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To wear Hibjab, or to not wear Hijab...

This video me think...
* of my Christian friend who lives in Pakistan and has to lie about her religion everytime she leaves her house and all her problems with her father that she has had
* uh, I wonder why a man is speaking about a Muslim woman's choice, "you know what I am saying?"
* I do like the whole idea behind the Hijab - a person looks at another based on their mind or personality versus their outward appearance. I also like the arguement that there is a double-standard: Nuns vs. Woman who wear Hijab - why is the later viewed as oppresson?
* of all the ways religious practices, rituals, customs, and strongly suggested rules are oppressive of woman
* that people are relgiious when it is convenient...it is so funny!
* think of all the American feminists, documentaries, and the US media, that feature Arab woman as oppressed and Islam as a negative relgion

This video makes me...
* laugh at the small truths in this video: I have totally witnessed women who choose to wear their Hijab inappropriately or incorrectly.
* wonder what I would do if I lived in a household or country that required or strongly suggested that I wear a Hijab
* agree with the author of this video - there is a difference between culture and religion and I hate that most people confuse one with another or insist that both go together
* ponder on whether or not Islam is oppressive of women, or Christianity for that matter
* consider the difference between culture and religion and it's affect it has on American feminists - viewing Islam as oppressive or Muslim woman as oppressed, maybe it is just a different culture? or maybe we should not judge...we have our own oppressive vices here in America, who are we to say another culture is wrong? But what if it is oppressive...? I am really at a crossroads here. I was raised experiencing four religions: Christian (me), Muslim (dad's side), Jewish (godparents, best friends, community, etc...) and Hindu (mom's side). Which is right? Are they all going in the same direction?


I think everyone is free to beileve what he/she likes and the only limitation is rights of the other people. So, if someone beileves that he can force othres what to wear, should accept that they can force him to. Religion is personal, becuase everybody thinks that he/she is right and wants to opt his own choice freely.

Hi there just ran into to this. You wondered why Ali discussed a woman's issue. Because its not just a woman's issue. If I walk out of my house stark naked I not only affect myself but others around me, namely I'd shock the neighbors, lol and probably the police called. People would most probably consider my mental health.If I walk out of my house dressed as an average american woman I affect others by not causing any waves so to speak. If I walk out of my door dress in an abaya, niqab, socks (under my shoes) and gloves i have another affect. How people dress frequently describes their attitude. For many wearing a cross is a description of their goals of piety.
When a Christian woman walks out her door wearing a cross, making a statement of her goals in piety, this affects how others interact with her, feel about her and how the do so with her family members.
If my son wanted to marry a nudist I would cautiously inquire how nudism affects his perception of her. Did it leave any sort of positive or negative feeling in his mind about her intellectuality. lol Did he even notice anything other than her body on first impression.
If my son wanted to marry a completely covered woman I would make similar inquiries. Less cautiously as that we are Muslim so seeing a niqabed woman is not unusual to him.
I've got to be frank here, I would prefer him marry a niqabed woman over a nudest and ironically a nudest over an averagely dressed american woman because the nudist obviously thinks for her self, maybe not the way i do but she does think.
I really do find so much comfort in hijab, as in nothing reviled of my shape, not shear, no bare skin except hands and face and no make up or jewelry. O and no perfume either. First of all its reminder for me, deal with all others in the best way. Second it says to men with ill intentions back off buddy. Third it is an education for others that white people too are muslim, and that we are people, not crazy harmful things, but people. Fourth its so much more comfortable than tight jeans and other tight clothing. If you ever try on a salwar kamise you'll know what I am talking about. (I have a feeling you are familiar with such garments)
Yes hijab is the individuals choice and so is working, but both have definite affects on others. O and so many, non-muslims treat me in a way I prefer, men with repectful distance but curtisy and women with kindness and curiosity....I am very socail. Thats just how I want to be treated by strangers.
Sure sometimes I want to walk out the door and have the sun hit my bare skin but thats what makes camping so fun, and when i visit my parents their backyard so great.
One thing thats a perk about covering up is I no longer fry in the sun. Another is because my clothing is loose and breathable I am usually not as hot as my husband who is wearing jean shorts and a T. Also its a little easier to stay warm in the winter.
Ok anyway, if I have a daughter one day how am I going to address the hijab issue. Well for one thing I am american and it is highly improbable that my daughter wouldn't be. What this means is she, like me will live in two worlds. One that says encourages the use of womans sexuality to obtain goods and such and the other encouraging the use of womans intellect for obtaining goods.
So far with my, young, son he is fairly modest. He does not like for his arms to be bare outside of the home, lol, and he most certainly does not like the areas from above his navel to below his knees to show. He will in fact through a temper-tantrum if I tell him, "Its ok just get your shoes from the porch!" and he isn't properly covered. So when and if a daughter comes along I will dress her from around the age or 2 1/2 or so in a fairly modest manner. I have every intention of haveing her wear hats from day one because the I will be able to keep her eyes shaded and transistioning to hijab at puberty will be all the easier. There is a saying 'play with them the first 7 years. Teach them the next 7 years, and advise them the next 7 years." Thats my plan. If the All Knowing wills.
Anyway I have gone on for quite a ways. This is my perspective. If any of it is good it is from the Creator and if any of it is incorrect it is from myself and the accursed one.

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