January 30, 2007

I am

My name is Kim Zier. Im a junior now here at the University majoring in Animal Science. Im hoping to become a veterinarian, someday, however I am not going to vet school right away. Im 20 years old and Im from West Bend, Wisconsin. West Bend is about 30 miles north of Milwaukee in the South Eastern part of the state. Im the youngest of three kids. I have two older brothers. My oldest brother, Dan, is 33 years old. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Rachel. My older brother, Tim is almost 29 years old. He and his wife, Julie, live at home with their two kids. My niece, Greta, will be turning 3 on Valentines Day, and my nephew, Matthew, will be 2 in April. Being in Minneapolis the past three years has really changed my life. I came to college with a steady boyfriend, a huge cloud of uncertainty and a great rush of excitment. I no longer have my boyfriend, I still have a huge cloud of uncertainty, and I still couldnt be more excited about whats coming next for me here at the U. I guess in a nutshell, thats my life and family. :)

January 22, 2007

I am

I am Abbey Carson. I was born in Ramsey, MN and move to Andover, MN when I was about 8, where i lived in two different houses there, until my family recently moved to St. Francis, MN and my mom is planning on moving to Isanti, MN into a house on the lake. I am the youngest of 4 children and love every minute of it. Me and one of my sister are 11 months apart and we are basically inseperable, I was usually with her every day and we have the same friends, but she goes to St. Cloud State so I talk to her everyday. Because we are the youngest my parents are really easy going with us, and spoil us alot. I have an older brother who is 27 and an older sister who is 28, I love talking to them about college and I always get their feedback from when they were in college. I am currently enrolled at the University of Minnesota, Institue of Technology, and plan on majoring in chemical engineering. I love chemistry, obviously, and I like logic and math problems. Sounds dorky, and my friends always joke around with me about it. However, I love to snowboard, listen to music, watch movies (mainly chick flicks and romance), and I love going up to St. Cloud where all my friends have a house together and hang out. I also have a boyfriend of two and half years, who I love, and is so supportive of me through this experience.


I am originally from Rochester, Minnesota. I have an older sister who lives in Minneapolis and my parents live in Rochester still. I am a Political Science major. I enjoy music and I play the guitar and the violin. My favortie bands are Tool, Jimi Hendrix, and the Beatles. I am a big fan of movies, my favorites being American Beauty, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Pulp Fiction. My favorite thing to do is to is to play the guitar, hands down. I would say that if I have to sit around I would rather sit and listen to music with friends than sit and watch TV. I occasionally watch sports but I have been less and less interested in them lately.


My name is Net and I come from Cameroon in West Africa. I am the second (son) of the six siblings and I have three sisters and two brothers. I am a senior, majoring in Civil Engineering. I am a soccer player and like to watch movies, basket ball, listen to music, and a wrestling fan. Every Friday between the hours of 7pm and 9pm, I watch Smack Down and I don’t miss it except it’s a situation that I can’t control. I like to hang out with friend, play games and I can basically do any thing for fun as long as it is interesting.

I am...Katie Jo

K id at heart. I love to play games, hang out with my family, and act like a kid as much as possible… before it’s gone forever.

A true friend. My friends mean the world to me and I cherish each relationship for different reasons. Life without TRUE friends and family just doesn’t mean much.

T he cabin is my most favorite place in the world. I love going boating, fishing, swimming and laying in the sun relaxing.

I would consider myself to be a passionate, punctual, outgoing, compassionate, reliable, considerate, and cheerful person.

E nding College is a huge achievement in my life, graduating in May 2007, I am excited to see where life is going to take me and to begin a new journey.

J oking is fun… I love romantic comedies, good jokes, comedy shows, and anything that can make me giggle! There is nothing better than a good laugh.

O bjective and open-minded. I have been blessed with the “devil’s advocate? mentality. My biggest pet peeve is ignorant people who always think that their opinion(s) are right. There always two sides to every story and I think that people should be open to hear both sides.

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I am...a poet

Hi everyone. Because I am such a procrastinator, I had the privelege of reading many of your worth while introductions before I actually did the writing part of mine. It's been nice getting to know everyone. Especially impressive were those of you who dared to bare a little soul to us strangers, which is slmost what I am about to do. Realizing that my poetry says more about me than what my favorite things are (which are the same as many as you; e.e. cummings is the man!), I decided to write a little poem.


Between this stone
and its vertical garden,
I lay on shaded hammock vines,
until they break, and I fall.
For a moment I do,
every time

I am
strong as glass after
it’s been shattered, stained
glass with parts of pictures staring up
at white surfaces
asking to be touched,
I am

learning to walk through
fields, plodding along though fleeting flowers
never meet my sole,
but write letters when I’m gone,
fearing I’ll forget, which I will,
but at a strenuous pace.

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i am.

i am sensitive. i can say the abc's backwards. i am not ticklish. i like to fart. i am beginning to realize the world is very small. i still sleep with my blankie. i like being alone but i have an easy attachment to things and people. i am introspective. i hate socks and i am allergic to real bras. i tend to personify objects. i am becoming more introverted. i hate dirty belly buttons. i believe in soulmates. i don't like confrontation. i take my time. i kiss with my eyes open. i want a larger vocabulary. i can’t talk about things that truly upset me but everything else spills out involuntarily. i wash my hands a lot. i like to listen but i interrupt regularly. i try to remember my dreams. i am afraid of the dark. i cry a lot. i like the cold, it makes me feel alive. i am strong-willed yet indecisive. i love reading but i get too emotionally involved. i am responsible. i want to stop comparing myself to others. i am scared of the future. i think my mom is superwoman. i get nostalgic and i don’t know why. i give compliments often. i hate the misuse of your and you’re. i don’t like to hurt people. i am bad at making eye contact. i think it’s impossible to really know someone. i can be selfish. i want to be genuine.

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January 21, 2007

I'm a World-Saver

And my name is Karina. I'm an artist; here at the U I'm studing to become a Graphic Designer, which, if you weren't aware, encompasses several different areas of design, leaving me somewhat clueless about where I want to take my degree after college (and it certainly doesn't help that I change my mind, oh, about every other week). Right now I'm just going where the wind takes me; and here, my friends, is a great opportunity to list some of the places that the wind is actually taking me:

The Fund for Public Interest Research
I currently work for this non-profit organization. "The Fund" is one of the largest grassroots/fundraising orgainizations in the country, hiring for other NGOs like the State PIRGs, The Human Rights Campaign and the Sierra Club. Right now I'm working with the Sierra Club on their global warming/cleaner energy campaign. I love my job. By default I work with really interesting, inspiring, politically motivated people. It's hard work, but it's so important to continue to build public support and raise public awareness.

Sushi Restaurants
I was just introduced to sushi two summers ago, now I can't get enough of it. My favorite sushi joint is in Milwaukee, where I'm from, and it's called Sake Tumi. To me, sushi is incredibly satisfying. I love, love, love seafood. Some suggestions are Unagi (eel, served with a specail unagi sauce), spicy tuna maki (rolls, usually with crunchy tempura flakes on the outside) and usually great sushi restaurants have their own creative specialty rolls.

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I am pensive

My name is Bethany Ann Khan. I am a sophomore currently in the School of Journalism and College of Liberal Arts. I am majoring in Professional Journalism and I hope to minor in the areas of Social Justice, Leadership, and Women Studies. I am a feminist and I am very dedicated to helping to create a socially just environment here on campus and in the near future as a professional journalist, I hope to impact the world, one article at a time.

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I am...Derek Blanchard

I am...
a Christian, a Libertarian, the loud crazy kid at the party, an extremely good listener, a finance major, usually deep in thought, fun, outgoing, driven, excited about life, in love, and open-minded.

Some of my favorites are...
Grey's Anatomy, watermelon, football, lifting weights, running, Espresso Expose, talking with friends, reading, The Green Mile, traveling, Argentina, campfires, my cabin, sunsets, boating, and partying.

I used to...
be a state track and field champion, work at a movie theater, work at a bank, worry too much, tutor elementary students, and plan out every second of my life.

I'm looking forward to...
asking my girlfriend to marry me (probably within 2 months!), owning my own house, buying a dog, graduating in May, working at Mayo Clinic in healthcare administration, having children, taking a vacation when I graduate, and spending time with my family and friends during my last semester because I have a very light load!

Important lesson's I've learned are...
man plans and God laughs, to live a life in fear of losing it is to lose the reason to live it, treat those as you would like to be treated and better, the first duty of love is to listen, God gave you two ears and one mouth and they should be used in that ratio, and life is all about attitude. All of these lessons have affected my life significantly.

If there is anything else you would like to know about me, check out my facebook profile. I actually have a weekly blog, and it is under my notes on facebook. I would encourage you to add me as a friend on facebook and check them out. There's some really good stuff there, and I would love to be challenged as well as encouraged on some of the deep thoughts I have posted.

I am... a collection of life

I don’t really know in words what or who I am, so the best I can do is show you what I love, and hope that you can pull a good idea from that. Here goes and I wish you luck in deciphering the person I am!

1. Film – I’m the kind of person who loves spending the night watching great movie after great movie, and then doing it all over again the next night. Film is my tentative major, and although I enjoy making short films, I like to watch and admire other people’s masterpieces more. I still have not decided if I want to make a career out of film or to just keep it a hobby, but I suppose that at 19, I have lots of time to figure that out. I have many favorite films that would be too long and boring to post here, so I will limit it to my top three, which are Donnie Darko, V for Vendetta and The Prestige.

2. Ceramics - Pottery (or art) is my second choice major although I'm more passion than talent in this field. I am taking my first college level ceramics class this semester and am more excited than I could possibly put in words. My plan is that if I become good enough at the potter's wheel to afford a plastic box to live in when I grow up instead of a cardboard one, I'll switch my major.
DSCF0001.JPGThis is my favorite bowl that I have made.

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i am a procrastinator...

-i put absolutely everything off until the last minute, but would never even dream of turning in anything late, or being late for anything im supposed to be at.
-i am a junior nursing student and i absolutely love the profession i am getting into. i love taking care of people, working with people and learning about people. i love to think critically and problem solve.
-i was born in st.paul, but raised in madison wisconsin, so i am one of the hated badger fans that go to the university of minnesota. i enjoy sporting my red and white and talking trash, even if they lose.
**my family and friends mean the world to me and although i like to do things independently, i couldn't imagine life without any of them.

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I am.. thuy

I am a senior in college. Thus this is my last year as an undergraduate. My major is in psychology. However I am not thrill to receive my degree in that field at all. So as a result, i will be applying to the MBA program at St. Thomas. Hopefully, i will get accepted. Other than that, I like to hang out with my friends whenever i can. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is to travel. So far, i have been to vegas, hawaii, vietnam and jaimaca. My next destination would be China and Japan. I don't like to read but my favorite book is Harry Potter. Also, i'm addicted in reading In Touch magazines. I know it's silly and i get yelled by my boyfriend alot for wasting my brain power in those stuff but i can't help it. I have another friend that has the same addiction and it's hilarious when we get together and "gossip" about what we read. =). I love to try new things so this winter i'm trying to learn to snowboard and all i can say is that i need to get more padding, especially the one for my behind. My favorite movie is the notebook. I don't know how many times i have cried watching that movie. Speaking of crying, one could say that i'm a cry baby, especiallly my boyfriend. It's not that i'm emotionally unstable but i just tend to cry very easily. One sad scene from a movie and you can count on seeing those tears falling down. Overall, i consider myself to be a fun caring person. Although i may say the stupidest thing sometimes but i am very thougthful. I love to experience new things becuase in order to criticize something, one would have to try it first. I don't like people who just made meaningless assumptions on subjects that they themselves have not tried.

I am pure potential.

I enjoy people. I love conversing and collaborating ideas. I have never had the hiccups. My little cousins make me happier than most people. Sweet potatoes are my favorite food. I have a tendency to see the best in people. I eat cereal for desert after almost every meal. I find colors uplifting, but black and white photos are my favorite. Though the city is brilliant and inspiring, my true home is in the country.

I have a passion for music and odds and ends of crafts, especially designing and creating jewelry. I swim for the other side of things. Painting my nails and dancing help me cope better than any medication could. I know more about shoes than I ever thought I would. I think that people are inherently good, not evil. I live for my friends and family. I dream about studying abroad. I believe in God and evolution. I think that green tea is the most contemplative drink. My house is the most beautiful place in the United States.

I love tea and coffee. I love to listen and I love to talk. I am currently taking sign language and have found it to be a creative outlet. I think that passion is one of the most attractive qualities in humans. I would rather spend the day at an art museum than at any shopping mall. I am planning on majoring in Global Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies but that is subject to change any second. My sisters are gorgeous girls who I look up to though they are younger than I am.

I am an activist, a woman, a sister, a daughter, a feminist, an environmentalist, a student. I would love to be your friend.

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I Am...Me

In lieu of this assignment, i scoured my room, computer and photos for ten things that represent me as a person. What I have chosen can say more about me than any list of adjectives and nouns. This list should present a nice glimpse of a proper representation of my personality. My interests in music, film and literature are constantly evolving, but my love for my friends and family will always be permanent. And with this, let me present my list..

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I AM ....


I am an adoptee.
I am still seeking answers to my history.
I am easily jealous of families that are fortunate to have shared genetics, for I will never have that.
I am a part of an Asian community, but never disregard that I am also an individual.


I am aware of and acknowledge the racial injustice in our society.
I am always and will forever be viewed as a foreigner by the public eye based on the color of my skin.
I am a descendant of an oppressed community of color that has been consistently discriminated against through the likes of the government, media, and society.
I am not afraid to confront ignorance.

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I am...

A few of my favorite things…

1. I love all animals! I have a rat named, Sno. She keeps me company when I’m lonely. I also have a dog at my dad’s house his name is Smoky. I volunteer at the wildlife rehab center in Roseville, and it’s a lot of fun.
2. The Last Unicorn is my favorite movie of all time. It always has been ever since I was little. It is a cartoon about the last unicorn in the world and she goes and saves all the other unicorns. However its not really the genre I would usually go for. My favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton.
3. I love being outside in the winter, summer, whatever. I love the snow. I like to just sit outside when its snowing its so relaxing and beautiful. I love to sit outside in the sun in the summer time… cause its so relaxing and beautiful. Haha
4. I try to go camping whenever possible in the summer. I love backpacking or just car camping. Last summer I got to go sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands with some friends it was my first time kayaking and it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

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I am.. Learning and Growing

I am a freshman and I have absolutely no idea what my major is or what direction my life is going. I have tons of ideas, but haven’t made any decisions yet. I love kids and I want to do big, great things someday, and I know I will, after I decide my major :)

I am very emotional, and I think that’s ok. I am overly sensitive but also very compassionate towards other people.

I am a slob. I love clean rooms, but for some reason, I can’t have one.

I love to read, I’ll read anything and everything. Some of my favorites include Catcher in the Rye, Brave New World, and Ella Enchanted, which I read in third grade and loved and I still like it a lot.

I have been very strong in my faith my whole life and have been very involved in my church but coming to college and experiencing all the new things that I have has really caused me to struggle with it and really question it. I’m anxious to see what will happen in that part of my life. It scares me, but at the same time, I think questioning is important.

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I am...


Probably not what you were expecting, but that's okay with me I guess. I'm young, I feel younger than I look, I don't know what I want to do with my life, I'd like to do what makes me passionate (but what can I choose if gender studies, design, science, HUMAN MINDS, creative writing and feathers all fall under my interests?) I was recently at a school I didn't like, and I found myself trying to remember what I really enjoy in life. I made a list- it's long, so I won't recreate it, I'll give you just a few:

winter trees, summer driving, radios, gin and tonic, old comic books, bridges, boots, the color red, the words "sandbar" and "icebox", binoculars, comets, the alphabet, trains, pears, old clothes, hills, laughing.

I want the things around me to be genuine; I want to be genuine. This should be easier than it is.

January 20, 2007

e(I)ye am. (a list)

an obvious disciple of e.e. cummings.
highly mutable, prone to staring.
I try to be an artist, a musician, an actor,
and end up being more motivated by passion than talent.
i am sensitive to violence and used to avoid the news,
but have recently decided that the world is worth the pain.
a chronic shower-er.
devoted to my siblings, even if i don't show it often.

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I am....Expanding my Horizons

My name is Kari and I am a freshman here at the U majoring in (hopefully) biochemistry to one day go into Dental School. One of my best friends is my older sister Bethany and I am very family-oriented. I am extremely motivated and will do anything to achieve my goals, however, I am a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes pretty stubborn. I was extremely involved in high school with DECA, Key club, a leadership club and sports. I played basketball and softball competitively year-around. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people try to tell me that softball is such an easier sport than baseball…IT'S NOT TRUE! My new favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy and love reading romance novels. I love coffee and have been working at Caribou Coffee for almost three years now- I have been known as a workaholic, but I love being able to support myself and like to keep busy. I come from a suburb of Minneapolis where just about everyone is white, so coming the U was a huge culture shock for me, but I am loving every minute of it. I enjoy meeting new people and trying out new things. I am really looking forward to expand my horizons in this class and promise to keep an open mind to everyone’s opinions and way of life.

I am Introspective

I am introspective but not centripetally focused. My name is Eve and I am a senior at the U of M. I am an honors student majoring in cultural studies but don't worry, I am no smarter than you. I am minoring in GWSS and am pursuing a post-bacalaureate certificate in Complementary and Alternative therapies through the Center at the U. I may one day go for a master's in nutrition. I live in the ghetto of S. Mpls with my roommates Ted and Mark, our dogs Nico (boxer), Tucker (German Shepherd/Rott), and Sasha (Coon Hound/Husky), and our kitty Yoko. I work at Cupcake in Prospect Park off of University (by 280). I sell cupcakes and I must say it is not a bad deal. My boyfriend lives in Seattle and works for Earth Corps (like Americorps) and is coming back in August! I am very excited. I like to budget time for fun because if you don't enjoy your life then why are you still living?! I look forward to getting to know everyone and I hope we have a rousing class!

January 19, 2007

I am the other Jesse.

I see I am one of many "Jesses" in this class, so here's what sets me apart:
I am a Spanish and pre-med student in CLA. I come from a town in MN that has as many people as this University. I love and miss my family. My favorite place to be is outdoors. I am in U of M Nordic Skiing. I have been on top of a waterski pyramid and have waterskiied barefoot. I worked in a hardware store this past summer, and I can now tell you what a sump pump is. I take after my mom in her concern for the environment, and after years of complaining about the chilly temperature in our house, I am now the one turning off the heater in my dorm room. I love to cook, and my favorite recipe is shrimp tostadas. I have travelled to the Dominican Republic to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. This class is a totally new subject area for me, but I'm excited for the experience!

International Velvet

I am a junior slowly plugging away at a Family Social Sciences major and a GLBT studies minor. Someday, I hope to work with GLBT youth. I have an odd collection of hobbies, in summer I show horses and dogs. I also do quite a bit of gardening in a floppy hat (it makes it that much more exciting). I also have been a drag performer for many years and am involved with a local band.

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I am…optimistic.

I always believe the best in people or situations, looking for solutions or benefits before accepting negative outcomes. I am Italian and Irish. I am strong willed and stubborn. I am not perfect, but I am lucky to be part of a loving family, who supports me no matter what, even when they are 6 hours away. I am an athlete, I played soccer through high school and miss it quite a bit. I am a reader and a writer. I am spontaneous, often leaping before I look. I am not sure yet what I want to do, but I want to make a difference, big or small. I love good books, good movies and good music, anything with a nice message or is relatable or informative. I am not a fan of anything that has to do with math. I don’t believe anyone should ever be ashamed of mistakes or faults, but they should be able to admit to them and learn from them without being judged.

January 18, 2007

I am Jessie

My favorite things...
- My family. I only have one sister, Rachel, but she's my best friend.
- The summertime. I love going to the lake!
- Dance. I've been in dance for as long as I can remember, since I was about 4 years old.
-Singing. My mom and I sing at our church a lot and throughout high school I was a member of the concert choir.
-Reading romance novels. I don't care if it makes me sound like an old woman, I love Danielle Steele.
-Watching movies and tv. My favorite tv shows are Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and The Office.
-Cereal. I could eat cereal for every meal.
-Hanging out with my friends. I have some the best friends ever. We have fun even when we aren't really doing anything at all.
-Traveling. I went to France in 2004, and last summer I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for the May session.


Hey, my name is Tony. Being open is a very broad statement, but it is what best describes me. I love to try new things and am willing to do just about anything. I am very hard working, but am always open to do something with friends. I think that every person deserves to find a life that is enjoyable, and if they havent yet, then they are not looking hard enough. A class like this allows me to be open with my opinions and learn alot from other people. I am looking forward to a semester with people I'v never met before with opinions that I may have never thought of before.

I am..........just plain old me!

I am a junior here majoring in civil engineering with a minor in construction management. I am, as many here like to call them, and IT nerd. You might not be able to tell by looking at me, but that is who I am. I'm used to having about 4 girls in my class so this is definitely a step out of my norm, but I have no complaints at all. I was born in Sioux Falls, SD; was raised in Sioux City, IA and Hartland, WI (about 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee); and am loving living up here in the cities. There's so many things to do and so many opportunities up here it blows me away. I love sports! Anything from curling to football I've probably played it with baseball, basketball, and hockey being my top three. I'm the guy that when march madness or the playoffs are on I sit and watch them from beginning to end. I love music! I played the drums for 14 years. This is why you will often see me tapping anything and everything around me. I can listen to pretty much any kind of music as long as it has a cool beat to dance or relax to. My two favorite kinds are....

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I am.... me!

I am a third year animal science student with everything to gain and nothing to lose. I am excited (about what, I have no idea) at all times of the day. I am sarcastic, kind, sensitive, loyal and fun, or so i have been told. I love meeting new and different people. I love being in new places, it is scary and exhilarating at the same time. I am not really a family person but I love my family all the same. I rely heavily on my friends for support and advice. I feel deprived of something when I can't be near an animal, and I think everyone should have a dog or a cat for therapeutic reasons.

If I could meet anyone it would be Prince. If I could go anywhere I would choose Mongolia. I am fascinated with Japanese culture and I will most likely be studying in Tokyo next fall. I want my future to be full of plants, books, warm sweaters and tea. I love cowboy boots and short shorts.

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January 17, 2007

I am...Just Another One.

I am moody, quirky, and sometimes selfish. However, I am also independent, compassionate, an introvert, affectionate, and am willing to try anything at least once. I have been told that I am strong on the outside, but have weak spots inside. I battle my own inner demons, sometimes with swords and other times with tears. I am silly and serious; and sweet with a little sass.

I am NOT a morning person although breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Favorite movies include Garden State, Little Miss Sunshine, Kissing Jessica Stein, and I will admit: Mean Girls had me in hysterical laughter at times.

Favorite book is a children's book entitled Love You Forever by Robert N. Munsch.

Because of a little girl that entered my life almost exactly 5 years ago I am no longer a drug addict or a dancer. She gave me reason to continue living and break the bad habits that I was quickly falling into.

Meet Madeline.

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I am... so confused.

Right now, I really couldn't tell you a lot about who I am. I could tell you what music I like (The Dresden Dolls, The Beatles, NIN, Bright Eyes, Weezer, Ani Defranco, Metric, Mugison, Modest Mouse, A Tur, the list goes on...), I could tell you about the kind of movies I love to watch (The Fifth Element, Star Wars (original trilogy), Stay, Donnie Darko, Amadeus, The Matrix, Saw (all 3), WaxWorks, Cast Away, A.I., Nightmare Before Christmas, Nightmare on Elm Street (1-4), I Heart Huckabees, Lost in Translation, and so on...), or I could even tell you what I'm in college for (I want to be an actress, so I am in the BFA Actor Training Program here). I could tell you that I was born in Minnesota, moved down to Texas (which I never got used to), and as I way to reconnect with my homeland, I am a Freshman here at the U now. But, I really don't see how that would tell you a lot about who I am. I wish I could explain myself. I wish that I could actually make a tangible list, a recipe if you will, that gave you directions on how to build the ultimate Mikaela Jo Krantz, but unfortunately, I don't think life works that way. I'll do my best to share with you what I know...

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I am... Amanda

I am a strong, courageous woman who has faced many adversities and has lived to tell the tale. I don't think I am better than anybody else, nor do I want to be. My major goal in life is to try my hardest in all I strive for and to reach my full potential as a family member, friend, professional, and individual. I like to listen to others because I feel there is much to learn from those around us. I do not believe in organized religion as I feel it hinders free thought, but I do believe that some form of spirituality is integral in a healthy lifestyle. I don't really know what else to say... but here are some of my favorites...

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I am...a back-ways walker, spittin' slander. Y'dig?

I’m a woman who has just been disgusted/appalled/harassed by a South Beach Diet commercial, yet I lust for that body. I am a woman who routinely acknowledges the degradation of our culture and am sickened by it, yet still feels like shit when I am not up to par with its demands. I am a woman who feels strong in virtues, yet find it quite hard to keep up with them. I dig Marina Abramovic, Jenny Holzer, Ana Mendieta and Barbara Kruger, and I jive to Camera Obscura, Cat Power, Songs:Ohia, Andrew Bird, yet feel stunted next to someone else’s taste. I crave identity yet want to regress to that unidentifiable childhood. I seek brilliance in Whitman and Thoreau, but then decide that they were naïve, because everything is just not that good. I crave to be self-sufficient, yet understand that’s impossible anymore. I want to live under the radar, but really enjoy people around. And now I see a commercial for tampons and cannot quite understand why women should have to pay for such devices. And technology really scares me. I am a decided hypocrite that enjoys the groovy notions of thought.

I am a coffee drinker.

What can I say? I enjoy a hot cup of black coffee... ok, let's be real here: I get headaches when I don't drink coffee at least once a day, but come on, it's college, right? I am sure many of you reading this can relate. And while the caffiene-charged beverage never fails, I must confess it is only one of several treasures I hold dear to my heart.

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I am a feminist atheist immigrant of a Israeli and Jewish backgrounds

I am a feminst atheist immigrant of Israeli and Jewish backgrounds. I am married for almost five and half years, to a woman who has literally crossed the face of the earth to meet me in the heart of the Israeli desert, in the little socialist and self suficant community I lived in at the time (a kibbutz). In Israel I was a grandon of a writer who published more than seventeen books, and I tried to write some poetry and short stories myself. I left all this behind me when I came to the U.S., and I still struggle (like many others immigrants) with issues of culture, tradition, national and political identity, as well as private one.

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I am ... The Musician

1. I am a Music Education and Vocal Performance double major in the School of Music. Music has to be one of my biggest passions in life. I have been training in voice for about seven years and I have been training in piano for about 13 years. After college I want to make it in professional theatre and possibly record some albums. I also plant to teach high school choir. Some of my favorite musicians are Jonny Lang, The Beatles, Marc Broussard, Gavin DeGraw, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, John Prine, The Temptations, etc.
2. I love making people laugh and I enjoy lightening the mood.
3. My friends are a big part of my life. I have four best friends that I have known since I was five-years-old: Ilse, Liz, Kristin, and Rochelle. Although we all go to different colleges, we are still extremely close. I have a close group of friends here at school and we are all musicians. We are an eclectic group!
4. Along with music, I LOVE MOVIES. I have seen so many films and I am very proud of my personal collection. I like all kinds of movies and I love many aspects of film including acting, production, and the film’s musical score. I hope to be involved in films someday. Some of my favorite movies are: Newsies, Stand By Me, Saving Private Ryan, The Fisherking, The Pianist, Brokeback Mountain, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Holland’s Opus, etc.
5. I am very liberal and I enjoy sitting down with people and discussing my ideas and beliefs. I would consider myself a feminist as well. My parents have both raised me to be an independent woman and I think it shows. I am the first woman on my mother’s side to go to college so I am very proud to be here in school.
6. My favorite book is “A Prayer for Owen Meany? and I also really like “East of Eden?. I am currently reading “Flags of Our Fathers? and it is really good!
7. I really like t.v. and I have to say my favorite show is “The Office?. I can’t get enough of it!
8. I am a very organized person and I love everything being in its place. I am like Monica on “Friends?. I enjoy cleaning and love having everything organized. If music doesn’t work out, I could always be a maid. HAHA!
9. I am addicted to facebook!
10. I pride myself on being independent, strong, hardworking, fun, funny, and someone that people can talk too. I hope to continue this way in my life and also grow as I learn more.

I am a tree hugger

When people ask me what I am going to do with an Environmental Science, Policy & Management degree, they assume I will count fish for the DNR or something like that. Not quite. I want to save the earth from global warming. I am not quite sure how I will do that yet, but I am on my way. Right now I am focusing on environmental education/communication. I don't want to teach in a K-12 setting, but more in a community-based way. Like most college students, however, I am still trying to figure out exactly how I will go about doing that.

Some of my other hobbies are sewing, making jewelry, and other forms of crafting. I am also proud of my bicycle, however, I am not hard-core enough to ride it through the snow. Since moving to Minneapolis, I have gotten into the local music scene, and some of my favorite bands are Best Friends Forever
and Dance Band.

All in all, I am excited for this class. I'm looking forward to some good literature and good discussions.

I am Jessica Englund

1. Post-its rule my life and there is a good reason for it: I don't have enough to write or remember that can't fit on a cute little star post-it. Its official, I might be an addict.
2. My music, computer, blogs, and especially my books mean everything to me. I hold high regard for these things which define my life and allow me to continue to evolve.
3. I journal almost everyday as well as write poetry. I feel it is important to keep a tight connection with oneself and a lot of times i discover new things when i write.
4. I am a feminist. I identify myself very losely, but this is one aspect of myself that I am clear upon. Feminism gives me a base to work from and I am a GWSS major as well as a Political Science major. Can anyone say law school?
5. The last book I bought was "Feminists Theorize the Political" by Judith Butler and probably won't have time to read it until after this semester when I don't have ten other books to read.
6. The last movie I bought was Scoop with Scarlett Johanson and Woody Allen. I highly recommend seeing it! It is very funny and original.
7. I LOVE Bill Cosby, Daily Show, M*A*S*H, Sex and the City, Friends, and The L Word. I am currently obsessed with The L Word season 3 and the fourth season just started, but since I don't have Showtime, I am waiting for the DVDs to come out!
8. I HATE The Simpsons, Family Guy, and most silly adult cartoon shows. I think they are offensive and completely irrelevant in life. If you asked me, however, I could not give a justification for Friends other than I love it...
9. I drink a lot of tea and coffee. I think Starbucks is better than Caribou but my favorite coffeeshop at the moment is Espresso 22 where you will find me on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:45 and 2:15. My favorite teas are green teas like jasmine or perhaps a green and white tea infusion.
10. Last, but not least, I am a part of a beautiful community of women. We meet at Espresso 22 thursdays at 4pm and they are a few of my great loves. We all identify as feminists but have many different viewpoints on life. They offer me new perspectives and stimulating conversation. All are welcome to stop by and say hello! Espresso 22 is located in the dinky dome off of University Avenue right across from Folwell Hall.

I have multiple websites including facebook and myspace. Above are links to my personal blog and poetry page. You are welcome to comment! Hopefully soon, I will have my own website up and running with links to all blogs and profiles. I will let you all know when that comes up!

I am...Non-judgmental

My "Top Ten" do not go in order, but are merely the order inwhich I thought of them!

1) A girlfriend to my boyfriend, Chuck, of 4 1/2 years.
2) Into designer handbags
3) The book, "The Meaning of Wife," by Anne Kingston
4) One of my favorites, "Where the Girls Are," by Susan J. Douglas - A must-read for anyone into feminism.. its great!
5) Thanks to my CSCL class on Hollywood teenpics 50s and 60s, I am now passionate about films made in Hollywood in the 1950s.
6) I work at TGI Fridays (for 5 years now) and Coach (for a year and a half.)- Hence the handbag obsession
7) Into Country music, Lene Marlin's Songs, singing loud in my car, and dancing.
8) I enjoy singing while my boyfriend plays the guitar (and he's very good at it!)
9) In love with Chuck and my kitty, Layla
10) Still best friends with my three best friends from Lakeville High school
AND...PS: I love Passions, the soap opera...I know, I know.., thanks to Katie Magnuson who is in our class, and also happens to be my roommate from Sophomore and Junior year!! =)

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January 16, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. Person: My favorite person by far is my mother. Everyone needs a role model in their lives. Some people look to celebrities and famous athletes, but I only have to look as far as my own home. My mom is someone that is generous, smart, thoughtful, ambitious, loving, and a million other things that I hopefully will one day become. She is also a scientist working with all males, yet she is the one that usually is giving them the advice.
2. Sport: To watch is definitely hockey! Despite being a figure skater most of my childhood up until junior high school, I grew up watching high school hockey, gopher hockey, and my younger brother play. I quickly fell in love with it. To play would have to be lacrosse. I play for the U of M and really like it.
3. Class: My favorite class I have ever taken was my eight grade science class. It was with one of those teachers who was truly passionate about what he was teaching. He made the class tremendously fun and I learned so much stuff that I still remember it today (which I wish I could say about all of my classes in junior high).

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I am... La Maestra

Me: teacher, mother, wife, friend, Feminist Studies graduate student, mentor, filmmaker, activist, photographer, hip hop feminist, impatient listener (too often), dominating speaker (more often), pump blood of Puerto Rico and Russia in my veins, i talk and laugh way toooo loud, hate wearing anything on my feet, love watchig HGTV and so much more...

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