December 3, 2007

Samples: Past Final Student Projects

Here are some examples of what student groups from previous terms have done for final projects:


October 4, 2007

Dove Real Beauty: Onslaught

September 19, 2007

VIEWING: bell hooks Cultural Criticism and Transformation

Since we did not have time in class today, watch some of this educational film (and post about it for extra credit)!

Cultural Criticism and Transformation
bell hooks

Part I

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (about OJ & relevant to what's happening in the news today)

Part 5 (on Madonna)

Part 6 (Spike Lee)

Part 7 (on the film KIDS)

Part 8 (rap music)

September 7, 2007

New Doc: Running in High Heels

Running in High Heels is about WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP and now is the time to discuss women assuming greater leadership. With Nancy Pelosi assuming the role of Speaker of the House, Oprah Winfrey dedicating her biggest philanthropic effort to an academy for women's leadership and Hillary Clinton in full pursuit of the White House, 2007 is the time for women and leadership. Women today realize the 21st century is about women having their share of access to power, to money and to government. The only question is how quickly this access can come, what stands in women's way and what can be done about it.

Watch the Trailer, by clicking the play button :

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