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Where to even start?

As many of my fellow classmates have previously stated, this class has opened my eyes to alot of things that constantly surround me that you never really think about. Through readings, discussions and blog entries I feel I have learned alot about feminist theory, the progress that is and isnt being made and about myself through my own critical thinking on issues and others thoughts and opinions. I loved how the class was different every week, the topic and the format and enjoyed how much media was incorporated into everything.

To be completely honest the use of the web blog wasn't to appealing, but after a semester of submitting entries on here I have become quite fond of the idea. Some one else mentioned doing media journals online (meaning everyone) and including more incorporation between those and the entire class. Although for me it was hard to stay on top of a journal and putting my findings along with my thoughts into a common place, I did view news, magazines and other various sources of media in a different way and found a lot of very interesting stuff. I found that I talked alot about issues that were brought up in class while outside of school and with completely different people. At work for the past few weeks we have been talking about transgender youth and intersex babies. While doing clinical work on a labor and delivery floor I also found myself in yet another conversation about intersex and was entertained with the doctors and resident's responses when they were asked about it. This was interesting for me because my nursing classes the information is stuff I really enjoy learning about and it 100% useful; however no one wants to discuss how to catheterize a man over lunch...
I was pleasantly surprized to walk away from this class with the new base of knowledge and a new 'feminist' view of my own. It was nice that everyone was able to participate even though we all fit somewhere completely different on the feminist spectrum. I know my opinions were changed, strengthened and questioned throughout the course of the semester but I like walking away knowing I have real thoughts on pressing feminist issues.