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The Revolting Queers’ “My Jazzy Crotch" Event

This past Saturday the Revolting Queers held there second event, a music show featuring five local bands. The slogan of the event was “getting a beer means getting involved.? The purpose of the event was to build solidarity and to spread our message to people across gender and sexuality lines.

Five bands played music from 10 pm to 2 am. This was paired with various gender bending performances giving the event the feel of a circus of queerness. All too often members of the queer community are desexualized. When they enter mainstream gay bars many are made to feel unwelcome and less than human based on their bodies, or their race. When entering the more heterosexual communities that they have a cultural affinity towards many queer people are expected to downplay their sexuality or gender presentation to make the heterosexual members feel more comfortable. The event served to challenge heterosexual comfort zones, raise awareness of queer politics and to allow queer people to express themselves however they see fit. The event was highly successful in building connections with heterosexuals who are also oppressed by society’s hegemony regarding gender. The event was also successful in building queer solidarity and by allowing new connections to form between people.