May 1, 2007

Arabian Nights


On Saturday April 21st, I attended a performance of Arabian Nights at the Rarig Center on West Bank. I went on a whim with a friend and had no intention of using it for my event write up. In fact, I had no idea that Arabian Nights would even be a potential candidate. But I was surprised with the content of the play having to do with many ideas we discuss in class (Gender, Sex, Stereotypes, Power, etc).

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April 30, 2007

RACE- Respect All Colors Equally

I attended the Race Exhibit at the Science Museum March 9. I learned several facts about race issues that I never was aware of. I will share them here with all of you! A good starting definition of RACE is “respect all colors equally.� A part of the exhibit discussed how racism is in people’s heads. We are what make racism real. We, as a whole, can make a difference, but separating others out continuously does create true diversity- and can lead to harmful treatment. Why do we have to strive for diveristy when we are all the same?

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