July 2, 2008

FREE CAMERAS from CLA OIT (east and west bank) and the Library

U students can borrow cameras for 3 days from Wilson library:

If you are a CLA student, you can borrow a camera for free from CLA OIT:

June 26, 2008

OUR NEW CLASSROOM! (starting June 30!)

Starting on Monday, June 30, we will meet in Electrical Engineering/Computer Sciences 2-260!

The classroom looks like this:

Here's the map of the building location:

June 15, 2008

Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to the public blog for the summer 2008 course "GWSS 3307 - Feminist Film/Media Studies: On Media, Representation, and Women Who Make Movies". This course is newly designed this term to include lots active learning (see this, this and this for examples). I have been thinking a lot about feminist pedagogy, media literacy and teaching/research/learning with technology.

We will post frequently to this blog. Students are assigned 6 mandatory posts throughout the course, but are encouraged to post more for extra credit and for fun! We also have a myu portal course website (but that's a private space for enrolled students only).

As Instructor (and Instructional Designer) I encourage students to write beyond our isolated classroom community. My hopes are to teach students to think, speak, and write critically but responsibly, and to connect our thoughts, ideas, and work to the world, thus - this blog.

I'm asking the students to read rebecca's pocket guide to weblog ethics but if you have a good site or guide for new bloggers and students, please link us!

Hopefully this blog will be a productive and creative collaborative space.

Looking forward to a great term!