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My Reflections...

First of all, I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I have never taken a film studies course before and I am so glad I did. At first I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from the class, or Rachel, but now I feel like I have learned a significant amount of information as a result. I can “officially? call myself a blogger now, and I have gained the necessary tools in order to look at media through a feminist lens, which is something I really never did before. After this class, I know I will never watch a film the same way again.

I have also learned a great deal of information on technology, and to not be afraid of the computer (thank you Rachel for your willingness to teach me, and for your patience). Most importantly, I have acquired a considerable amount of knowledge on feminist theory in relation to film/and or other media. I have taken additional classes relating to theory, and they only briefly touched on feminist theory, and they were never in relation to film studies.

From reading the articles of Kuhn, Kaplan, Mulvey, etc., to watching films, and having in-class discussions, I will take with me the key ideas/and or arguments of feminist theory and its relation to film/and or other media. I might even muster up the courage to create a short film by myself someday after watching all of the incredible media pieces in class the past few days! And to know that many of the media pieces were “firsts? for some people is amazing! Even though our time together was somewhat short, I will never forget the class, Rachel, or classmates. It was so nice for everyone to express their opinions without judgment/and or criticism. Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone! Thank you!