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Reflections on this course.

I really enjoyed this class. Because I’m a graphic design major, most of the classes don’t incorporate much critical thinking outside of the design world (though they could). And I’ve always considered myself a very aware person, but there were many issues we discussed and read about that I’d never really talked about or learned about. This class was very refreshing because it dealt with so many issues that society is afraid or embarrassed to talk about. I also enjoyed that most of our assignments were done on a blog where everyone could read each other’s work; because the class only met once a week it wasn’t easy to get to know people very well, so at least reading other’s thoughts gave me a deeper connection to the class. The books we read were great and incredibly appropriate, especially beginning with bell hooks’ piece of literature. I found all of the essays in Feminist Frontiers to be very well researched and interesting. Overall, the class was achieved beyond what I thought it would, and really made me think critically and broadened my perspectives.

Finally, I think classes like these should be mandatory. I believe that ignorance is what causes hate and hate crimes when talking about many of these issues, and even I broadened a lot of my thought throughout the course of this class.