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Women in the military

I find it to be too bad that women are not allowed in combat in the military. If a woman is capable and willing to go into combat and fight for her country, than she should be allowed to do it. The army should have its best fighters go into combat, and we don't even know what women could do and how much of a help women could be if they were allowed to in combat in the military. I feel this is reflected of our patriarchical society where men are supposed to lead and women are supposed to follow.



Women need to go back to the days of being the fairer sex. Men fight, box, go to war, etc. As a man, I don't like seeing any of that with men, much less what was once the more gentle, decent of the genders.

women in combat.... nope. it's not even fit for a man.

wow your course has done a terrific job of brainwashing any normalacy from your mind...

both genders have equal rights but both genders are not the same

not having women fight is hard wired into our dna for a million of years... if one man survives he can procreate with as many women necessary to re-populate... if one woman survives then there wont be enough of a new generation to continue the propogation of the species... obviously an extreme example but its the same reason that women like to shop for hours on end, its in their pre-wired instinct to be gatherers...

*shakes head*