May 13, 2007

Extra Event Posting

On April 28th, my friends and I attended the Young Women's Leadership Conference in Duluth. This program is sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation. The program begins at around 10:30 and ends at 5:30. This one-day conference focuses on issues important to women and the often overlooked connections between reproductive rights and health, sweatshop labor, HIV/AIDS, slavery and human trafficking, foreign policy, women in conflict, and violence. The program’s main focus is to promote the idea that women, especially young women, can change the current state of the world if they can only grasp how the problems are interrelated.

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May 11, 2007

Amazon Bookstore: A TC resource for feminist literature

About a month ago, I wandered into Amazon Bookstore (located at 4755 Chicago Ave So. in Minneapolis). It’s an independent, feminist bookshop that also sells some music and merchandise. Anyway, it is AWESOME, and if anyone is interested in reading up on feminist issues or looking for great books written by women, you should check it out! I browsed through Amy Sedaris’ “I Like You!? entertainment book while my friend Steve looked through memoirs (I guess I’m lucky to have a friend like him, who’s interested in feminism and who’ll also front me a whopping $30 for a Bust magazine and a hefty book on college women, “College Girls: Bluestockings, Sex kittens and Co-eds, Then and Now? by Lynn Peril). I’m excited to read it after school is out. I promise that the trek to South Minneapolis is well worth it for the bookstore- it’s even across the street from Turtle Bread Co. and the Parkview Theater (which, although dilapidated, is absolutely amazing). After having taken GWSS, I have a newfound appreciation for the books and resources they offer at Amazon (readings, etc.)

May 1, 2007

Take Back the Night

I attended Take Back the Night on Thursday April 26th from 5:30 until 10. It was sponsored mainly by MPIRG, but many other groups cosponsored. I not only really enjoyed this rally, but I also really think it is important.

Take Back the Night is a rally to speak out against sexual and domestic violence. We marched down the streets with positive signs and positive attitudes. We enjoyed live music and lots of food. Then there was a speak-out where women and men alike could tell their stories of experiencing violence, words of wisdom, or stories of others. The theme of take back the night is to protest the violence that happens in the streets of our communities, the sexual and domestic violence that happens in our homes, and to raise awareness to prevent future violence.

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March 2, 2007

Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) Events at Coffman - Tomorrow!

"WAMM is a nonviolent feminist organization that works in solidarity with others to create a system of social equality, self-determination and justice through education and empowerment of women. WAMM's purpose is to dismantle systems of militarism and global oppression.

WAMM has around 2100 member households, most of which are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. We are consciously a local justice and peace organization, living our feminist principals by using a non-hierarchical organizational structure. WAMM is governed by a Steering Committee of volunteer activists who use consensus decision making. We program from the grassroots -- allowing activists to form committees and act on issues based on their own passions."

Tomorrow WAMM will be celebrating International Women's Day at Coffman Union. They'll be doing film screenings, there'll be photo exhibits, performances, information tables and workshops, too. Here's a link to the events page, just scroll down. There are a lot of other great events listed; check it out.

It's all free -- hope to see you there!