who introduced god to all the other religions? i am sure you have heard of the golden rule. jesus made this up. just to refresh your memory its"do unto others as others do unto you." i don't think that others would want to treat you like this because it is racist and very mean. i hope you change becasue if you don't no one will like you.

freshman in the brain washing teachers class(do you remeber her)

p.s. did you know that prussian blue is a drug.

You ought to see how these girls look now.

15 years old and about a size 12 in women's clothing! They both have very THICK arms for being so young.

Their mother bleaches their hair blonde, because without it, they would have mousy brown hair.

One has dyed her hair red to differentiate herself from the other twin. Oh and the mother has admitted that the girls are not even sure they are lock stock in line with the mother's racist views. They don't like their father's Mexican girlfriend though - only because she steals money from him.

The girls faces are widening and are now just about as wide as their stage mother's face. They are really no longer cute.

I'm glad. There IS A GOD, thank you Lord. April Gaede, I know you are reading this, and unless your girls get thin and cute again, your days as a power nazi are numbered.

Plastic surgery and lipo? Is that what you will do to keep them in the forefront for your own displaced ego?

To the girls - In 3 years you will be adults. I hope you will learn to like people for who they are, and give people a chance to be your friend. You never know what you will find. Please don't let your mother's poison kill your souls. I am praying for you, seriously.

BTW, I am not even a liberal - I am a conservative Republican, but I dislike Ms. Gaede, and how she is raising these two.

Praying for your souls girls. Love - someone you don't know, but there are plenty of people out here praying for your soul.

This is sickning that people actually raise their kids like this.. The world will never change if you keep breeding your kids this way..

This is sickning that people actually raise their kids like this.. The world will never change if you keep breeding your kids this way..

The`re Americans, enough said?

These girls have a perfect right to dislike anyone for any reason. Regardless of the merits of their beliefs, is their "hate" any different from that espoused against white people by the NAACP? The hate against white people by the Congressional Hispanic caucus?

There is nothing wrong with calling a nigger a nigger, a greasy cockroach spic a greasy cockroach spic, or a conniving kike a conniving kike.

There is also an actual fact of biology that has literally been eliminated from school texts. It is the interesting fact that the RNA that carries genetic instructions to DNA, or basically provides the hereditary blueprint, is significantly alike in simians, negroes, "indians," (dot and feather and the races of Meso-America), arabs and asians, and significantly degraded compared to caucasians. This literally means that when a caucasian breeds with races genetically inferior to themselves their heredity is degraded. This is an actual FACT, not a moral construct. Intelligence, learned behavior (as opposed to animalistic violent reaction), looks, body smell, all are significatly degraded. That is why, instinctively, a colored person considers themselves to be better if they have a smidgin of white blood, than their purebred colored "brethren."

These girls and their mother have a perfect right to want to preserve their superior genetic heritage. "Liberals," the biggest cowards and liars in the world, will tell you this is not so, but unfortunately the actual scientific facts are established. Liberals tell this lie because they fear, not love, coloreds, and also because they are uniformly ugly weak and stupid, and are jealous of whites who walk upright in the light and are created in the image of Gods while the colored of this earth are undeniably closer to apes and monkeys than they are white people.

Rock on Prussian Blue.

Dear parsifal,
Anyone whose thought processes work in the manner that yours do, with such lack of enlightenment, insight or intellegence can not be genetically or orherwise superior to anyone or anything. Even apes laugh at you.

These two are the saddest thing I've ever seen. It's too late for them. These two are done for life.

Lost souls who hate because they themselves never were loved. When you want to preserve your race, it's certainly not the human race. You are all very sad. Jealousy is a horrible thing. A man bashing a gay man is just not man enough to sleep with him. Hatred of homosexuality comes from a person who's jealous of some one else living the way they want to live. They hate them for being able to express themselves. Else, why would care? Your hatred of Jews and blacks and Spanish is all the same. Jealousy. Your sad little lives will never be fulfilled. There really is a god. And god took a big shit and it came out a skinhead. That's why you have no hair, you had to come out of gods ass. One last note, you're an embarrassment to all people, including white people, all over the world. And I think officially, you should change your name to Scum Heads! :-) Better yet, Shit Heads. Can you spell that you ignorant bastards?

Really amazed ...2007 and people still discuss about races....someone tell these two ugly twins they're not cool...thank god not many people know aboutthese two loosers...

I like how people that post here first condem the hatemongering....and then spew out hate towards 2 young girls....i guess two wrongs DO make a right... ignorance on a grand scale

Hey Rich. You spell "intelligence" with an "i," retard, not an "e."

Also, scientist researching chimps in the congo observed a very fascinating tableau. One tribe of chimps, outnumbering another, attacked, for absolutely no reason, the smaller tribe of chimps. The attack, which can be viewed on the Discovery channel, featured several males of the larger tribe isolating a helpless female of the smaller tribe, and gang-raping her before they killed her. Also, they isolated, killed and cannibalized a baby chimp of the smaller tribe. JUST LIKE NIGGERS, wouldn't you say? Reminiscent of the Jena 6? Check your Discovery listings.

Also, to the proto-literate freshman, Dr. William Shockley, a white man, invented the transistor, which directly led to the development of the cell phone. It was NOT INVENTED by a NIGGER. Coincidentally, shockley is also an unrepentant racist who loathes coloreds for their wonderful human qualities.

As for you Get smart, you are welcome to blow every god-damn faggot on the planet. I won't stop you and I certainly won't envy you.

The greatest satisfaction I get, is knowing that the albino-nigger cowards who suck the assholes of their colored brethren, the "whigger" wanna-bes, YOU WILL BE THE FIRST PEOPLE THE NIGGERS KILL when RAHOWA starts. Then we shall swoop in after they have providentially eliminated YOU, and KILL ALL THE NIGGERS. But I imagine the vultures and hyenas won't even eat you. Goddamn, you pieces of shit would make a vampire puke.

Rock on Prussian Blue. RIP Ian Stuart.

The only people brainwashed are you people that don't like their music or beleive whatever the left wing commies tell you. These girls are smart enough to think for themselves, unlike you hippie scum that only beleive what you see and hear on tv. Their CD has sold alot so its good to see others who support them. Alot of rap music is way worse than these girls and promote violence against whites. None of their lyrics promote violence agaisnt anyone but instead instructs whites to take pride in their race which actually seems wuite benign to me. If you consider that racist than too bad. They are here to stay.

even this 2 girls are NAZI, we can't say they're not beautiful ,but the shadow of Hitler, the NSDAP and SS that is arround This 2 " Aryan Girls" gives a very bad impression ot them, LAMB & LINX could very famous and rich(llook at them), but they're only shadows of our free sosciety...
(All tyrans desired FREEDOM........For themselfs)

i think they do look loke the oslen twins but may be going ott about it the are verry pretty and proberbly are good singers

ok...im really pissed...i've been studying about hitler, nazis, jews and i am apalled...just to say to these stupid, idiotic, brainwashed and really pathetic girls...i'm disappointed...hitler killed over 6 million people...and yet u think that u can just stand there and pretend like you two can just go around pretending to care about people...btw...i'm white too...if i was another religion besides christian would u come and kill me because of it....just so u know...i'm srry, but i just have strong feelings against you.....again...i'm srry, but you two really piss me off...i just wanted to give you my opinion of what you are doing to the world....good luck destroying the world...congratulations w/ ur cd...oh yea...the only reason y yall got a cd is because the "white" population that you two have brainwashed like yall...i forgot to mention also that yall are the worst singers i've ever heard and yall should not sing in public..jsyk

They are great, and their mother is raising them in the right manner. Brainwashed? No more than the average kids at school.They have a good fundament when they grow up and start to reflect more for themselves. The Aryan race is the most beautiful, and is worth preserving :D

these girls are sick!

Its crazy how people are still racist today. How is this world ever going to move forward in anything when we can't even get along and over look our differences. These girls are sorely mistaken about races and what's right and wrong, doesn't mean that we should be hating them though. I think they need to smoke a few joints and love everyone and accept people for who they are and what other people's beliefs are... And if the weed doesn't work i think their isn't that much hope for them, they've been had.

What is the difference between what these girls believe in, and what La Raza and MEChA believe in, and what the Black Panthers, and Barak Obamas black separatist church believe in? Nothing, there is no difference.The difference is created by idiots who subscribe to political correctness.

what do you think about this?


children should only learn how to learn, not what to learn, I guess.

This is something I really gotta think about. These fanatics get scary.

I have a question- why do racist people think that jews (ashkenazi jews) are not white?! You see, jews have been in Europe for 2000 years!!! They have more than 50% white blood! So, why do racist people hate them so much?

Singing white supremicist songs is shocking enough but actually posing in tshirts that bare a smiley face with a deliberate resemblence to Hitler is fucking sick.

God has a funny way of make all things equal. I can easily see the day when these girls are all grown up and they see the world though there own eye and not their mother or father. One of the young ladies will fall in love with someone outside of the race, like so many of us have an, then what!
“Life is funny that way?

I don't know what the big fucking deal is. All kids are brain washed no matter what you "Teach" your kids, it's all brain washing. Catholics, Mormons and all religious groups, as well as schools and colleges just tell you what to think and punish you for not thinking the way they tell you. 2 little girls want to sing about hating others based on race, color or creed, what is the difference between them and 99.99999% of rappers??? Everyone should leave them the fuck alone.

1 More comment... These girls are way hotter than the olsen twins, and they may acutally give us a playboy spread unlike the fucking olsen teases. Honestly, who wouldn't fuck the shit out of these girls?

these girls are sick. they actually believe that the white race has the right to their own homeland, and the right to exist, now, how sick is that! Hitler killed six million people, they say. well, our very good pal Stalin killed 40 million, but of course, that doesnt count, coz´ after all, he won the war (with american assistance), and, of course, he only killed whites.

to be frank and honest with you, these girls make sense.

Well i guess their mother only proved the fact that holocaust didn't exist to them. BECAUSE IT DIDN'T. Most of you commenting here are the real brainwashed ones from your school's textbooks. The fucking jew's themselves wrote those books, you retarded fuckers... Stop being pussy's and stand up for what is right!
(O and i chose this path on my own whit no influence from anyone) I know it's right. WHITE IS RIGHT. GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE.

Martin: The assertion that textbooks were written by Jews does nothing to disprove the Holocaust. Could you provide a few logical reasons as to why you think it didn't happen?

There are hundreds of thousands of Nazi documents confiscated by the Soviets that disprove the current Jewish claims of a "Holocaust". These assertations were promulgated at the behest of the NKVD and later by the KGB to prop up the Jewish takeover of the Soviet Union. Review any of the recovered records of that era to prove this.

you too rock how can you be brats

Im a white dude, I am part Cherokee Native American. and I have so many friends, it is amazing. I have been amazed that all my brothers originating from Africa are some of the warmest, most caring people I have met. They are indeed my Brothers. Slash,is probably one of the most stylish guitarists ever, and Im sure he didnt ever steal your songs, whoever it was that said that.

Its nice to be able to just exist as a human family. I hope you two girls go to a University or some other education system because your kinda far behind. When you do go to a university, you should check out a cultural anthropology class, you will learn a great deal about yourselves and others.

There is a Rush song called "Trees" you should listen to.

As a musician, giving my honest opinion, I believe an actual recording studio could help the quality of your music. Also, it doesn't hurt to get vocal training, especially if you attempt to do 2 vocal harmonies at the same time. If not, it just kinda makes me want to stop listening. Just a suggestion.

I don't support what you sing of in the least bit. Hatred in any quantity is sad, and I pity your Mother most of all. I am not angered by you, I just feel so lucky that I have been blessed in coming up the way I did. I can now co-exist with all these other amazing and individual human beings, perhaps even pushing the human species further than ever before. (It wont get there your way.)

The craziest part about this is, I care enough about trying to make a difference that I read this and typed up a response. You and your sister may not even think twice about these words, but for everyone in the real world, they may ring more truth.

The age old saying of you Reap what you Sow is real. Don't go planting seeds you don't want to harvest.

Much Love

Okay, first off you two need help. I can say this because it is true. It makes me sick, because I am the offspring of many different type of people. I am Russian, Native American, Canadian, Irish/Scottish, and I am Noregin. I am both Christian and Catholic, as well as Jewish. You can say all you want about the world, but I hate that you are putting down on my family, and that sucks because you don't even know what it is like, you have no idea, and I think you never will.

They're mother isn't teaching the girls her opinion; she's teaching them hate that might end up one day getting them killed. If her mother is so unhappy with America then I suggest that they move to Germany. One day they will soon find out when Jesus returns that all of their racism won't mean a hill of beans in hell; because there will be people of all races there.

These girls are the prize of the White race. The beauty and intelligence of the Aryan will never die. We will be back with furry not seen since the 3rd riche.

Wait until you are ripped from your bed by a savage negro beast. Wait until your currency is destroyed by the Jew. Wait until you are unemployed because of illegal immigration. Wait until they execute you like the peasant you are. Then finally may you overcome your brainwashing by television and "education".

Sieg Heil!

Whats sad is you self hating whites who march to your own doom

Well, girls looking very nice..

To the tolerant out there who comment on this site; I commend you for attempting to voice your opinion in such a pit of ignorance exhibited, to say the very least, by many of the misspellings and incorrect usages of grammar by our less than informed counterparts, the racists.

Perhaps some day they will realize that they are wasting their own lives away by concentrating so much energy toward such a useless cause. This, however, is an ideal that they must come to in and of themselves. Even though many of your points are valid and true, all it will prove to do is infuriate the ignorant, and add fuel to their futile flame of hatred.

In its stead, I propose that we ignore them in full, and each turn to our beautiful and diverse circle of family and friends, and support them in finding their own empowerment.

P.S. "Furry" what, Anonymous? Hats?

White Pride!

Oh for god's sakes. Which one of you assholes is actually 'aryan'? You don't even know what it means. Vomit.


The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

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Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.