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Will it ever end?

I attended the Aurora Center’s Sexual Assault booth at Coffman Union. There I was encouraged to discuss how I felt about the nature of assault, what I could personally do to change my actions to prevent the continuum of violence, and many facts about the behavior itself.
I learned many things about sexual assault and violence that I was unaware of before attending this event. First, one out of four women will experience rape or attempted rape while in college and of those almost 90% of women know their attacker. Secondly, only about 5% of college rape cases report their attack. It was also stated that “sexual assault remains the most drastically underreported crime in the United States.? Therefore, I wanted to know the statistics of our campus considering I view it as a pretty safe environment. I asked, “How often does rape happen around our campus?? I learned the answer.

At the University of Minnesota alone there are approximately “500 men and 1300 women who experience unwanted sexual contact each year.?

With all this information I sat down to write out the survey that was given to me as I approached the booth. The only question written on the paper was; what can ‘you’ personally do to prevent the spread of violence? This is how I answered; After taking a women’s studies class I realized that there are many ways in which we are predisposed to this behavior while growing up in our culture. The way that the media sensationalizes violence, sex, and the demeaning of women, just to name a few, I would do anything in my power to change it. Yet, what can one person do? Therefore, I have decided to reevaluate the music I listen too. I am all about the freedom of speech, however, why do we have to dishonor certain people while doing so and by continuing to purchase music that reinforces harmful values I am just perpetuating it. Secondly, I have always wanted to work with victims of violence. I have been lucky to have never been an object of violence myself, nevertheless my strength and willingness to not only be a part of the solution but also to encourage women to stand up to the abuse and end the cycle.