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Women in Prison Flms - “Women so hot with desire they melt the chains that enslave them�


I became interested on this genre wile doing research for my midterm paper.
These films are and will continue to be popular throughout the
years. These films have the ability to make real life issues worse, or help
improve them. When filmmakers continue to base the content of a film off of
inaccurate sterotypes of race, class, gender and sexuality, these
stereotypes will continue to be reinforced and stay in circulation. If a
filmmaker chooses to, they could have a very profound effect on our
judicial system, prison conditions, and chances for rehabilitation after
prison. As feminist filmmakers are concerned with the rights of all people
it is most likely them who will be able to raise awareness about areas of
injustice and inspire people to get involved in creating not only a just
prison system, but help transform our country into a place that treats all
people equally regardless of race, class, gender or sexuality.