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It Feels Good!

The main thing I am going to take from this class is an increased confidence in my ability to understand and discuss film through a feminist lens of analysis. The scholarly readings we did helped me to gain a good working knowledge of the history of feminist thought with regards to the cinema. I had often read excerpts from Mulvey’s article and had heard passing references to other theorists in my other film classes, but I never felt I knew enough of the theory to discuss it with respect to the films I watched or to formulate my own opinions and theories with respect to the ideas that have already been circulating for years.
The other incredibly valuable thing about this course for me was the classroom environment. It was wonderful to be working with a small group of dedicated, thoughtful, diverse and respectful individuals. The atmosphere was both intellectually rigorous and incredibly comfortable. It was a great place to work together in order to develop our opinions about the various theories presented and share our analyses of the films we watched. The respectful atmosphere made it easy and comfortable to share opinions and ideas and the diverse and thoughtful student group made the conversations lively and interesting. (Obviously, so did Rachel, but if I say that, even in these parentheses, I sound like an awful kiss ass) What is most important about all of this is that after taking this class, in this environment, I feel familiar with the theory and comfortable with my ideas about it. I feel like I will be able to bring the theory I learned and opinions I developed in this class into other classes I take into the future and into other discussions with students and intellectuals, and that feels pretty damn good.