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September 27, 2007

OMG!!! bRAD!!1!


First of all, let me vent my hatred of wristwatch ads. There's just always SO much gender politics shit going on, for both men and women.

This ad was found on Google Images, but it (or similar ads with other models/celebs) can easily be seen in a wealth of magazines – and if you're real lucky, billboards. The advertisement is for Tag Heuer watches.

Brad Pitt is looking deeply (and arguably, longingly) into our eyes. What is he wearing? Some kind of coat/jacket thing. And under that? Well...hard to say, as we're probably led to believe the answer is "nothing." Mr. Pitt also appears to us as shaven, bronzed, slender (as in "non-muscular") and "clean" - four attributes I would argue to be taken as "feminine." He's grazing his lips (one of the most sensitive parts of the body) with the back of his hand (one of the most sensual parts of his body). Someone sure loves himself.

Oh yeah, there's a watch in there, too.

The "sexiest man in the world" is white, straight, wearing a $900 dollar watch, and touching himself – all while the ad asks us what we are "made of." God, I hope it's him.

The blue of Mr. Pitt's eyes are definitely being manipulated, through both suggestive uses of color and some Photoshop tweaking. He is being lit from his "outside," thereby creating a slight suggestion of coy hiding. He is framed decently close to his face; we cannot see all of his entire scalp nor anything below his chest.

Buy this watch and you will be made up of the same "stuff" as Brad Pitt. And as Brad Pitt is slightly masturbatory with the whole lip/hand thing, that means either pleasuring Brad Pitt himself or pleasuring something Brad Pitt would. Yowza.

Ave Vice, Take Two


Context: This was taped to a lamppost on campus. It was on Pleasant Ave. in front of Jones Hall. I also saw them taped up in Dinkytown at the corner of 4th and 15th. The product being promoted by this ad campaign is Axe Vice body wash, deodorant, and body spray.

Content: The premise of this ad campaign is that the scent of Axe Vice products makes “nice? women turn “naughty? and assault men sexually.

Form: This ad is made to look like a mug shot. The woman is standing in front of a wall with heights on it and holding a sign with a name and number. The presentation of the ad, by being taped up to lampposts, is suggestive of neighborhood notification of sex offenders. The woman fits into the ideal of beauty in America: she is white, skinnier than the average American woman (who is a size 12 or 14), and has long hair. She is wearing a “cute? yet “conservative? outfit: a pink sweater over a white shirt.

Reading: The idea behind the image is that “nice? women are not sexual and that only “naughty? women are sexual. The colors of her outfit suggest that she is “nice,? pink is traditionally associated with femininity and white is associated with innocence. The ad also perpetuates the myth that sexual assault of men is not a serious issue.

Votes for women! Hot, nude women!


This is the cover image for the DVD of Iron Jawed Angels, the beginning of which we watched in class. I originally saw it on display at Hollywood Video.

This image of an anonymous, white, apparently naked woman's back depicts women as interchangeable sex objects.

The woman's head is cropped off, and her identifying characteristics are invisible. Her back is brightly lit, standing out over a black background. An American flag is loosely draped over her lower back, and the slogan, "VOTES FOR WOMEN" is written in red letters, graffiti-style, over her back.

I think this image makes a statement that's pretty obviously contrary to the purported message of the film it advertises, as well as the spirit of the women's suffrage movement: With her body cropped in this way, the woman in the picture could be Hilary Swank, Frances O'Connor, or Julia Ormond (probably not Angelica Huston, though); she is, more likely, a model that was employed specifically for this photo. While the leaders of first wave feminism sought to give each woman a right to an individual, political voice, the woman shown here has no individuality--her (conventionally) attractive body is being used as an attention-getting sex object.

I Have an Exotic Secret...


Context: I found this image in the May 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (on page 216). This is an advertisement for Secret deodorant and therefore Secret is the creator of this image.

Content: This image is selling deodorant to women and it portrays a very specific type of woman. The specific deodorant advertised in this ad is called ‘jasmine orient.’ The woman or model in this image is classified as ‘oriental’ in a very stereotypical manner. Also, the images surrounding the woman imply certain characteristics of an ‘oriental’ culture. The woman is the only real subject in this image. She is surrounded by artwork and make-believe images of flowers, butterflies, incense, lanterns and other symbols of beauty and stereotypical oriental lifestyles. This implies that foreign women live in a beautified, sexual fantasy world. The woman appears to be skinny, dressed up, groomed and she has a pale, smooth complexion. She is also gazing at the viewer in a very mysterious, sexual manner. This implies that foreign women are exotic, sexual and a fantasy of desire.

Form: The woman in the image is positioned in the center of the page and is framed inside of an oriental-looking structure. She is also framed or surrounded by images of an ‘oriental’ nature. These images are defining the environment that encompasses her. She is literally framed inside of a foreign fantasy world.

The woman seems to have been photographed in a studio with soft lighting that compliments her skin and her structure. The rest of the image is artwork with the source of light coming from what looks to be a sunset in the background which gives the image a feel of dusk or evening. It looks almost hazy and mysterious.

The color that most sticks out is red. Her dress is red. The structure framing her and the lanterns are red and the label on the deodorant is red. Red is often associated with love, lust, sexual desire and sexual drive. The spots of red bring your eye from the girl to her surroundings and then down to the deodorant.

This woman is positioned in a manner that resembles a dance pose. She is positioned as a performer or entertainer. Her head is positioned slightly to the left which accents the gaze of her eyes which is aimed at the viewer rather than in the direction that her head is pointing. It seems like her entire body, down to her fingertips, is focused on a specific pose. Every part is positioned.

This woman is obviously in a costume. It almost resembles that of a geisha. The red silk and bare arms, implies that this is a sexy woman. Also her waist is bound with rope and a black sash. Not only is she wearing a costume, but it has been altered with artwork or special effects. The dress is split into two areas of fabric around the level of her knees that are floating on either side of her. These sections form a sort of V-shape which may imply a phallic symbol of her vagina. Along the lines of phallic symbols, I noticed that the deodorant stick, which resembles a penis, is positioned so very nicely between that V-shaped fabric.

My Take on the Secret: First of all, the reading at the top of the image that states, “When you’re strong, you sparkle.? implies so much about the strength of women. I see strength as a word that defines power or will. This message implies that women can’t be strong without being pretty too. It also implies that women’s strength lies in beauty. Women are the strongest or hold more power when they are pretty. Women only have power over pretty things. Women gain strength through their looks.

The image itself implies a lot about women, especially foreign women. The choice of the word ‘orient’ or ‘oriental’ is a conscious move to attach exotic meaning to the product. Would it be viewed differently had they used the word ‘Asian?’ This image therefore makes a statement for all ‘oriental’ women. All ‘oriental’ women are skinny, pale entertainers. ‘Oriental’ women surround themselves with flowers, butterflies incense and other pretty things. There is a secret desire behind the eyes of ‘oriental’ women. Foreign women have a mysterious, exotic sexual power. Finally, Jasmine orient deodorant by Secret will give you this mysterious, exotic sexual power.

September 26, 2007



Context: I found this image on google. and i picked this one because to me it show cased what Iman means to many people, beautiful, strong, and quite natural.

Content:Many people know who Iman know her as a Super model, business woman, David Bowie's wife. But within my community people know her through her family, her mother, aunts, and cousins. I've always been proud to tell people that she was from Somalia. Then watch their reaction as they go through images of her in their head. I always wanted them to know that beauty was not just in blond hair and blue eyes. That beauty is not only in North America but can also be discovered in small villages in Somalia. I choose this image because her skin shines, and her head is held high. All the things that really show how beautiful black women are.

Form: We can't really see her entire face but parts of it. Also there is lightening on certain parts of her body more then others. for example, her breast and face. Some parts are shown while others almost seem like a shadow. her position looks strong, like someone knocked her down and she's ready to get back up. her clothing is bright, and very colorful, which represents her rich culture and background, and although her right breast seems as if its about to fall out, i think she carries it with a lot of class.


For this assignment I immediately knew that I wanted to pick a gendered image that completely degraded women and showed how women are exploited in advertising all the time. When I was looking for pictures on the Internet I found this image and I thought that it was a good response to the images I wanted to expose.

This image is from a French website called, “France Diplomatie?. I’m not sure what the exact translation is but I think that is something like, “A woman’s body should never be exploited to the public.? I’m assuming the image is a play on women’s shoe advertisements.

There is a white male in high heels and completely naked otherwise. His legs are placed in such a way so that his privates are completely covered. His legs and face are not shaved in this picture and he’s wearing an anklet that I think is his own. This is an imitation of how women’s bodies are usually sold along with the product in the advertisement.

The background of this picture is completely white and so are the words. His body seems to be pretty well lit. He’s sitting up very straight with his hands placed on top of his leg that is bent up to cover his private area and he is completely centered in the frame.

I think that the story being told behind this is that a woman’s body is always manipulated, used, exposed, and exploited in advertisements to sell a product. This group decided to make a response to these advertisements by using a white thin male who has still not shaved his legs or his face and is not really posed in any sexual or degrading position. I thought that it was good this group produced this image but I also thought that the man should have been just as exploited in this picture as the ones the group was critiquing.

not quite a fashion model, but a gendered image nonetheless...


This image was taken at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2004. It can be found across the Internet and in various news sources, particularly at the time it was taken, although it is still used by people speaking out about the issues surrounding it. The picture is blurry, taken inside the prison. It was taken by another soldier and presumably not meant to be shared the way it was. When they were exposed, the pictures taken shocked the world, because of the (literally) naked cruelty and violence involved and in part because the fact that women were centrally involved contradicted popular ideas about women as delicate, non-violent creatures.

The context, content, form, and narratives of this picture are shaped by war, unequal power structures, and the cultures of the people involved. The image is very much gendered and sexualized, but not along traditional lines; it is about power and oppression. The female soldier, clothed in her uniform and standing, is framed by the prison walls as the subject of the picture. She is in the center of the picture in the position of power, looking without expression or emotion at the naked male prisoner, who is lying prone and obviously in pain at the side of the picture. His body is cut off from the picture; he is the object of her gaze. She is holding a leash, “walking? the naked man like a dog in order to dehumanize and humiliate him. This tactic is particularly humiliating for the prisoner because of Muslim cultural and religious beliefs about nudity, bodies, and gender. The image is also (more traditionally) shaped along racial lines, with the white woman in control over the brown man. The way that the soldiers treat the prisoners as less than human recalls slavery, colonialism, and genocide, and reminds us that these are not easily dismissed as relics of the past.

The picture tells a story of white American soldiers dehumanizing and torturing Iraqi prisoners, showing us some of the horrors of war and proving that racism, power and oppression can and do cross gender lines.

Swimming Pool


I was sifting through my collection of films bought from Hollywood Video for $5, and I found one that I hadn't seen before, let alone bought. It is called Swimming Pool, there is a thin, tan, blonde woman in a bikini on the cover, I assume my dad purchased this one. The woman's hair is long, her breasts are highlighted, and her skin is flawless. She is laying next to shockingly blue water which makes the black and white stripes on her skimpy bikini pop. This image strongly suggests that this woman is a sex symbol. Her back is arched in a provocative manner and a shadow of a man falls across her midsection. She is placed at the bottom of the cover, her arms and legs are cut out of the frame so the image simply captures from her crotch to her head of golden locks.

Though I haven't seen this film I know that this character is a sex symbol based on the way she is represented on the cover. Sex sells, why else would my dad have bought this film he hasn't ever seen?



Category 3 Gendered Images

1. CONTEXT: This advertisement was found in the Cosmopolitan magazine. The product that is being sold is a weight loss formula called Hydroxycut.

2. CONTENT: The image shows that women should be skinny. It states that Hydroxycut will make a women’s body “fantastic?. It also shows that if you are skinny, you are sexier and you will look more like a model.

3. FORM: The person displayed in the advertisement had used hydroxycut to lose weight; her name was “Brandy?. There are three pictures of her. The two pictures to the right are her before and after, wearing the same bikini. She lost 21lbs in 15 weeks and now has a beach body. The last picture is an enlarged picture of Brandy. Her hair color is a darker brown to compliment her eyes. She has a fitted light blue top and the background is a darker blue to accentuate her. She has a nice glowing tan. Her make up is done and she has the wind blowing at her hair making her look like she’s modeling.

4. “READING?/ANALYSIS: The advertisement shows me that women should be skinny. It shows me that women should lose weight and they will have a fantastic body. If you take hydroxycut, you will lose the weight that you want, and you will end with an attractive body. The advertisement shows me that skinnier is always better then having a little meat.

Why don't we do it in the road?

Back in my hometown of Fargo, I was minding my own business. Casual. Driving to get some groceries. I turned on the radio (which I never do) and on the random station I turned to I heard an interesting discussion going on inbetween songs. People were calling in to discuss a billboard they had seen advertising this station. I had not seen this billboard. All of the callers were men and they all said the same thing, "I don;t know what the big deal is" "Its just a womans body" "Don;t you love your body? People need to stop being such prudes" "The female body is a beautiful thing"......blah blah blah.

This seemed like a lot of odd rationalization to me...I became intensely interested in what this billboard could possibly be...

Then, as if the feminist theorists of my past had heard my request, I saw it in the distance, looming like a giant phallic warning, telling me that i really really shouldn't have turned on the radio today...


Just in case you care to look at some more billboards by this "clever" radio station


Who: Rock 102 is a radio station
What: broadcasts mainstream rock music.
Where: In the Fargo Moorhead metropolitan community. It started in 1983 under a different name. It is currently owned by a James Ingstad incorporation.
A Billboard on the Highway.


The torso of a woman shown only from the back so that her head and legs are cut off. She is standing with her hip out to the left and her left hand is extended to rest lightly on the top of the neck of the guitar. In bold letters next to her it reads, “Now Turn Us On? with the “us? underlined. Underneath the text in smaller letters boxed in it reads “Rock 102.? Under that in even smaller letters it reads “Everything that rocks.?


In typical hegemonic fashion, the woman is thin, white, tan, and longhaired, perpetuating the stereotypical physical standards of female beauty. Her hand is balancing herself on the obvious phallic symbol of the guitar neck, she is “leaning? on male dominance. She is shown only from the back, more specifically, only her torso is shown. She is framed in a way that makes her headless and legless. Her ass is eroticized and is the main element of her body that is given visibility. The lighting causes an intense reflection on her lower back. She is wearing a white tankini that is riding up in the back.

I was both insulted and mildly relieved at the honesty of this billboard. They blatantly admit that they are assuming a male gaze, they blatantly admit they are objectifying this woman and using her as sexual advertising tool, and they blatantly admit that in exchange for them providing “you? (the viewer) with visual erotic stimulation, “you? should reward them with your business. If they weren’t serious, I would find it comical.

For me, this is a clear example of “woman as spectacle? and “man as active narrator and story advancer.? All instructions of action are geared towards him. The woman is unimportant for anything other than arousing the male viewer. What are the implications of me as a woman viewing this billboard? The message is not meant for me. The action is not meant for me. This is true regardless of my sexuality. How can women fight this notion of women as passive and man as active? How can women find a sense of active self not in reference to men in a culture that through advertisements blatantly ignores their gaze, deeming them inessential?

“The female, to a greater extent than the male, is the prey of the species; and the human race has always sought to escape its specific destiny. The support of life became for man an activity and a project through the invention of the tool; but in maternity woman remained closely bound to her body, like an animal. It is because humanity calls itself in question in the matter of living – that is to say, values the reasons for living above mere life – that, confronting woman, man assumes mastery.?
-Simone de Beauvoir

Axe Body Spray (Oh, so very irresistible to women)

Context: I found this image on the internet, but there is hardly a place one can go without seeing an advertisement for Axe Body Spray. For those of you who don’t know what Axe is, it is a body spray (cologne) for men, that is suppose to drive women absolutely crazy, and have them chasing men all over the world.

Content: This image is very sexualized, even without actual individuals in the photograph. The use of clothing actually allows for the image to be more sexualized. By the use of the shirt arm in the open jeans, it allows for the viewer to assume if you wear this body spray a women will stick her hand down your jeans. The use of the clothing also implies what type of woman you will “get? if you wear the body spray. The type of woman it is implying is a very skinny woman, most definitely attractive, and will definitely be wearing a cute thong, but apparently no pants.

Form: The framing of the photograph is centralized, with the two main objects in the center of the photograph, the woman’s shirt and the man’s jeans. The lighting is very bright, and pleasant because if you wear the spray a woman will throw herself at you and you will most likely be pleased.

My analysis: I read this image as a horrible ploy to sell disgusting body spray to men. If anyone has ever smelt this spray, it is very disgusting. (Mainly due to the fact that the individuals who wear it, usually use a whole can in order to cover up their body odor) In no way is a body spray going to create this massive uproar in women, causing them to lose all self control and chase down a man they don’t even know. However, the use of the images does indeed help them sell their product. If they did not have adds featuring women chasing down men or a woman’s shirt with the arm in the crotch of a pair of man’s jeans, no one would buy it.

Axe Vice

Context: This is an online commercial for Axe Vice products. It was created by the Axe company and posted on their website and I found it on youtube. It is selling Axe Vice body wash, deoderant and body spray.

Content: The premise of this ad is that when a "nice" girl smells a guy with Axe Vice scent, she looses control and commits "lust" crimes and becomes a "naughty" girl. The "nice" girls were all cute, young, shy and skinny, while the "naughty" girls were older, larger, and rude.

Form: The ad is made to look like an informational news story, like a segment of Dateline. They interview an "expert" and show clips from a court room.

Reading: If the roles were reversed, and this was a secent that when men smelled it on a woman he went crazy and commited "lust" crimes, as Axe calls them, there would be an outrage. However, since it's men being attacked by cute girls, it's sexy. I think that this promotional campaign is disgusting, and it feeds into the stereotypes that it's imposible to rape a man because he is open to any sexual experience (which, from working at a rape crisis center, I know is not true). It also feeds into the stereotype that girls are either "nice" or "naughty" which is an unrealistic dichotomy.

Selling a product? Hire a sexy blond for your advertising!


I found this advertisement on google.image when I searched "advertising and woman" and this advertisement is for LavAzza Espresso.

This image shows a sexy woman pilot needing espresso to do finish her flights. At least, that's what we'd hope the image is. But on further inspection, this image can be characterized as a man's fantasy - the sexy pilot. With her bra showing, her luscious long blond hair, and her 'come do me in the cock...pit' eyes, she uses her sex appeal to sell espresso - no wonder boys suddenly want a rush of caffeine.

The pilot is in focus in the middle of the picture and everything is blurred behind her; this makes the eye center on her. The color in the shot is mostly neutral with her white and black pilot costume (that is strategically opened to show her neutral colored bra which gives the impression of bare breasts). The only color that pops in the image is her bright red nails which could bring the eye to the espresso but instead brings the eye to the shiny spoon in her mouth, her long and unusually shiny blond hair, and her bright blue eyes. All the color of the shot is on her and centered on her 'come hither' look and not the subject of the advertisement - the espresso. The prop of the espresso makes this image somewhat tolerable - it's not between her legs or her breasts like many of the other images posted. The espresso, however, is sexualized by the use of the spoon and the pilot laying on what is assumed to be a bed.

My Reading:
Through this image I want to drink espresso (but that could be it's also 8:00am.) Seriously, it is saying that woman cannot be pilots but only a sex object dressed up as a pilot and depicting blonds as sluts. This image tells woman that to be successful and pursued, she has to be beautiful and sexy - not intelligent. She has to have the look of having sex - not have a brain.

Calvin Klein selling jeans? Or sex?

calvin klein.png

Context-This image is probably in magazines, but i found it online searching Calvin Klein on google. The image is advertising clothing/jeans, since Calvin Klein is a designer.
Content-The image is gendered in the way that the man is on top and the woman is helplessly laying under him. The story of sexuality that is being told is that heterosexual sex is good especially with the white man dominating. The narratives the image is relying on is that white heterosexual men are the desires of all women. White straight men know how to give it good.
Form-The wardrobe the two models are wearing is all black. The background is all black. The platform they are laying/kneeling on is black. This is in contrast to the light skin of the models, making their body (parts) stick out more against all the black. The lighting is hard I guess to show the "nastiness" of the image; sex is supposed to be rought and tough, not soft and sweet. The position of the male is in between the legs of the woman who is laying on the floor. He is dominating the woman and showing his power by being on top. The woman has one hand grabbing her hair and the other resting, almost grasping her breast to show that she is almost at the breaking point; barely able to handle the pleasure she is receiving. The lighting is set up so the part of the image that the eyes are drawn to the womans thighs and neck, two very sexualized parts of a womans body. There is no color or props, making this image very simple, meaning there is not much going on except two people about to get it on.
Reading-For me, this image is saying that womens desires, ecstacy, satisfaction are in the hands of straight white men. We NEED them in order to feel fulfilled sexually, there is NO other way. Women shoud like it when the men are dominating and in control, thats the way we like it, right? Buying some Calvin Klein jeans equals having some really good sex. Maybe if you buy the jeans, you will find someone to have sex with...there are many things this ad is saying to me, but the main idea is that women can't be satisfied unless a straight white male is involved, even when it is something as simple as picking out a pair of jeans.

Exploitive Advertisement


I chose to analyze a Skyy vodka advertisement that I had previously seen in Details Magazine. The ads purpose is to sell the company’s alcoholic beverage using the help of a woman in the image. The advertisement shows the woman in a negative connotation. There is a man in a suit standing directly over a woman in a swimsuit that appears to be tanning. It can be assumed that the woman is unbothered by the presence of the domineering man. This shows how it’s supposed to be ok for a woman to be the subordinate to the man. The man is holding a bottle of Skyy in one hand and two glasses in the other. It looks as though he is clenching the objects in his hand and it can be inferred that the woman below him has no choice but to have drinks with him. This shows dominance as being sexy, and that women have no authority over the men. In terms of the woman she is thin with full breasts, and presents the idea that women should live up to this standard to be attractive to men.
The lighting in the picture is very exploitive and further demoralizes the woman. The framing of the picture shows the crotch area as being directly over the face of the woman and it is highlighted to accentuate that area. The woman’s breasts are also lighted in the way to draw the reader’s eye to that area. The product in this ad becomes secondary because the reader will be attracted to the breasts and crotch, and then realize that is an ad for Skyy. The clothing in the ad shows the man as having economic status with further pushes the idea that the more money the man has the more inferior the woman has to be. Her lack of clothing shows her as an object to the man and that is why he has chosen her to have drinks with him.

Oh yeah, and they serve food there, too...


This is a promo picture for the entire chain of Hooters restaurants, followed by a written article stating the restaurant’s reasons and justifications for what many consider a “hostile work environment.? Obviously, Hooters is a male orientated restaurant, with scantily clad women being one of the main attractions.

A picture of the oh-so-famous Hooters Girls, dressed in their traditional work clothes: short shorts and a tank top. This particular shot, with the various sports equipment, is aimed toward collegiate sports fans. The girls are all smiling sweetly at the camera, directly aware that they’re being watched and seemingly enjoying it. The way the girls are holding the equipment is interesting in that the product or draw isn’t even close to the focus of the shot. Nor is there even a hint about advertising for food or a dining location. It’s all them, looking sexy and even a little out of place holding the ball/bat/club ect, as if waiting for the man to come and show them how to use it.

The only thing that picture is selling is the girls, or rather, the promise of the girls. While concluding that Hooters is slightly sexist is probably stating the obvious, but I think it’s worth analyzing simply because women tend to ignore slights like that. It’s easy to just take it all in stride and block out the actual implications of objectifying women so brazenly.

The French Can Be Cool Sometimes


For this assignment I immediately knew that I wanted to pick a gendered image that completely degraded women and showed how women are exploited in advertising all the time. When I was looking for pictures on the Internet I found this image and I thought that it was a good response to the images I wanted to expose.

This image is from a French website called, “France Diplomatie?. I’m not sure what the exact translation is but I think that is something like, “A woman’s body should never be exploited to the public.? I’m assuming the image is a play on women’s shoe advertisements.

There is a white male in high heels and completely naked otherwise. His legs are placed in such a way so that his privates are completely covered. His legs and face are not shaved in this picture and he’s wearing an anklet that I think is his own. This is an imitation of how women’s bodies are usually sold along with the product in the advertisement.

The background of this picture is completely white and so are the words. His body seems to be pretty well lit. He’s sitting up very straight with his hands placed on top of his leg that is bent up to cover his private area and he is completely centered in the frame.

I think that the story being told behind this is that a woman’s body is always manipulated, used, exposed, and exploited in advertisements to sell a product. This group decided to make a response to these advertisements by using a white thin male who has still not shaved his legs or his face and is not really posed in any sexual or degrading position. I thought that it was good this group produced this image but I also thought that the man should have been just as exploited in this picture as the ones the group was critiquing.

September 25, 2007

In refrence to Laura Mulvey, "The castration of the female and the beginning of the object?


This fragrance advertisement by Tom Ford is part of the collection we witnessed in class last Wednesday. If you can remember the previous one, the fragrance bottle was placed between the females legs.

Context: This Tom Ford advertisement for male fragrance has the bottle moved to a slightly less provocative position, but they add a new feature; the mouth of the woman. This advertisement is obviously for the male audience. The fragrance again is supposed to represent the male’s genitalia. I found this advertisement on Google while searching under women ad’s and actually found it in a site that found the advertisement insulting along with many others.
Content: The advertisement has a beautiful female in it with a “perfectly? proportioned bust (they are double D’s). The collar bones and thin neck are also to symbolize that the woman is skinny and in shape. The only other thing in the ad is the perfume which is representing the male and the power he has over the female. The woman has her mouth open either in ecstasy or she is waiting for the bottle to travel north… regardless of what the mouth may be communicating, the woman is obviously the object of the man with her mouth frozen in a most awkward position.
Form: The first thing to be noticed is the bright crimson color of the lips and nails. This bold color contrast from the rest of the ad draws the eyes toward the breasts and mouth, the most sensual parts of the woman. Also the lighting and/or the oiling of the skin makes it appear sweaty and glistening as if after or during a certain act. The interesting thing is that they even blend the writing of the ad into the background showing that this is not as important as the picture of the bottle. The shot is framed completely around the breasts and the mouth is purposefully shown. The face is of no importance to this sexual advertisement because the face shows emotion and a real person where as this advertisement is selling an object, in woman form. The position of the hands is also sexual.
Reading Analysis: I find this advertisement slightly offending because I did the assignment after reading Laura Mulvey. She seemed a little strong-willed with her feminist opinion until I had an example of the female castration she spoke of. This is not an ad of a woman it is of an object. I am sure that many males would be attracted to this advertisement for visual pleasure and possibly buy the cologne because it is powerful and women cannot refuse the fragrance. The woman is enjoying the fragrance near her as she may feel towards the male who wears it. Overall an inappropriate and tacky way to sell anything especially male fragrance which is hardly the reason women sleep with men.

Drink Bacardi...Get Lucky? (In More Than One Way..)


This ad was found at It is a site that carries old magazine ads that can actually be purchased for collectors or anybody who thinks the ad looks cool. This particular ad will cost you $19.95 plus S&H. I'm sure it appeared in many magazines, though this site doesn't say which and when. The ad is for Bacardi and the product being sold is the actual alcohol. You would never guess that from the picture.

I feel that if you took out the picture of the bottle of Bacardi in the corner of the ad, you would never know what was going on. Though there is evidence that there are drinks being consumed in this picture, you wouldn't be able to tell what type of liquid it was. What I see is going on is a man (the apparent "Auditor by Day") playing craps at a casino while at least 5 half-naked girls cheer him one. Two of the girls (the ones closest to the lucky guy) seem to be in costume for a Vegas showgirl performance. These girls are all really good looking, all a little different, but why not have a variety for your pick?! This implies that, after a long day of auditing, you can drink Bacardi and be surrounded by at least 5 beautiful and half-naked girls while you gamble away your money. Apparently all of the above will happen, but only if you are drinking Bacardi.

The girls in this picture don't have names (that we know anyway). Their nightly routine must consist of putting on skimpy clothes and lots of make-up and following around the auditor drinking Bacardi. They are society's accessories to a lucky individual, a.k.a. the MAN who drinks Bacardi. And they must look pretty while doing it. No room for fat girls or ones who have better things to do, these girls are "perfect" in body type, attitude, and behavior. The image is full of color, signaling excitement, which is how the girls have their bodies positioned too. This is all focusing on the auditor, who can have all of this just because he is choosing to drink Bacardi.

Stereotypically Blonde


Obviously, this is the movie poster for the movie Legally Blonde which is selling the film. It's on the cover of the DVD and was all over movie theatres when the movie came out.

This image of Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods uses all the usual “dumb blonde? stereotypes as well as overall female stereotypes. First, you see an attractive curvaceous blonde dressed all in pink. Her smile is flirtatious and she is staring away from the camera. She is standing tall taking tiny steps in her heels while daintily holding her furry pen and dog leash in her hand. The only object on her body which is not pink is the books in her hand which suggests they themselves out-of-place on a blonde woman. Everyone else in the background, however, is staring at her. Her look seems to show her acknowledgement and pleasure at this. Even the people in the background are portraying their own stereotypes. There is the average college guy ogling her from afar while he stands next to his jealous, catty girlfriend who is dressed in blue.

Reese is centered in the shot with the others surrounding her. The dominant color is pink which is only used in context with Reese whereas everyone else is wearing a neutral shade, mostly navy blue. The lighting is very bright, the sky suggests a very clear sunny day which reflects the blonde’s attitude. The brightness of her wardrobe draws the eye to the contrasting set of three large darkly colored books.

The image is trying to pigeonhole this girl in with the general public’s idea of what a blonde is. Then, they are wishing the audience to consider the absurdity that someone like that would be reading a book, much less three textbooks. Of course, this absurdity is the premise for the movie itself. In conclusion, the image is saying, “This woman is your stereotypical blonde but she’s smart – how funny is that??

the axe effect(s us all)


After looking through a couple magazines around my house, I decided to google image 'AXE ADVERTISEMENTS' which led me to this ad. AXE is a brand line of deoderant and body wash products directed towards the heterosexual masculine man. I say this because of all the AXE advertisements I have seen, they usually have a woman half naked or a some other sort of sexual conotation. Also, when looking at the AXE website and waiting for a specific page to upload the website tells you "Your MOJO is loading."

First of all, only the "important parts" of the woman's body are left for the eye to see. These would be her breasts and her upper leg/vagina/hip region. This leads the viewer into those areas and automatically sexualizes the image. The woman is standing in corner of a room with no place to go, leaving the woman defenseless. Since the woman is very dirty and wants to be washed by the viewer the advertisement comes into AXE shower gel and wash this helpless, sexy, skinny, heterosexual woman too. I am really hoping the shower gel can be considered a phallic symbol?!?!?

Tires and Gender


I found this ad in the New York Times Style Magazine for Fall 2007. It is selling Women's shoes by Cole Haan. There is a tagline on the opposite page: Seduction and Constructions, Cole Haan Craftsmanship. The ad is selling women's shoes, to women who read the New York Times. Forgive the assumption, but by advertising in the New York Times, Cole Haan is deliberatly targeting educated (generally affluent) women. I did some research, the least expensive shoes this comapany sells are $350+. The woman is anonymous, he figure is cut off from the shoulders off, we don't have to look at her head or features.

If you divide the ad into thirds horizontally and vertically, where those lines intersect are the places that it is aesthetically pleasing to place the focus of a photograph, this is known as the rule of thirds. There are points of interest at two of these intersections. First, in the upper left hand corner is the woman's butt– eroticizing the image. By beheading the woman and composing the shot in this way she has been objectified. The second intersection is in the lower right hand corner, the tire she's changing. The connotations of this part of the image are much different. Here the woman is subject. She is even doing an action that is stereotypically male, working on a car. What's more, she's doing in in some pretty intense heels. The image says to me, if you are a young, professional woman, who is self-sufficient, these are the shoes for you– but only if you are slim and white.

I think it is intersting how there are these two competing messages, an objectifying one (headless, butt sticking out), and empowerment (women don't need men to change tires).

Oh, and possible phallic object, tire iron. Which would introduce a male prescence into the image.

Do you know what time it is?


The ad was featured in a recent issue of Marie Claire, which is published by Heart Magazines. The product being sold is a Bertolucci watch.

This image is saying that males are superior to females. For the one portion of a women there are thirty-two men gazing at her. We do not see the complete female body. The portion from her hips to her breasts are being shown. The men are gazing at her as if she was an object. If the watch was on the other wrist they could be gazing at the watch, but unfortunately the watch is not on the other wrist. I am going to assume from this that the men are viewing this woman as an object. If women fit the description of the "perfect" object then they will also have thirty-two men in line for them. I also believe there is a connection between the male's gaze upon the woman and the viewer's gaze on the watch. The way the males view the female is how the viewers are possibly supposed to view the watch.

The woman is being set up as the center of attention. The men are sitting in an arena type seating style, where they can all see her clearly. Her breasts and hips frame the arm laying on her stomach. The sun has set in the background of the image, and the street lights are on casting shadows on the men. There is a light shining down directly from above her breats which enhances them. The watch is being illuminated by a light The camera has a high angle which causes the viewer to feel as if they are looking down upon the crowd of men and the woman. However, it is not too high or else the watch would be out of view. The men's clothes are all black. This makes them all blend together. However, the woman's dress is red. This color is very vibrant which makes it stand out. The combination of her red dress and that she is laying down makes her seem vulnerable.

The meaning behind the image is that if you fit the male idea of female perfection then you can get any guy you want. The female will just be looked at as a prize (object), just like if you purchased this watch and displayed it proudly on your wrist.

Be Clean

1950s lysol.jpg

I found this ad by googling 1950s ad for woman. it is an advertisement for using Lysol for douching. the ad basically proclaims that women must douche using Lysol or her marriage could be ruined by her stinky vajayjay. the image shows the beautiful "clean" woman being intimate with her handsome husband, while the "dirty" undouched woman watches unsure of her "daintiness". the photo is in black and white as all (i believe) ads were back then. the happy couple are both attractive and totally into each other, proving that Lysol really works! my reading of this ad is that woman must douche, especially with Lysol, or they will lose their feminine daintiness and their husband. i think it shows how back then there were many expectations of women and wives, in particular, to remain clean and subservient to our men.

Marc Jacobs ad- I am woman, hear me meow quietly while I seduce you with my clunky shoe, oops, I mean my intellect.


Context: I knew I wanted to write about the Marc by Marc Jacobs ads as photographed by Juergen Teller so I googled "Marc Jacobs Juergen Teller" and this was one of the most current ones. I got the picture from a blog, presumably about fashion and pop culture, called "I Am Fashion" and this post was from early Feb 2007. The product sold is a lower (ahem, still very expensive) priced high-fashion line from Jacobs, called Marc by Marc Jacobs. What I think is really being attempted here is a marketing campaign designed to further the geek-chic coolness thing that Marc Jacobs is selling.

Content: Well, she's (a model, I'm not sure of her name) not shapely, blonde, or even blue-eyed, but she is thin- which tells us that this is sexy, desirable, good, and right. But, by not picking a stereotypical image of women, Jacobs (and Teller and the investors in Jacobs company) that there is another way to be sexy or "different"- wear Marc by Marc Jacobs and be quirky.

Form: The starkness of the background forces the viewer to look at the model, who is front and center, staring into the camera, standing high on a chair, looking down a bit at us. She is filling the picture; the top of her head reaches almost to the top of the frame, making her seem "larger than life" even though her body language makes her seem small (through the pose- weird childish curtsy designed to both make her seem more girlish and show off the "trick" of the outfit- the gold lace slip). The model is pale and wan, with long, lank hair that has been styled to look as if it could use a good washing. Her make-up washes her out; if she's wearing blush or lipstick, it has been chosen to make her look tired-suggesting maybe that she's bookish-like she is too busy reading and chatting with her cool artist friends to eat spinach and quality protiens, or sleep, for that matter. Everything looks flimsy and week in the photo- hair, dress, posture, her hands pinching the fabric. The only strurdy looking thing in the photo is her shoes and the pleather (I'm guessing, since pleather is so much more ironic than leather) chair. Since both of these items are at the bottom of the frame, they serve to ground the image.

My Reading: While I can aesthetically appreciate this image- I read a lot of fashion magazines and this ad series always makes me spend some time looking at the ad- I'm frustrated at this image of women, or at Jacobs (or whoever aproves these ads) for continuing to tell this story. Basically, this picture says to me- just rebel, be super (even to the point of being un-healthy) skinny, have small boobs, boobs don't make the woman, the "mind" makes the woman.......I think the idea of "woman as sexy -geeky-chic-brainiac" is what is being sold. So, that tells me that I'll never be "sexy" because I don't fit either mold; the more "regular" stereotype (blonde/thin/boobs/tiny waist/high heals) or Jacobs idea of sexy (weak/ skinny/ "interesting"/ "odd") which to me, just looks amemic. I think I'm supposed to look at that ad and be excited that someone out there doesn't think a woman has to pile on eyeliner and high heels to be sexy, but this is, in it's own way, just as unattainable a "look" for me (and many others, I'm sure)

Mark McGrath...a real cool guy.


I just got this ad off of the internet, but I remember seeing it in the past in several magazines marketed towards men and women, such as Cosmo, Maxim, Elle, and others. It is an advertisement for Candies perfume for men and women. Candies also makes shoes, but this ad is for the scents.
The ad shows a man (Mark McGrath) sitting at a desk with a computer. An attractive scantily dressed woman is sitting on top of the computer with her legs spread. The man has his hands to the keyboard like he is about to press a key. On the computer screen, there is an image of a rocket ship blasting off into the air. This rocket ship is "coincidentally" lined up with the woman's vagina, so it looks like a penis about to enter her. All of the elements create a very sexualized image and message, but it seems to be more from a man's perspective because the man is in control as he looks at the viewer while pressing the keys on the keyboard.
The woman is dressed to emphasize her body, which is very thin. Her shirt is low cut to show her cleavage, and also shows her belly. She wears short shorts and leather boots that emphasize her spread legs. She also has a lot of "sexy" make-up on. The man wears a tank which shows his strong arms and also leather pants..which I guess are supposed to be sexy.
The woman has her hand in front of her crotch, which seems to be forcing the phallic rocket ship down, and her other hand holds the perfume bottle close to her face so it appears to be that she is having trouble resisting. The man however looks very confident in his decision and has a smirk on his face like he is doing something deviant, but fun. There is a spotlight that highlights the whole picture. Blues and black make up most of the picture except for the woman's shirt which is bright pink and calls attention to her and her body...perhaps this color also emphasizes her softness as a woman. The pitcure is framed so that her crotch and the phallic rocket ship are in the center of the frame.
My reading:
I think this is definitely aimed more towards shows the man in control as he is the one seated at the desk with his hand ready to push the keys, while the woman is shown in a very provocative and vulnerable position with her leags spread. The fact that she has her hand pushed down on the rocket suggests that a part of her is resisting, which lends to why the man has a smirk on his face...he is being "naughty"...This is all supposed to be sexy, but also could send the message that it is sexy and no big deal for a man to ignore when a woman resists sexual advances.

Venus of Urbino

venus of urbino.jpg

The Venus of Urbino is a very popular art image. It was painted in 1538 by the Italian artist Titian. We may be talking about todays media respresentations of women, but I wanted to demonstrate that the male gaze is not new. This painting was commissioned (i.e the artist was paid to paint an image to the purchaser's specifications) by the Duke of Urbino of his mistress and it would have hung in his back parlor to be shown to his male friends.

This is an obviously sexualized figure. She is laying on the bed, propped up to be seen in full view, holding the gaze of the viewer, and covering, yet at the same time drawing attention to her pubis. She is laying ready and waiting for the viewer or commissioner of the piece to come to her. The woman is from the upper class which is shown by her maidservants in the background. They are getting her clothes out of the trunk and will eventually dress her. This sends the message that only the higher class female body is worth the time to paint, much less view. Thus women must be wealthy in order to be attractive.

She is separated from her maidservants in the space by a dark curtain on the left. This separates them in class importance as the nude model is at the foreground and obviously not one of the maids. The dark curtain also serves to give her a dramatic backdrop so that her white skin stands out. The edge of the curtain creates a vertical line that leads the eye straight the woman's pubis. The line of the bed creates an additional horizontal line drawing the eye to the same area. Thus we have a visual "bullseye" on the woman's pubic area. She is holding flowers in her hand, one petal has already fallen to the bed; an obvious allusion to the fact that she has been "deflowered." The bed itself beneath the sheet and the flowers are red, a color symbolizing love and passion. A dog sits on the end of the bed which is a symbol of fidelity. (The dog popular dog's name Fido is derived from the word fidelity). These little details insure that the painting cannot be read any other way than being about sex.

I read this painting as a status symbol. You have to be high class in order to afford to commission a painting of your mistress. You also must be high class in order to have your nude portrait painted. Thus in order to be attractive enough to be worth seen naked, you have to have money.

"Feast Your Eyes"


Context: I found this ad in Elle magazine and then found it on the internet. The ad is selling MAX FACTOR cosmetics, specifically eye makeup (eye shadow, mascara, liners, etc.) Since the ad is selling cosmetics, the ad is targeting women, adolescent age and up. I chose this ad because in every women magazine some sort of cosmetic is being sold using a beautiful celebrity or model to sell their product.

Content: The MAX FACTOR ad displays Carmen Electra as the model. The consumer is told to “feast your eyes on the new MAXeye collection.? This phrase is directed towards women, along with the small display of the product on the right side of the ad, but Carmen Electra pose is not to attract women viewers. Carmen Electra is in a sexualized position, with her hand pulling back her wavy blown back hair. Her mouth is open draws attention to her face, which is selling the product, but not by looking extremely sexualized. Carmen Electra is wearing a halter top, revealing her skinny body and glowing skin. The fabricated image of Carmen Electra is telling viewers how they should look and act, being sexy.

Form: The frame is cut around the face and upper body of the model. This gives focus to the face and thin body Carmen Electra has. Lighting adds to the “glow? of the skin and highlights certain features of Carmen Electra. Pinks and purple accentuate the models eyes. This however is actually what the ad is selling, eye makeup. By wearing only a little halter top, Carmen Electra is given an added sex appeal to the male viewers. Her body position also appeals to the male viewers. Carmen Electra is in a sexual position, with one hand holding back her lush voluminous hair, and having her mouth open.

Reading Analysis: The MAX FACTOR ad is influencing women how to look. They are led to believe that by wearing this brand of cosmetics you will look like the model Carmen Electra, which will doubtfully happen. Through telling the viewer to “feast your eyes? portrays women less as a person and more as an object for men.

bell hooks Cultural Criticsm and Transformation

The overall ideas that bell hooks presents are very interesting. Popular culture is very influential, and it is important to examine it from a critical perspective. I also really liked the idea of the "enlightened witness," and I think it has direct bearing on our goals within this particular course. Literacy is really important to how anyone interprets anything, because literacy can directly provide the framework to analyze and interpret images and ideas that we encounter every day.

It is really weird to hear about the influence of literacy from someone who has really influenced the way that I analyze things!

The examples of 'Doing Cultural Criticism' were very helpful to me because images from the films or events bell hooks is discussing are used in a way that shows why she thinks what she thinks about things. I was also really relieved to know that someone else was disturbed by the movie Kids, because that movie is really troubling to me. I had not considered the voyeur's gaze before this video, but I think it is a valid point.

I am also really glad that bell hooks talks about rap during the movie because it provides a really good connection to the reading required for class this week. I agree that most media discussions of rap are not fair -- the media only focuses on the most extremely negative performers or performances and totally ignores people engaging more positive representations. This is unfair for a number of reasons. First, as bell hooks mentions, rap is a really diverse music genre with all kinds of different representations of people. Second, there are a number of rock songs made by white men that are at least as misogynistic as anything in rap music. Finally, the media is already always manufacturing a negative image of Black men, and the reporting on rap adds fuel to this fire. Not to mention, no one is asking why suburban kids want to listen to these kinds of representations of women.



This advertisement was torn from an issue of Maxim. It is advertising a body spray for men and there is a website containing other images from this campaign here. This site includes a rather annoying parrot and images of this woman and three others -- you can even send an 'Ahoy-Gram' to one of your friends or download a wallpaper.

This is an image of a woman who is "hot" in a normative sense that is being used to sell a men's product in the pages of a men's magazine. This promotes the idea that women are objects to be used in a capitalist society.

FormThe woman in the picture is in focus and is in the center of everything. She is the instant point-of-focus in the photograph. Light that is supposed to look like sunlight is being used to draw focus to her breasts and to other areas of her body as well -- namely her flat stomach and her legs. She is wearing very little other than a bikini and is posed with one leg hoisted on a rock, which puts her in a position that is more sexually enticing. The bikini is a very bright blue, which functions to draw even more attention to her because it is a harsh contrast to the browns that comprise most of the picture. I will be perfectly blunt and say that I am not sure what to make of the props in this picture -- it appears to me that she is supposed to be scuba diving, but her outfit and the knife strapped do her leg are certainly impractical for such a purpose. I am absolutely uncertain as to just what is going on with that fish as well.

The lower corner of the advertisement addresses the viewer directly and says, "Enhance Handsomeness." I think this presents a definite idea about masculinity, because Old Spice is known to be a very "mannish" fragrance. The message is that it will enhance male handsomeness if a male smells "like a man."

The image also reinforces the idea that female bodies are objects to be used by men -- whether it is for marketing or for visual pleasure, while presenting a very normative idea about female attractiveness. She has well-defined facial features, she is white, she is skinny, etc. There is nothing in the image that challenges any conventional ideas about 'hotness' or what constitutes 'sexy.' Additionally, I think that the woman herself is part of the overall "enhance handsomeness" message -- that is, having a really hot girlfriend will enhance male handsomeness. Finally, I think that the impractical nature of the photo suggests that women are the most attractive when they are showing the potential to do something, but not actually doing anything.

The image also relies on the idea that men are free to stare at female bodies. I think the overall message of the advertisement (including where it was placed, the website, etc.) is really heteronormative because it assumes the viewer is male and that the viewer is attracted to women.

Damsel in Distress


Context: I found this image on under the ‘male gaze’ section and I am not sure of its original source. The website was started by Dr. Scott A. Lukas and focuses on analyzing the roles of gender and sexuality in advertising. This image appears to be advertising some sort of customer service provided for people who own this brand of vacuum.

Content: The content of this image is pretty complex so I am going to break it down into categories.

1) Women as stupid, incompetent, dependant
The success of this advertisement relies on the understanding that women are unable to accomplish anything on their own. From this image, it appears women can’t even manage to operate a simple vacuum cleaner without having to ask for help. The caption reaffirms this idea of someone coming to the rescue. The innocent, naïve look on the woman’s face constructs her as a ‘typical, stupid woman’ who can’t figure out what is going on.

2) Women as objects, dolls
The woman in this image is a white, presumably middle to upper class woman from the 1950s. She is so ‘made-up’ from her hair down to her heels that it is hard to believe she is a just an average woman doing housework. This links to the idea of representing women as sexual objects. Would she really be doing housework in a fitted dress that accentuates her breasts and wearing stockings and high heels? I doubt it.

3) Construction of gender roles
It is very clear what the expectations of women are in this image. Women should be sexy, skinny housewives who wear make-up and heels all day long. They should not be too intelligent or independent because that is what men are for.

4) The male gaze
This image also clearly constructs a male gaze. The woman appears to be literally ‘pinned up’ on display. She is bending over in a highly sexual position, her mouth is open, and her dress just happens to have gotten caught in her vacuum cleaner, revealing her perfectly shaped lower body.

5) Phallic symbol
The extension arm of the vacuum cleaner can be viewed as a phallic symbol. It is exaggerated in length and is located near her lower body. It has moved under her dress and then in an upward motion, similar to the action of penetration.

Form: This image is constructed in black and white with a plain white background. This allows the woman to be the focus of the image because there is nothing else fighting for our attention. She is mainly represented in white and light shades of grey, except for her eyes, lips, and stockings and heels. By making these few things darker, it draws attention to fragmented parts of the body and accentuates her sexuality. In addition to these elements, the use of lighting is very important in the construction of this image. If you view the image as divided into two triangles of light (the top left triangle and bottom right triangle) it becomes noticeable that the top portion of the image (containing the woman’s face) is in the dark—therefore, not important. The bottom right triangle (containing the woman’s lower body) is the only part of the image well lit—therefore given the most importance.

My reading/analysis: More than anything, this image relies on the recognition of the roles of a 1950's housewife. I believe this image represents the idea that women are not capable of accomplishing anything without the help of another person (male) and that they should only concern themselves with being proper women. This consists of working in the home and remaining skinny, beautiful, and sexy while doing so—all for the pleasure of men.



This is an advertisement for VIctoria's Secret new bra. When I think of women image 'in constructive way', the first image i could think of was Victoria's secret model.

This image is one of the stereotypes of women portrayed on ad to sell product: half naked, skinny, glamorous, bright long hair, and confident with that situation. This ad tells us that “if you wear this new bra, then you can also attract man as I do.? Advertisement initially setting constructive image within its own purpose which are selling the products as well as this is what women should look like. There were little subtitle that said, “New SEXY wireless push-up.? The ad is describing sexy as a half-naked and glamorous woman who is standing toward the spectators. Her body lines and bones and her breast are highlighted to emphasize those parts. Tone of image in brown soften and is subtle that it makes spectator to relax

My observation is that this kind of ad keeps the social construction which tells what woman suppose to be or act or man suppose to be or act, and we all should ask ourselves before looking at the ad and purchasing the product; Is women’ body should be used as an object to sell product or attract man’s eye? Are we buying this product for man or our own confidents?

The Poor IT Boys


This is an advertisement for Server Appliances and was printed in Linux Journal, a magazine geared towards operating systems, technology, etc. The primary audience would likely be those interested in computers, software, and so on – which has typically been a male-dominated category.

We have a typically beautiful woman who is meant to catch the eye of the tech-boy flipping through the pages of the magazine. He sees her, desires her, and wonders, “Hey, what’s this ad about?? He’s just getting excited when he reads, “Don’t feel bad. Our servers won’t go down on you either.? He sighs and thinks of Natasha, the hottie down the hall who won’t give him the time of day.

In this ad, the woman is being portrayed solely as a temptress, an object, a sex machine – a machine that you, the geek boy, can’t seem to make function because you prefer Dungeons and Dragons over the party life and football games.

In addition to demeaning women, it exploits the “nerdy boy? stereotype. That smart, geeky, tech-savvy guy who just can’t seem to get any chicks into his bed. The IT school at the U deals with a similar stereotype here on campus.
It plays off the concept that school-loving, genius boys are unattractive, awkward, non-muscular, and desperate for female attention. By immediately stating, “Don’t feel bad,? the ad creator is assuming that the reader is a socially-inept nerd-bomb. The ad is also saying that if you were a sexy beast, then the woman would definitely “go down on you? because apparently women will give oral sex to any man if he’s drop-dead gorgeous.

A woman’s face emerges from the darkness. All light is focused on her – an extreme close-up shot of her expression. Her eyes are meant to convey a seductive gaze, but she looks almost melancholy, as if she wishes you were hotter so that she could pleasure you. The dramatic darkness portrays a mysterious air about her, and the viewer wonders what lies in the shadows, creating sexual excitement.

She has perfect porcelain skin and is completely pore-less. The edges of her face and hair fade into the darkness, attempting to push the viewer’s imagination.

Her large lips take center stage, painted a vibrant red – the color of seduction and passion. They are directly in line with the dominant text of the ad. Considering that the words “go down on you? are parallel to her pouting, plump lips, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the creator wishes to evoke an image of oral sex.

My Reading

Beautiful women (big lips, smooth skin, piercing blue eyes) will not give sexual satisfaction to tech nerds (awkward, geeky, unattractive). But beautiful women will give oral sex to handsome, non-nerdy men. To soothe the woes of tech boys, they should buy a QSOL server because it won’t disappoint them like all those female sex machines will. Also, since the server is so reliable, the reader can resort to virtual pleasure until one day he becomes that jock-y hunk that he’s supposed to be.



This image used to be seen in many fashion magazines in the late 60’s. Now this image of Twiggy, a 60’s mod fashion model, can sometimes still be seen in magazines, since the mod fashion has become quite popular again, but otherwise images of Twiggy are all over the internet. Many people have her picture posted on their myspace page. In this image the mod fashion is trying to be sold. Twiggy is known as the icon of mod fashion, and modeled mod clothing.
This image conveys the idea that a woman that is extremely thin is beautiful. Twiggy started the “skinny is beautiful? trend, and the image shows no curves on Twiggy’s body. This image also created a type of woman that can wear the mod fashion and look good in it. This woman should be very thin with no curves, Caucasian, and with short hair. Also, the eyes are emphasized for beauty.
The light is focused on the Twiggy’s face while she is looking up at the light, and the picture is shot from the bottom. This makes the model look almost heavenly beautiful. It also glorifies the model and what she is wearing. The dress is very simple (mod) and makes the earrings really stand out. This is typical to mod fashion because the wardrobe is bold but simple at the same time. The position of the model is also emphasizes boldness and beauty because she is standing strong and at an angle, but her face is still facing the light.
My reading behind this image is that women need to be skinny in order to be fashionable. It also tells me that mod fashion looks good on very thin women. It also tells me that mod is simple but still stands out.

Clean and Dirty

I found this image on a Google search by typing in "women ads." It is an ad for Candies Fragrances for Men and Women. This particular ad can be found in Maxxum Magazine, targeted at adult men and women. I also found a "cleaned-up" version if this add, which can be found in a magazine for pre-teen and young teen girls. The "cleaned-up" version if this add has removed Mark Mcgrath's plumber crack and covered it with the towel, and the condoms are no longer on the counter.

Candies Fragrances sells perfume and cologne for men and women, Candies also sells shoes. From this ad, the fragrances are directly correlated with sex.

The image portrays a dominant male because you can see his face in the picture through the mirror as well as his "I can have anything I want" attitude. He looks very frisky, dominant, and ready for whatever happens next. The female looks like an object for the male, maybe even part of the sink. You can not see her face or what she looks like, so the message is saying that it doesn't even matter what she looks like. The position of her legs is highly sexual and the position of her arm is highly suggestive. She is there for his pleasure and he is there to receive pleasure.

The obvious color is blue here. I think blue symbolizes a very cool tone. The fact that you can see the males face in the mirror says it all, his face and attitude sets the tone for the entire ad. The wardrobe is very little, he has only a towel on and it looks as though it is about to fall off. From what we can see of her, she has a little blue tank top on, maybe even a dress, and some blue Candies high heels. There are a few bottles of perfume on the counter along with some condoms. Both of their body positions tell us what is about to happen next.

My Reading:

I can tell that this is a very sexual and gendered image. They are supposedly selling fragrances, and shoes, but they are selling sex. I think it is very apolling about the "cleaned-up" image that is being portrayed to young girls. It is telling them that casual sex is alright between young people.

September 24, 2007

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

This film is not yet rated.jpg

I found this image by doing a google search under “sexy woman billboard,? and it is originally a poster for the movie “This Film Is Not Yet Rated? by Kirby Dick.

The poster reveals a skinny, naked, white woman, and the way her body is portrayed makes her an object of sex for any heterosexual man to be tempted with. Her figure is relatively perfect to where she’s not too skinny, but she still has some curvature, which is what many men are really attracted to. Being that she is naked and has a tattoo of the MPAA logo on her lower back, or in other words the famous “tramp stamp,? implies to the reader that she is obviously not a virgin, but happens to be experienced with sex.

The lighting in the poster really focuses on the curves of her body making her seem soft and sensual. She has her back to the viewers and her head is also not in the picture, which increases the viewer’s curiosity and interest. The background of the poster is red, which gives a fiery, sharp, negative feel to the scene. Often times in movies after a man and a woman have sex the woman tends to light a cigarette, and the smoke in the poster sets the right mood to get the viewer thinking of sex. This poster was censored, and the smoke also implies to the viewer this story is a hot, rebellious topic that is up for debate.

Her beautiful body and the intention of sex over the striking red background filled with smoke really tell the reader that something bad or rebellious is happening. Her skinny, naked body screams seduction and that women are objects of affection. It is also saying that women are not strong independent people, but are there to please and cater to men through the use of their body.

Vegetarianism will make you sexy like Alicia Silverstone

Or so PETA would like you to believe...

PETA ad.jpg

Sorry about posting a video the first go round!

My context is pretty much the same as it is for the video. This is an image that can be found on the PETA website, along with a little letter from Alicia Silverstone talking about how great veganism is. Right next to this photo are the words "I am Alicia Silverstone, I am a vegetarian." PETA is using a very provocative image of Silverstone to encourage people not to eat meat.

Content is also similar, except in the photo, you can't really see her body, just her face and the fact that she is naked. Here PETA uses her celebrity and her blond hair, blue eyed beauty to encourage people to be a vegetarian like her.

Form: Here we have a closeup of Alicia's face and a hand, with enough of her neck and shoulders showing to suggest that she is naked, at least from the waist up. She is shown lying in a prone position, with her hand in front of her, as if gesturing for the viewer to sit down beside her. The pose is clearly sexual in nature, and she is in a very relaxed, suggestive, almost post-coital pose. The blue background bring out the blue in her eyes, and the green grass also help to highlight this. The colors appear to have been brightened. The lighting in this photo are very soft and clear out any possible imperfections in her face, with a light behind her head to make her appear to glow (this is all sounding very familiar). It also has probably been photoshopped to be brushed and softened.

My take is also the same as my take on the video. Objectification of a famous woman to convert people to vegetarianism.

Context: I found this originally on I check it about once or twice a week, and they had an entry about this video on the 20th, but didn't really go into analyzing it. You can also find it on PETA's website. It is currently on their main page. Basically, this is PETA trying to convert people to vegetarianism and humane treatment of animals. By showing off Alicia Silverstone's ass.

Content: Silverstone is a pretty well known actress and considered beautiful by American standards. She is white with blond hair, blue eyes, and PETA is exploiting her thin, toned body in order to pick at people's (especially women's) preoccupation with weight. She is also shown swimming in what we can only assume is her very own swimming pool (since she is completely nude) showing her wealth.

Form: The way the video was produced, it looks like a cross between a trailer for a crappy Hollywood movie and a bad porno. It seems like it took a lot of money and effort. A majestic, soft music is playing over images of Silverstone climbing out of a pool in slow motion. The camera frames her body in separate pieces before we even see her entire body, from the back, as she looks coyly over her shoulder. Not until half way through the clip do we hear her speaking in a gentle whisper about how becoming a vegetarian changed her life. She is shown naked, on her hands and knees, appearing to crawl towards the camera, completely objectified by its gaze.

My take: While I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals, I am also for the ethical treatment of women, and this video is nothing but objectifying. Basically, its message is that if you stop eating meat, you will look sexy, and be successful and rich like Alicia Silverstone. Instead of showing her eating a healthy meal, looking happy and content with her non-meat diet (which probably would have worked too, but had a much different affect), the director of this video decided the way to get the message across was to show an objectified female body writhing around by a pool.


nike shoulders.jpg

I know this ad is very similar to the one about big butts posted a few entries below. However, I had planned using this image all along. I don't know how big the words will show up once I post this. This is what it says, "My shoulders aren't dainty or proportional to my hips, some say they are like a man's. I say, leave men out of it. They are mine. I made them in a swimming pool. Then I went to Yoga and made my arms. Just do it."
Context: I first saw this image on the wall of the bathroom in a women's dorm section at the school I just transferred from. I really liked it because at that time I was playing hockey in college. It really made me feel proud when I thought of all the time my team spends in the weight room. When I saw this ad it had been torn from a magazine. I imagine it could be found in any type of magazine targeting younger women. The ad was done by Nike. Here Nike was not exactly selling any particular product. However, they were clearly targeting women with the hopes of getting them more excited about being athletes... and eventually buy their products. It also gives Nike a good image in women's minds.
Content: The story being told here is that women should not be afraid of looking, feelilng, or acting strongly. In fact they should be proud of it. But I think there is more to it than that. Women should not be afraid to look any way or act in any way (within reason) as long as they enjoy what they are doing and feel proud of themself for doing it. It tells us that our physical image is, in part, sculpted by our choices in life. And, of course, our choices in life are based on what makes us happy. Are choices are what make us all unique.
Even though this ad did, I believe, have good intentions, it still markets a body type that is difficult to achieve. That seems to be the pattern-- we always want (and assume is better) what is difficult to achieve. However, in this case it is not really such a bad thing because it does encourage a more healthy lifestyle.
Form: The image is framed so you do not see the face of the woman. In fact, we basically only see the part of her body that is important to the story-- her shoulders. We, of course, do see that she is wearing a Nike work out shirt as well. What we do not see are the typical female body parts that men are most interested in. This is partly due to the fact that the ad is not targeting men, but also because they want to show women that there are other parts of the body that can be beautiful. The lighting is well done. The shadows fall nicely to show the definition in the woman's back, shoulders, and arms. She is also shown in black and white against a contrast of colorful abstract art. This makes her really stand out. The words are all in black except the "My shoulders aren't dainty" and the "Just do it" parts. The "Just do it" is obviously in color to reinforce the company. The model's body position was a good choice for the ad as well. It has her in a stretching position which again shows her muscle definition and, at the same time, is a very likely thing for an athlete to be doing. I like the way the words are written in an unconventional way. I don't know if this is what they were going for, but it could be that they were trying to show that it is ok to act in a way that is not expected of you or your gender. I overall like the artistic make up of the ad. I personally find it appealing to look at. And, if I were reading a magazine I would stop to look at this.
My reading/analysis of the image: I feel like I have basically already said my reading of the image. But to sum it up: the meaning/story of the image is that it is ok, or actually a great thing, to be a strong woman. (Especially if you are one who uses Nike products). :)

Being Rich is Hot. So Hot We Don't Bother Putting on Clothes.


CONTEXT: This image is taken from the Victoria & David Beckham photo shoot that appeared in W magazine’s August 2007 issue by photographer Steven Klein, released by Conde Nast Publications. . This was a result of the media frenzy this summer pertaining to Posh and Becks coming to America to live.

CONTENT: Although both genders are represented here, it is clear which one is more dominant than the other. Becks is standing on the side of a car, topless, with hands on his side. His intense stare pierces the camera lens. Posh isn’t even looking at the camera. Her eyes are closed as she lays sexualized on the hood of the car, legs agape, for her husband. Her body isn’t even turned toward us. Its as if she is writhing on the car as a sexual slave, while her dominant master stands next to her, being allowed to look at the camera like “That’s right, she is mine.? This is particularly conveyed because her legs are open towards him, not the audience, therefore emulating that what is “there? is “his?. It is very obvious that Posh & Becks are first class, rich, Caucasian Europeans. They both look gorgeous, and this photo shoot doesn’t shy away from showing it. They are frequently titled as the best looking couple by the media, and hey, I’m not disagreeing. They are both fabulous. Becks reeks a persona of a masculine athlete who loves being a dad and being a snappy dresser. While Posh has her roots in music, it isn’t quite prominent today (although the Reunion tour is coming up, that will probably change). She is the ultimate fashionista. A mother of three, she still manages to fit into her size 00 couture. This specific image is conveying a strict heterosexual tone. They are in fact married, so that provides a definite reasoning for my statement. The position of Posh’s body, legs open, towards her husband is basically a command for sexual intercourse. Although Becks doesn’t seem to be phased by his wife’s positioning, his facial expression can be interpreted that he is about to scour her private parts.

FORM: As I mentioned earlier, the positioning of Posh and Becks conveys the Dominance/Submissiveness paradigm. Becks takes the role of the dominant force, standing with hands on waist, making eye contact with the camera. This leaves Posh to take the submissive role, as she writhes on the hood of the car, eyes closed, clutching her thigh, with her back facing the camera. In the magazine, this photograph spanned across two pages In case you were wondering, the coloring of all the pictures in their spread were very similar. They were either black and white, or had a low tonal, 70s-esque, minimal coloring palate. It was aesthetically pleasing. The lighting of this photo leads us to believe it was taken at night, although I watched videos about the shoot online and on Style channel and the shoot was done during the day. It’s safe to say the costumes here are not the focus of out attention. Becks is wearing a low rise pair of shots, and a silver necklace. Posh is wearing a fierce pair of Alexander McQueen boots, and a bodysuit. She is obviously dressed as this sexual prowess for him (high-heeled boots and a swim/body suit? Not typical daywear ladies!), while he doesn’t exactly reciprocate (although I cant argue with his lack of clothing). The only props here are the old car that Posh is laying on (which is used a couple times through their photo spread) and the desert backdrop. It is more about them, not so much the surroundings.

READING: This is supposed to be W Magazine’s spread for them that says to us, “Welcome to America!? In fact, in the bylines of the interview it says, “Meet your new neighbors.? Well, I don’t have neighbors that look like them, although I wish I did. Although they are married, it doesn’t take away from the sexualized position Posh has taken in the photograph and the dominant, masculinized stance that Becks has taken. Posh is basically saying, “I’m a sexualized object for my husband, I willingly let him have his way with me while I dress in fierce boots and a bodysuit.? Becks is basically saying, “My lack of clothing is exuding my hot, athletic figure. I am the one looking at the camera because my wife usually gets all the attention, but now it’s my time to because we are moving here because of my career.?

Gender Ad


Context: I found this ad in my June/July 2007 issue of Jane Magazine. This is a Nike ad featuring Maria Sharapova selling a Nike Sports Tee. The full caption says in bold white “Just a T-Shirt?, then in smaller letter “The way Maria is just a tennis player?.

Content: This ad shows a female athlete in all her athleticism. Her hair is pulled back; she is looking over her shoulder with a look of determination. This is giving a positive view of women. While it may not be entirely positive (she has the western standards of beauty), it is very different then the women in ads for Gucci for example. Her body is not over exposed or over sexualized. She looks sweaty and tough, and her shirt is dry. This ad is aimed at women who can relate to this “female? dilemma, of not wanting sweaty underarms. This is one way where is ad is sexist, and it took me 15 minutes to see that. Why should a female athlete care whether or not her shirt is sweaty? Oh that’s right, girls don’t sweat. And if they do, that’s gross.

Form: The way the lighting is, it gives the appearance that she is at one end of narrow hallway. The light is very white and bright around Maria and then is dark at the opposite end with a single light that allows Maria to have a dark shadow in front of her. Her shirt is white, all you see is her from the waist up holding a green, and black ball with the Nike swoosh on it. The looking over the shoulder with both arms up gives Maria a strong looking stance (and shows her dry underarms). Because she is a tennis player, I would guess that the ball is just a reason to have the Nike symbol present in the ad, without having it all over the clothes and distracting from the advertisements main point: a dry shirt.

Reading: While women can still be athletes, they are still women and their womanly “concerns? follow them onto the tennis court or the gym. However, is still an ad that is a foot forward in the right direction.

The Balancing Act

Context: I found this picture on after I put "holding hands" in the search entries spot. This picture can be found on the second page about the 5th picture in. The person's name who snapped the photo is not listed. There is no further description or details about where or when this photo was taken. I can gather by looking at the picture that it was probably just a couple out having fun, not posed or designed to sell anything.
Content: When I look at this picture I think about relationships. Not only relationships like couples, but relationships like brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, etc. I think about the struggles we face in all types of relationships and I think this photo does a good job representing the balance of life. Since this photo is taken on a train track, which is thought to be symbolic of a journey, it further conviences me that these two people are balancing their lives together. It is not clear in this photo if the two people that are holding hands are in a intimate relationship, however that they have some sort of bond that goes deeper and can almost be thought to express support for one another. In the photo the two individuals are both looking to the future and walking with their heads up high, possibly laughing, but clearly enjoying one another's company. They are both taking one step at a time and holding eachother for support as they go. Both are like a balancing act that they appear to do very well, however may struggle on their own. Their opposing weighs balance other another out on the thin piece of railroad track that they are walking on. By looking at the picture you can tell that this is a man and a woman, both dressed in fall type appearal and pretty much of the same class. Their race/ethnicity is not known, however they are white. This photo appeals to both men and women the same, has more of a romantic feel to it. Not trashy or provactative in any form. The picture strongly represents journey to me and shows that relationships are 50/50.
Form: The camera is placed behind the two individuals in the center of the track, and faces toward the future. The lighting is typical of a day that is still and the sky is clear (calm). The photo is posted in black and white, which almost makes it more dramatic. The wardobes are of modern time, classy and typical for cool weather. The setting is on a train track, in the middle of no where. The white in the rocks really stands out against the dark tracks and could represent the obsticles the couple has overcome in the past. Both individuals appear to be average, happy, and the camera is placed lower then them, giving a vibe that they are in control or their surroundings and lives.
My thoughts: When I look at this photo is makes me happy. It makes me think about my boyfriend and how he supports me when i'm having a rough day. I think this photo is almost romantic and inspiring in different ways and people with all different types of relationships can really relate to it. This photo to me represents journey and experiences with the ones that your love most.

Anti-women, pro-rape/murder horror ad

View image

This particular billboard, an advertisement for the horror film Captivity that came out this summer, is interesting for a few reasons. First of all, the billboard was essentially “banned? (which is not to imply that this was a government imposed ban, but rather to say that it was removed in accordance to commercial reasons in relation to the ratings board.) After Dark Films, a subdivision of Lion’s Gate Entertainment, posted the billboard which caused an amount of controversy (it is unclear just how much controversy the billboard caused, as the notoriety of the billboard came more so after its removal.) The MPAA claimed that After Dark Films never received approval from them for the billboard, something which is required for all public advertisements if a film is seeking a ratings classification, which resulted in the removal of the billboard. Because of the removal of the billboard, it is not necessarily the best example of the sexist kinds of advertisements that are present in the mainstream, but the ad (as well as the film itself) signifies the culmination of distastefulness that has arose from films of the “torture porn? variety (Saw, Hostel, etc.)
This billboard is offensive, not because it is “too scary? as some critics have claimed, but because of its misogyny. The fragmentation of the female subject functions is such a way as to make her seem inhuman, as well as to fetishize the various stages of abuse which are inflicted upon her. The fragmentation of the female image provides a sense of distance from the observer and the subject, which at best allows for an impartial subjectivity, or at worst encourages the observer’s subjective identification to be with that of the abuser. In the first panel, we see close-up of part of her face which is being covered by a glove. This panel does not merely signify “abduction? as the caption claims, but it also signifies the act of rape. Particularly the way in which her mouth is being covered, and the way in which her abuser is in back of her, as well as the usage of dark gloves all are visual codes of rape and function in such a way as to sexualize her abduction. The second panel has the caption “confinement?, showing part of the female subject’s face behind a fence. It is clear, both from the caption and from the picture itself, that the woman is imprisoned within a cell following her abduction. The “torture? panel is presumably a picture of the same woman (at least in how it is presented within the ad, though the picture is taken of somebody else within the movie) turned to her side, with a plaster mask covering her face making her unidentifiable and an IV with some kind of red fluid inserted into her nose. And finally, for the last panel there is caption “termination? in which the woman is lying down, presumably dead.
The message that she is dead is communicated very clearly through the caption, but it is also communicated visually in contrast to the other panels. In each panel, the woman’s eyes are placed in the top center, the location of which focuses the viewers attention. For the first panel, they appear to be photo-shopped in such a way that they appear to be unnaturally blue, creating a sharp contrast with the artificially constructed dark and muddy look that makes up the remainder of the image. The look in her eyes is dimmer in the second panel, but still noticeably bright. For the third panel, her eyes are still placed in a similar position, but the brightness is now gone and her eyes are somewhat obscured by the plaster mask on her face. Her eyes still standout in this panel however, as other than her mouth, it is the only part of her body that is not covered in plaster. For the final caption, “termination?, her body leans upside down and the frame is cut-off right before her eyes, making them invisible. By having her eyes no longer be visible, when in the previous panels they are placed in such a way that makes them the focus of the images, it is a visual cue that the life that was once present is now gone, and that the female subject has now been completely dehumanized and degraded. The way in which each panel decreases the level of clarity within her eyes is representative of each level of degradation that she is being subjected to, and the relative level of dehumanization.
The final image of the advertisement is interesting not just because of the way it visually signifies death, but how it is also a highly sexualized image. The second and third panels of the ad are by themselves, more excusable than the first and final images, as these images are less sexualized and are more understandable within the context of horror film promotion. But within the context of the highly sexualized beginning and ending images, the middle two images gain a greater sexualized meaning by association. This is not to say that the second and third images are asexual per se, as the fragmentation of the female subject and the way in which the images are constructed as to seem “cool? does give them a sexualized meaning independent of the other images, it is just that it is less sexually explicit than the beginning and ending images. The final image has the presumably dead woman’s breast placed in the center of the frame, sticking out and partially visible due to a tear in the woman’s shirt. The way in which her breast is sticking out, partially bear infuse the image with a high level of sexual meaning, which is surprising since the image is that of a dead body. The way in which her shirt is torn in this picture so that it reveals her bust line is very unnatural looking, infusing the image with sexual meaning in a way that is forced as well as cheap in appearance.
The captions within the images are interesting for the way in which they provide a narrative structure, but also for the language that is used to suggest this narrative structure. Specifically what is interesting is the way in which for the final panel, the usage of the word “termination? is used to suggest the female subject’s murder. It is an interesting choice of words, especially when there are several other words that could have been used to suggest the same outcome. The choice of the word termination is, in my opinion, more problematic than anything else in the billboard. The word termination, in its clinical and objectivist connotations, suggests that the female subject is less than human. The word suggests that the woman, with implications leadings towards all women, is a disposable object, as well as providing a justification to the act of murder. Because of its connotations with legal language, and a general sense of objectivity and authority, the message is that the murder of women is the rational action to take.
In general, I am not offended by violent or disturbing imagery that is used for the purposes of promotion for violent or disturbing media. Nor do I object to the level in which violence in horror films has been raised within the last five years. In the case of the billboard ads for Captivity, it is not the violence in itself that I find reprehensible. I find it understandable for there to be disturbing ads for what is supposed to be a disturbing film. Rather, it is the way in which the violence is sexualized, and the general anti-woman, pro-torture sentiment that the advertisement upholds. Thankfully, nothing has gone well for Captivity. The unapproved billboards, which quite possibly were deliberately put forth in order to generate controversy, did very little to help the film, which cost a rumored 30 million dollars to make, yet has received 8 million dollars worldwide. The film itself received some of the worst reviews in years, with certain critics providing vicious and humorous attacks on it. Some highlights comes from critic Kevin Carr saying “I never thought I’d say this, but this movie gives torture porn a bad name,? and critic Brian Tallerico saying “Only about twelve people you know are likely to ever see the film. Eleven will hate it. Avoid hanging out with the twelfth.? So far, Captivity has been a complete and total failure, both commercially and critically. It does, however, have one more shot at commercial success: the Unrated DVD that will be released right around Halloween, which promises to have even more explicit scenes of torture than the theatrical version.



obsession pic.jpg

This perfume advertisement for Obsession by Calvin Klein is one that I have encountered in magazines, but found online at Google images.

What is so striking about this ad is the fact that it is intended to sell Obsession, cologne for men by, and there is no man in the photo. Contrary, the only person in this ad is a very naked woman. Not only does this imply that any man who wears this cologne is a heterosexual male, but that he would in fact be able to obtain this woman as his property if he were to don this particular brand.
There is no color used in this ad except to highlight the bottle of cologne, which is shown below the model. The model is laying face down on a couch, looking at the camera. The woman’s dark hair and darker features are in accordance with the dark couch she is laying on, as well as the darker shadows that apparent in the back round of the photo on the rough texture of the wall behind the couch. The rougher texture of the back wall as well as the fabric of the couch is in contrast with the model’s smooth, flawless, and exposed skin as she rests uncomfortably on the sofa. Her head is propped up on the arm of the couch and her elbows are out, the farther arm at a higher angle between the arm and back of the couch. This awkward angle is one that does not necessarily one that a person would fall into laying down at home. Being propped up like this she seems both ready to be taken by any man sporting Obsession, as well as highlighting the shadows around her breasts.
The photo is framed in a way that cuts off the end of the couch as well as the model’s lower legs from her mid thigh down. This works to fragment her, she is not a whole person rather a nameless woman to be objectified; her naked body and slicked back hair making her completely vulnerable and exposed.
The text of this ad is also important to note. The name of the perfume, Obsession, is the largest print, very large in fact, above the woman obviously labeling her the obsession that every normal heterosexual man should have. And the text under the name only goes to show that this is true, “for men? is what the ad reads slightly smaller beneath the word Obsession. Indeed this woman is property, and labeled as such, for men.
It is preposterous to think that this ad should be used to sell cologne for men. There is no man in sight, and it blatantly uses sex to sell its product. It kind of pisses me off.

September 23, 2007

Never Saw this One Before


Context: Three of my friends and I took a road trip down to Texas to drop my best friend off at school in August. On our way we saw this billboard with a sign underneath advertising free lunch, which we found hilarious, hence the reason I took a photo. This is an advertisment for a strip club. This billboard is selling a "good time" for men by giving them free lunch and half naked women.
Content: The image created here is a terrible projection of women as strippers. Often the job of stripping or pourn stars is given to women not men. Not only is it usually women, but skinny, big-boobed women at that. Notice men don't come running for a regular sized woman. I can also assume by this ad that they are trying to reach lower to middle class working men, because they advertise free lunch. If it were a high class strip club they would be selling $20 appetizers.
Form: This billboard portrays a woman laying down conviently with her boobs up in the air and no shirt. Her outfit is important the bra shows the viewers that women working there wear hardly nothing and the color of black gives off that sexy look. The model used here presents that perfect blue-eyed, blonde hair, big boobs look. Her make-up and hair were obviously done to give off a sexy, femine appeal. The frame cuts off right below her boobs, because thats all men want anyways!(just kidding) The lighting used gives the model that glowing, beautiful skin just like Rose in Titanic. The major color scheme is GOLD to represent the "high status" of this gold club.
Reading: Here I saw a stereotypical ad for a strip club. Conveying women as a source of entertainment for men. Like many other ads here they use sex appeal. They reiterate the stereotype that strippers have to be beautiful, support big boobs, and be skinny.

sexy doesnt always mean good advertising

hard rock ad.jpg

This is an ad for Hard Rock, and I found it on a google search for female ads. It was listed on a website about controversial advertising, and whether the photo was appropriate for billboards and magazines, or if it is closer to pornography. The photo depicts a heterosexual image, a slender, muscular man and a slim yet busty woman, both who appear to be wet from a dip in the pool behind them. The tagline, 'there's always a temptation to cheat' makes this a very sinful photo. This man will either cheat in cards or cheat in a relationship with this sexy temptress before him. Having the woman be the object of his temptation is very important. She tells women that if they want to be successful in getting a man, any man, that she must be gorgeous and skinny and half naked with lots of eye makeup. Also that it doesnt hurt to be biting something. And be wet.
Everything in the photo is blues or greens, which makes the naked skin of the two models really pop. The use of props is important both for setting the gambling scene, but also to create an oral fixation by placing one of the cards in the model's mouth. Also, she is positioned to show just enough of her breast and butt to be preovacative without being completely nude. It is also a position in which she could be easily penetrated if he chooses to give in to the temptation. As far as fallic objects go, does the stack of chips count? I've never been great at picking them out, but one could argue its importance, as it is in the front and center of the photo, and it is stacked up straight and tall. The faces of both models are half hidden, the woman by her hair, the man in shadow. This is suggestive of the secrecy of what is taking place in the photo.
What this photo tells me is that if you are a beautiful, seductive, thin, and slightly oiled up woman, you can steal any man. What it doesn't tell me is what it is trying to sell. I'm not a big fan of the 'cheating is sexy' message, but I dont mind the photo. I feel like this is more of an advertisment for cheating than anything else. It's an intriguing photo, but I'm not buying.

gendered images


This ad for Dolce & Gabbana is supposed to be selling fashion, I am guessing clothes and shoes. It involves one woman being held down by a man, while other men watch around her. This ad seems very offensive to women. The woman is made to look helpless, her wrists are actually being restrained by the man that is above her. Even her posistioning says something, she is laying down while all the male figures are above her looking down at her. This is making it look as if she belongs below them. She looks extreamly vulnerable with her arms above her head and her legs up. All the men stare at her as if that is the only reason she is there, like that is her purpose, to be an object for them to stare at. The clothes she is wearing are very tight and leave most of her uncovered. Her heals are high and there is a highlight that leads you right down her legs and then leads you up her body. I can't help but notice that this girls face is not the brightest point on her body and when first looking at her, her face is the last thing you notice. This does not only occur on the woman but also on the men in the photo. Every muscle and buldge is highlighted making them look big and powerful, while the woman only has her soft and smooth skin highighted making her look small and delicate. This ad sends across many messages. The first that comes to mind is that rape is sexy. While the woman doesn't look overly happy to be restrained she doesn't seem panicked or scared in any way but instead relaxed while being held down by the sweaty muscular man. Another message I found in this is that woman are supposed to be small and helpless while men are supposed to be tough and strong. Men should deffinetly be the powerful ones and women should just lay down and accept it. This ad is very offensive and it is kind of scary the way a major company would use a photo like this to sell thier product.

Woman Praying


Context: This image was found in Google images. It comes from the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church's website: ministry.asp. The image is used to demonstrate an example of a female deacon, next to a “Deaconess? description.

Content: This image is full of race and gender stereotypes and ideals. The woman is depicted in a serious light, with a melancholic facial expression and is positioned with her hands folded in prayer and her head tilted slightly down, seeming to symbolize her subservient position to God . The scene around her is highly domestic, she sits at a table on which there is bread, fruit and flowers, symbolizing wholesomeness, domesticity and femininity. There is a shadow looming over her of a male figure who is presumably God. The looming shadow makes it clear that she is not the master of her own house, but rather, that role is fulfilled by the ultimate male authority: the male Christian God. The shadow's presence also symbolizes surveillance, in that, she is being watched to make sure she abides by God or the Church's moral standards. The woman in the image is an older African American woman, in modest dress. There is a written description next to the image, that states “Deaconesses are women who are sincere, tolerant, kind and understanding. They conduct themselves in their home in such a manner that they command respect of their own family and others.? Although, in some ways this statement coupled with this image seems like a positive representation of black female strength or power, on the other hand, it oversimplifies and stereotypes black women's roles. Confining her to the domestic sphere and endorsing her as an example of the stereotypical notion of the black matriarch: which is the concept that overgeneralizes black women as being excessively controlling in their own homes and with their own families.

Form: This is a painted image. Soft, warm golden hues are used around the woman to prompt the viewer to make wholesome home oriented associations. In contrast the woman herself is wearing black and white, her hair is tightly braided, and the only skin exposed is her wrists, she is very put together. Her facial expression is very serious, almost angry and gives the impression that she is a serious servant to God. She is an older woman, and it looks as if the artists tried to make her as non-sexual as possible. The light is the softest directly around the woman, it seems to almost frame her image while the ceiling above her becomes slightly more shadowy where the prayer is written. The combination of the prayer above her, the shadows around her and the looming God-like figure above her makes her appear very trapped in the image, trapped in the domestic sphere, perhaps even trapped by her religion's rigid gender-role expectations.

My Reading: This image seems to be communicating that black female deacons of the Baptist church must be sexless, matriarchal, hyper-feminized while simultaneously incredibly strong, servants to a patriarchal overpowering male God.

September 22, 2007

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

I chose to analyze an advertisement for the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty because I feel like these ads are a step in the right direction to improving women’s self-esteem, and men’s expectancies of REAL women.
The Context: of this advertisement is that it is selling the Dove brand of all types of beauty products. It is not selling a particular bar of soap or body wash but is looking for followers to buy all of their products based on a particular idea portrayed through the ad. Also, this ad was found online at the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty website, but can also be seen in women’s magazines.
The Content: These ads are trying to tell a story that all women, of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages are beautiful.
The Form: The women are located on the Left side of the frame, all together in a small space. This could be used as a way of unifying the women and creating a spatial closeness to make you feel an emotional closeness to the women. The Lighting is very bright and makes you feel good. The use of color is for emphasis on the skin tone. Every woman is wearing white as a means of unity as well as contrast to the different skin tones and hair colors. The models are posed in ways that make them seem comfortable with their almost naked bodies, and show confidence and sexuality.
My Reading: I take this ad to promote the message that ‘this is what real women look like, and real women are beautiful and happy the way they are’. I also think that Dove is using this backwards technique (endorsing their product with non-beautiful women –according to the media) on advertising to create a following of women who are upset about the misrepresentation of women. This extends to the Dove product, if these real women are happy, and I’m a real woman, I should use Dove products as a reminder that I am beautiful the way I am.

September 20, 2007

Read Me

I got this from a CSCL class that I's kinda relevant and funny. Check it out!

Or just go to Google:
Search If Men Could Menstruate
then click on the Second link

September 19, 2007

VIEWING: bell hooks Cultural Criticism and Transformation

Since we did not have time in class today, watch some of this educational film (and post about it for extra credit)!

Cultural Criticism and Transformation
bell hooks

Part I

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (about OJ & relevant to what's happening in the news today)

Part 5 (on Madonna)

Part 6 (Spike Lee)

Part 7 (on the film KIDS)

Part 8 (rap music)

Feel Good Feminism

pic for Fem.jpg

-Context: The location of this image can by found by entering "famous women media" into and, if nothing changes, going to the second page. The site that this originated from was a Global Ministries organization called UMW (United Methodist Women). Their mission is to "be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church" (
umw/about/umw-101/united-methodist-women-in-mission/). They also aim to help improve the lives of those women, children and communities that are in need.

-Content: Although this is not a traditional American woman, there is still some gender generalization to it (as well as cultural implications). It is trying to convey to it's viewer that although this woman seems to be in a low socio-economic level, with challenges such as children, low (or no) budget to work with, everyday challenges on top of it, and being a woman in what appears to be a African culture (where generally speaking woman are not always in control). The image seems to be telling a story of this womans struggle to be successful not only in life but in her role as a film maker (or story teller).

-Form/Analysis: The photographer used a close shot with little in the background to emphasize the foreground. The photographer left enough in the background so you could get an idea of the location, while using the rule of thirds to make the photo more dramatic. On one third (most left), you see what this photo is speaking for and about. "Who Makes the News" is a statement to literally spell out what the picture is trying to say. The middle third is the emphasis. The woman, dressed in what seems like traditional tribal clothing, is holding the camera. She is in control of the picture, which is why she is centered in the rule of thirds. The child, in the last third is more of a symbol then meant to be a child. It is representing the challenges and obstacles of every day life that it takes to be a woman in her position. A child can be a distractor, in a sense, and something that also conveys this womans role in her culture. The photographer shots in black and white for two reasons. One, it eludes to the fact that the woman has positive (white) and negative (black) parts of her life, with room for few grey in between. Second, the light is coming from the left side of the womans body, where the camera is, which creates darkness on the baby. The baby is in the darkness because it represents the old and unwanted domestic lifestyle of this woman. She want the role of women to change. For them to have the light. The photo conveys that women are the light of the world and they are the ones who tell the story. No longer, do women want to be in the dark depressing ages of only motherhood and instead wish to carry different roles. The camera is pointed right at you, at eye level to the (photography) camera, as if it is a metaphorical finger pointing to the viewer and asking you to think, "who makes the news." The woman in the photo is the one who is taking control and making the statement. Women are strong, and while they can be mothers they can be so much more. The photo makes the viewer think, and analyze their lives and the roles of women in the society that we live in, in order to understand women in other cultures. This is a strong, powerful, and feel good statement to feminism.

Assignment: CATEGORY 3 Gendered Images

For this assignment, select an image to analyze. Good places to look would be DVD covers, film posters, album covers (that are photographed not illustrated), advertisement or other photograph you would like to analyze.

+ Your post must include analysis of the CONTEXT, CONTENT, FORM, and YOUR READING of the image.

+ You must post the image (use a "borrowed" copy from the Internet, scan your image in the FMC lab, or take a photo yourself, if it's billboard or large image). INSTRUCTIONS on HOW TO POST IMAGES are after the jump ( the "continue reading..." link at the end of this post)

1. For context consider:
- where you saw (or can see) the image (the magazine, whose the publisher/brand/creator of the image, or website)
- what product, if any, is being sold (advertising a film, selling a DVD, selling album, perfume, etc)

2. For content consider:
- ways that the image is gendered (and raced, classed, sexualized) is being produced (meaning: what story of gender/race/class/sexuality is being told)
- the narratives that the image relies on, for your understanding of the image (i.e. women must be skinny, rounded, hairless skin, heterosexual, to be beautiful and successful in society)

3. For form consider the stylistic and technical aspects of the image, such as:
- framing
- composition
- cinematography
- lighting
- use of color
- costumes/wardrobe
- model's body position
- props (guns and phallic symbols are always fun!)

4. Your "reading"/analysis of the image (what is the meaning/story being told)
examples could be:
- mothers are strong, beautiful and domestic
- rape is sexy
- men must be strong, manly men to be successful
- technology is sexy (and you need to buy this X to be sexy!)

Post by NOON on Wednesday, 9/26!


To COPY IMAGE from a website:

a. Click and hold image, drag to your desktop, use the UPLOAD instructions (below)
b. Control / option / right mouse-click image, select "Save or Copy Image", Save to desktop and follow the UPLOAD Instructions (below)
c. Control or option-click image, select "Save or Copy Image Location", and use to following code to insert the image into your post:
MAKE SURE YOU include all the symbols like < " and > and that the copied address includes http://webaddress.html

1. Instructions to UPLOAD IMAGE
This is the easiest option, when you have the image on your computer!

a. Click on the link to "UPLOAD File" on the left side bar (3rd under "posting") on the blog's main menu page
b. In the pop-up upload window, click on the "Browse" button and select the file from your computer
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e. select "EMBEDDED IMAGE"
f. copy and paste the html (code it generates in the pop-up window) into the blog "Entry" field

If you have problems or questions EMAIL ME

My media habits

I sometimes feel really out of touch with media.

I use the internet a lot, and watch some news online from and we do have cable tv but I don't really get a chance to watch much during the school year. I watch the news at 10 pm and I love to watch Law and Order SVU, but other than that I really don't watch much tv. When I do watch tv, the majority of it ends up being me watching a kids movie with my son or watching Curious George while folding laundry. I used to go to the movie theater all the time, but now that I have a three year old going to the movies once a week has turned into going a few times a year. It certainly puts a different perspective on which movies I have to see in the theaters!
Because of my limited media contact, however, I do notice that what I watch is a lot more enjoyable and has to do with things I am really interested in. I usually see movies that are interesting to me, such as movies with political undertones, and the tv I watch has to do with what my interests are too.

IFP COURSES: Video Production *with a GREAT INSTRUCTOR! =)

More Info: IFP website

Introduction to Video Production – Learning the Techniques*
Instructor: Rachel Raimist
Tuesdays, Oct. 2–Nov. 6, 6:30–9:30pm
Reg. deadline: Sep. 25
Tuition: $235/$195 members
Max. enrollment: 12 students

This section is designed for all skill and interest levels - beginners, video enthusiasts and more experienced students needing a refresher course. Students will learn about aspects of production from camera, lighting and sound, to editing strategies, film festivals and distribution. There will be screenings, discussions and exploration of various film forms, genres, and an examination of stylistic images. Students will learn the basics of filmmaking through in-class exercises and have the opportunity to develop, shoot and edit short projects individually or as a group. Tuition includes camera rental and editing time in IFP’s editing suite (iMovie or Final Cut) for use outside of class time.

Advanced Video Production – Shooting the Short Film*
Instructor: Rachel Raimist
Tuesdays, Nov. 13–Dec. 18, 6:30–9:30pm
Reg. deadline: Nov. 6
Tuition: $235/$195 members
Max. enrollment: 12 students

This course is designed for students with some filmmaking experience who have the desire to produce a short film. Students should have some experience using camera, sound and lighting equipment. They are encouraged to come to class with a short script (up to 8 pages of narrative, documentary or experimental) that will be used for the duration of the course. Students will learn how to revise scripts, prepare production materials (budget, storyboards, shooting scripts, etc.), cast actors, and other significant aspects of pre-production. We’ll study directing the camera, directing actors and creating visuals that communicate the director’s vision. Students will select scripts to collectively shoot as a group or proceed with individual projects. Students will crew shoots, act as production teams for each other and edit projects using Final Cut or iMovie. We’ll conclude the course by screening our work. Students are issued editing time to be used in IFP’s editing suite outside of class time to help ensure project completion by the end of the session. Tuition includes equipment rental and editing time.

Take any 3 or more classes and receive $10 off the price of each!
*IFP Certification available.

Peter and Media: A Love Story

Okay, that title was stupid. Let’s move on. I love movies, and I watch a wide variety of them. I’m often drawn to movies that feel very subjective—An Angel at My Table would be an example—as an expression of the director’s personal vision. When I watch a movie, I like to give it my full attention, entering the logic of its plot and emoting in synch with the characters. I tend to follow directors, rather than genres.

I don’t go to movie theaters as often as I used to, although it’s by far my favorite way to watch movies. I’ve been pretty unimpressed with a lot of the movies that have come out recently; even on days when I just want to go to Block E for some escapism (I mean in the movie form; not at Escape nightclub.), I can’t find anything that I even want to sit through. When I’m not at a theater, I usually rent DVDs and watch them with friends. I sometimes download movies and watch them on my computer screen, but that feels weird to me. I like movies to be a huge, overpowering image in a dark room—if a movie theater is like a night out at an ambient Italian restaurant, a movie on a laptop is more like a Hot Pocket. But we all need a Hot Pocket from time to time.

I’ve gotten really into some TV shows over the past few years, too. I don’t get cable, and my network reception is pretty much nonexistent, so I usually download shows, usually in a less-than-legal fashion. My favorite at the moment is Mad Men, but I’m pretty psyched about 30 Rock coming back soon….

Media and film Habits

I would say that I am very into movies. My DVD collection is pretty large with all genres being represented. I think of my vision as being broad when approaching film, but not fully open to all different types of films. Usually when I watch a film I do not pay attention to angles, color, or other types of technicalities that go into making a film. Something extra I do pay attention to in a given film is the music or score. I especially liked the score in Lord of the Rings because it really brought you into the huge scale of the movie and fully immersed into the film’s emotion.
I do have cable television but I do not have any of the paid film channels probably because I go to the movies so much that I’ve already seen the movies that air on those channels. I don’t have a portable DVD player or watch movies while on the move because I’m usually on my cell phone, which is also something I’m very into. Although I think of myself as cultured I really don’t get into indie films, campus film festivals, or films that explore weird topics. I do frequently watch “Hollywood? movies because I crave films that have amazing special effects and take me to another place for a couple of hours. I do enjoy some independent films but they’re usually African American themed. That aspect influences what I watch because its part of who I am. Nowadays most black films don’t really make it to the movies or get that much funding so a lot of the times I have to rent those types of films or buy them from the internet.
The crowd that I’m watching a particular film with influences my reason and understanding the film. I like to watch movies with people that enjoy all genres of film because then there is positive outlook on the film beforehand instead of prejudgment of the movie based on the genre. The kinds of films I like the most, which are the big Hollywood movies, are better viewed on a larger screen with a great sound system because it adds that much to the experience of the film.

Media Habits and Me

My main media consumption isn't as much in visual media, rather, print media. I am a news junkie, or more specifically, a New York Times addict. I'm also very impatient, so when broadcast news is reporting on more flashy, less substantive topics, I turn it off. Usually I watch TV for special in-depth coverage, or video for "ya just gotta see it" news. I do like sitcom shows, but I don't have time to watch what I like consistently, and since I don't have Tivo, I rent DVD's. Shows I rent are usually Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld. My favorite non-news TV is Comedy Central. The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the Sarah Silverman Program are my favorites along with stand-up. I don't generally like dramatic shows because I watch TV shows to unwind and not to feel more tense, but I do like movie dramas. I enjoy most types of film. I love the cheesiest Hollywood flicks to the most dense indy films. It generally depends on my mood, or if I see or hear of something that sounds interesting. I love foreign films as well, but I usually end up going to big Hollywood films in theaters and renting indy and foreign flicks.

My thoughts of Media

I usually watch movies in the theaters, rent them, or watch what plays on basic channels.

I never had cable in my life, so the only time I know that there are new movies out is through the commercial breaks on television. I watch some cultural films, but they don’t interest me much. They don’t have high quality films or the money to afford better actors. In Hmong films, there are not enough directors and there isn’t enough finance so most films are done with one camera and a little crew of people. It isn’t the best but hopefully through the years there will be better.
I think there is a definite connection in what I like to watch and who I am. I love most films that I see because I enjoy almost everything in my life. In films surrounding love stories, they are my favorite because I believe that love is for everyone, it just depends if you are willing to put in the effort and open your heart. Anyone can fall in love, they just have to realize that it is not as easy as it looks onscreen. In action films, I enjoy probably sports films the best. I have grown up with men in my life. I have 5 brothers, a man that has been my best friend for 8 years and boyfriend for a year of the friendship, my father, many cousins that were my age growing up. I love sports and physically I’m pretty tough for my size and as a woman.

Media watching habits

I watch way more tv than I should be, but I am obsessed, especially the reality shows on MTV and VH1; The Hills, Made, The Real World, Rock of love, I love NY...all of 'em. I also watch a lot of TLC and the Baby Stories, Bringing Home Baby, What not to Wear, you know, all those shows. One game show that I really like is....lacking the name, but the one with Howie Mandel and the girls, yeah that one. I have also found myself watching MSNBC, like the To Catch a Predator, and the San Quentin prison shows. I have also noticed myself watching the News a lot.

As far as movies, the last movie I saw in theaters was Borat...I don't have any time to go to theaters now-a-days, and I haven't rented any movies in years, I don't watch movies on my computer, I don't netflix, so I guess my media entertainment is mainly tv. I do own DVDs of the big films like Forrest Gump and Titanic. I do own some of the independent films also, like Maria full of grace and Real women have curves, so I like a variety of tastes, but unfortunately I haven't been able to keep on seeing current films since my son was born.

The radio is another media entertainment for me, but I only listen to the morning shows like KDWB or B96, but most of the time, I'm listening to my ipod. I don't read many magazines. If I do, its like US weekly, or something. And I don't read the Newspaper. I guess these are my media Habits, pretty lame...


During the school year I simply don't have time to watch television. I listen to the radio in the morning because I like the noise. I watch Grays Anatomy, Veronica Mars, and some rented movies on my laptop. During the summer I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I don't watch it at my house because I am work work during the program and our VCR doesn't record. I usually watch it at a friends house because they have Tivo and I don't. I think my laptop has completely changed my "media watching habits." Now I can watch episodes of my favorite shows online no matter where I am located. I can buy my favorite movies on itunes and watch them in the comfort of my own bed. I don't generally have time for movies but my dad only uses netfix, a habit that started because he owed so many dollars worth of late fees to the video store, and has continued because he loves the convenience. I understand the concept, but I am far too impatient. If I want to watch a movie, I want to watch it now. That is all.

Dear Abby,

My media habits...

First and foremost, I'm a TV news junkie. It's rare that I'm home either at 10:00 at night or willing to wake up early enough to catch the morning news, but when I do, I love it. My caveat, however, is that I don't necessarily trust the news. There's always going to be spin - it's inescapable. I'd say that news-oriented media (especially on television) is a resource for information but never education. At the very least, find another source to bolster or refute the statement.

I've also discovered how little I listen to the radio. The Current plays as background noise at work, which (if nothing else) is nice because it is not a sing-along-friendly station. My six-button presets in my car are programmed to The Current, the Minnesota jazz station, or the Minnesota classical station. I do have a newfound love for Jack FM (their tagline being that "they play what they want", and it shows), but all of these stations rarely, if EVER, cut in with commentary or human communication. It's beautiful.

Also, I hate magazines. Too many ads, never enough content. And if you want gender issues, just look at the state of male models today. Blech.

In the end, I think it's really naive to say that one is "above" media because we're constantly barraged with it. It's in us, and no amount of "putting up the blinders" will clean it out of our systems. Instead, I think we all need to remember the culture we live in and to take everything with a grain of salt. America is economically and politically capitalistic; if they're not fighting for your dollars, they at least want your support. I'm not ready to promote a mentality of "trusting no one," but just know that your human capital is a hot commodity for a lot of people/groups.

So don't get lulled to sleep by the flashy pictures.

TV and Movies

I love going to the movies. Although am not much of a popcorn girl my experience is still great. One of my favorite things about going to the movies are TRAILERS. I admit I am a trailer junkie, there is something about those HD speakers, the unnecessary heart pounding music, and the voice over guy that makes me all excited for a movie starting Paris Hilton. Believe me I have reasons to hate Paris Hilton. Have you ever seen The Fabulous Life of... Paris Hilton on VH1, it’s ridiculous what that girl does with her money, and what’s even more ridiculous is that we live in a society that allows her to make a million dollars by drinking and driving consecutively and then going to "prison". It’s true VH1 does consume most of my TV watching time, but I do share it with MTV, BET, Style Network, and lots of reality shows in many different channels. I really would love to watch shows like Gray’s Anatomy or House, but my schedule is never stable enough for me to be home at 8pm every Thursday. So my media watching habits consist of reality shows, music videos, and my growing hatred for Paris Hilton.

"Welcome to Hollywood!"

My title is based off the opening scenes of the movie "Pretty Woman" and is relevant because a lot of my media viewing is limited to big hollywood productions.
I am almost embarrassed to share my media habits only because I never quite thought about the choices I was making until the first day of GWSS3307.
First of all, I do not watch a lot of television, or rent many movies in general, but when I do, I am usually watching cable t.v. at home, shows like “What Not To Wear?, “Designed to Sell? or “Man Vs. Wild?. When I do watch a movie, it is 9 times out of 10 that I have rented a DVD or borrowed one from a friend. In this case I watch the movies on my laptop or T.V with DVD player built in.
In short, I watch almost all Hollywood films, and up until this point, if I had watched an Indie film it was probably by accident, which is sad to say. My media-viewing background will definitely affect my knowledge and opinions in class when viewing Indie films, because I have never seen some of the techniques used in these films.

I am attempting to put a link in, but don't know if it will work. Here is the "Welcome to Hollywood" thing I was talking about.

i don't want to live a bubble wrapped existance.

What is my media exposure? Ok, lets try to simplify this...

TV: I do not own a TV. I do not watch TV. When I encounter TV shows...i turn off. I shut down and I let myself vegetate. It can be a very pleasent experience because it is one of the few activities that completly turns off my intellect, however, i simply do not have the time to indulge myself this particular form of intellectual escape.
So I would conclude that my exposure to TV is limited and speratic.
Side note: I only watch TV shows if they are released on DVD. This allows me to control the timing of my viewings.

Movies: Honestly, I rarely go to the movies. If I do, it is purely for a social occasion and for general fraternization, not movie viewing. 95 percent of the movies I watch and enjoy I watch at home in the company of a select few of my friends who are quite intelligent (and somewhat pretentious) but have wonderful taste in movies (mostly indie films). This seems quite lazy to me..basically I allow myself to be exposed to a great number of films without putting forth much active effort.

Radio: I never listen to the radio. Never have. Just not what I do.
I listen to my ipod (which I just received…so I’m new to the club) daily while wandering around campus. I frequently listen to music while accomplishing simple tasks, such as doing my dishes.

Newspaper: When I have time....which is never....

Come to think of it… it’s been a long time since I’ve read a newspaper, or even watched the news...
Actually, thinking about my media exposure bothers me greatly now in retrospect. By examining what I choose to involve myself in, I am forced to recognize and acknowledge how I choose to insulate myself from the events of the world around me. This is an idea that doesn’t make me feel to proud of myself. Does the politically conscious individual have an obligation to responsibly track and interpret the media they are exposed to? Can I ethically allow myself to ignore the media surrounding me?

I shall ponder this and get back to you…

Netflix Saved My Life!

I see a ridiculous amount of movies in the theater. It is part of an internship that I was involved in. Since I still do work for the company I see any and all movies in theaters. This does limit me to mostly big- budget Hollywood films, though. To satisfy my cravings for the Indies or low-budget films or classics, I Netflix. I actually signed up for Netflix by accident on a rainy day when I was bored on the Internet. I now swear that it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Netflix comes highly recommended by this girl.

I do not do a lot of downloading off of the Internet as far as movies or TV go. I am seriously one of the last people that is just beginning to appreciate YouTube; that stuff is extremely addicting. As for TV itself, I pick and choose what I want to watch and when it is on and stick with it. I am a little impatient with “waiting for the next episode.? I really like TV marathons and Netflixing or buying a series/season (not good for my Visa).

I can honestly say that I am not a very fun person to watch movies with. I concentrate so hard on not analyzing during the film, that I am almost exploding by the end of the film. That is to anyone who will listen, very unfortunate for my friends. Oh and I watch the credits at the end as well, which mostly baffles people.

I feel that the way I watch movies, TV, short film, etc. resonates within my approach to many of my life activities. Critical is the operative word here. I am critical of all types of media, doing my best not to fall into the “ultimate-consumer? of media role. Overall, I would say that I can, at the least, appreciate all types of media and am pretty open to consuming these medias in all fashions and forms.

September 18, 2007

My Media Habits

I am a senior with an internship so I barely have time to study let alone go to the theater or watch cable television. When I do have a spare moment to watch a movie, I pick from my collection of DVDs, VHS, and tv show box sets. Or if I want to see a new movie, I rent it from a local video store.

I like a wide variety of movie genres. When I rent movies, I usually pick one from the Independent, Foreign, or GLBT section. I find those to be more interesting and entertaining than feature films. I also love documentaries.

I do watch the occasional “Hollywood? movie, usually when I want to zone out and watch something mindless. If I’m going to watch a “Hollywood? movie, it will probably be action. I love action movies, which most people find strange. I’ve probably watched Terminator 2 over one hundred times.

I think the connection between who I am and what I watch is that my interests in life influence some of my tastes, and the others are just for entertainment.

Moods of My Media

Media is a way to step out of reality and into a different world. A world where Egyptians rule or animals talk. With this being said I enjoy history and fantasy type genres. Yes I will admit that I love reading and watching Harry Potter. If you have not seen the fifth one in theaters, you are missing out!

I normally go to see movies in a theater a couple times a month. The movie theater outing is more of a social gathering then a film discovery and most times the films I attend; the romantic comedies, are there to TRY and entertain me for a night and most of the time they do not succeed. Most movies that I appreciate are found in the movie store. I can appreciate the movie more when watching it in the comfort of my own home without interruption. This is the best time to watch GOOD MOVIES and by saying that I mean the ones with real story lines that pull you into their plot and make you feel anguish or pride for the character within the story.
Television is less of an activity and more of thoughtful time for me. I tune into any reality show I can get my hands on and watch for what can be hours. For example the America’s Next Top Model reruns on MTV. This time is for relaxing and my brain is shut down. Watching other people and their lives is an easy form of entertainment.
My style of media viewing is broad as I’m sure yours are. Media can be used for many different reasons as I have shown above. I think my viewing choices may show that I have many sides to my personality because there is not just one genre of movie that I can express as my favorite, yet I think I really appreciate a good plot and description where the depth of the movie can come alive.

One Word: Obsessive

My media watching borders on the obsessive. Once I find a television show I like, I can go for hours upon hours watching whole seasons of it. This has been the case with shows like America's Next Top Model and Flava of Love, which VH1 so lovingly puts on marathons for me. What Not To Wear is also on the top of my list of my most loved marathon shows. It's something about Clinton and Stacey being unbearably mean to poorly dressed women that makes me giddily happy. I also like renting or borrowing whole seasons of television shows on DVD and watching all the episodes within a matter of days. I just watched the whole second season of Scrubs in two days last week. This has been the case with other seasons of Scrubs, Dawson's Creek, the OC and my most favorite television show to watch obsessively: Sex and the City. Some friends and I have been known to watch whole seasons and down cosmopolitans in one night.

This obsessive media watching also stems into movies. Once I find a movie I love, I will watch it multiple times until I can repeat the lines. And I have no shame in saying these are the Hollywood blockbuster "chick flicks" that I fall in love with! I can quote lines from Ever After, Legally Blond, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Wedding Date, Pride and Prejudice and the list goes on. I'll admit it in my feminist studies class: I am a chickflick-aholic!

I have a culprit to my obsessiveness: the best friend. She watches whole seasons of Dawson's Creek with me, will enthusiastically watch the Mighty Ducks trilogy (which has become a lot better since we recognize the places), have nights devoted to Joshua Jackson movies and shows, and will eat sphagettios with me every time we watch Flipper.

There's one more way I consume media; I consume media by routine. When the OC was on, every Thursday night my friends and I would get together and watch it. When I had cable, my best friend and I would watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report every night. My roommate and I watched Age of Love every week, not because it was good but because it's what we did. I watched American Idol and Dancing With The Stars every time (don't judge! I don't have cable.) I also watch movies in this way. Every Valentine's Day for a couple of years I watch Pride and Prejudice and every time I feel down I pop in one of the old chick flicks I know and love. It's just part of the routine of my life.


I usually never go to newly released movie and pay full price. I always wait until they go to the cheap theaters when they’re only a dollar or two dollars. During the summer is when I see the most “Hollywood? movies because my friends like to go to the cheap theaters as well. My roommate and I have cable so I watch some shows and a lot of the movie channels. My boyfriend is constantly downloading films so I get to watch a lot from him.

Sometimes I get really freaked out watching “reality? television because everything is so produced and so edited. It’s scary to me how much they manipulate everything to project a whole new image and message.

I am usually cynical about a lot of things, so when I am exposed to certain medias I feel a lot of anger towards them. This is usually because I feel that there is way too much fluff on the mainstream news, I hate the way gender roles are still continuing to be portrayed in all forms of media, the way products are advertised to certain genders, and how most of television is still mainly whitewashed.

My Media Habits

I watch films frequently and repeatedly. I do not usually use any kind of portable media player to watch movies or TV shows. I like to have peace and quiet when I am watching something, so I generally watch films at home either alone or with a small group of people. The movies I watch are usually a mixture of 'Hollywood' feature films and independent films. I have not really seen many short films that I like, although I did see a few at Flaming Film Fest in Minneapolis in 2006. I would like to go to more film festivals in Minneapolis, but I do not really receive news about those kinds of events. I would never have known that Flaming Film Fest exists had I not gone to Amazon Bookstore to see Michelle Tea speak.

Movie theaters? I really wish I had more time and money to go. My boyfriend and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum (my choice, not his) for my birthday this year, but we do not go to the theater often. Maybe the price of movie viewings on the U campus will help us with that.

I think that who I am as a person and the experiences that I bring with me to any film viewing affect my understanding of any reading or movie. I am very easily swayed by environment, so I think that where I watch something makes a huge difference too. There have been movies that I did not enjoy in the movie theater that I do enjoy in my own home – especially long stuff like the LOTR series.

Also, the courses I take in school really help to determine what I watch. I have a hard time just watching clips of movies, or just reading about movies in a textbook, so I watch a lot of movies mentioned in my courses. I will probably be watching a lot of Russian films in the upcoming months as well because watching movies really helps me understand the rhythm and sound of a language better than flashcards.

Media habits

Once I started school, I realized that I could no longer risk being sucked into a Law & Order marathon or VH1’s reality TV. I cut the cable. Now I have nine channels and lots of cable access to choose from (which is only fun some of the time). As much as love going to the movies, I don’t love how it costs close to $20 to go. So I got Netflix, which rocks. And thanks to a computer savvy boyfriend who can find almost any random film or program and download it, I can watch what I want to watch when I wanna watch it. I can’t deal with most of the crap that is on TV, but I know if its there for me to watch, I will be doing that instead of my homework.

But… I now am into watching old movies, foreign movies, documentaries, and independent films. I don’t know if anyone has heard of the Fringe festival, but its here in Minneapolis in the summer and they show lots of interesting films of all genres. And sometimes those who worked on the film are there at the screening to field questions after the film. It is different kind of movie going experience.

And on a related note…LOST is the best show ever.

My media consumption

I don’t really go to many movies at the theatre any more. The latest movie I saw at the theatre was the most recent Harry Potter, and before that it had probably been about a year since I had been to a theatre. I would just rather save my money and wait a few months to rent from Netflix. I watch at least a movie, sometimes two, a week from my Netflix queue. I’ve rated a ton of movies and lately have been adding movies that are suggested to me on the site. They tend to be pretty dead on with what I like. I also listen to friend’s suggestions about their favorites. I don’t tend to rent the most recent or popular movies out.

I haven’t liked many big Hollywood films that have come out recently. I get frustrated with the way women and women’s lives are portrayed over and over again in very stereotypical, similar ways. I prefer mainly indie films, and I like to check out foreign films and see what’s big in other countries.

I don’t have cable right now, but I do have an internet connection and a pretty nice sized computer monitor, so I tend to download TV shows and just watch them on my computer. I was at home for the summer at my parents’ and they have satellite with a DVR, so I was recording a lot of TV shows. I love being able to do that because I hate being forced to watch commercials.

"So no one told you life was going to be this way..."

Media plays an important role in my life. Fall is one of my favorite times of year because all the shows return from there summer hiatus. I plan my week accordingly. The Hills on Monday, Law & Order: SVU on Tuesday, Private Practice on Wednesday (I am greatly disappointed that Kate Walsh is not returning to Grey’s Anatomy this fall), and Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday. If I miss one of these shows during the week, I will watch it online for free or buy it off of Itunes. The only time I purchase DVDs is when I really love a show or movie. If I am seeing a movie out on DVD for the first time I will rent it for a dollar from a Hollywood Video machine at my local Cub Foods. My favorite way of escaping from a stressful week is by going to the theatre. Hollywood Romantic-comedies tend to be my favorite type of film, but I do not mind viewing other genres.

I do not personally subscribe to any newspaper, but my family does subscribe to the Pioneer Press. I subscribe to Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Any other magazines that I purchase are because of which celebrity is on the cover. I always make daily stops at or

I believe there is a strong correlation between the media I view and myself. Somehow, I try to relate what is happening on the screen back to my life. Whether it be having a strong long-lasting friendships portrayed on Friends or going through a similar experience like Lauren Conrad on The Hills. Each individual form of media allows us to glimpse into each other’s lives.

A Media Thief

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I am a huge media thief. Being a poor college student, I don’t get cable, don’t get the newspaper, and have stopped purchasing music (unless it’s obscenely good, because this was true until I bought the new David Bazan last week… obscenely good).

So, I have discovered all those sites online that host whole movies and whole TV shows in order to enjoy the things I miss. Sites like, or Basically, I’m constantly watching media with a scroll of Chinese subtitles underneath. I also go to and watch the Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

I’m also an obsessive downloader. Recently I discovered the joys of downloading by torrents and I have started a collection on my computer of French films I can’t get a hold of in the U.S. because they never translated them into English (I studied abroad in France last semester so basically the only foreign films I watch are French).

I get the New York Times in my email box for free or from the Carlson building (If anyone doesn’t know, Carlson has stacks of newspapers on the basement floor to take for free, including the Star Tribune, the New York Times, and USA Today.)

I do sometimes pay for things. My roommates and I have been using Netflix all summer although we plan to cancel it soon since none of us have the time to actually watch the films. I go to the cinema from time to time. I saw Superbad (outstandingly funny) and Harry Potter twice (once in IMAX – unbelievable).

I usually enjoy pretty mainstream films. I love watching TV shows or movies my old Nickelodeon days – you know, Pete and Pete, Salute your Shorts, Clarissa Explains it All. I also love bad horror movies.

As for how it affects my understanding, it’s mostly mindless media exposure – watching things on the internet. Plus, the sound and picture aren’t too great either.

How the media plays into my life…

When I actually sit back and think about how the media plays a role in my everyday life I am honestly not surprised how much it influences the thoughts or ideas that run through my mind on a daily basis. For example, today when I was waiting for the shuttle to begin my commute home, I noticed the advertisement on the outside of the bus that was in passing. The advertisement had something to do with a local television show, which then provoked a thought in my memory that I had forgotten to watch one of my favorite shows last night, which is America’s Next Top Model. Not only do I watch this show frequently but I watch almost all the shows on Court TV like Forensic Files, First 48, Dr. G Medical Examiner, etc. These shows are very entertaining in my opinion, however pretty much a waste of valuable time that I could have used for studying. Once I get distracted with one good episode of reality television I can pretty much count on two hours passing that I could’ve been doing homework. Even more so than a good reality show, I love to watch movies. My boyfriend and I go to the movies at least once a week. You’re probably thinking… “Gosh that gets expensive!? And I agree. However, we like to think of it as time for us to spend together, doing something that we really enjoy since neither one of us drink. Occasionally, there is nothing that catches our eyes in the theater (which is a rare occasion), we will then go rent a movie and watch it at our leisure. We also buy many, many DVD’s and our collection is nothing to brag about, besides the fact that it’s a black hole for our hard earned savings! With all that said, I can honestly say that I enjoy media, however it has it’s down falls if you take it too seriously in your life.

society of the spectacle

Basically, I am a big ol' nerd. I almost never watch movies in the theatre, unless it's a movie that seems like it will visually suffer from watching it on video (and even then I don't always go for it) or my friends drag me there. I do get Netflix, and occasionally go on big movie-watching binges from there when I have time (last summer was all Bollywood, all the time), but during the school year I watch the movies I get from it so rarely that it's probably not worth paying the bill every month. I also almost never watch TV; I'm not in the habit of doing it and I don't really want to be. My partner does, though, so sometimes I watch it by proxy by being in the room when he does. If something happens on TV that everyone is talking about (like Britney's performance at the VMAs), I'll look it up on Youtube or elsewhere on the Internet to see what all the fuss is about. This is especially fun to do while procrastinating! The Internet tends to be the media that I consume the most; I can spend hours on the web looking up, reading and chatting about all kinds of things (it's actually a really bad, time-sucking habit that I continually have to keep in check). I really love to read and learn; I especially love reading non-fiction books and zines, but every once in a while I'll read fiction books or trashy magazines as well. I would happily read even more often than I do if I didn't have kids who needed my attention all the time, but I do. They help keep me grounded here on Earth and not so much in my head all the time, which is probably a good thing!

Too poor for TV

I value films more than television. Right now, I don't have cable because I cannot afford it and I don't really have the time, but I kind of prefer it that way. I admit that every once in awhile it is nice to go back home and sit in front of the TV for hours and I do really love some shows, but overall I enjoy films more. I feel like there is a lot more quality in films (but that also depends on the films).

I used to go to the theater a lot more than I do now. I would say on average I used to go to the theater at least twice a month. Now I see a movie in the theater maybe once a month. This is because I have less spending money now that I am in college, but I also feel like I am not as interested in most of the movies that come out in the theater; I can usually wait to rent most of them. This probably has to do with the fact that if I do hear about a new film, it is most likely a big budget one that can afford to advertise on billboards and other places that I just happen to come across, and a lot of times I feel like I can take it or leave it with these films. I don’t have as much time to research new indie films that aren’t as well advertised, so therefore I don’t know about them to want to go see them. When I do happen to read an article about a new indie movie, then I may be interested enough to go to the theater. The same goes for film festivals, I have always wanted to go to a film festival and watch rare films all day (especially to see more documentaries), but I haven’t found the time. I finally was able to attend one of the screenings at the last Minneapolis film fest, and I really enjoyed it.

As far as online films go, I try not to spend a lot of time on the internet because I feel like it’s a waste, so I never seek out You Tube videos or indie films online, although I’m sure I would enjoy seeing what’s out there.

Media Consumption...can't leave home without it!

As a quick preface to the details of my media consumption, let me say that I loathe many forms of media exposure. I hate that I can’t sit in my house, let alone step outside, without being bombarded by some form of media. It is on billboards, the sides of buses, flyers handed to me on my way to class, even trying to fight its way out of my cell phone through internet access. I am also very disturbed by the role of power in mainstream media exposure. Only certain groups of people have easy access to the mainstream. Because of this, I feel like the media we are exposed to daily gives us a skewed sense of the world we live in.

That being said, I can’t escape it and do absorb media everyday. In terms of film, I mostly stick to rentals or DVD’s I buy. Going to the movies is way too expensive and I rarely have that much free time. I am a huge Johnny Depp fan so I will buy any movie he makes/has made and give it a chance. I have recently become interested in documentaries and indie films and I try to keep my eyes open for them. I tend to be more interested in the stories they tell, as opposed to the generic plots of mainstream movies. As an artist, I am also very interested in the role of theatre as a form of media. The political nature of theatre allows it to function as juxtaposition to, or reaffirmation of, our current society. I love working in the theatre and attending whenever I get the chance. I receive most of my news information from the Internet but I rarely believe any of it. I try to keep myself informed on the current situations but I am aware that I will only know what someone wants me to know. I do not have cable television because it is too expensive.

I do think there are many positive forms of media, but they are usually the ones that reach the least amount of people. I hope to learn more about the ways in which we absorb media and how to analyze it from a more informed perspective.

My Media

I really enjoy spending time watching movies. One of my favorite pastimes is kicking back and watching a good flick. I will pretty much watch anything besides horror movies. I tend to get nightmares from them, so I stay away from the scary ones. Other than that I love true stories, or stories based on true events. I love documentaries. I always find myself getting hooked on lifetime movies, even the ones that are sort of cheap. I prefer renting movies or watching movies at home, rather than going to the theater. Another thing that is a must for me is to have white cheddar popcorn during a movie, it is the best popcorn in the world! As of right now, we can not afford cable, so renting movies is our favorite option.

Hold on, Antiques Roadshow is on!

I watch tons of TV. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so the TV (other than some PBS kids shows in the morning) is off most of the day. But, come night-fall, I seem to watch piles of TV. I used to think I hated the show CSI until I accidentally- on -purpose watched a marathon of the series on the Spike Network. Now, I probably watch a few episodes a week of a show that I may not even truly like. I’ll watch Project Runway re-runs with glee. America’s Next Top Model? Yes, please! My husband and I share our Netflix queue, meaning, we both add movies to the list….but somehow my movies (or TV series disks) seem to miraculously come first. Also, I’d like to pretend that I use my Netflix to catch up on all the classics I’ve managed to miss along the way. Truthfully, I mostly watch junk. I gave “The Godfather? a 5 star rating, and also gave “Tremors? the same. I missed out on both Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer when they were new on TV, and so I recently obsessively watched any available seasons from Netfix until I was caught up.
The so-called “good stuff? I watch does usually come from Netflix. Since we don’t really have babysitters, and it costs a billion dollars anymore for a couple to go see a movie, I/we catch just about everything on DVD. I’ll watch the Oscars for ideas and add just about any movie that was up for awards to our queue and over the course of the next year, see them all. That was how we saw last year’s big movies (“Brokeback Mountain?, “Crash?, “The Lives of Others?….) Before we had our son, we both saw a lot of movies in the theaters. I’ve always worked a lot of retail jobs with funny hours, so I had the luxury of randomly catching afternoon movies as I pleased.
I don’t mind so much that I watch so much bad TV. I do mind, though, that it is a big time waster. I’ll sit down for “just five minutes of CSI? and the next thing I know, 2 hours have passes and I’m watching Golden Girls on the Lifetime Network. I know I do it because at the end of the day I’m tired and a little fried…but, “me time? is a hot commodity and I shouldn’t squander it.

PS- I’m a magazine junky, too.

Sienna Moore

My Media Watching Habits

I love watching all kinds of movies. I rarely end up going to the theater unless I’ve been informed by others that I simply can not miss a certain film on the ‘big screen’. I enjoy seeing films in the theater, but often times I don’t have enough money ($9.00 is ridiculous!) or I simply do not want to be annoyed by the person kicking the back of my chair or the teens laughing and throwing popcorn at each other. I usually end up walking the isles of blockbuster looking for a good rental. As for television and the internet I am not so lucky to have cable or a high-speed connection in my home. Although I only have about 8 channels, I really like watching TV. Especially when I am tired, hungry, just before going to bed or I just want to tune-out of reality for awhile. I really like the fact that films have so many genres. I like to watch “Hollywood? feature films when I am feeling stressed out or exhausted and I just need to turn my brain off for awhile. I really enjoy foreign films and I tend to look for the ones with the awards on the covers. The connection between myself and what I watch depends on how I feel or what interests me at a certain time. Films affect my mood after I view them, so it is almost like choosing what best suites the way I feel. I think that what, how and where I watch media has formed my connections and ideas of what media is. The way that I personally identify with media can be very different from someone else’s ideas on media. Therefore my understanding of the material will ultimately change throughout this course as we learn more about feminist perspectives and media.

Media habits.

(I thought that I posted onto the blog earlier, but it looks like something happened. So this is a rewrite of the assignment. If for some reason it's just not appearing to me, I apologize for posting twice.)

I spend a lot of my free time consuming media. I'll admit it: I'm addicted to media. I major in media studies, which I think is really just a way for me to legitimize my consuming interest in film-dom. I've always been obsessed with movies, talking about movies, etc. since I was a little kid. I can't say that I spend quite as much time watching movies in my free time as I used to these days, as I have been quite busy lately, and video games have been consuming a lot of the time that I could be watching movies. I prefer going to the theater in general, but I do have a netflix account, that I use in an extremely speratic fashion (currently I have the same two movies at home that I've had since July, but there are times when I'll be going through several movies a week with it.) I generally prefer to watch foreign films, both as the "serious artistic" films that I like watching as well as just for general entertainment (anime, for instance.) Japanese media in general, be it film, television or video gaming is what I tend to prefer consuming as far as media goes. I tend to be skeptical of much of the deologies presented within American media (Japanese media as well, but I try to be a little more objective since it is a foreign culture) but I am still a willing consumer of American media. As far as going to movies, I almost always go to movies on my own. Unless its a comedy that I'm going to, I actually prefer being by myself while watching a movie in the theater. Media consumption in general is not a social activity for me very often, and so I have the tendency (esspecially lately) to be very anti-social. I take cinema very seriously, and it is something that I consider myself to be very passionate about, even though the further I get into the realm of media studies, the more skeptical I am of the cultural work and general passivity that the cinema is responsible for.

Is it strange that 'media,' 'mediate' and 'meditate' look related?

My media related habits have changed greatly over the past few years. Some of my friends used to work at or manage movie theaters, so I was constantly going to see free movies, and often before their local premier date. For streches of time I saw nearly every movie to hit theaters, regardless as to if it looked good. However, that is no longer the case, and spending the money just is not worth it, as many of you have also stated. The times I do decide to go watch movies, they are increasingly indie and foreign films. What this says about me, I'm not really sure. It may just mean that foreign humor is more often actually laugh-out-loud funny to me. On the other hand, it may mean that I am becoming more worldly and aware of different cultures and politics. I suppose that would balance out part of my other media life: the Disney Channel, Cartoons, Sitcoms, and ANTM. Yes, ANTM gets its own catagory.

However, currently I don't get many TV channels and don't even have a DVD player, so what dominates my media watching habits is my current and total obsesson with YouTube. I've watched videos on the site for at least the past 2 years, but recently I just cannot get enough. If I think of a quote from a show or movie, I look it up and watch that segment. If I find a contributer that I like, I watch their whole history of vidoes. There are several channels I watch regularly, and I follow a few artists fairly religiously; however, the time I spend on these videos pales in comparison to the time I spend on watching Whose Line is it Anyway? shorts. I think that this just means that school can be stressful (as we all know), and when I need a little humor to help me cheer up and unwind, these comedians are brilliant at it.

my MEdia

Since I have been in college I have started to watch more TV than I ever did in highschool, but don't start thinking that I watch hours on end. I haven't watched one TV show since I returned from studying abroad in June. While I was abroad, I missed out on my favorite shows because I didn't own a TV and I don't even think it would be possible to watch them if I did have a TV. Now that I am back on campus, I am not sure that I will be caught up enough to really get back into watching them. When I was little my parents wouldnt allow us to watch more than an hour of TV a day, which I hated them for back then but now I understand.

My favorite type of media is films. I often have a really hard time staying awake in a lot of them, but that doesn't keep me away from them. I love going to the theatre or snuggling up on the couch and watching movies. I have always enjoyed watching all types of films, whether they are Indie or big Hollywood films. A couple years ago I went to a small film festival at the Guthrie where they showed short excerpts from Indie films from Minnesota. I wish I would have followed up on that experience and watched some of the films entirely.

My media guilty pleasure, PEOPLE magazine! I can usually stop myself from buying it in the line at the grocery store but come finals week or a road trip, I have the latest issue. I am really looking forward to seeing the different view points and angles of media in our society. I want to become more aware of the advertisements, films, magazines, news sources I consume in my daily life.

my MEdia

Since I have been in college I have started to watch more TV than I ever did in highschool, but don't start thinking that I watch hours on end. I haven't watched one TV show since I returned from studying abroad in June. While I was abroad, I missed out on my favorite shows because I didn't own a TV and I don't even think it would be possible to watch them if I did have a TV. Now that I am back on campus, I am not sure that I will be caught up enough to really get back into watching them. When I was little my parents wouldnt allow us to watch more than an hour of TV a day, which I hated them for back then but now I understand.

My favorite type of media is films. I often have a really hard time staying awake in a lot of them, but that doesn't keep me away from them. I love going to the theatre or snuggling up on the couch and watching movies. I have always enjoyed watching all types of films, whether they are Indie or big Hollywood films. A couple years ago I went to a small film festival at the Guthrie where they showed short excerpts from Indie films from Minnesota. I wish I would have followed up on that experience and watched some of the films entirely.

My media guilty pleasure, PEOPLE magazine! I can usually stop myself from buying it in the line at the grocery store but come finals week or a road trip, I have the latest issue. I am really looking forward to seeing the different view points and angles of media in our society. I want to become more aware of the advertisements, films, magazines, news sources I consume in my daily life.

My Media Habits

Although my favorite way to watch media is in a theater, I rarely ever go. The main reason I rarely go is the lack of funds, at the moment, which prohibits me from attending theatrical releases. Pretty much any form of media, I will watch. I feel that every movie deserves my opinion, so I absolutely refuse to listen to critics on a movie. I think some critics ruin films for everyone, because so many people place value on their opinion because they are the “experts.

My favorite types of media, would probably have to be film. Any type of film, but mainly reaching for the big Hollywood features and Indie films. My film obsession is huge (I own hundreds of movies). My second favorite type of media, would have to sadly be “reality? television (I use quotations because no one knows how “real? it actually is). I could watch “reality? television for days. I have recently started to watch a little more on the internet, through the use of youtube, but so far haven’t got into the addiction to it as some have. All and all, pretty much any media, I will give it a chance.

September 17, 2007

Media Reflection

Internet is the primary media source I use. I rely little on television for viewing films, which is mainly due to the fact we only have the basic cable channels. Back in my hometown of Moorhead we have a “cheap? theater where you can see movies for $1.50, which is how I watch the majority of the Hollywood releases. Granted this theater doesn’t start showing movies until after they have been out for a month or two, but the cheap price is worth the little wait. This allows me to be able to afford to I go to a couple movies every month. However, now that I have moved back to the Cities for school I probably won’t even go to the theater once.

Last semester when I was in Australia for 5 months I solely relied on my computer to watch movies. I had a program there that could download new releases about a week or even less after they came out for free, so I was able to watch pretty much any movie I could possibly think of.

I usually only watch Hollywood films, however there have been a few cases where I have seen some smaller, independent films. I usually only go to theaters, and I do not attend any film festivals or campus screenings.

I don’t really know anyone in my family and I don’t have any friends that are interested in watching smaller produced films. I have grown up only familiarized with Hollywood films, so I believe that is the reason I have not expanded my horizons on the types of films I watch. Hollywood puts so much time and effort into advertising their movies, and I believe they have done a marvelous job of capturing not only my eye, but the rest of the world’s too.

The media I can afford:)

I rarely go to see movies in the theatre anymore. In high school, that was the thing to do, but I suppose I dont have the money anymore. My boyfriend sometimes takes me to the theatre in block e if he wants to go on a "real date", but that's not too often. I dont have a car here in Minneapolis, so driving to rent new movies is out of the picture too. If I don't see a movie in the theatre on date night, I won't see it until one of my friends buys the dvd. One of my coworkers and I have started trading an obscure favorite movie of ours once a week. Its a great, not to mention free, way to see movies I havent seen, and so far her recommendations have been quality.
I don't watch tv very often anymore either. It just doesnt fit into my schedule with work and classes. But, one thing I do have time for is tv on dvd, the best thing to ever happen to my lunch time. I watch The Office, Arrested Development, and Scrubs on dvd at least once a day. I am never home at the right time to watch prime time television, but when one commercial free episode is only twenty minutes long, its perfect to pop in a dvd while i make dinner.
When I do have a night off, I’ll occasionally plop in front of the tv. My rent includes pretty good cable access; about 75 channels. That’s convenient to cure boredom, but unfortunately, my remote just recently broke, so channel surfing is quite the challenge. While I do love my apartment, one of the biggest things I miss about freshman year in the dorms is the free newspapers. I don’t have a newspaper delivered anymore, and feel embarrassingly out of touch with the world sometimes. Thank god for the internet! If it wasn’t for pop up news and, I would be completely uninformed. I guess the internet exists for more than facebook. Who knew?

What I watch

Most of my media watching habits are dictated by my three year old daughter, fortunately, she has very good taste, for the most part. together we enjoy Breakfast at Tiffany's, which we watch at least once a week, harry potter films, and good ole Sponge bob square pants. there are a lot of other kids shows i have learned to love but we won't get into all those. i am a horrible person to watch TV with because i will surf the channels over and over and over again. if i do decide on something my favorite shows are; ugly Betty, the girls next door (hugh Hefner's girlfriends "reality" show), dog the bounty hunter, this summer i was in love with scott baio is 45 and single and the two coreys. i would like to say that i spend my time watching shows that make me think and blah blah blah.... but the truth is i watch TV to zone out and stop thinking for a little while. luckily, for my brain, i don't get a chance to watch a lot of tv.

My Media Experience

The main way that I consume media is through television and film. I really enjoy watching TV at night when I am done with my day. Almost every night I fall asleep watching it. Most of the shows I watch are reality TV. I will also admit that I like to watch Sponge Bob and the Fairly Odd Parents as well. I don't know exactly why I do... and yes I know they don't really require any thought on my part. The movies I watch are almost always on TV or on DVD. I don't like going to theaters for the same reasons that many of you do- the cost. Also, I don't like when the movie is over and I have to immediately snap out of it and be surrounded by other people I don't know. I tend to get too involved in the story. I really like period films because I like history and they can really take you to another world. I also like musicals. I do not really care for most romantic comedies, they all just seem too similar to me. As of right now I have not seen a whole lot of independant films. However, I have just started working at the Oak Street Theater. I plan to see more "non-Hollywood" type films there.

Media and Me

Media for me consists of television and “Hollywood? films. Most of what I view is from the comforts of my own home. I never normally go to a theater to see a movie due to my busy schedule and high prices. The main form of media I watch is TV. I haven’t had a television the past three weeks, so I have been a little deprived of relaxing in front of the TV. At home I had cable which allowed me to watch my favorite shows, some on cable and some not. I am not really into the reality or “girly? shows too much. Preferably I watch crime or medical dramas, such as House, Law & Order, and CSI. On cable I watch shows such as Rescue Me, and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The films I watch fall into the comedic, suspense, or dramatic genre. Like TV, I don’t watch the well-known “chick flicks? very often. Films I love to watch make you think, and leave you thinking about the plot after you are done watching them.


How do I consume my media? I would have to say that I am more of a T.V. and movie rental person than anything else.

I never feel as though I can justify the seven dollars that it takes to go see a movie, I spend enough money on the weekends in a drunken stupor that I should never spend money elsewhere. But when I do go to movies it is usually with a friend who frequently goes to see big budget comedies. The last movie I went to see in theaters was the Simpson’s Movie. Which I was surprised by, I really liked it.
I especially enjoy the experience of the movie theater. There is something about being in a huge, cold room filled with people reeking of buttery popcorn, which apparently gives you cancer, and experiencing the story that enfolds on screen. The movies I am drawn to are usually kind of serious and depressing or just kind of strange. But as my moods change so do my movie tastes. There is always room for a good/bad romantic comedy or a zombie flick.
I would like to attend more screenings of local films or smaller festivals around town, I am not quite sure where to look, but would like to become more involved. I’m drawn to independent or smaller films as well.
I am also a huge fan of streamed television shows online. Weeds became one of my favorites last year. And I am not ashamed to admit that I watched a few episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? This year my roommates and I just discovered we have several movie channels and an excessive amount of cable. So I’ll probably be sucked in, as I was last year. Trapped in marathons of Miami Ink, The Girls Next Door and Top Chef, I may never need to go to class again.
As far as my experience with media watching and this class. I fear I am rarely up to date with media. I tend to be one of those creeps a half step behind everyone else in news about what’s hip. But my tastes reflect my personality, kind of all over the place. Hopefully this class can direct my critical movie watching skills.

Magda's media watching reflections

I really enjoy watching films. My best friends back home (Fargo, ND) are really into indie films and I spend a lot of times watching and talking about them. I love to watch films that leave an impression on me. I enjoyed the few film festivals that I went to, yet I am no avid attendee. I am also really into science fiction films. I definitely go to theatres to watch Hollywood science fiction movies.
Although I do love film, I really do not buy many movies. I own probably only a dozen of my very favorite films because I don’t really like to watch a film twice. This is one reason that I really enjoy watching music videos. The minute I hear a song or a band that I like, I go online and watch the music video(s). I have a pretty broad spectrum of the type of films that I enjoy watching, and I really like to analyze film. This will definitely help me with this class because I am curious to learn more about how to analyze film and I really enjoy watching many types of media.


September 16, 2007

media watching

I would love to go watch movie in theatre rather than watch on my computer. I need to have enough amount of sound to be in that mood which the movie provides. And also I love watching movies with other people. Actually I watched the same movie twice in different locations; the big theatre and the small theatre with almost no audiences. Of course, I enjoyed the movie when I watched it in the big theatre. Probably it is because I can share my feeling and mood with other people who experience the same images. However, when I have no time to go to theatre and watch, I just download the movie and watch alone. It is better to watch it alone than watch with others, because I can focus on story more. The other day I watched D-War (Korean Movie) at the movie theatre, and it totally got me. I am not so picky about what I am watching but I NEVER watch horror movie. I think that the world is already fearful that there is no need to pay to watch those movies.
Recently I am curious about documentary movies and independent media production, but then I don’t know where to go to watch them.
What I am really interested in is how the people in the production gather and put things together to make one project. I hope I can figure it out more as this semester goes.

MEDIA Consumption

It seems like I consume more media than I thought.

First there are the advertisements, since Wednesday I've been thinking about how much of them I see. They are on the bus and train, in the newspaper (in fact it seems like there are more adds than news), on television. I am glad I listen to public radio exclusivley, at least the advertisements on those channels are confined to the top and bottom of the hour and are cleverly disgused as "sponserships." Actually, I don't mind advertisment too much, it is just feels overwhelming when I consider how much I am being sold everyday.

Most of what I consume is music and the internet. Followed by television and movies in the mail.

Since I commute on a bus I'm plugged into my iPod for at least an hour everyday, listening to whatever hippie folky, rock and rolly, hip hoppin music peaks my interest. Generally what shows up on The Current, but who doesn't like a little booty music every once in a while. I've just started getting into podcasts, mostly public radio.

Most of my news comes from the internet. I'm a big fan of Google news, I have it set as my homepage. I feel like it is more balanced than the Strib. I try not to watch the local news on television because it has so little substance. The rest of my news comes from NPR, its almost always on in my house.

Last year I watched a lot of T.V. I also had a more forgiving schedule. I'm a big fan of David Kelley's shows, right now that's Boston Legal. The medium of television is really satisfying for me, it has a large story arc, but it is also easily broken up. Big fan of watching T.V. on DVD. There was a period where Netflix would only deliver Six Feet Under and Weeds.

While I love the experience of the cinema I rarley go to a movie after its immidiate release. I don't like not having a good seat, and I don't like paying nine dollars for a movie that I might not enjoy. I prefer to hedge my bets and go to a discount theatre like the Riverview or Hopkins. $2 is the right price to really enjoy a movie. However, it is more enjoyable to see quality cinematography or hear an excellent soundtrack in a theatre.

I Love Hannah Montana and I'm Not Afraid to Say It Under My Anonymous Blog Name.

When it comes to entertainment, I hate people who are close-minded with their tastes. Yes, specific preferences are fine when buying every movie of the Brad Pitt collection at Best Buy or a late night visit to Blockbuster for a John Hughes ‘80s teen movie marathon, but how else are you supposed to expand your horizons?

The more I step out my movie preferences box, the more I end up liking. I like to believe I am an avid movie goer. I try to go to the cinema as often as I can. Whenever I do, I enter a different world where every concern in my life is a distant memory. I will usually attend any and every Hollywood rom-com. Most of the time afterward I will end up sentimental and staying up until the wee hours of the morning while crying and eating ice cream like I did after I watched Love Actually…the first several times (don’t judge me). I can easily go from watching High School Musical to a foreign film with subtitles without even thinking about it. I am known in my group of friends for having erratic tastes that don’t make sense.

As for television, I am a huge sponge. I try to watch everything and anything at least once. I always have the TV on in the background, during whatever I’m doing to provide noise. I will also admit that I plan my class schedule around my TV favorites. Specifically, Thursday night is ALWAYS off limits (Greys Anatomy- need I say more?). Through this I am able to sample many different things. I guiltily admit I am a Disney Channel fanatic. I sing along during the Hannah Montana opening credits and participate in the High School Musical 2 Dance-Along edition. I usually watch this when I’m alone so I cannot be patronized or accosted by those in my age group. Besides this, I usually watch any and every reality show/competition. The Hills, Laguna Beach (and even its horrible spin off Newport Beach), America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway are personal favorites.

I am extremely saturated in media culture. I typically know more about what is going on in the lives of celebrities than mine. As an avid celebrity gossiper, I know anything and everything about anyone with a Blackberry, personal assistant and drug addiction. My well-bred knowledge of this both curbs and opens doors for what I like on television, in movies and etc. When Paris Hilton made an extremely minimal appearance on the first episode of The OC I watched, and ended up liking the show and watched until its last episode. But it doesn’t always mean I will like it. I went to see Lindsay Lohan’s film I Know Who Killed Me and ended up horribly confused and embarrassed that I even went. But the point is, this part of my life has an effect on what I participate in consuming in the media.

I usually prefer to view things on television and in movies alone. This way, I can develop my own critique of the subject. In a theatre, I get more involved with what everyone around me is doing and how they are reacting to the movie rather than how I feel. I always need to watch my television favorites, like Weeds and The Hills, alone because other people tend to talk and that results in verbal assaults and crying on their part I will gladly partake in group viewings after I have already seen it. That way I will be able to experience it alone. When I go to the movies, which I do a lot, I will go to an extremely early matinee or an extremely late night owl showing so the audience numbers are low.

September 15, 2007

Dinner and a Movie

I would rent out a room at the movie theater if I could. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the ambiance, the smells, the lights. It’s this instant mood lifter, even if the film turns out to be crap. I hate being late for the movie because I have an obsession with trailers. I love the anticipation, even if the preview turns out to be better than the actual movie it is advertising. I could spend forever on eagerly watching trailers and wishing for the films to hurry up and be released.

I’m a sucker for romantic comedy “Hollywood? films, but recently I’ve also become interested in independent films and documentaries. I love seeing obscure, random, and original films at the Uptown and Lagoon theaters. Then there’s the Coffman Theater, whose main appeal is the no-money-requirement.

I find it interesting/amusing how I’ll view different media with different people. For instance, I know which friend to go to if I want to watch something with Jennifer Aniston in it, which friend will want to watch a Spanish film, who will love a quirky horror flick, who loves war movies, and who will watch a marathon of princess-related movies with me. I think that your companion’s reaction to a film can affect your reaction when the lights come back on. If they completely hate it, it can diminish your enjoyment and subdue the praises you were about to sing. If they love it, you might feel a little guilty expressing your harsh criticisms of the complete suck-fest.

I think in some ways, the fact that I like to watch anything from a political documentary to a chick flick to a dramatic foreign film is a reflection of the broad scope of my interests and my desire to declare about eight different majors at the U. I want to see all the movies and study all the subjects, yet I lack all the money and lack all the time.

How I watch Media

I am a big fan of theaters. I love going to the movies. Although sometimes you can't beat curling up on a rainy day and watching a movie at home in your own comfort zone. I also usually carry my ipod with me where ever I go and that also has movies on it. I usually stick to big Hollywood films because that is what you see most at the theaters and because I am a huge sucker for happy endings. Not to say that all Hollywood movies have happy endings but more often than not they do. Also when I go to the movies I usually do it to get away from all of the stress and chaos in my life, it is kind of nice to not have to think for a little while. Even though that sounds slightly narrow minded it is how I escape. I think that viewing media this way has made it a little tougher to understand the material in class just because all of it is really new to me. All of the different theories and ideas are ones that I am not familar with but that is why I took the class, to understand all of that a little better.

September 14, 2007

Media addiction

I am a media addict. I am getting a major within the field of media studies. When addictions become legitimized by an academic institution there is no return. There is very little that occurs in my day that occurs from media consumption (studying, even, is a form of media consumption after all.) If I am not at school, working or studying, I am probably playing video games (a specific pass time which, in recent months, has consumed the majority of my free time) or watching a movie (though lately, film viewing has become something that I do less and less with my own time, as I spend so much time watching films in classes.) I do have a Netflix account, which I make use of it in a sporadic fashion (I’ve had the same two DVDs sitting at home for about a month now, but there have also been times where I’ve gone through six films a week), but I certainly prefer going to the cinema over watching movies at home. Granted, the modern viewing practices of many individuals within this society can be extremely frustrating (cell phone abuse, incessant talking, etc.), but this is why I try to find times to go to the movies when there won’t be many people in the audience (i.e. weekday matinees.) There’s really nothing better than watching a trashy horror movie in an empty theater. I attend “art house? theaters less and less, as I generally dislike most American “independent? (or, corporate niche films) and there has been an equally corporate, equally mainstream approach to the ways in which foreign films are marketed and distributed in this country. Granted, there are a few foreign imports that are truly of interest that make it to this city each year, but often times a lot of the most interesting foreign films that make it to this country never reach our “art house? theaters, limited to a New York/LA run. In general, I am skeptical towards the cultural work that media does in relation to mass culture, but this does nothing to change my viewing practices. It is difficult to overcome the apathy and ambivalence that is the determined consciousness for young individuals raised by a media culture.

September 13, 2007

The Media Life of Me

The media that I consume on a daily basis is music, books, and the internet. I watch TV maybe once every other week and I am more apt to watch my favorite shows on DVD. I enjoy going to the movies and try to do so when I have the money, which is once a month or so. I usually watch “Hollywood? movies because that is what’s blatantly out there on the marquees. I enjoy indie films when I hear about a good one through the grapevine. I like to see films of books turned into movies and analyze the ways that they’ve been altered. Around my house we usually buy DVDs on sale and watch those together in the living room rather than going out to the theater. My roommates like watching weird internet films and usually pass them on to me. The other very common media form at my house is video games. From old school Nintendo to the new Wii, it’s very common to find some sort of gaming going on. I haven’t joined the ipod craze yet but since music is a daily part of my life I probably won’t wait too much longer.

My Media Habits

My preferred form of media is films, especially artsy or Indy films that really make you think. Unfortunately, I never seem to have the time to make it to the movies. I rarely watch TV, but when I do, I like crime shows, like Law and Order and CSI. I deliberately have not had cable for about a year, because I hate what it does to me, and it's too expensive. What I mean by that is I have no will power when it comes to TV, I'll say I'm only going to watch an hour and then go do something productive, and then I find myself still on the couch 3 hours later, feeling like a sloth.
I avoid mainstream network news because I think it's skewed, racist and depressing. I read the paper but mostly just the fun stuff in the city pages like savage love and the horoscopes. I mainly get my news updates via email from various left leaning non-profit organizations and word of mouth. I've recently gotten into U-tube and really think it could be a great outlet for news, as the “real? news seems to be increasingly more skewed and as real people are being more censored. I am also embarrassingly into myspace and facebook, although I totally was one of the people who made fun of others for it, before I got accounts.
I see CDs as an unnecessary luxury, especially when music can be downloaded. However, I am not technologically advanced enough to know how to download music and although I am desperately jealous of people with i-pods, I can't seem to justify spending, what are they $300 dollars? On an i-pod. None the less, my fifteen CDs (most of them burned for me) are getting really old.

September 12, 2007

Marial's Media Experience

Well, like most teenage girls I enjoy watching chick flicks, anything with cute boys, or any Hollywood big shot that is being advertised. On the other hand, the thing I want most from college is to find the real me that is more than just the typical teenager. So hopefully college will help me broaden my horizons. My time watching media back at home was mostly at my friends houses, because I never had cable or satellite. So with that in mind I never really had the chance to actually choose what I wanted to watch. My friends did it for me. And I hope my parents did NOT influence the kinds of films I like, since my dad is obsessed with old westerns and well I don't remember the last time my mom watched a movie(workaholic). So I guess for me this might be my time to find what I actually like and why. Now that I can choose for myself and in the Cities of all places I should get to experience lots of new medias. I think the reason why I like the movies I do right now is because that is all I have ever been given the opportunity to view. Now that I have more options and availabilites like (a lounge with cable) my interests can finally be expressed!

*insert bad title concerning my comsumption of media here*

I’m mostly a sit-at-home-after-work-exhausted-stare-at-the-screen kind of film consumer. I rarely go to movie theatres, mainly because I hate paying so much and can hardly ever find the time or anyone to go with. I do have a Netflix account, and I often rent the related films (by actor/actress, director, etc) to those which I’ve already seen and enjoyed. I don’t currently have cable, and haven’t for a couple of years. I’ll probably get it when I get Internet hooked up in my apartment soon. I like both cheesy Hollywood films (though nothing to have come out for some time) and indie films I find online.

As a workaholic, I am not surprised to discover that much of what I watch is fluffy and escapist—at the end of the day, I am not often capable to watch a film that requires stretching and thought. Like many others, I aspire to watch indie/obscure films, partially (I know…who can say we don’t?) because it’s a hip and indie activity to reference film no one else has ever seen (even if it’s completely true that I love Bergman). I try as much as possible to stay away from pop culture fluff film, but I realize it has intrinsic value and speaks to what the American audience demands as a form of entertainment. I try to keep this in mind when reading material devoted to exploring the value of such films: that this kind of entertainment wouldn’t be provided if we didn’t create a market for it.

My Media World

As we went over types of media today, movies never even crossed my mind. I always think of media as magazines, commercials, television, and billboards. Media that is telling you how to think, what to do, and quite simply what’s out in the world. Being someone who has little free time, there’s not much time for media in my life. I’m envious of girls who can sit outside in the sun and read their Cosmopolitan, or people go to movies on weekends (or weekdays for that matter). The extent of my media is, the little bit of TV I watch while eating dinner, right before I go to bed, or when I watch soaps at Coffman in between classes. I try to know what current events, but I’m usually flying out the door before class, and there’s barely time to slam my coffee much less read a paper. For me I observe my media as what is convenient, anything else is random. There may be some difficulty in this class because I’m tend not to really go anywhere outside of mainstream media, simply put, because I don’t have time. To an extent I may be at a disadvantage because of my busy schedule, but I’ve taken film classes before, I’ve had plenty of history, psychology, literature and etc. that I don’t feel it will be a problem. Nor do I think you have to be some Indie dreadlock coffee shop girl who thinks everything is wrong with the world and socially deviation is necessary in order to do well in this class. I’m hoping to learn new things, and I’m sure the exposure to these new types of media will help me to do so.

Assignment: Blog post on Media Watching Habits

Post in Category 2. Media Watching blog post (5 points)
Post by NOON on Wednesday, 9/19

Details: In a 150 to 300 word post, consider some of the following questions:

How do you watch films (media)? Are you an avid theater goer? Do you have cable TV with all the film channels? Do you watch DVDs on a laptop while you ride the bus home? Do you download off itunes and watch on a video Ipod?

Do you only watch "Hollywood" feature films? Do you watch indie short films online? Do you attend screenings on campus, or film festivals in town?

What, in your opinion, might be the connection between who you are and what you watch. How might what, how, and where you watch media affect your reading/understanding of the material?

Feel free to link us to anything you are watching online!

Name That Director (Comment Post Assignment Option)

This week you must post at least two comments on this blog. You can post comments on any posting.

Remember this video clip screened in class on the first day?

A suggestion: you could make a list of all the women directors you can think of (pictured in the clip, or not) in the comment field of this post.

My top ten movies, and then some

1. Nashville (Altman, 1975)
2. Safe (Haynes, 1995)
3. Chinatown (Polanski, 1974)
4. Teorema (Pasolini, 1968)
5. Inland Empire (Lynch, 2006)
6. Funny Games (Haneke, 1997)
7. Naked (Leigh, 1993)
8. The Godfather: Parts 1 and 2 (Coppola, 1972/1974)
9. Dead Ringers (Cronenberg, 1988)
10. Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)

I couldn't limit myself to ten, so here are a few runners-up:

3 Women (Altman)
All That Heaven Allows (Sirk)
Badlands (Malick)
“Ballet mécanique? (Léger & Murphy)
Being John Malkovich (Jonze)
Breathless (Godard)
Caché (Haneke)
Carrie (de Palma)
Dead Ringers (Cronenberg)
Gold Diggers of1933 (LeRoy)
Henry Fool (Hartley)
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Altman)
“Meshes of the Afternoon? (Deren & Hammid)
The Philadelphia Story (Cukor)
Singin' in the Rain (Donen)
Trust (Hartley)
Week End (Godard)

Ten Things That Brighten My World

1. La Vita e Bella

2. Under the Tuscan Sun


3. A Little Princess

"All women are princesses, it is our right.?


4. The Devil Wears Prada


5. The Holiday

"Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason you are behaving like the best friend.?

6. Clueless


Dionne: Murray, I have asked you repeatedly not to call me "woman".
Murray: Excuse me, "Ms. Dionne."
Dionne: Thank you.
Murray: Okay, but, street slang is an increasingly valid form of expression. Most of the feminine pronouns do have mocking, but not necessarily in misogynistic undertones.

7. Love Actually

8. 10 Things I Hate About You

Patrick: So what's your excuse?
Kat: For?
Patrick: Acting the way we do.
Kat: I don't like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to other people's expectations instead of my own?
Patrick: So you disappoint them from the start and then you're covered, right?
Kat: Something like that…
Patrick: Then you screwed up.
Kat: How?
Patrick: You never disappointed me.

9. Ace Ventura

10. Friends

Ashley's Top Ten

1) Legally Blond
2) Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth, 5-hour version) ... or any movie involving Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy... or Colin Firth in anything...
3) D2
4) Big Fish
5) Stand By Me
6) Animal House
7) Cheats
8) His Girl Friday
9) American President
10) Trainspotting

Top 10..but not in order

1. Blues Brothers
2. Dane Cook- Vicious Circle
3. Knocked Up
4. Forrest Gump
5. Never Been Kissed
6. Shrek 1&2 (haven't seen 3 yet)
7. R.E.N.T.
8. SNL- best of Will Ferrel
9. The Longest Yard
10. The Pirates Movies (1-3)

My Top Ten

My name is Kelsey, and I am new to the U this year. I transferred from St. Kate's in Saint Paul :~( I absolutely love all of these movies and shows. They are in no specific order because it would be too difficult to choose.

1. The Devil Wears Prada


3. Knocked Up

4. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

5. The Holiday

6. A League of Their Own

7. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

8. Titanic

9. Grey's Anatomy

10. Wedding Crashers

Jessie's Top Ten Movies (of the moment)

1. American Beauty (I know, everyone and thier mama recs this one, but it's a fine movie)
2. Trainspotting (cause who doesn't love Scottish drug addicts?)
3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (I like to creep myself out)
4. Brick (Film noir+High School=sweet)
5. The Wire (Seriously, best show on television...or tv-links...)
6. Angels in America (I cried like the overemotional baby I am)
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Haha, holy embarassing. Yeah, it's cheesy, but I don't care. Cheese for all!)
8. Boondock Saints (for the pure pleasure of a snarky Willam Dafoe. Plot holes? Who cares! Yes, I am that shallow.)
9. Donny Darko (see #3)
10. Velvet Goldmine (glam rock, lovelove)

Later, my babies :-)

September 11, 2007

Karin's Top 10 Favorite Movies

Here's a representative sample of movies I love:

1. Imaginary Heroes
2. Love Me If You Dare (Jeux d'Enfants)
3. Igby Goes Down
4. Friday the 13th series (or any other Jason Voorhees film)
5. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
6. Emperor's New Groove (Favorite Disney Movie ever... close 2nd: Aladdin)
7. Fight Club
8. All of those huge sci/fi or fantasy series (Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR)
9. The Goonies or Stand by Me or Corey Feldman in the 80's
10. Any Colin Firth romance (Bridget Jones' Diary, Pride and Prejudice, Love Actually)

Top 10 Favorite Movies

1. The Notebook
2. Dazed and Confused
3. Sound of Music
4. Crash
5. Lean on Me
6. Braveheart
7.The Fox and the Hound
8.I Am Sam
9.Scent of a Woman
10.Most Lifetime Movies

Top 10 Movies

1. The Godfather (parts 1 and 2, I can't decide)
2. Philadelphia
3. Lifetime Original movies that are so bad they're good
4. Spanglish
5. Strangers With Candy
6. Shawshank Redemption
7. Outside Providence
8. Good Night, and Good Luck.
9. The Graduate
10. Gladiator

My Movie List

I don't watch a lot of movies, so there are some t.v. programs intermixed as well.
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Dumb and Dumber
3. Anything on HGTV
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. 50 First Dates
6. Hitch

I can't think of anymore so here are the last movies I've seen
1. Freedom Writers
2. No Reservations
3. Knocked Up
4. Catch and Release

Magda's Top Ten Favorite Movies!

1. A Waking Life
2. Star Wars Series
3. Boondock Saints
4. Party Monster
5. Momento
6. Planet Earth Series
7. March of the Penguins
8. Silence of the Lambs
9. A Scanner Darkly
10. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie

Top Ten List

My top 10 Movies/Media (in no particular order):

1. Rosemary's Baby, Roman Polanski (1968).
2. The Graduate, Mike Nichols (1967)
3. The Messenger, Luc Besson (1999)
4. Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton (1990)
5. Buffalo 66, Vincent Gallo (1998)
6. The Royal Tenenbaums, Wes Anderson (2001)
7. The Virgin Suicides, Sofia Coppola (1999)
8. The Baxter, Michael Showalter (2005)
9. Muppets (The Muppets Show and all Muppet movies)
10. Resident Evil, Paul W.S. Anderson (2002)

My Top 10 Movie List

My Top 10 Movie List

1. Rocky IV
2. Rocky Balboa
3. The Sound of Music
4. Edward Scissor Hands
5. The Little Mermaid
6. Zoolander
7. Super Troopers
8. Old School
9. Harry Potter
10. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

movies i love to watch

Tommy Boy
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Wayne's World
Remember the Titans
Strictly Ballroom
The Princess Bride
Little Miss Sunshine

Ifrah's Top 10

2. Austin Power Goldmember
3. Count of Monte Cristo
4. Life is beautiful
5. My Best friends wedding
6. Dumb and Dumber
7. The Departed
8. Mr. Brooks
9. Mulan
10. Blow

Mary Ellen's Top Ten Favorite Movies

1. The Royal Tenenbaums
2. Young Frankenstein
3. Spirited Away
4. Life Aquatic
5. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
6. Waiting For Guffman
7. Amelie
8. Waking Ned Divine
9. Dangerous Beauty
10. Sabrina
I know most of these are comedies, but I love to laugh!

September 10, 2007

My Top Ten Movies

My name is Jessica and this is my top ten favorite movies not listed in any particular order.... Enjoy!
1. Liar Liar
2. Pretty Woman
3. Something's Gotta Give
4. Little Children
5. Mrs. Doubtfire
6. Coyote Ugly
7. Stepmom
8. Titantic
9. Enough
10.Stranger Than Fiction

Amanda's Top Ten Movies I Hate to Love (Mostly horrible 80's movies)

These are my top ten movies that I should not like, but I love to watch them.

1. Just One of the Guys (Fantastic movie, must watch)
2. Loverboy (Early Patrick Dempsey movie, he has hideous hair)
3. Killer Klowns From Outerspace (Title defines what a horrible movie this actually is)
4. The Monster Squad (A bunch of kids take on monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstien, Wolfman, etc)
(Favorite line from this movie is when they are yelling to kick Wolfman "in the nards")
5. My Date With an Angel (Such a wrong movie, but still love it)
6. My Stepmother is an Alien (Dan Aykroyd gets Kim Basinger, what a joke that is)
7. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead (Most of you have probably seen this winner)
8. Serial Mom (Suburban housewife becomes a serial killer, how great is that for a plot)
9. Stay Tuned (Man obsessed with television gets sucked into his television)
10. Teen Witch (A girl finds out she is a witch and uses her powers to become popular, (aka. her clothes change and her hair becomes curly))

Greta's Top Ten

top ten movies on my mind in no particular order...
1. Coolhand Luke
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3. Maria Full of Grace
4. Bennie and June
5. Requiem for a Dream
6. The Color Purple
7. Iron Jawed Angels
8. Little Miss Sunshine
9. Life is Beautiful
10. American Beauty

Kate H-Top 10

Here we go...
SLC Punk
Donnie Darko
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Pretty In Pink
Edward Scissor Hands
Reality Bites
Ever After
Nightmare Before Christmas
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Zombie Movies

Stella's top 10

1. Titanic
2. Charlie Chaplin's movies
4. Armageddon
5. Taegukgi <-- Korean movie
6. Roman holiday
7. lion King
8. Forrest Gump
9. City of Angels
10. A.I.

Natalia's top 10

In no particular order:

1. Antonia's Line
2. Battle of Algiers
3. Salt of the Earth
4. Spirited Away
5. City of Lost Children
6. Pan's Labyrinth
7. Fanaa
8. Cradle Will Rock
9. Dr. Strangelove
10. V for Vendetta

Robin's Top 10

1. All Abou Lily Chou Chou
2. Akira
3. Irreversible
4. Ghost in the Shell
5. Goodbye Dragon Inn
6. Ugetsu
7. Dogville
8. Gozu
9. Dead Ringers
10. Winter Light

Niki's Top Ten

I'm Niki and I am a Communications Studies and Cinema/Media Studies major here. It is my last year and I'm VERY excited to get out into the "real world" and have some new adventures ahead of me! Also, this list was really hard for me, though I previously thought that I had my top ten secured for sure. I think I could honestly have a top 58, but who couldn't? I actually have an internship in which I see/promote films ALL the time, but this is my list...for now.

And I am NOT numbering them in a particular order, that wouldn't be fair!

Field of Dreams
Top Gun
This is Spinal Tap
The Sandlot
Four Brothers
The Sopranos (TV)
Weeds (TV)

I should probably mention, though it is a little embarrassing, that I am entirely addicted to corny Lifetime movies...I could, and have, spent entire weekends watching marathons!

September 9, 2007

Ashley's Top 10 movies

My top ten in no particular order:

1) The Sound of Music
2) 200 Cigarettes
3) Amelie
4) The Shining
5) Little Miss Sunshine
6) Amarcord
7) Kill Bill (vol. 1&2)
8) When Harry Met Sally
9) Buffalo ‘66
10) Ghost World

Top 10 Favorites

This was nearly impossible. There are so many amazing movies I love. Here are just some of them:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (seems to be on a lot of lists)
2. What's Up Doc? (Classic Streisand, and sooo funny)
3. Amelie
4. White Oleander (makes me cry seriously every time)
5. My Brilliant Career
6. A Christmas Story
7. Because I Said So (I'm a little embarrassed about this one, but I love Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore in this)

TV Shows:
8. Arrested Development
9. The Office
10. Flight of the Conchords (these guys are genius)

And so so many more.

Eben Kowler's Top Ten

My top ten:
Office Space, Almost Famous, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Saved!, Monsieur Ibrahim, West Side Story, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Stranger Than Fiction, Anchorman, I Heart Huckabees

Wow, that was much more difficult than I thought.

Rebecca's Top 10

Hey Everybody!

Here are some favorites...

1. Donnie Darko

"Every living creature on this earth dies alone."

2. Crash

"You think you know who you are. You have no idea."

3. Garden State

"If you can't laugh at yourself, life's gonna seem a whole lot longer than you like. "

4. Benny and Joon

"Why don't you like raisins?"
"Well, they taste sweet, but really their just humiliated grapes."

5. Moulin Rouge

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

6. Clue

"Husbands should be like Kleenex: soft strong and disposable."

7. I <3 Huckabees

"How come we only ask ourselves the really big questions when something bad happens?"

8. The Virgin Suicides

"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them."

9. Girl Interrupted

"Razors pain you, rivers are damp, acid stains you, drugs cause cramps, gun aren't lawful, nooses give, gas smells awful, you might as well live."

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

"How happy is the blameless vessle's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd."

September 8, 2007

Presh! My Top 10 Faves!

Leave the ridicule at this link, these are my faves!


1. High School Musical (1 & 2)

Yes, i may be above the target age group for these movies, but that hasn't stopped me from memorizing all the lyrics and owning a Zac Efron hairbrush. And a singing toothbrush.


2. Clueless

"So like, right now for example. The Haitians need to come to America. But some people are all, "What about the strain on our resources?" Well it's like when I had this garden party for my father's birthday, right? I put R.S.V.P. 'cause it was a sit-down dinner. But some people came that like did not R.S.V.P. I was like totally buggin'. I had to haul ass to the kitchen, redistribute the food, and squish in extra place settings. But by the end of the day it was, like, the more the merrier. And so if the government could just get to the kitchen, rearrange some things, we could certainly party with the Haitians. And in conclusion may I please remind you it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty. Thank you very much. "


3. Pride & Prejudice

Mr. Darcy. Need I say more?


4. Mean Girls

Before the DUI's, drug busts, rehab vacays, and future jail convictions.
"I don't hate you because your're fat because i hate you."


5. Love Actually.

All you need is love!


6. The Graduate

" Mrs. Robinson, if you don't mind my saying so, this conversation is getting a little strange. "


7. Wet Hot American Summer

I'm always watching this movie during the summer. The epitome of my summer.
"McKinley, there are some campers stuck in the obstacle course. I meant to tell you about that yesterday, but could you get to it now? "


8. 200 Cigarettes

"Throwing a party it's like... it's like an invitation for abuse. It's like the last desperate act of someone who hasn't had a lasting relationship since Junior High."


9. Jesus Is Magic

Sarah Silverman can do no wrong.
" I don't care if you think I'm racist. I only care if you think I'm thin"


10. Rules Of Attraction

"It's a story that might bore you, but you don't have to listen, because I always knew it was going to be like that."

Rose's Top Ten Films Plus NARAL Job Oppurtunity Info

I am also one of those people who has a hard time narrowing it down to just 10, but I highly recommend these.

1. The Jerk: A hilarious Steve Martin comedy from the 1980's.
2. The Princess Bride: "Marriage is what brings us together today, and love, true love."
3. Freeway: A cult classic with Keefer Southerland and a very young Reese Witherspoon.
4. American History X: A powerful film.
5. I Heart Huckabees: "You rock, rock."
6. Monster: An incredibly well done, true story about a female prostitute serial killer and her lesbian relationship.
7. The Shining: Arguably the best horror film ever made. Jack Nicholson is very frightening in this.
8. Little Miss Sunshine: A fantastic Indy film about a dysfunctional but loving family.
9. Crash: An unforgettable film that will make you think deeply about the issue of racism in our country.
10. Freedom Writers: The previews made this movie look like a typical Hollywood movie and a knock off of Dangerous Minds, but it is not! This movie is a true story about high school kids in LA around the time of the LA riots in the 90's. Hilary Swank plays the teacher that finds a way to get the severely disadvantage kids to learn. She is however the only recognizable actor in the film because the teens are played by actual students at the school with very similar lives to those of the original story. They are incredible actors, and the director worked with the original teacher. Trust me, it's incredible!

NARALs mission statement: NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is the states largest grassroots pro-choice organization. We commit to sustaining a constituency that uses the political process to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductives choices. Including preventing unintended pregnancies, choosing legal abortion and having a healthy pregnancy.

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is looking for skilled communicators to organize the public around choice issues. We are an incredible group of talented, fun, passionate and dedicated people. There are a number of college students, I'd say about half the staff goes to the U. You can work full or part time, get paid $10 an hour with the opportunity to earn bonus while doing something you believe in, in a laid back atmosphere with great people and a chance to exercise while at work. Can you tell that I love my job?
We recently got legislation passed in MN that requires every ER in the state to provide EC to victims of sexual assault and rape. We are currently working on comprehensive sex ed and lowering the cost of birth control for low-income, uninsured and college women.

Interested? Contact Misty Winters the canvass director at 651-645-7110 or visit the website at and fill out an app there. The office is located at 2500 University Ave. W. in St Paul Which is a 7 minute bus ride from campus on the 16.

Top 10 favorite movies

Here is a list of my top ten favorite movies.....
1. Tommy Boy
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Folks
4. Never Been Kissed
5. Click
6. Pursuit of Happiness
7. Shrek
8. Sixteen Candles
9. Roman Holiday
10. Singing in the Rain

Kehoe's Top Ten

In VERY particular order...

1. Citizen Kane
2. Oldboy
3. The Third Man
4. Persona
5. 8 1/2
6. The Seventh Seal
7. 300 (this film is like candy if you analyze the Fascist aesthetic)
8. The Fountain
9. Malcolm X
10. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

For those of you who share my love of "8 1/2," here's something HILARIOUS I ran across YouTube (be patient, it take a minute to get into it).

As for me, I'm a theatre major, a senior, and also a transfer from Century College (many moons ago). I'm also the idiot who volunteered to say "I've been out" on the first day of class. Remember? Yeah. The psychological and political effects of spectacle fascinate me (whether it's theatre, film, worship, etc.), so if you're into that kind of thing, come talk to me!

Heather's Top 10 & Introduction

I am Heather and I am a GWSS major at the U. I recently transferred from Century College and I am pretty sure that I like learning Russian. I am one of those terribly annoying indecisive types that has a hard time with top anything lists, so I have picked my list rather rapidly and it consists of what I have been watching and/or thinking about lately. If you ask me in two weeks, it will most likely be significantly different...and no one should ever get me started on music!

Anyway, here is the top ten (in alphabetical order as opposed to no particular order):

1 - Amelie
2 - Benny & Joon
3 - The Big Lebowski
4 - The Bourne Whatever (It doesn't matter which one I am watching, I am just the type of person who likes to see ridiculous stunts and/or explosions sometimes)
5 - Dogville
6 - I :heart: Huckabees
7 - Serial Mom
8 - This is Spinal Tap
9 - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
10 - X: The Unheard Music

Padao's Top 10 Movies :D

1. Rush Hour (1.2.3)
2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
3. High School Musical
4. The Wedding Planner
5. Underworld (1,2)
6. Running Scared
7. Gridiron Gang
8. Antwone Fisher
9. Grey's Ananomy Series (1,2...)
10. Anastasia

September 7, 2007

Introduction and my top favorite movies

Hi everyone! My name is Kristen. I'm a senior and this is my last semester. My major is Sociology. I don't know what I want to do when I get out of school, but I am looking forward to see where life takes me!

My top favorite movies are (in no specific order): 187, Forrest Gump, Real Women have Curves, Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy, Y tu mama tambien, Maria Full of Grace, Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Volver. So, those are my top movis and hopefully some of you have common favorites also!

Sienna's Top Ten

1. Royal Tenenbaums
2. Lost in Translation
3. Tremors
4. Raising Arizona
5. Gilmore Girls (TV)
6. Project Runway (TV)
7. Waitress
8. Once
9. Show Me Love
10. Eat Drink Man Woman

Alissa's List

1: Dangerous Liaisons
"Marquise de Merteuil: I've always known I was meant to dominate your sex and avenge my own"

2: FlashDance

3:Girl with a Pearl Earring

4: Iron Jawed Angels

5: Waking Life

6: Die Mommie Die

-Charles Busch

7:The Messenger: The story of Joan of Arc

-Luc Besson

8: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

9: A Mighty Wind (Anything by Christopher Guest)

10: Casablanca

Skylar's top ten movies

Children of Men
V for Vendetta
Hotel Rwanda
Love Actually
For Your Consideration and other Christopher Guest movies
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
Life is Beautiful
Requiem for a Dream

Some Ten!

In first-come, first serve order:

1. Aladdin – I will love this movie forever
2. Edward Scissorhands – Along with everything else Tim Burton
3. Banlieue B13 (District B13) – Simply amazing
4. Zoolander – I hated this movie for about 3 years and then finally learned to love it
5. Rushmore – Also all things Wes Anderson, including “his? AmEx commercial
6. Singin’ in the Rain – Classic
7. Strangers on a Train – Among other Hitchcock movies and movies of that era
8. Children of Men – This was so intense, I was impressed
9. Pirates of the Caribbean/Harry Potter – I just really enjoy these movies
10. Superbad – I haven’t seen this yet, but the previews and shorts look hilarious

I know there are so many more that I love, and probably quite a few that I like more than the ones on this list, but for now, these are the ones most prominent in my mind. That has to count for something, ey?

New Doc: Running in High Heels

Running in High Heels is about WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP and now is the time to discuss women assuming greater leadership. With Nancy Pelosi assuming the role of Speaker of the House, Oprah Winfrey dedicating her biggest philanthropic effort to an academy for women's leadership and Hillary Clinton in full pursuit of the White House, 2007 is the time for women and leadership. Women today realize the 21st century is about women having their share of access to power, to money and to government. The only question is how quickly this access can come, what stands in women's way and what can be done about it.

Watch the Trailer, by clicking the play button :

Wrapped around the story of one young woman's bid for office, women's leadership is examined in a non-partisan discussion with women from the right and the left of the political spectrum, featuring:

* Myrna Blyth, author of Spin Sisters and former Editor-in-Chief, Ladies Home Journal
* Dr. Heidi Hartmann, Founder of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research
* Sherrye Henry, author of the Deep Divide, aide to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, and former NY State Senate candidate
* Nancy Pfotenhauer, President, Independent Womens Forum
* Phyllis Schlafly, conservative activist and author
* Eleanor Smeal, womens activist and President of the Feminist Majority Foundation
* Betty Spence, President of the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE)
* Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabees

Read more on the film's homepage

top 10

Like everyone else, no particular order...

1. Batman/Batman Returns
2. Bridget Jones' Diary
3. Trainspotting
4. Buddy
5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv series, not the movie)
6. Party Monster
7. Secretary
8. Anything Tim Burton ever worked on
9. BBC's Pride and Prejudice
10. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Top Ten

1. Pan's Labyrinth
2. Monster
3. V for Vendetta
4. Sweet Land
5. I Heart Huckabees
6. Born Into Brothels
7. Once
8. Shopgirl
9. Lady and the Tramp
10. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

My Top Ten

These are my top ten movies in no particular order:

1. The Departed
2. The Pursuit of Happyness
3. Lucky Number Slevin
4. Talladega Nights
5. Little Miss Sunshine
6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
7. Disturbia
8. House
9. Spiderman (only the first and second)
10. Fight Club

September 6, 2007

Films that have shaped my existance and may help to explain my personality

1. Life Is Beautiful
2. My Cousin Vinney
3. A Very Long Engagement
4. High Fidelity
5. Groundhog Day
6. Run Lola Run
7. My Blue Heaven
8. Stand By Me
9. Strictly Ballroom
10. Blow

My Top Ten

These are my top ten favorite movies, in no particular order:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Memento
3. The Virgin Suicides
4. Under the Tuscan Sun
5. Little Miss Sunshine
6. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
7. Serenity
8. Ever After
9. Beauty and the Beast
10. The Whole Nine Yards

Emily's Top Ten Favorite Movies (In No Order)

1. Harold & Maude
2. Rushmore
3. Newsies
4. Breakfast at Tiffany's
5. Crash
6. The Royal Tenenbaums
7. One flew over the Cuckoos nest
8. Goodfellas
9. Usual Suspects
10. The princess Bride/Grease (i couldn't decide)

Lille's Top 10 Visual Addictions

In no particular order....

1. Wonder Boys
2. Die Hard (1 and 3; 2 was kinda lame)
3. Wet Hot American Summer
4. Grease 2 (don't get me wrong, the original is a classic but the campiness of the second is fantastic!)
5. Weeds (on Showtime)
6. When Harry Met Sally...
7. Boondock Saints
8. Lifetime Movies in general (they're sappy, lame, and have horrific titles, but their like a car wreck I have to keep watching!)
9. America's Next Top Model (cycle after cycle....sooooooo addicting)
10. Crime Dramas (specifically CSI: Las Vegas, Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: CI - Vincent D'Onofrio is a genius!)

Thadis's Top 10 favorite films

1. Color Purple
2. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
3. War of the Worlds
4. Waiting to Exhale
5. What's Love Got to Do With It
6. Jason's Lyric
7. Soul Food
8. Sometimes in April
9. Set it Off
10. Independence Day

My Top Ten Movies

1. Brokeback Mountain
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Donnie Darko
4. Electric Shadows
5. The Hours
6. i <3 huckabees
7. The Jacket
8. The Matrix
9. Requiem for a Dream
10. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Best and Worst by Lindsey

Hey everyone,
Forgive my lack of independent film titles, part of the reason this class appealed to me was the opportunity to view new types of films. So here is my list...

My Faves:
American History X
Four Brothers
Walk the Line
A League of Their Own

There's no crying in Baseball!

The Notebook
Sixteen Candles
American Pie 3

My Lames:
Any comedy with Will Farrel except Elf... Anchor Man for example,
hyperactive action movies where everything explodes, but the hero/heroin lives.
I cannot stand Caddyshack, Strange Brew, or Animal House,
and the last and most lame movie I've ever witnessed There's Something About Mary.

Top 10 Favorite Movies

Hello. I have just transferred to the University of Minnesota. I am majoring in either Studies in Cinema and Media Culutre or doing an independant major in filmmaking/film theory. Here is a list of my top ten favorite movies. I like movies that I can get lost in. I also like history a lot, so period films tend to be of the greatest interest to me.

1. Titanic-- I am, for some reason, obsessed with the history of the event and read about it a lot. I appreciate how
historically accurate the events are (besides the Jack and Rose thing).
2. Moulin Rouge
3. The Departed
4. Noises Off
5. Catch Me If You Can
6. Newsies
7. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (this is only the first one). :)
8. The Pursuit of Happyness
9. Blood Diamond
10. Romeo + Juliet (the Baz Luhrmann one)

Marial's Top 10 Movie List

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
3. First Wive's Club
4. Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants
5. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
6. Mrs. Doubtfire
7. A Christmas Story
8. A Walk to Remember
9. Finding Nemo
10. Lord of the Rings

September 5, 2007

Katie's Top Ten Favorite Films

Katie' Top Ten Movies (in no particular order)

1. I've Heard The Mermaids Singing
2. When Night is Falling (Quand Tombe la Nuit)
3. The Sweet Hereafter
4. The Safety of Objects
5. Wild Side
6. House of Yes
7. All About Eve
8. The Hunger
9. Manhattan
10. Flashdance

September 3, 2007

Rachel's Top 10 List

Welcome to the course!

This blog is a space where we can build, connect, and share ideas. Our first assignment asks you to introduce yourself. Give us a top 10 list of your favorites or least favorites.

You could give us a no frills list like this:

1. The Professional
2. Say Anything
3. Breakfast Club
4 I Like It Like That
5.Senorita Extraviada
6. Nobody's Business
7. Every Mother's Son
9. CSI, Law & Order type shows, even Forensic Files and the First 48
10. ER (I love to rent the whole season DVDs and watch episode after episode


You could post with more details (images and links, if you remember how):

Hollywood / Indie movies:

1. The Professional (also called Leon) - action, assasinations, and love sort of love story where milk drinking assassin falls in love with pre-pub teen

Watch a clip (from youtube):

2. Say Anything - John Cusack is my man
"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen!"

3. Breakfast Club - didn't you have to go to detention in high school?

4. I Like It Like That - a Puerto Rican ghetto girl story where the girl doesn't have to leave the hood to make a better life. she gets a job and uses her mind

Indie documentaries that I LOVE:
5. Senorita Extraviada - poetic visions on video incite political action

6. Nobody's Business - brilliant doc

7. Every Mother's Son - moving story about nypd corruption and mothers who organize

TV Shows I Can't Live Without:
8. HGTV - I don't own a house, don't paint, aren't too crafty, don't have any money, but LOVE these shows

9. CSI, Law & Order type shows, even Forensic Files and the First 48 - I get sucked in, I do

10. ER (I love to rent the whole season DVDs and watch episode after episode, especially the early seasons

Post your "Top 10" - Introductions to the Class

- Post under Category: 1. Introduction / Top 10 List.
- Post an introduction to yourself – remember this is a public blog, so don’t reveal details of your “real? identity if you don’t feel comfortable.
- If you desire, create an alias (so that your real name and x500 is not displayed)

To Create a blogging alias:
1. Click on “Log into UThink? (on the top right).
2. Sign x500 and pw.
3. Click on the link to your x500 (on the light bluish grey bar, very top right of the screen)
4. Enter your chosen alias in the “Display Name? field
5. Save changes

Assignment Details:

Post your introduction to the class. This could be your “top 10? list of the films you love to watch repeatedly, or the films you detest the most. Feel free to post links to the film’s website, photos or anything that let’s us know about what you are watching, reading, listening to, and/or thinking about.

If you have a personal blog, link us! Here's my blog!