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When I registered for this class, I wasn't really sure what to expect. It had been a while since I'd taken any film classes, and I'd never really discussed feminism in depth before. I absolutely loved taking this class. I felt that we had some great discussions, and we really had an awesome group of people who were genuinely interested in talking about feminism and film and where and how the two intersect. I loved the variety of the films we watched, and I thought they fit in very well with what we were discussing in terms of the readings.

It's hard to sum up what I learned. I'd say overall I'm now able to analyze films from a feminist perspective, and to include not only content, but context and form as well. Our discussions of form reminded me of why I became an SCMC major in the first place. One of the issues I had with some of my SCMC classes was that they were all theory and no practice. In this class, we got to do both. I was excited to have the opportunity to create my own piece of media, and to learn the tools I needed to do so (i.e. taking a stab at using IMovie). I think it's important to have a mix of theory and practice to put theory into a live, active context rather than just words on paper or a computer screen.

With that, I believe it's important to know the history of feminist film theory, and I'm glad that was included in this class. Feminism is constantly changing, and I feel that practice can help to illustrate these changes, and offer multiple perspectives on various issues. I think that with this class, we just started to scratch the surface of both feminism and film. This class was a great introduction to both, and I hope to continue analyzing films in terms of context, content, and form, and to engage in practice through the creation of more media in the future.