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the end

The best thing I've gained from my class experience is unquestionably the jump-start of my video project. While I've been collecting footage for a few months, I was actually feeling rather uninspired to start piecing things together-- which would have been a big mistake. This is the first time that a class has actually inspired my movie-making, and for that I am really grateful. I am so glad that this class was able to be as intimate as it was, and I believe we're all very lucky to have shared this unique structure. If I had taken this as a lecture, I would have gotten a lot less out of it.
I've also been able to work on my understandings(/respect) of words and theories that I tend to find problematic. My position as a queer, trans person has given me a certain type of critical awareness, a kind that has kept me away from readings that I knew would be less-than-current. Being forced to read some important theory that I would not have chosen to was a rewarding experience. Even though I still feel the same way, I have a better grip on the context of some of these texts. I know there's plenty of work left to be done.
I look forward to doing mine.