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Femme Fatale Filmmakers

What is it that makes a feminist filmmaker a feminist filmmaker?

As was stated in one of our previous readings, not every female is a feminist writer and not every feminist writer is female. This same outline applies to filmmaking/media making. Not every female is a feminist filmmaker and not every feminist filmmaker is feminist.

The film does not need to say outright "I am a feminist film" because viewing the film and paying attention to enough details, the audience should know if the filmmaker, despite gender, race, orientation (and so forth) is feminist or not.

A film or filmmaker is considered 'feminist' if they think about their film through the feminist lens: gender, race, class, sexual orientation, biological sex, masculinity, femininity so forth and so on. If the film or filmmaker takes these genres into account during the film and is able to make a statement with them that is not oppressive to any of these groups, rather, shows them in fair judgment or makes the film to show why they are not shown in fair judgment, then, my friends, that is a feminist film.

I suppose, for a grand finale, my example of a feminist filmmaker is based on Amy Tan's novel:

Joy Luck Club