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September 30, 2006

Cooking with the Rooz

What I chose was from the vlog site Annieisms, Is It?, about a young woman and her everyday adventures as a 20 year old college student. I was really nervous about writing about a vlog entry, because I had no idea what I could possibly say about someone who is talking about personal experiences and nothing else. However, there was something really entertaining about this vlog, and the simplicity and everyday aspect of it (without being too artsy or intuitive). This vlog reminded me of a reality cooking show with her friend. She shows each ingredient of the meal, with the name at the bottom of the screen for each, just like in cooking shows. Also, by using a fade-out and fade-in, it is as if she is highlighting the important aspects of cooking and how one would make the meal. There was a real personal aspect to it, since she switches from the camera as her point of view, so the viewer beomes an extension of the author, as well as another guest for dinner by watching both of them converse. Also, since the majority of the vlog entry is a close up view, there is a sense that we are all squished into her small kitchen. Through this vlog entry, Annie is inviting her viewers over for dinner and we get to see the final product at the end, as if we just sat down at the table.

Here is the vlog entry:

Chasing Windmills

< Hey everyone....I must say that this was my first ever Vlog watching experience, and it went pretty well! I browsed through one of the sites that Rachel gave us, and I found a very interesting vlog titled, "Chasing Windmills". I chose it initially because the name caught my attention. It is a short film of about 5 minutes, and it is done completely in black and white. There were a lot of different sub-plots going on, which gave me the impression that it may be a preview of a longer vlog that willl be posted later. The most exciting thing for me was that it takes place in Minneapolis. Famiiliar sites like First Avenue Venue, the Metrodome, and others kept popping into the vlog. There are many close up shots of the characters faces, answering machines, price tags, words (on signs, billboards, and shirts), and each frame is taken with a specific and thoughtfull camera angle. There are "break-ups" that punctuate the story, and it was interesting to me that in each encounter, it was the woman who was breaking up with the man. The phrase "man ban" and celebate were used in one scene... I didn't notice a specific male 'gaze', but take a look for yourselves! It is fun, interesting, and familiar...plus there is music playing throughout the vlog which I found lovely - Enjoy! >

Seven Maps: Sixth Map

This vlog by Daniel Liss is from Rachel’s favorite list. There were several vblogs to choose from, but I found the entry, “Seven Maps: Sixth Map,? to be the most interesting. Basically, the vlog has a man (off-screen) narrating (non-diagetic) a very dark story in French about how his grandfather’s “masterpiece? affected his whole family in both positive and negative ways. This so-called “masterpiece? sadly involved his grandfather, Guillaume, commit suicide by jumping off a high column. Like the images that follow the narration, his grandfather’s last words, “I love this column. I hate this column? are as strange and abstract. However, the editing helps the viewers to relate to such a contradicting thought—hating and loving something at the same time. Toward the beginning of the vlog, a repeated shot of the column is shown at an empowering low-angle. It even appears to be blinding because the sun is in view at that type of angle. Later on, however, editing allows it to get connected with a beautiful garden scene. Apparently, this garden is where both he and his father were conceived. Although the column represents his grandfather’s death, it also symbolizes the beginning of more generations. The “incident? was ironically about the same day that his grandmother found out that she was pregnant—so a “new life? (the narrator’s father) was growing inside of her. There are also numerous shots where it would pause and focus on certain objects in the mise-en-scene. In a way, this helps to emphasize that fact that it’s from the narrator’s point of view. His shaky hand-held camera and focusing vision leads the viewer to gaze in on a very personal perspective. For example, when the narrator explained how his father was conceived on a certain bench in the garden, the camera would quickly center and pause to linger on that bench in order to point out its significance to the plot. Overall, I enjoyed this very artistic vlog. It actually made me think, unlike the several hundred “junk? vlogs that I visited before hand.

View this vlog here:


September 29, 2006

Whitney's Vlog Post -- 'Seven Maps: Seventh Map'

view vlog here

I found this blog through Rachel's favorite vlog examples below; it is by Daniel Liss. This vlog -- called Seven Maps: Seventh Map -- is a video-journal of Liss's week-long trip from Buffalo, New York to Niagaria Falls, Ontario. The vlog is created in a way that the viewer sees exactly what the filmmaker is seeing; it is Liss's point of view. He filmed all of the stops he made along the way, as well as various people he met everywhere he went. Throughout the vlog there is a voice-over, spoken by Liss, that is more-or-less explaining the reason behind his post. He explains some of the images, such as who the people on the screen are and how he met them, as well as his intention to the viewer. He states that sometimes he is too cryptic in his work, but I believe his intention was to shsow the viewers his point of view. One shot showed lipstick written on a mirror that simply said "you"; i think this reiterates that it is what you would see had you been there, it is his point of view.
Liss uses various filming techniques thoughout the blog. All of the shots appear to be hand-held, which makes sense since he seemss to be by himself, and it is the vlog of his journey. At certain times in the vlog, the film speeds up and is shown in faster time, which creates a sense of urgency to the viewer. It seems to happen when Liss is explaining a particularly eventful time in the journey. One of the most amazing parts of this post is Liss's choice of shot and on what he chooses to focus. For example, in his attempt to show the viewer our own point of view, he films very close shots of typical items, such as a woman holding lipstick, or the image of the food he is eating. All of this combined creates exactly what Liss was trying to convey: his journey from the viewer's visual point of view.
(and I definately know why Rachel likes this filmmaker so much; his work is amazing!!)

Jenny Rodgers Vlog Post

"Hold my Beer and Watch This!" is a Vlog that chronicles a beer tasting adventure shared by Stephanie and her father. The Vlog begins with Stephanie in a close-up shot explaining what this Vlog will be about. Then on her personal hand held camcorder sha pans the pub they are at so viewers can get a sense of location. After doing this we get a shot of her dad who is sitting across the table from her. The rest of the Vlog captures them in a mid-shot. You can see that they are taking glasses of beer for sampling and trying them as well. It was a very personal look into the lives of these two people. I know some may say how is this intimate? I would say it is because this (beer) is clearly something this father and daughter have in common. They are sharing their common ground with the world which I think is very personal. It makes me reflect on all of the dads I know who im sure would love to be able to have beer as a common ground with their own daughters. This Vlog made me happy, it made me reflect on personal experiences with my own dad. It was a very simple homemade Vlog, but in being so simple it gave back quite a bit to me the viewer.
The link to view this Vlog is http://mortaine.blogspot.com/
I will get the actual Vlog up as soon as I can figure out how, SORRY!

September 28, 2006

Rachel L's vlog pick


Watch the blog here:
view vlog

I chose a video from the "29 fragile days" vlog. The short video, called "Is life boring?" features a split screen (the whole time) that shows footage of people and things in motion. The music for the vlog is very appropriate, it is a moderately paced urban-sounding beat that flows well with the video. The editing is done very well. Half the screen will show parts of a shot and then a wider shot using the whole screen will present a different perspective of the same scene. For example, the left side of the scene will show a shot of a dirt road and a little bit of a cows head, bobbing and walking down the road. Then the right scene will show a shot of the cow's body taken at the same moment in time. The left scene then moves on to a shot of a highway at dusk. It is not only used as a smooth transition, I think it also allows the viewer to make comparisons with different ways to get from here to there. Many other shots also show animals and people in motion, including a dove taking off and shots taken of water from a boat.
The summary that the vlog director wrote was that the video was a collection of shots that he had not found a place for in other posts. I think a possible theme is exploring all the ways he and other lving things move and live. The videos are diverse from bus stops in the city to open waters. I think it is interesting to note that some of the first shots show the most urban areas (the bus stop and a city street) then you see a really rural shot (the cow) and the rest of the video has a suburban feel to it. It went from one extreme to another then leveled out in the middle. It moved well and was enjoyable. Some shots were kindof dark (maybe it's my computer screen) so I could not make them out.

The Little Things

"What Everyone Else Was Talking About"

This is a diary post, as the narrator in this vlog entry describes. The video follows the creator during his day as he contemplates and thinks aloud. The entire video is shot from the creator's point of view. In addition, most, if not all of the video uses hand-held shots. The way this video was filmed, along with the narration, gives it a very personal feel. Viewers feel like they are right there with the creator, not only experiencing and seeing the same things but also experiencing them in the same way because he is telling you what he is thinking and noticing. I think that the narration is essential to this piece. The creator's voice brings you inside what he is thinking about, wondering, and feeling and you are able to see the world as he sees it. The use of jump cuts brings us from one thought to another, mimicking the way the brain works sometimes as it jumps from thought to thought. The creator also uses music to add to the intimacy of the video. There is a repeating loop of music, almost just ambient noise, which drowns out most of the other sounds and leaves you to listen and think about what he is saying.

The director of this video uses all of these techniques to create a very intimate and personal journey. As I viewed this entry I was completely drawn in to his life and thoughts as he contemplates throughout the day. The video moves fast, especially with the use of certain filming techniques such as a hand-held camera and jump cuts. However, I think it really succeeds at slowing life down. The creator makes little life moments and thoughts, which would normally be ignored, the focus of this entry. It’s nice to slow down from life’s busy pace and take a minute to enjoy the little things. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, the mint.

September 27, 2006


Little Terrorist found on Ticklebooth

Jamal, a young muslim boy, accidentally looses his cricket ball while playing with friends. It crosses the border to India where soldiers fire upon him while he dodges landmines. The guards search for him and find an Indian school master who sends the guards away. The school master takes him to his village where they cut Jamal's hair to fool the soldiers. The schoolmaster then sneaks him back to the border where he is returned to his mother who is joyous to see her son, but then spanks him for cutting his hair. The boy can do nothing but laugh.

Shot Analysis:
The film utilizes a lot of P.O.V shots during high tension timss for the Jamal. The director chose this to put us there at the border as Jamal to see the tower above us, the mines below us and the soldiers aiming at us. These P.O.V put us further into the body of Jamal because they were handheld shots that shook and darted across the landscape. A good example of the tension it portrays is when it is juxtaposed against other shots that are not. When the soldiers find the school master, the soldier's view and the school master's are steady. A cut to the boy hiding with a handheld P.O.V makes us feel his uncertainty and fear.
Another way in which the tension of this piece is executed is through the editiing and music. When the wife of the school master cuts his hair, the pacing of cuts is greatly speed up. High tempo music is also added to further raise tensions.
One of my favorite sequences is starts with a close-up of Jamal, a pan to the left that reveals a guard tower, cuts to a shot of his leg (urine dripping down) and another tower in the top right of the frame, then a pan to follow him running to the left part of the frame. Music is utilized in this portion with a single drum beat to emphasize the discovery of the tower, silence to heighten tension and high tempo music to accompany the escape.

Story Analysis:
This short film depicts the state conflict with terrorists that even children are now suspect. At the same time it
shows the unity that can exist between two cultures, no matter how different they may be. I thought this was a very solid piece of cinema and deserves your attention.

September 25, 2006

Vlog Watching Assignment // Rachel's Examples

WARNING: If your computer is too slow to view the videos linked in this post, please visit the FMC (468 Ford) or one of these other computer labs on campus, to complete this assignment.

+ + +

Confused? Unsure where to begin? Read about what a videoblog (or vlog) is here:

NY Times article: Watch Me Do This and That Online
Wikipedia definition: Vlog
Vlogging Resources: Freevlog.org
Yahoo Videoblogger's Group

This Week's Assignment:
You are the spectator’s gaze, peering into other’s lives, through their videoblogs (vlogs). Visit some of the vlogs linked on our course blog (or other vlogs you may encounter in your own search) and report back on this course blog. You may consider posting on: an analysis of the gaze(s), use of personal narratives, visual style, editing, feminist activism, themes that refelct course material or whatever seems most relevant to you.

Please know the vloggers will have access to read what you’ve posted & will probably know that you linked to them. You may be critical, but do not write any personal attacks, racist or sexist comments or inappropriate commentary on our blog.

The point of this assignment is to:
1) see what video work people create & distribute online
2) employ some of the concepts and analytic tools we’re learning in this course
3) get intrigued, inspired or whatever you feel in response to the work you viewed

Assignment Requirements:

* Write a short paragraph or two, posting a response to a particular vlog entry, or you may choose to analyze a body of work on a vlog (which requires a bit more analysis).

* Your entry must include in-depth analysis that reflects understanding of course materials, discussion, concepts and terminology.

* You must LINK your post to the vlog or particular entry you viewed.

* You must post by NOON on Monday, 10/2!

NOTE: You should focus on ONE vlog post or vlog site, and include in-depth analysis. My example (below) includes a number of entries to give you samples of what I'm watching/enjoying and why, with little analysis.

(think of SPAM emails) - you know the garbage you want to delete immediately. Avoid junk video (you'll have a tough time analyzing this material using key terms as instructed below).

+ + +


My favorite vlog:

This vlog is by Daniel Liss, a photographer and independent filmmaker. This site is his personal space (not work for hire) and his way to express himself. This site has some great posts - watch them!

My favorite entries on this vlog site:

1 - theory/practice - an entry about the theory and practice of this videoblogger's craft.

His visual style is moving. He opens with the fog resting on the outside of a building. He uses music to get us from cut to cut. He tells the narrative (taking his sleeping baby to the botanical gardens), but says "I don't point the camera and explain...". Instead, he shows us visually (he calls it "tangentially".

He varies the framing - revealing both the landscape and the details of his world. He makes a simple shot - of a pencil scratching notes on paper - so beautiful. He explains his vlog stylistically: I add music, I play with the image. Does this stop being a vlog? This is my world - this is how I see it, how I think it - I vlog it for you...

Many videobloggers have written vlogging manifestos (with rules about what counts and what doesn't in terms of being a vlog), this may be Daniel's thoughts on the subject.


2 - neighbors - an eloquent piece reflecting on a neighbor who recently passed

In this short clip, Daniel structures the piece with a personal voiceover. The content is very emotional (death, AIDS, and the way people interact with each other) and he chooses stylistic, visual elements to tell this story. He uses extreme close-ups of water droplets hitting the windowsill in a sad dance, the sound of the rain, sad music, and color seemingly painted on the frame (using soft focus). He holds each shot for a time, seemingly slow, but the pacing perfectly matched to the eloquence of the piece. He thought about leaving flowers but didn't, instead, he leaves this post.

Other Vlog Posts I enjoy:

1 – from Vidlicious women vlogger collective (which has LOTS of great links):

Stretching Before and After on identity, womanhood, personal narratives

2 - from scratchvideo.tv

measure 2wice. cut once. - vlog post on getting fitted for a wedding and how long it takes to make breasts

Amanda's Image

This image is very obviously from the cover of the magazine Cosmopolitan. The shot is a mid shot, as are every photograph that they place on the cover of their magazine. These photographs upset me so much because it is always an image of some actress or singer in a very provocative way with the come hither look on their face. This upsets me because they promote it as a “helping? magazine for women, but all they do is make you feel bad about yourself. As I said earlier it is a mid shot, because one is able to see the placement of her hands. The lighting in the photograph is high-key lighting, allowing for the women to appear very beautiful, with a certain glow to her skin. The overall purpose of the photograph is to supply women with an image of what they should desire to look like.

September 21, 2006


this image was chosen for it’s powerful composition. visually, the lingering smoke draws the wandering eye into the image. once there, the woman’s gaze communicates intensity, while the lighting accentuates the contemplative intrigue of her lips. black and white is quite a way to make a statement, no?? the close up takes all context away, here it is of no importance. this chica demands all the attention::: and she gets it.
i read this as a message of control, of contemplative conquering soon to come…

September 20, 2006

Bridget's Image


This is a mid, two shot. It is a low angle shot, so the camera is angled up towards the women, causing them to look more powerful. When I thought about this assignment, I wanted to find an image that conveyed women in a way that exposed their courage and dignity. I think that the image of these two women with cancer covers that. These women are motivated and out doing something for their cause and are helping not only themselves, but women (people) for the future. I think that is a big part of feminism. It is not always about you or us right now, but about the effort to make changes for the years to come.

September 19, 2006

Fashion Girl


This photo is from the Neiman Marcus website. It's a model wearing clothes by Jean Paul Gaultier for this fall. I chose this photo for a variety of reasons. First, I like to view feminism as a positive movement. I don't believe it always has to be in response to something negative or juxtaposition to something degrading. Women can be strong, beautiful, and independent all by themselves.

This photo of the model is a long shot. Her entire body from head to toe is in view. This photo is all about the model. She’s slightly off center to keep the photo interesting. The camera has slightly been crabbed left. The background appears to be a corner of a mono-chromatic room, which grounds the model preventing her from appearing as a floating object. The angle of the shot is at a slight low angle. It’s not low enough to be a worm’s eye shot. The model appears confident and in charge of the situation as a result of the camera angle chosen. The lighting in this shot is coming from right side and is slightly raised creating a shadow that’s positioned lower than the model on her right. The light bounces off of the left side of her face, left hand, and left knee. Her white skin has a perfect glow. This totally contrasts with the dark outfit composed mainly of black and shades of dark brown, and the background which is cement gray.

I chose this photo because this is a high fashion add from an exclusive department store. The model appears to be in great health, and she’s in a seriously empowered pose. I love that fashion and women can have a healthy relationship.

Amanda's Top Ten

Here is my top ten in no particular order.

1. Steel magnolias
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. Constantine
4. Garden State
5. Dazed and Confused
6. Traffic
7. Masters of the Universe (Old He-man movie from my childhood that I love)
8. The Goonies
9. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
10. The Bodyguard

Amanda Lepore: Melon - David LaChapelle


In this photograph, an eye-level, medium-level shot, LaChapelle has chosen to position his subject centrally, while making certain that every aspect of the frame is active, or balanced. That is, if one were to divide the image into quadrants, each quadrant contains an active element designed to keep the eye moving in a circular motion. Thus, the eye is drawn to the prominent watermelon, with its missing segment, the arm, which frames the head, moves to the watermelon slice, to the breasts, and back to the watermelon. The legs, as they are cut off at the bottom of the frame, function merely as a frame within the photograph for the watermelon. There is an oversaturation of color in the photograph, creating a kind of “hyperreality? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperreality) befitting both the pose and the subject matter. The figure in the photograph is frozen in an exaggerated pose: smile with teeth apart, arm raised behind the head in a fan-like gesture, a piece of watermelon poised in hand. However, the subject itself is exaggerated: a nude, which appears to be hyperfeminine (elements of plastic surgery visible), overly tanned, if not actually non-white, coiffed hair, and incredibly long, pink fingernails.
Here it is key to note the context: the subject in this photograph is Amanda Lepore – a highly notorious transsexual (and a white transsexual at that). It would be easy to read this piece as an act of full-bodied minstrelsy (as I read the figure in blackface/body) invoking the vernacular of “Ain’t It Ripe?? portraiture, which focused on the youthful pickaninny and their lust for watermelon. In “Ain’t It Ripe?? it was typically a young male represented, as a precursor to the Sambo Marlon Riggs addresses in his film, Ethnic Notions (http://www.newsreel.org/transcripts/ethnicno.htm). Here, the watermelon is used to signify a “black woman’s? sexuality. Ironically, white male painters of the 1860s utilized black females in relation to (white) nudes to signify hyper-sexuality and misogyny, usually in the form of servants. However, LaChapelle, a queer artist, utilizes camp to toy and comment on racial stereotypes/objectification by utilizing a white transsexual to vogue outrageous female sexuality (the aforementioned long nails, coiffed hair), still rooted in the pleasing glee of bodily enjoyment – namely food and sex. Watermelon, of course, has particular racial and sexual connotations itself, namely “ripeness? as feminine, sexual. There is little argument that Amanda Lepore is representing former white male dominance, though it could be argued that there might still be a danger in masculinity (even queer, as LaChapelle and Lepore qualify) camping the sexualization of the Other, or if it is really serving to question the stereotype (and its embedded meaning) of black femininity/sexuality, even as it is used politically as camp. However, I personally feel that Lepore is not necessarily approaching the female body as “Other.? This “performance (as it is an act of posing)? I think is also calling attention to the absurd mutability of racial and sexual iconographies. Interesting to note, this photograph is characterized (according to the art site I found it on) as a “nude? rather than a “portrait? despite the fact that Amanda Lepore, as a subject, is the title of the piece.

afghani woman

Herat woman175.jpg

I chose this image because its an image that used to be quite shocking for me. This is an Afghani woman wearing a burkah. A little background, the burkah is the suffocating dress women were forced to wear during the rule of the Taliban. When I first saw a woman in a burkah, it was about six years ago, I was haunted by the picture. Now I have seen so many I now mostly feel anger at the site. The image represents oppression and pain. the burkah strips women of all feminine qualities, making them ghosts. I wanted to use this image to counter the standard American images that stereotype and eventuate the feminine form. I want people to think about a more intense oppression. Objectifying women through photos like the one we saw in class is something we need to be aware of. But denying womanhood is terrible. This image breaks my heart.

The medium close up makes us uncomfortably aware of the fact that this woman is separated from the world. no matter how close anyone gets, they can never no this woman, and they are not allowed to. The worst part is, her isolation is not her choice. you can see this through her submissive form. the lighting makes her stand out against a blurred background. there is nothing else to focus on, but once again there is no way to know who she is.

A Different Side of Marilyn Monroe

This is another image of one of most famous sex symbols, Marilyn Monroe. This is a long shot with her in the center of the photograph, sitting down on a playground surrounded by trees, in Long Island. She is outside, with after noon sunlight pouring onto the landscape. The lighting creates a natural feel for the photo, instead of the glamourous photos she is usually seen in.

What I found intriguing about this photo is that instead of posing in sexual manner, putting focus on her body, she is shot casually reading Ulysses. In most of the images I have seen her in, she seems to have a naive and flirtatious look on her face, while usually exposing her legs and cleavage, leaving people with the thought that she is nothing more than a flawless body. This image shows an intellectual side to Ms. Monroe, proving that she is much more than just a sex symbol.

September 18, 2006

Lashishai woman


I chose this photo of a Lashihai woman in China because it isn't typical for women to be portrayed doing physical labor in America. This woman's face glows with delight even though she is working. The shot is a medium long shot focusing on her confident gaze at the camera. She's not wearing any fancy clothing nor is her body contorted in any sexual way. She's leaning slighly forward to balance the basket on her back; its very practical and ordinary, yet we don't see photos like this often. I think it was my choice because the joy and amusement on her face is uncommon in such a setting and circumstance. This is not our culture, however, so I am applying the norms that we are bombarded with daily. I wish this sort of image, the reality of other cultures, were more prevalent in our culture, rather than the airbrushed, sexy models and prescription pill fantasy world of the American media.

Jennifer Aniston


This image is an eye level long shot of Jennifer Aniston. She appears to be walking down the street with an angry look on her face in dark langerie, which isn't typical of her "girl next door" character. There doesn't appear to be much lighting, which I think helps set the mood of the photograph. I think that doing the picture in black and white and the fact that it is a little grain-y gives the image a bit of an edge. If it had been in color, I don't think that even with the same facial expression, it would give off the same vibe.

I chose this particular image because it is such a simple shot, yet still says a lot. It shows an emotion (in this case anger) and it shows sex.... two things that women are typically associated with in society. I think a lot of women get anry at the stereotypes we're given or that we are only portrayed as sex symbols and whatnot... I say embrace it.

Maggie's Image


This image is of Faith Hill performing at the 2003 Grammy Awards Show. In the image Faith is centered directly in the middle of the shot. Her body takes up the full top to bottom view of the image. She is gazing directly out at the viewer and seems to be singing to them. The lighting of the image is coming from all over, however her body is in gold and cream and contrasts nicely against the dark blue/black background. The lighting also makes her skin and her hair glow and the light from above reflecting off of her hair makes her look angelic. The mood of the piece is very calming. She is singing very confidently but with style and grace that is not intimidating.
The reason I chose this image is because I really like Faith Hill. I think she is a great representation of the modern woman, who is able to have everything she wants: a family, a career, and unimaginable beauty. I also think that this picture shows her as an entertainer. While her beauty and feminine sexuality is usually capitalized on, this shows her in action and what she is really like while performing. She does not have to act like a sex-kitten to be charming to her audience.

Nora's Image


I didn't really know what I was going to do when I got this assignment, but somehow this image popped up into my head and I had to find it. This is a picture of Tori Amos nursing a pig. When I first saw this image I thought it was really strange, but there was something that I liked about it too. At first it seems creepy that she is suckling a pig, but the look on her face (and the pig's) is very serene and peaceful. Both she and the pig seem very content. I'm not really sure what the intent of this image is, I assume that the photographer or Tori had something in mind, but I just like it because it is different. I think it is a positive, maternal image. The light in the image is all focused on her, the background is dark. It is a very warm light, like sunshine that especially highlights her face. Although her shirt is unbuttoned, it is not in a sexual way, it is in a natural way that is normal when breastfeeding. Also the look on her face is not sexual in any way. She is looking to the side like she is gazing out a window or something. The colors in the picture are all subdued and natural with the exception of her bright red hair, which even in this photo doesn't seem so bright.


This reaction shot is an extreme close up of one woman screaming at another woman who is inches from her face. The shot is slightly low angle creating the effect that the viewer is slightly below the screaming woman. The camera is even with the woman’s mouth. High-key lighting is used so that the viewer can see every detail of the woman’s face. You can see all her teeth, the spots on her tongue, the highlights in her hair, and you can even see tiny freckles on her cheek. The mood of this image intense. We don't know why she is screaming because it’s so close up. All we do know is that she is screaming with her tongue out at another woman, whose reaction is blocked from view.

I chose this image because it stood out to me. I think it’s unusual, and I wanted our bog to have something a little different than previous entries. I also chose this image because I like the reaction it gives me. The woman screaming looks sort of happy and excited. It looks like her energy is just spilling out. It’s hard to say what this image means, I’m sure that is up to the individual. To me it represents uncontrollable joyful energy being shared between to young women, a stage in life where you no longer look like a girl but still may feel that way at times.

Ashley's image


This is a picture of a women with a surf board. It is taken as a close-up shot on a beach. She is obviously not wearing much of anything. The background colors are very bland. Her swimming-suit and board are very bright. I believe the camara man did this to bring attention to her body. The lighting is bright around her colorful image as well. This picture could have the meaning that this girl is waiting for "someone". I also portray this image as being a sexual one. One may think the board could be something else, i.e. a huge male penis.
I chose this image to share because so many other pictures are like this one. The typical women in a swimming-suit. Society is very centered around these types of images. Why is this? Why can't we celebrate a fully clothed, (confident in herself), picture of women? I am not saying everyone does this, but many tend to gravitate to these images.

Working Woman


This photo is a high angle shot looking slightly up at the woman, maybe as if you were sitting at on a bench. It is a view of half her body. While the focus could be thought of as chest level, it is not prominent; a buttoned up black dress shirt covers her chest showing off nothing, while the rest of her body is clad in a nicely tailored business suit. Her focus is off camera; while she is the subject of the photograph she is not concerned with the camera. My first impression of the image was of a busy woman. She wears a suit that makes her appear to be a classy business woman. The focus is entirely on her with a blur of a building and some fencing behind her. While she still looks beautiful the image does not show off her body which seemed to be the focus in many of the photos I searched through. The feeling I get from this image is empowering, she looks like a strong powerful woman in the middle of her busy day. Working and succeeding without using her beauty or body to sell herself (when in retrospect she is probably a model who does use her body to provide for her).

Woman of the Year


In the last two movies I watched starring Katharine Hepburn, she played a surprisingly strong female character. Surprising, because at the time these black and white flicks were filmed, women were more often shown in docile, stereotypical roles. So it’s with mixed feelings that I view this advertisement for "Woman of the Year."

Hepburn, chin in hand, cheeks flushed with blush, stares happily into the eyes of a suited man, who returns his gaze (although you can’t see his eyes). Hepburn’s eyes seem to twinkle playfully, as though she’s in control of the relationship with the man (who appears to be a love interest) or she knows something that he doesn’t. This attitude points toward Hepburn’s character possibly being the strong female character I expect to see.

But then there’s the film’s title, written in angled cursive below. Although it states "Woman of the Year," the focus of the poster is not on the woman shown. While my eyes are drawn to her more, being on the right side of the page, which is where are eyes ultimately rest when viewing images (usually), the angles in her posture and her gaze persuade you to look at the man she’s sitting with. This creates a power struggle that takes away from the title of "Woman of the Year," and also implies that to earn this moniker, a woman must still cater to, or be involved with, a man.

Marilyn Monroe- A Classic Beauty


This image of Marilyn Monroe was taken using a long shot frame. You can see her from head to toe even though she is sitting down. The focus is on Marilyn. She is directly in the center of the picture. In a way, her cleavage is also the main focus, yet she is shielding it slightly with her hand. The lighting is very soft. It really emphasizes her classic beauty. She looks perfect, there is not a flaw to be seen. The picture is in black and white. This is also very classic. Black and white also represents contrast. Marilyn is wearing a white, ruffle ballet dress. Ballet is a very beautiful, elegant, and graceful art. It brings innocence and beauty out in the picture. The background is black, with only a white ballet bar interrupting its flow. This, along with her pose, which is leaning forward giving a nice shot of her cleavage, is also very sexual. Marilyn is a timeless sexual icon. The black is very sensual and mysterious. It brings about curiosity to what was in the past. The dress is also sheer, which also is very sexy. It’s like lingerie; it covers yet gives a glimpse of her body. Marilyn’s expression seems deep in thought, like she’s contemplating something. She’s torn between two ideas that are pulling her in opposite directions. Yet, this image is very hopeful and youthful. She is not wearing shoes, something that little children like to do, she’s playing dress up. Overall, this image is timeless.

I absolutely love this picture. It’s very enduring. Knowing Marilyn’s past and details of her life, this picture gives a hint to what she has been through. It’s absolutely beautiful. She is one of my favorite actresses, that is why I chose this picture. Her pose protects while putting herself out there. It really shows the contemplation of choices. Yet, when I look at this picture, I feel optimistic and content. I think that it’s the simplistic splendor that makes it impossible for this image to be dark or negative. A classic favorite.

beach babe


This picture that I have chosen shows a little girl swimming nude in shallow water. The lighting of the picture makes it evident that the girl is outdoors and it appears to be late afternoon because of the way it shadows and illuminates the surroundings. The tones and colors used throughout this picture create a very sandy and warm feeling. The girl is positioned on an angle and is twisting to look towards the left corner of the scene. Because she is on her stomach facing away from the camera, her face is not seen but her blonde pigtails display her youth and innocence. Although we cannot see anyone else in the picture, it is assumed that someone is nearby watching over her because her body language shows ease and leisure rather than any sort of panic or stress.
I chose this picture because after seeing photo after photo of swimsuit models posed in similar situations, nearly or completely nude and laying in shallow water, it almost bothered me to see this. This image, which on a child should be seen as natural and innocent resembles the pictures of pinup models because of the way that the central focus of the picture is her bare bottom with the aid of lighting. Rather than appearing to be playful, the similarity in her pose to other pictures I’ve seen of older models seems sensual and too mature for her youth. The absence but assumed presence of a guardian creates a sense of independence as well on a girl who can’t be more than five years old. This is an extreme example because obviously this girl is very young, but it seems that so often that girl’s become sexualized in media and advertising at extremely young ages even if it’s subtle.

What a Pretty Face

Sorry I couldn't make it smaller!

I thought that this picture was at the least very funny! The Image is medium close. However, you cannot see her face-- at least I think that it is a woman, you cannot tell from this photo for sure since her/his head is cut off (except the presence of her cleavage). I thought it was interesting that the picture is of the body only. I think that today especially that is what everyone is actually looking at. It also reminded me of the jeans commercial where they show a girl wearing nothing but jeans and all you see is her naked back and side of her breast and the lable on the jeans! What are they really trying to sell??
It is a pretty dark picture and looks to have been taken inside and by a window because there is some sunlight hitting the models right side and a shadow casted on her left side. Also the picture seems to be only concerned with her body and the hooters tank top that she is wearing. Also as I mentioned before the head is cut off this individual. In addition the picture looks to have been taken in a home. You can see in the background a mantle and a fireplace. I thought that this was a weird setting. I made up a story that she was a housewife trying to get a day job to keep busy and had her friend take a picture to send into hooters! haha So that is all I have for this picture - hope everyone found it as funny as me!
By: Erica Koby

Christina Aguilera in Allure, 2003


Okay, I know that I might get booed for choosing a Christina Aguilera image, but I am going to put myself out there for ridicule and say it: I LOVE HER. I don't know that she is a brilliant social leader or future President, but she does have something worth listening to that many others are not willing to say.
I chose this image because, to me, it shows the difference between sexy and sleazy. The black and white is a personal favorite, but I also enjoy the wardrobe choice and the wide shot. I believe Michael Thompson was the photographer, but don't quote me on that. I like that the lighting seems to focus on her face more than her chest or body.
There are a lot of women that are very afraid of their sexuality and its powers, and it is a struggle I experience all the time. Don't be mistaken, nothing gets under my skin like a female that talks with her breasts and her backside more than her brain. But it is a fine line to walk and I feel that many of us are so concerned about our words and our opinions being discredited that we ignore our sexuality. It's like we have to scream something that only requires a whisper just to fight to be heard and taken seriously.

Woman of the Year


In the last two movies I watched starring Katharine Hepburn, she played a surprisingly strong female character. Surprising, because at the time these black and white flicks were filmed, women were more often shown in docile, stereotypical roles. So it’s with mixed feelings that I view this advertisement for "Woman of the Year."

Hepburn, chin in hand, cheeks flushed with blush, stares happily into the eyes of a suited man, who returns his gaze (although you can’t see his eyes). Hepburn’s eyes seem to twinkle playfully, as though she’s in control of the relationship with the man (who appears to be a love interest) or she knows something that he doesn’t. This attitude points toward Hepburn’s character possibly being the strong female character I expect to see.

But then there’s the film’s title, written in angled cursive below. Although it states "Woman of the Year," the focus of the poster is not on the woman shown. While my eyes are drawn to her more, being on the right side of the page, which is where are eyes ultimately rest when viewing images (usually), the angles in her posture and her gaze persuade you to look at the man she’s sitting with. This creates a power struggle that takes away from the title of "Woman of the Year," and also implies that to earn this moniker, a woman must still cater to, or be involved with, a man.

Chelsea Marie's Image


Here we have an eye-level medium close up shot of a pregnant woman with a glass of unknown liquid. The the lighting and angle of the woman's body accentuates the curves of her body. Even the glass, being curvy on the bottom reflects the woman's pregnant body.

I chose this picture because while I was attempting to find a photo, I kept seeing pictures of women without their face being in the shot. Women's pregnant bodies were frequently portrayed without the woman's face being in the shot, which lead me to query the ownership of women's pregnant bodies. This photo I've chosen highlights the woman's pregnant body not her identity as gleaned from her face or other aspects of her body that reveal more who this woman is. Pregnant women are often portrayed only in terms of their pregnancy--a completly different, temporary, identity-- and not in the fixed aspects of their identity.

The nurturer

the nurturer.jpg

This is a painting in my mother's living room. So I took a picture of it using my cell phone!! In the actual painting , the painter uses a mid shot, which is approximately from the waist up. In the background the artist uses dark colors such as deep browns. His characters, a black mother and her newborn child, are draped in white, so as to make them stand out and be very noticeable amongst the dark. The flowers next to her are white and purple signifying innocence and royalty. The mood is very calm, loving, and motherly. You can almost feel her passion of being a mother. I chose this image because naturally when one thinks of a black woman, they picture the half naked braud in some rap artist's music video, shaking her butt, and being addressed as a b**** or a h**. This portrait presents an image that is not often portrayed in the media. This painting portrays the black woman as a mother, a nurturer, a provider, a caregiver, and a protector. Her body fully covered in white, represents her femininity and purity. Her body, a sacred temple, her breast, the life sustainer for her newborn child, not something to be shown off to the rest of the world. Historically, the black woman has been associated with being a mother. This goes back to slavery when she was torn away from her own baby, in order to nurture and breast feed the slavemaster's baby. Over the centuries, the black woman's motherly associations and qualities has been lost.

All Hands on the Bad One


This is a long, low angle of Sleater Kinney playing a show. It has deep focus, but the lighting and photo composition draw the viewer's attention to the band immediately. I actually don't like the composition of this photograph, as the drummer's head is obscured by a cymbal. However, I really support the subject matter. An extremely talented band playing a crowded show is a fun story for a photograph to begin with. Add to that the fact that all of the members of Sleater Kinney are female, and none of them are made up or emaciated in appearance, and this photograph tells a pretty significant story. These women are active, creating a stark contrast with the passive and generally supine women that are often featured in mainstream American media. To me, feminism is largely about women as a sex learning to value ourselves based on what we can do, not what we look like. This picture of Sleater Kinney reminds me of that, which is most of the reason I chose it. Also, they are a totally awesome band.



Baywatch was a show back in the 90s that every guy would often flip to while watching tv just for that slow motion run sequence that the show came to be infamous for. In this picture, we see Yasmine Bleeth not quite centered. By having the picture adjusted to the right side more than the left, we see some of the Miami skyline and also that the Yasmine is running on the waterline of the beach. By the angle of the sun hitting her body, it appears to be late in the afternoon. This lighting also provides a nice contrast on her body, with her left side casting shadows. Yasmine is the focal point of the entire scene, everything else behind her is out of focus and a blur. This picture would be quite bland if not for the bright red swimsuit and skin tone of the lifeguardHer facial expression shows effort and exhaustion, leading us to believe that this is a dramatic moment on the beach. With her Rescue Can in hand, Yasmine appears to be running to the rescue of some swimmer in trouble.

I chose this picture because I believe it represents the an age when the media first started portraying women as powerful figures on television. So what if the lifeguard happens to be dressed in a tight swimsuit that shows off every curve. Sex appeal is just one part of this lifeguard's many attributes. All of the women who stared on Baywatch were shown to be as courageous and strong as they were attractive. The Baywatch girls would save drowning victims stranded in rough waters, fight off sharks and win sandcastle building contests. High ratings were do in part to the shows writers catering to many a man's fantasy of nearly drowning and then being brought back to life by the lips of a female lifeguard.

This photo represents the stregnth and determination of women everywhere. The female characters of Baywatch could keep up (and even out do) their male counterparts. I think the biggest story trying to be told here is that Women are heroes too.


This image shows what appears to be a young girl on the beach as waves crash in from the ocean. I like this image because of the way the girl is approaching the water. She seems curious about the feel of the water; especially how cold it is and how it rides up onto her feet. For me, I know the feeling of approaching such a large, never-ending mass of water and being overwhelmed by a feeling of possibility.
Basically, the image is probably what I'd consider a medium long shot. It characteristically places the girl at the right side of the frame, thus showing how massive the ocean is in contrast. The girl is tiny compared to what is embedded in the remainder of the photo. Since you don't get a facial shot of the girl, it is difficult to determine and draw conclusions based upon her expressions. You can guess that the girl is curious. She probably doesn't go onto the beach everyday so this could be a special moment for you. Being at the ocean forces people to dream and wonder about distinct possibilities they might not otherwise think about. I like to think that this girl is daydreaming in the photo. I think the thing that draws me in most of all is the fact that because the ocean is so massive, and she is so small, that you can determine how insignificant, yet precious this girl is. I think it can be important to think about that every once in a while.

September 17, 2006


This picture shocked me because these women are supposed to represent beauty, but they look like they are near death. The first two women in the line especially seem emaciated. The framing of this photograph seems to be mid shot, the women's bodies are visible from their heads to their knees. This shot emphasizes the women's small waists and thighs more than another frame could. Although there is no obvious focal point to the picure; the women share almost equal space in the photograph, the woman in the red swimsuit stands out the most. This is because of her placement in the front of the line and because the bright red of her suit stands out against the light colors of the other women's suits. This woman is also the thinnest and most sickly looking of the four.

I think the photographer of this picture may have the same opinion of beauty pageants and "anorexia as beauty" as I do. The way the framing emphasizes the extremely thin figures of these women suggests that it is not attractive, but rather something that should worry intelligent women. There is something wrong with the image of beauty if these women are what is considered attractive; these women seem near death. Beauty pageants are ridiculous because of this extreme emphasis on being too thin and because of the attitude they perpetuate against women; that the most important aspect of women is their appearance.

Andy's Image


I chose this picture because it reminded me of one that I had recently seen. I was going though some pictures with my grandmother and we came across one of my great grandmother. I come from a long line of farm families and this picture was taken right near the end of WWII. What struck me about the photo was how strong my great grandmother looked. Not just physically strong but her chiseled facial features showed a life of hardship and perseverance. Knowing that all four of her sons were sent to war and her having to handle the farm herself for four years, I could understand why. Even though I have never met her, I respect her greatly and what she had done to help my family pull through in hard times.

This is a photo taken of a pregnant farm woman in maybe a little different time period but with the same look of strength. She is the focus of the picture and placed right in the middle. She is in the middle of a field on a sunny afternoon. She knows that she is having her picture taken but still doesn’t smile for the camera. Although the picture is in black and white it is easy to figure out the somber mood. She is on an old dirt road in front of an open field with dead plants and old tree stumps. She almost looks like she is completely alone except for her unborn baby that she has her hands crossed around. You can tell by her old clothing and by the cut of her hair that she is not a woman of great importance. The look on her face seems to say that she is not happy to be where she is but she will do what she needs for her child to have the best it can.

Image of Women

Simona 07.JPG

This image is framed directly around the head and upper chest area. It is focused completely on her. The lighting is very soft and accents only her, nothing in the background. The color scheme is more dull; dark hair, dark eyes, pale lipstick and blush, pale skin and a dark shirt - but her necklace stands out in the image because of the bright colors of the flowers. The mood seems very serious, like she is deep in thought. This image of a woman caught my eye for many reasons. The woman is looking up towards something and her face is very expressionless. Her bright and busy necklace contrasts with the rest of the photograph and you can see how the bottom of it ends just at the tip of her cleavage, but they do not show it in the picture. She has a tiny mole underneath her right eye and her makeup is very simple, except for her eyes which they have accented with darker makeup to draw attention to them. The light reflects in her eyes, a twinkle you could say as she stares into it. She is very beautiful and the photograph portrays her as flawless. Her hair is done in a very elegant way. The woman is relaxed but looks very serious. She is the center of attention and the focus is on her face and her expression. The necklace has a meaning in the picture since it is the most colorful part of the photo and is included in the framing of her head and neck. It seems like what is happening is that she is angered or irritated by something that is being said to her or something that is happening to her. She has her eyes looking away from anything in her direct line of sight and isn't looking at an object since the light is reflecting right back in her eyes. She has her head tilted and from the way her body is tilted, she seems to have her arms crossed, perhaps from annoyance. Her lips are closed which could mean that she doesn't want to speak or doesn't have anything to say. She is just keeping her thoughts to herself and thinking about what is going on.

(On a sidenote, I interpreted it the way I did because the look and her demeanor reminds me of the way I act when I give my boyfriend the cold shoulder.)

Colleen's Image


This image is a very long shot of a young Irish girl on a fall afternoon. She is in the lower right corner of the photo, and that is where the focus of the picture lies. I like this image because of the contrast of her bright red hair and pink jacket against the blues and greens of the land around her. I also like that she is unaware of the camera's presence, and is just in a natural state. I am reminded of childhood, when an afternoon can feel so long, and there are no worries occupying your mind. This little girl seems very content, and is interacting with nature through her gaze down at the duck. I also love the movement you can see in her hair and the waves of the sea, providing a feeling of being there on this chilly afternoon. Her tall water-proof boots and jacket with sleeves that are a little too long show a young girl who being just that. She is untouched by the pressures that many young girls face, and which will likely, saldy, befall her in a few years. This photo was taken by my boyfriend while he was in Killarney, Ireland. He just happened by this moment and captured it beautifully!!

Lone Survivor


I picked this photograph after looking at all of the blog photographs. I wanted to the viewer to sympathize with the photograph. To some extent, I believe that much of the population has become numb to photographs that have content that deals with suffering. This is possible that some of us have become numb because we see so much violence, sex, suffering, etc. on TV, in the movies, and in other forms of media. I picked this photo in hopes that the blog viewers would stop and try to imagine and appreciate this woman's history.

This photograph is a wide shot of an elderly woman. Her body position suggests that she is suffering after being badly injured. The text below the photo tells is that she was "badly injured after being exposed to a poisonous gas" (http://www.greenpeace.org/international/photosvideos/photos/lone-survivor-this-elderly-wo). She is placed in the center of the photograph and is the focal point. Her right hand is holding her head up as she stares down at the ground stressing that she is reflecting on her thoughts. The photo is black and white, which is a good color choice because it gives off the impression of being a very depressing photo. The black and white colors of the photograph emphases the dirtiness in her everyday clothing. She is also holding a dirty white cloth that is absorbing the blood from her bleeding lip. Her head is covered with a cloth. Since is fully covered from head to, it is possible that she is trying to hide either her body and/or her emotions. It looks as though this photograph was not modeled, She was probably just sitting there and the photographer moved the camera to get the shot he wanted instead of moving the women.

I googled a ton of adjectives describing women so I could find a photo of a woman that spoke to me. I googled the words suffering woman and I found this photo. I wanted to know this woman's history and what she had just gone through. Some people ignore the suffering because they don't know how they can help, don't want to help, or are just consumed in their everyday life. This photograph is inspiring me to look deeper in to the history of individuals and hopefully give me a new outlook on people who are suffering.

Jillian Schwantz-Woman with red lips

Woman with red lips.jpg
This picture was found off a very sexual website with pictures of mainly beautiful naked women. The photographer's company has the word "Diva" probabaly because he wasnts us to think that these are sexually powerful women. This particular picture stands out because of the fact that this woman's lips are bright red. The look on her face is somewhat confusing because it is hard to determine if she is uncomfortable, or making an effort to be sexy, but by the looks of her nipples, I think the photographer wanted her to appear sexy. The extremely red lips give this photo an edge that lips are probabaly the most sexy thing about a woman. However, he was not afraid to have her body be the highlight of this photo. This photo tells a story about a woman who is lusting for the viewer. She is almost fairy-tale like with her hair and loud lips. This photo completely exploits this woman to be valued as an object instead of person. We, as a viewer, are looking down upon her, and we have all of the control of her and her body. The lips in some way are a distraction to the fact that she is using her body to emphasize her sexuality.

Image Description


This is a Dolce & Gabbana ad. The reason I chose this image is because everytime I open up a magazine, their ads offend me the most. There are two girls in the picture and they are lying on hay and appear to be in a pen. They are skinny to the point of unhealthy and there is rope in the pen as if to tie them up if necessary. Their eyes are blackened and dark as if they were hit. There is the leg of another girl at the far left of the image which looks as if the girls are strewn about the pen in an uncivilized manner. The lighting is bright and is even throughout the whole image. The two girls are in the middle of the image. It is a tall shot and you can see their entire bodies. The color in the image is very dull; there are a lot of browns and neutral colors except for their stockings and shoes. I feel so upset everytime I look at this ad because it dehumanizes women to an extreme.

For a look at more of their ads, see their website: http://eng.dolcegabbana.it/main.asp

Image of a girl


This photograph is of a little East Asian girl sitting on a mini chair, holding a newspaper. She is situated on the right side of the photo with her body pointing to the upper left corner, and her head looking away. The ground/background is of gray cobblestones and the girl is wearing a complete pink outfit. The colors of her clothing and that of her black hair make her stand out in the picture. I picked this picture because I liked the calmness and innocence of it. It seems to me that this little girl is just being a little girl. She is happy to be a little girl who likes wearing pink and goofing around. This reminds me of when I was little, when I liked wearing frilly dresses and bright colors, not because I was supposed to, but because I enjoyed it.

Top Ten - Not Numerically Arranged

/Hiroshima mon amour – Alain Resnais
/Last Year at Marienbad – Alain Resnais
/Ma vie en rose – Alain Berliner
/Velvet Goldmine – Todd Haynes
/Bringing Up Baby – Howard Hawks
/Beetlejuice – Tim Burton
/The Little Richard Story – William Klein
/Dead Man – Jim Jarmusch
/A Very Long Engagement/City of Lost Children – Jean-Pierre Jeunet
/The Secret Garden – Agnieska Holland

As for TV: The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Mikaela's Image of a Woman


I chose this particular image because the woman's face jumped out at me. This isn't necessarily a bold, elaborate, bright image, infact it's quite the opposite. That is what caught my eye. The woman, seems dark, mysterious, and beautiful all at the same time. Focusing on her face, the border is completely black, not allowing us to see anything except the focal point. The minimal light that is emphasized in the image, falls directly on her cheek, eye and nose. Even the side of her face begins to fade away into black shadows. Part of the woman's bottom lip seems to shimmer from her lip gloss. All while the rest of her face is pale but with perfect complexion. Nothing is out of place, or in disarray on this woman's face.
Even though the woman seems perfect and gorgeous, the mood of the image conveys an air of mystery. This woman does not appear happy. Or is she happy, and instead is just appearing coy and flirtacious? The way her eyebrow is slightly raised makes me feel the later. In other words, the woman wants you to think that she's dark and mysterious, yet the onlooker is just captivated and entranced by her beauty. Her eyes seem to let you in. She knows you are staring at her because even through her downward gaze, she is confidently yet playfully focusing on the onlooker.
I like and chose this image, because all you see is the woman's face. You don't see her body, her clothes, or even her hair. The focal point is on her face, her complexion, her eyes, and the light that radiates off of these features.

Saly's Image

This is a mid body shot of an aging woman standing in what seems to be either a modest home or a cave. She is standing by an opening to the outdoors where the light is coming in (the right side of the photo). There is a latter to her right hand side (the left side of the photo). Below the latter there are rocks and to the right or those rocks there is something fuzzy like carpet or straw; which leads me to believe that this might some how be her place of residence. The lack of colors surrounding her automatically draws our attention to her. I chose this image because it shows a woman at her most modest state. Her clothes are very conservative and respectful of her age. Her clothes are worn out and ripped from her left shoulder. If you look closely at the woman’s face you could tell that in all actuality she is not that old, but her face has been lined by what seems like worry. The thing that attracted my attention to this photo was the look in the woman’s eyes; it’s kind of a tired, sad, and repressed look. It looks like she is trying to repress the tiredness and sadness with that smile.

The figure is centered in the frame with a light source eminating from a source coming from the left. The shot is well lit with a little drop off over the shoulder of the figure. The image is desaturated. The darkest parts of her seem to match the blackness of the background.
Depending on what you see the woman is either A) young and looking back and to the left or B) elderly and looking directly left of frame.
Not being able to see the young woman's face makes her a little mysterious because you can't tell read her facial emotions. The fact that she is facing away from you could indicate that she doesn't want to look at you, perhaps disgusted. She could also be gazing or daydreaming and not paying attention.
The elderly woman seems to have a certain sadness about her. Her eyes give me that impression. However, her mouth seems to be smiling. Either she's hiding her sadness with a smile or she's so happy that she's moved to tears.
I chose this image because it first tests you on which age you see first, but also because it is a visual depiction of how we all will be both young and old in our lifetimes.

Image of a Woman


In this image, I see a woman with dark hair, blue eyes, and the sun shinning on her. I chose this image because it is of a woman that I admire and this picture shows not only how beautiful she is, but how engaging she can be. She is an actress in my favorite tv show "Gilmore Girls". Her name is Lauren Graham. She represents a very empowered woman who stands up for herself and does not let anyone walk all over her. She is a very strong woman and I look up to her for that. She knoes who she is and she stays that way and doens't change for anyone else. Looking at her picture makes me feel like I can be as succsessful as she is and do anything I set my mind to.

In this picture, I see a woman looking directly at the camera or at the person viewing the image like she is not afraid to look you right in the eye. The sun is shinning on her and catches her hair making it look like gold. She looks approachable and kind. She has very intense blue eyes. The story that this image is telling is that of a strong and sure woman who knows who she is. She is looking right at you as if you are talking to her and she is giving you her full attention and she is listening to every word you say so that she can give you advise if you need it. She wants to help you and make you feel that she is your friend and tat you are safe. You can trust her and she will help you. The sunlight hitting her face makes her look like she is an angel. That helps you see the kindness in her face. She looks perfect like angels should.

Jessie's Image

I chose this image because it is so typical of what we see in magazines. The women has fallen down the stairs and appears to be dead. However, she is still very beautiful and the colors in the image are bright and happy. Because of the way she looks, the image seems to say, "Death is sexy. She's dead but look at how great the dress looks on her." I feel mixed emotions when looking at this image. Am I supposed to feel sad because she has met her fate on a set of stairs, or should feel compelled to buy the product? So the question you have to ask yourself is, is death sexy?

Image of Real Women


The image that I chose is a group of women in white underwear against a blank, white background. It is a long shot that shows the group of women from head to toe. The lighting is also simple, and shows the women's real bodies with no illusion or artistic type effect. These women are all different sizes, skin tones, and personalities and are not afraid to show who they really are. This image stood out for me, because its goal is to show real women and their beauty. Even though each woman is different from the other, none of them are the typical underwear model who is size -2 with large breasts. They are not in a sexy pose that is meant to seduce the viewer. Instead, they all pose to show off their body and what makes them confident. Everything is meant to be "real" in the image - from the women and their bodies, to the lighting, to their poses. I really like it because they all seem so happy and proud of who they are.
This is from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. Their website describes their mission and what they want to achieve through this campaign: http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/flat3.asp?id=2287

September 16, 2006


This is a photograph of Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother, Blythe Danner. The photo is a medium shot, with both women in similar make up and lighting. Gwyneth has her eyes closed while Blythe is sitting next to her with her arms wrapped around Gwyneth's waist. Blythe's eyes are wide open, looking slightly off camera. The photograph shows the mother-daughter relationship with the mother in appearing to comfort the daughter. Although Gwyneth doesn't appear happy, she does feel comfort in her mother's arms as the strap on her dress slides down slightly and she does not appear to care.
Gwyneth is in white, while Blythe is in black. The contrast between young/old is seen in this color selection. Annie Leibowitz was the photographer and I think she captures their relationship, or because they are both talented actresses, the way they want us to see their relationship.

My Female Heroine


This is a mid shot of a woman. You can clearly see her upper body and that her hands are folded in front of her in a calm, graceful way. She is in the middle of the shot so your focus is right on her. She is looking straight at you. Her gaze is pearcing. To me, I can see her saying "You can do it!" Her posture is of authority and fearlessness. There is a dark background with bookcases which makes it easy to focus on her colorful dress and the white scarf on her head. Her lipstick matches her dress and nails which make her look "put together." I love this image because it brings a sense of pride to me in everything that she has accomplished, I have accomplished, and have yet to achieve!

Meet the woman that has been my heroine since I was 5 years old. I know, I must have had a boring childhood...but I learned a lot! This is an image of Benazir Bhutto. She was elected to be the first female prime minister of Pakistan twice. She has had to flee her country since but she has made a huge impact on the feminism movement. She is an idol to a lot of girls like me who never were given the opportunity to go to college and to have careers in their countries.

Lisa's Image

This picture is a long shot of a modern dancer in long dark sleeves and a huge dark skirt. She is off to the left of the frame, her arms are over her head in an angular position and her left leg is extended to her side. Her gaze is down and her mouth is slightly open perhaps in determination to keep her leg held up despite the huge skirt she is wearing or maybe thinking of other things. The lighting is low key, setting the dancer starkly apart from the white walls in the background.

This picture is of Martha Graham. I wanted to find a picture of a dancer that wasn't the classic "look at her beautiful body" picture. This picture demonstrates more what she is able to do then what she looks like. Graham also a dancer in the twenties when women were finally taking over the scene by taking off their ballet shoes and starting modern dance. Graham choreographed many pieces that dealt with the pain of being a woman in the then modern times.

September 15, 2006

Liz's Image

This black and white image is a close-up of a little girl, so you can see her head, neck, shoulders, and facial expressions. Although you can’t tell what color her dress is, it certainly is very “girly? and cute with repeating puffy square patterns. Notably, the picture seems to emphasize all the thoughts and feelings racing in her head, because her face is centered and her eyes are looking straight at you. The girl’s dark hair and eyes were the first things that I focused in on, because they contrast so much with the light gray and white background. In general though, the image reminds me of a “first day of school? picture. First of all, she’s all dressed up (by her mother, no doubt) wearing a white “school-girl? collar, and her hair is neatly braided just for the occasion. Secondly, she seems to have no clue what’s going on—similar to how every other little kindergartener feels (I certainly know what she's feeling: scared, excited, sad, happy). And, lastly she appears to be very innocent, naïve, and sweet. The main reason why I chose this image was because I admire the woman this little girl grew up to be. When ever you look at her, she always seems to be telling you a story—like her first day of school. I know that she was very poor growing up, and like every girl/woman, she had a lot of self-esteem issues: body-image, weight, etc. But, I think that because she follows her heart, and stopped measuring herself against an impossible standard, she has become a very successful and positive role model for women… that’s right! You guessed it! This is little Oprah Winfrey… how cute!?!

Pang's Image


When I first saw this picture it really reminded me about self-identity and how woman around the world are being in silence. The woman in this picture is obviously not smiling nor does she look happy. In a way she looks like she’s thinking about committing suicide by jumping out the window. Analyzing her face carefully, she looks like she’s confused and mystified. The fact that she’s looking directly at the camera makes it seems like she’s pleading for help or for some kind of attention. Furthermore, I thought it was pretty interesting that the light outside the window is extremely bright whereas the inside of where she’s standing is dark. Maybe it’s trying to convey the message that the woman in this picture is searching for a brighter future. Overall, I thought this picture was pretty appealing.

***The woman in this picture is actually name Mai Neng Moua, she’s a Hmong writer and editor who has worked for over a decade to draw out and amplify Hmong-American voices in publications such as the Hmong literary journal Paj Ntaub Voice.

Why Be President.


I realize that Barbie is not a physical person but in the eyes of a lot of little girls I imagine she is. And as a role model and someone to look up to, I found it funny and sad when Mattel came out with this positive image for young girls. Hoorah! Barbie got a job, not only is Barbie a cashier (working for minimum wage no doubt) but a cashier at McDonalds. To double the fun she has also decided to let her "little sister" tag along. Thanks to Mattel young girls now have a clear vision of women in the work place. jk


This image is of Mia Hamm, one of the greatest and most recognizable female atheletes, being honored before her final career game versus Mexico in 2004. I chose this image for what it signifies and the emotion felt when looking at it. Being centered in the photo with a blurred background gives complete attention to the athlete. With the contrast between a dark background and Hamm as a bright image mostly due to the white jersey, no other props are needed as she is all that needs to be focused on. The clarity allows us to read her facial expression and feel what she is feeling. Even without knowing the history of the photo, it is still evident that she is experiencing a mixture of sadness and gratefulness. At the same time, she is standing strong as she prepares to begin a game that, once it is complete, will have a lasting impact on her life no matter what the outcome. At the conclusion of the game she knows her soccer career will be finished and what she has dedicated much of her life to will be over. Where many would take this very difficult, Mia is showing a great deal of strength and no regret of her life changing decision. What she portays as a female, athlete, and an every day person in this particular picture is why I feel this is a model image.

Tegan's Image


This is a close-up shot of a woman smiling and waving at something outside of the frame, so it can probably also be classified as a reaction shot. The camera position appears to be slightly lower than the subject because she appears to be looking down. There are two other people in the background but they are obscured by the main subject. One of the people in the background appears to be clapping. The woman is wearing a black shirt and because of the position of her body the black covers the entire bottom of the shot. The black at the bottom contrasts with the light colored walls in the top part of the shot. This picture is capturing a celebration and the woman looks genuinely happy.

This is a photograph of Shirin Ebadi, a 2003 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Ebadi is an Iranian lawyer and human rights activist. In this picture, Ebadi appears to be greeting her fans. I chose to share this photo because it is a picture of a strong, intelligent, and courageous woman who, despite what she has endured, is able to smile and bring hope to others.

Women seeking refuge

This picture of two Saharawi refugee women is a Medium close up shot. The frame also could be classified as a two shot and maybe even a reaction shot. These women appear in the frame from a point-of-view angle.
The color in the clothing of the woman in the foreground is extremely vibrant and adds an interesting juxtaposition of traditional and modern garb of Middle Eastern women and their cultures. I believe this photo would not have the same effect in black and white for those very reasons. The background is quite simple, brick walls and dirt floor, and although they seem confined, their expression is that of happiness and freedom. Even the woman in the headdress looks as though she is smiling through her eyes.

September 14, 2006

Kelly's Image

View image

This is a mid shot image of two women. The two women are set against the sky and it is a low angle shot. the result is that the two women are looking down at the viewer. They both seem slightly shaded in contrast with the bright blue sky that they are set against. They both are wearing white tank tops. Also, each one's hair looks as if it's dyed pink or red. They are embracing each other and this invites a sense of intimacy that they are sharing with the viewer. The woman on the right has a sly, secretive smile. The woman on the left has a beaming smile on her face.
When I came across this image, I immediately started to smile. This picture evokes a sense of happiness in me that the two women seem to be exuding. The image communicates a sense of sensuality, closeness and love. They seem as if they want to share their happiness with the people who will be viewing the photo (and perhaps the photographer). They are not shy about their affection with each other.

Lara's Image

image woman.jpg
I love this image! The way that the photo is framed puts the focus on the woman in the background. Her face is the primary image a viewer sees in the frame. The other person, while not centered, is still a very important aspect of the picture. It shows that the woman is not merely smiling at something...but at someone. Another reason that I picked this was because it is a black and white photo. I think that there is something nostalgic about black/white photography. While color can be used to accent or enhance a picture, I feel that removing color helps the viewer focus on the subject of the shot, and not get overwhelmed with other features. The lighting in this photo looks very natural, like it was taken outside at a bus stop or in a park. It doesn't look like a posed picture...more like the woman was caught in her natural element - which I love - so candid! The mood of the picture is warm and happy. The woman looks like someone I would want to talk with - or even hug! It's so inviting. She seems calm, like she is talking with a family member or cherished friend. It seems as if the two are reminicing about past times - or telling a funny story about something that has just occured. Whatever the case, they seem to be enjoying eachothers company. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! Lara Healy>

Stephanie's Image


The image that I have chosen is of a woman wearing a fancy red gown standing alone in an empty room. The woman's gaze is at something high up and off screen to her right. This image is a long shot because the woman's whole body can be seen in the fame. This could have been seen as a reaction shot if the woman had any emotion in her face, but since she is looking intently at what is off screen with not much emotion it cannot be this. The depth of field in this image shows the woman to be in focus from her mid arm up to the top of the frame. The lighting's direction is coming from in front of the woman and there are no noticeable shadows due to the blurring of the lower half of the image. There is a high contrast of light and dark colors in this image with the background being a light grey or white and the woman's dress to be a dark red color.
The woman looks emotionless as if she is merely posing for this shot, perhaps modeling wedding dresses for a magazine or for another advertisement. However the fact that the bottom half of the image is blurred makes me wonder whether this really could be an advertisement because the bottom of the dress cannot be seen clearly and this might take away from the selling of the product. This could perhaps be a photo from a wedding album, which might explain why the image looks more artistic and why it does not look like a clear shot of a woman facing the camera in the same dress. I chose to share this image because I thought the woman looked really beautiful in a classy way, which in today's society can be rare thing to see.

9/27 - Free Sexumentaries Screening

Sexumentaries: Audre Lorde. Sept. 27th @ 4pm CMU 202!

Sexumentaries: Cultural Understandings of Gender and Sexuality through Film

A Litany of Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde.

This documentary profiles the long, extraordinary life of author, poet, human rights activist, feminist, and lesbian Audre Lorde who became New York State’s designated poet in 1991. Her life is presented through a series of conversations with friends, lovers and family, archival footage, notable music, and poestry readings.

A facilitated discussion will follow the film. All films are free and open to everyone! For more information, email glbt@umn.edu.

Sexumentaries is the result of a collaborative effort among University of Minnesota offices and student organizations: University of Minnesota, Women’s Student Activist Collective, Office of University Women, QSCC, GLBTA Program Office.

9/18 - Free Screening on Civilians in Iraq

Monday, September 18, 6:30pm
Third Monday Movies
Caught in the Crossfire

St. Joan of Arc Church, Upper Room, Parish Center, 4537 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis

"Caught in the Crossfire" is a documentary that details the conditions experienced by the civilians of Falluja who became refugees outside the eyes and care of the international community.

Sponsored by: Women Against Military Madnesshttp://www.worldwidewamm.org/home.html

For More Info:
Contact W A M M :
tel: 612.827.5364
fax: 612.827.6433
310 East 38th Street, Suite 222
Minneapolis, MN 55409
office hours: 10 to 5 Monday thru Friday
email: wamm@mtn.org

Fearless Filmmakers Event - 9/27

Wednesday Sep 27, 2006 at 7:00 PM


The highly regarded and anticipated screening event returns after a summer hiatus with 9 live-action and animated short films followed by a FREE BBQ and After Party for all event attendees! The event date has been set for SEPTEMBER 27TH with the screening of 9 short films beginning at 7:00 PM at the RIVERVIEW THEATER (NO.1 IN CITY PAGES 2006) and the Official After Party to follow at THE HEXAGON BAR where DJ JAKE RUDH (NO.1 IN CITY PAGES 2006) will set the mood as attendees enjoy $2.00 dollar drink specials and the last big grill out of the year.




STUFFD by Sleepy Eye, USO JUSTO by Coleman Miller, 24X24 (A documentary work-in-progress) by Michael Reano, THE MYSTERY OF THE STOLEN JUG by Chuck Terhark and Amanda Hankerson, THE DEATH OF TOMMY GRIMES by Daniel Bergin, STAIRWELL C (A 9/11 Tribute) by Vaughn Jaures, DEALING WITH WOMEN by Julia Vickerman, SUNSHINE by Elizabeth Day, FRESHIES by Jeremy Plumb



Check fearlessfilmmakers.com for updates

September 13, 2006

Renee's Image

I chose this picture of a woman because to me it is mysterious, but also shows strength. This picture is a big close up of a woman's face half hidden in the shadows of a hood of a sweatshirt or coat, with low-key lighting. The image is also very blue, which contrasts the white of the woman's eye, making the eye the center of focus. The woman is looking directly at you with a focused stare that to me says, Stay Away. I like this image because it doesn't make women look vulnerable, and it isn't a seductive image. This image is quite the opposite of the typical magazine model who is used to sell something through sex. This image portrays the mysterious, strong, powerful side of women.

Whitney's Image

When I came across this image I immediately felt sadness and pity. This is image is focused entirely on the crouching woman in the middle. The area that draws the most attention is the woman's face. The way she is carrying her pale, thin body - resting her head to the side and crouched down - in addition to the lack of spark in her eyes speaks strongly of defeat and a lack of motivation to continue. The dark shadows and colors of her clothing contribute to the sadness of the image. Also, I think the lacy clothing worn by the woman makes her appear more delicate and feminine, which also conveys the idea that she will not stand up and fight anymore. It makes me wonder what sort of life she has, what she thinks of in the morning when she wakes up. Her sadness appears to come from deep within herself, not simply on the surface.

Rachel L's Image


The image I chose is a naked woman holding a gun. It is a midshot, focusing on how she is holding her breasts, barely exposing her nipples. The image is actually pretty bare, with a plain white background. The woman has a perfectly tan body and is wearing makeup and a belly button peircing. The woman is looking at the camera and is staring right at you; her mouth is slightly opened. the only prop is the generic looking gun, oh and maybe her fake nails.
This image brings about a lot of emotions for me. It reminds me those cheesy action films that my boyfriend watches. It always makes me so angry to watch an action film and the token woman "fighter" has a perfect body and is wearing uncomfortable leather outfits, that are obviously not practical for fighting in. It makes it seem that the only reason the woman is in the movie is for their physical features.
I see the image as a poor attempt at the seductive, dangerous whore fantasy, that is depicted way to often in major motion pictures and is reinforcing women as objects.

A Woman Mourning

I did not intend to find such a sad image, but what I was looking for was an emotional image. I love still photos that are able to elicit a strong emotional reaction that sometimes even make a person uneasy. There is so much emotion in the face of the woman with the black and white head scarf. One can see that she is mourning, but she also appears to be pleading (for what, I am not sure). What I liked about this image is the unity of the women in spite of their awful experience. Are these women sitting for a purpose? The woman with the black and white head scarf seems to be the central focus. The women around her, who also appear mournful, are holding on to her. Are they holding her back, holding her up or just holding her to comfort her? Most of the men are standing in the background, it appears, more so as onlookers than supporters. This shot is a long shot. I say this because there are more than 3 figures in the shot, therefore it cannot be a medium shot. The camera is angled at eye level with the women mourning, making the veiwer feel as if they too are sitting with them.

September 12, 2006

Mixed Emotions


When I saw this photo I had very mixed emotions. It is obvious that the women are united for one common cause, and that is uplifting, but they also all look so run down, and exhausted it is hard to not also have pity for them. It looks like the women are in Mexico or a South American country. It is nightime and it would appear that all of the women have been walking back and forth picketing for sometime. The mother and daughter in the front of the picture are inspiring to me. It is obvious that the girl is not old enough to understand the significance of what is going on or what is being fought for, but she is still there with all of the other women, doing what she can to help. I am curious about what these women are fighting/protesting to accomplish, and what the significance of the shot being taken at night is. I chose this picture because it is inspirational to see so many women united to fight one singal cause.

Shapiro's Favorite Films

*1. Little Miss Sunshine
*2. Prime
3. Walk on Water (Israeli)
4. Everything is Illuminated
5. Moulin Rouge
6. Riding in Cars with Boys
7. (Anything with Drew Barymore)
8. As Good as it Gets
9. (Anything with Julia Roberts)
10. Kinsey

***It was difficult to choose between #1 and #2. I cried at both movies from laughing extremely hard and because of sad twists.

Tom's entry!

Hey everybody! My name is Tom. I am a SCMC major with a minor in Japanese. I absolutely love film and I just can't get enough of it. I work at Blockbuster so I am either watching movies or talking about them all the time. Here's the list of my favorite movies in no particular order:
1. Dawn of the Dead (1978) - I am a huge fan of the horror genre and this is it, plan and simple. The best horror film of all time.
2. Mallrats - I love Kevin Smith's work. I am a huge comic nerd so this movie has it all for me.
3. Suspiria - This film is absolutely gorgeous. It is a horror film like no other and one everyone should see in their lifetime.
4. Perfect Blue - A Hitchcockian anime. How can you go wrong?
5. Ran - Akira Kurosawa in color is a sight to behold. A wonderful retelling of King Lear.
6. Tokyo Drifter - this film noir is wacky but at the same time dead serious. Suzuki Seijun plays with colors so masterfully.
7. Avalon - A Polish film made by a Japanese director. Watching this is like watching a dream captured on film.
8. Stargate - I am a big nerd so I love science fiction and this film is just great in my mind.
9. Oldboy - This film is a film that can change lives. It is so good and so well thought out. The director Chan-wook Park is one of the best directors in the history of film!
10. The Vanishing (1988) - This is one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen and will probably ever see. You really have to see it.
And if I were to pick an 11th it would probably be Spider-man 2 Because I am a huge comic book nerd. That's my ever changing list. It's always so hard to decide on a list but this is the one for now. Seeya!

Rachel's Image

Unknown Model 07.png

include things, like the following:
framing- wide shot, showing her whole body, emphasing her body position, arms, breasts facing us
composition - she is in the right 3rd, our eye scans the image left to right, ends and gets stuck on her body
color - black and red, shiny means bad, sex
costume- the triangles, angles, accentuate the breasts, high knee "f- me" boots (that's what my friends call them, the zipper is an angle that our eye follows down
model's body position- looking behind her, but leaving her open to our gaze
props - 2 big, silver, shiny guns - what do you think that means???
your analysis - when i "read" this image, i see a woman offering her body for our visual pleasure - she's beautiful, bad-ass, and available...

Fri. 9/15 - Found Footage Festival


Sat 10/17 - Photographer/Filmmaker Jila Nikpay

IFP Visiting Artist Talk with Jila Nikpay
Saturday, Oct 7
10-11:30 am
@ IFP MN Center for Media Arts
2446 University Ave E, Suite 100
St. Paul, MN 55114

FREE & open to the public - no registration necessary

Filmmaker and photographer Jila Nikpay will talk about her recent artistuc endeavor, Heroines Project. She will cover the development of this project from inception to its current stage. The project comprises of a published book of her photography, Heroines: Transformations in the Face of Breast Cancer, music based on its poetry, multimedia performance, and collaborations.

Heroines Project is Nikpay's first attempt to engage artist and society in a unique dialogue about the potential of illness for transformation. There will be a Q & A and book signing at the end of the presentation.

To see more of her amazing work, visit www.jilanikpay.com

Monday, 9/18 3pm - Melody Gilbert

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
150 Ford Hall


Download the flyer HERE


Melody will be talking about and showing clips of her latest work. Please join us!

Melody Gilbert (Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer/Educator) is an
independent documentary filmmaker who has worked in film and television for
more than 20 years. She has made three independent documentaries: A LIFE
WITHOUT PAIN (2005), WHOLE (2003) and MARRIED AT THE MALL (2002). She is in
post-production on her new documentary URBAN EXPLORERS: INTO THE DARKNESS
(www.myspace.com/urbanexplorers), which will be completed in 2006.

Her most recent documentary, A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN (www.alifewithoutpain.com)
premiered at the 2005 South By Southwest Film Festival (in competition) and was
recently featured on Oprah, CNN and Good Morning America. It was broadcast on
the Sundance Channel and dozens of TV networks overseas, including TF5 France
and VRT Belgium and TSR Switzerland. Ms. Gilbert's controversial documentary
WHOLE (www.whole-documentary.com), about people who want to become an amputee,
premiered at the 2003 Los Angeles Film Festival (in competition), was also
broadcast on the Sundance Channel and has also screened internationally in
theaters and on television. MARRIED AT THE MALL (www.marriedatthemall.com)
premiered at the Women With Vision festival in 2002 and has been in festivals
and on television networks around the world.

VISIT HER WEBSITE for more info:

Megan's Top Ten. Again.

Now I'm irritated. I blogged one list and previewed it and even hit save twice. And yet, I can't seem to find it. I'm not finding this blog thing enjoyable. What happened to the days of poster board and markers?!

Here's the list. Again. And it is, undoubtedly, different than the first I posted.

1. Stepmom-- cannot get enough of this dumb movie.
2. Best in Show
3. Must Love Dogs-- I'm a girl and I like dorky romantic comedies, leave me alone!
4. Copycat
5. Run Lola Run (auf Deutsch)
6. The Usual Suspects-- my boyfriend actually gave me the silent treatment for two days when I figured it out halfway through... HE thought it was such a clever movie that I'd just NEVER guess. HA!
7. Wedding Crashers-- I'm guilty of saying "Lock it up" in numerous instances
8. Pearl Harbor-- LOVE period movies and red ilpstick
9. Various Disney and Pixar movies
10. Mean Girls-- because it's true

Sidenote: why is the default date and time on my post so screwy??

September 11, 2006

Stephanie's Ten Fav Movies

Well, it has taken a gross amount of time for me to figure this out, and now it seems so simple. Here are my top ten favorite movies, as far as I am aware, at least. I'm sure I'm missing an extremely important one or few, but here we go.

1 Amelie..beauty.
2 Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy..Its so quirky, yet perfect.
3 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas..love the book too, but Depp's performance is right on.
4 Breakfast at Tiffany's
5 Fantasia...ooh and Horton Hears a Who
6 Little miss sunshine
7 Garden state
8 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. Johny Depp Version
9 Crazy/Beautiful
10 Fight Club

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

1. Battlestar Galactica - The new series on the Sci Fi channel. I mean, sure, some say it's a TV show and not a movie, but I say it's pretty much the best example of cinematic genius out there. Starbuck could smash the patriarchy all by herself.
2. We Jam Econo - the Minutemen documentary.
3. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
4. Aliens. Vasquez could also smash the patriarchy without any help. Ripley maybe, if she had a flamethrower.
5. True Lies.
6. Beetle Juice.
7. The Nightmare Before Christmas.
8. Bruce Campbell Vs. The Army of Darkness.
9. American History X.
10. Dune - the version where Sting plays Feyd Rautha.

Jessie's Top 10 Kids Movies

This was more difficult than I thought. Never underestimate the power of a good kids flick. Here they are, in no particular order:

*The Dark Crystal
*Teen Witch
*The Sandlot
*The Nightmare Before Christmas
*The Wizard
*Care Bears Movie II: New Generation
*Little Monsters

If you haven't seen them, it's time to get in touch with your inner child!

Nora's Favorites

This isn't an accurate top ten list, but these are the first movies that pop into my mind.
1. Southpark movie
2. Phantom of the Opera
3. Amelie
4. Nora
5. Frida
6. Show Me Love
7. Tsatsiki
8. Moulin Rouge
9. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
10. Zoolander

emily's favored top ten

This was a hard list to come up with, i love so many films for so many different reasons! but here goes..
-the hours
-garden state
-ghost in the shell
-me and you and everyone we know
-i heart huckabees
-12 monkeys
-sin city
-steel magnolias

Sallys top ten list

1- The Count of Monte Cristo
2- Pirates of the Caribbean
3- Armageddon
4- Remember the Titans
5- A Walk to Remember
6- Wedding Crashers
7- Shrek
8- Shrek 2
9- Monsters Inc
10- Beauty and the Beast

For no particular rhyme or reason...

I <3 (heart) Huckabees
Pulp Fiction
Dangerous Liaisions
Garden State
The Virgin Suicides
Empire Records
The Last Waltz
The Usual Suspects
The Life of David Gayle

fletcher's top ten

1) The Chinese Connection

2) Enter the Dragon

3) Drunken Master

4) The Shaolin Temple

5) Snake in the Monkey's Shadow, 1982

6) Shaolin Master Killer

7) Supercop

8) Fist of Legend

9) The Legend of Drunken Master

10) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

what can you tell about me? can you tell on me? do i have secrets?

Films I love to watch repeatedly

2. Rosewood
4.The Color Purple
5. Boyz in the Hood
6. John Q
7. Bringing Down the House
8. Set it Off
9. Four Brothers
10. The Longest Yard

Ashley's Top Ten List

1. Ladder 49
2. Jaws 1
3. The Notebook
4. World Trade Center
5. Dazed and Confused
6. Forrest Gump
7. Wedding Crashers
8. Old School
9. Gone With The Wind
10.Remember the Titans

Colleen's list

In no particular order, a few of my favorite movies are (or have been)...
-The Notebook (I think I saw this one about 4 or 5 times at the dollar theater in a matter of about 2 weeks)
-One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
-Walk the Line
-What About Bob (not so much recently, but loved it when I was younger)
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Free Willy (had to include this, as was the first movie I owned)
-Napoleon Dynamite

Sarah Clapp's 10 Ten Films

1. Brazil
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
4. Wayne's World
5. Shaun of the Dead
6. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
7. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
8. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
9. Phil the Alien
10. Brain Candy

Andy's All Time Top Ten Favorite Movies

This was a very hard thing to do and took much longer than I ever imagined. I realized how long it was going to take when I had a list of 32 movies and was having trouble shaving some of them off. Even now I don’t know if this is completely accurate but here we go least favorite to most favorite.

10. Good Will Hunting
9. High Fidelity
8. The Count of Monte Cristo
7. The Big Lebowski
6. Pulp Fiction
5. Groundhog Day
4. Snatch
3. Boondock Saints
2. Shawshank Redemption
1. Fight Club

Bridget's Top Ten Favs

1. Crazy/Beautiful
2. Sex and the City (TV)
3. 24 (TV)
4. The Notebook, but I almost never watch it because it makes me cry.
5. Bring It On
6. Garden State
7. Finding Nemo
8. Cher Live in Concert... not really a movie or tv show, but it reminds me of my mom so I watch it like a favorite movie.
9. Wedding Crashers
10. Cruel Intentions

Annette's Top 10

My 10 favorite movies - in no particular order because it would be way to difficult to rank them.

1. The Goonies
2. Say Anything
3. Stand By Me
4. The Notebook
5. Cruel Intentions
6. Little Miss Sunshine
7. Pretty In Pink
8. Forrest Gump
9. Sixteen Candles
10. The Breakfast Club

Nikki's Top Ten

Just like many of you seem to be, I am a movie fiend and choosing my top ten favorite movies was not as easy as it sounded. Like Alysse, my favorite movies change depending on what mood I'm in or what my purpose for watching the movie is. So, here is a pretty solid list of movies that I enjoy watching a majority of the time with a breif description of what I like about each movie.

Reqiuem for a Dream
- I first saw this movie when I was thirteen years old and completely clueless about the world around me. It had such a strong impresion on me because I had never seen a film so straightforward and honest about drug use and how it can affect every body. Needless to say, it scared to crap out of me and changed many perspectives I had about the drug culture.

Garden State- The first time i saw this movie, I didn't think it was anything exceptional. I saw it for a second time this summer, and for some unknown reason, I fell in love with it. I like how the movie does not try to cover up the imperfections of the world, and instead focuses on the flaws and quirks that make each human being beautiful.

Edward Scissorhands- I am a sucker for classic love stories, and this is my favorite. Also, the way that the suburbs are portrayed is brilliant and comical, along with the way that people react to something different.

Thirteen- This is one of the most honest portrayals of the life of a thirteen year old girl. It doesn't focuses on the parts of a troubled girl's life that mass media and television shows choose not to cover due to controversy.

Team America- This movie is just hilarious. They weren't afraid to create a comical situation utterly close to the current disaster of global politics and the United States' assumed role in helping other nations. I think it took a lot of guts to put this movie out, especially as a sex driven comedy.

Trainspotting- I like this movie for many of the same reasons I enjoy Requiem for a Dream. I recently saw this movie, and thought it was a lighter portrayal of drug use but kept the message of how demanding drug addiction is.

Mean Girls- This movie is funny, yet has a great message about the brutality of high school politics. I think that every young girl should watch this movie in her early years of high school because it releases many stereotypes created in high school of certain groups of people.

Lord of the Rings- To be quite honest, the only two things I find amazing about these movies are Orlando Bloom and the special effects. Simple as that.

Rent- Although the movie does not by any means do the musical justice, I think the director did a great job in trying to recreate the energy and beauty of the musical. I love the message this musical tells: live each day as your last. The lyrics in Rent are phenomenal and a great reminder to see the possibilities in each day in the fast and busy culture of America.

Office Space- Everything about this movie is great to me. Every person in this movie resembles a key but classic friend, boss, or co worker many of us have had. I think a lot of people can relate to this movie; relate to the feeling of being stuck in a dead end job, desperate to get out of every day life. Just seeing some one rebel creates a slight feeling of freedom from the working world.

Jakes Top Ten

These are ten movies that I can watch over and over without getting sick of.

1. The Godfather
2. The Godfather II (Movies just don't get much better)
3. Almost Famous (Cameron Crowe Film; currently my favorite director)
4. Field of Dreams
5. Gladiator
6. Halloween (Classic)
7. Miracle
8. Rocky
9. The Shawshank Redemption
10. The Big Lebowski

There are probably a few that would fit in there before others that I'm not thinking of, but here it is.

Kristen's Top 10

Ten years can do a number on your taste. To prove it, here’s a list of my top fives -- in grade school, and in college.

1. Tremors
2. Robin Hood Men in Tights
3. Home Alone
4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the cartoons!)
5. The Neverending Story

1. Manhattan
2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
3. The Royal Tenenbaums
4. I <3 Huckabees
5. Angels in America

C'est la vie.

Moving Movies

Thank goodness a list of my top ten favorite movies is a much simpler process then if we were talking books!
I have to add the fact that though these are my top ten, there is no ranking of best to worst.... My world doesn't work that way! An extra note to readers: I dont usually remember names of movies, bands, or books. Ive seen a lot of great movies (and a lot of bad ones as well) so this list exists because I recall that I liked them AND remembered the name!
1) Big Trouble in Little China
2) The Color Purple
3) La Bamba
4) Welcome to the Doll House
5) Stand By Me
6) Untamed Heart
7) Boondock Saints
8) V for Vendetta
9) O' Pioneers
10) A tie between "The Last Unicorn" and "Dark Crystal"

Alysse's Top Ten (as of 9/10/06)

I was trying to think of some sort of theme to base my top ten movies on. What I came up with are my top ten movies that I watch based on who I am with or my mood. So here they are (but not in any order):

1. Breathless. My brother gave me this foreign film and I watch it when I am doing homework by myself. I watch it because it is background noise that I can't understand so I can focus on my work.
2. Garden State. I watch the movie when I want to be inspired.
3. The Little Mermaid. My favorite movie of all times. I just had to put it on my list. I can watch it in any mood with anyone.
4. Edward Scissor Hands. I watch it when I am in a want to be scared.
5. Sex and The City. I watch this when I am with my girls.
6. The Station Agent. I like to watch this movie when I want to jump into a different world.
7. Under the Eternal Sunshine. A movie I like to watch when I want to think deeper than the surface.
8. Cold Mountain. When I am in a sad mood.
9. Stand By Me. When I am sitting alone on the couch and find it flipping through the channels.
10. Four Way. This movie is actually in progress. My brothers, a bunch of other people, and I are still editing it.

Introductions/Top 10

I am usually so competent with the computer, and particularly the internet. This little blogging thing was alarmingly difficult for me though! I don't really have 10 FAVORITE movies, simply because I'm not a movie person. I don't have the attention span to sit for 90 minutes without getting up and doing something else at least once. Anyway, here are the 10 I watch repeatedly:

1. Stepmom-- cannot get enough of this stupid movie!
2. Best in Show
3. Copycat
4. Must Love Dogs-- I'm a girl and I like dorky romantic comedies, leave me alone!
5. Run Lola Run (auf Deutsch)
6. Mean Girls-- because it's true
7. Somethings Gotta Give
8. Pearl Harbor-- I love period movies and red lipstick
9. Wedding Crashers
10. Various Disney and Pixar movies (Finding Nemo etc)

My Top Ten, Nodira Ismoilova

Hey everyone! I had a difficult time coming up with only ten movies that I love. I think that any movie I choose to watch more than once I love for different reasons. A few of my most favorite are the movies I remember from my childhood. Growing up in my country, Tajikistan, we were exposed to movies from all over the world. In the USA if I want to find a foreign movie I have to track it down on the internet. They are not as readily available as the American made movies. Well, here it goes (in no particular order):

1.Sex & the City – I love the tribulations of the lives of the single women in the big city and friendships that become a journey through life.

2.Breakfast at Tiffany’s – I just love Audrey Hepburn, talk about a woman icon in the film industry.

3.Mary Poppins – The Russian version is more appealing to me, maybe because I grew up watching it.

4.For Richer or Poorer – There is something to be said about a good mindless comedy flick.

5.Memoirs of a Geisha – I don’t even know where to start…This movie just touches me on so many levels.

6.Diamond Arm (Russian movie, Brilliantovaya Ryka) – In my opinion, the best Russian comedy there ever was. This movie is about 30 years old and after 20 years of watching it, I still end up rolling on the floor from laughter.

7.I Love You (Hindu, Man Tyro Dyst Medoram) – A creation from Bollywood about love. Very sappy but I still love it.

8.Three Heroes (Hindu, Tri Dev) – Another creation from Bollywood with colorful music and dance that most Hindu movies possess and some action.

9.Run Lola Run – This movie kept me “on the edge of my seat? the whole time. Its complexity relayed to me the complexity behind the main character.

10.Finding Nemo – It is the cutest animated movie I have ever seen. I just love that little clown fish!

September 10, 2006

Intros / Top Ten

Top Ten Movies
(In no particular order)

Waiting for Guffman
Dr. Strangelove
Short Circuit
Monty Python's The Life of Brian
The Big Lebowski
Batman '66 -You may laugh now, but you'll laugh later when you watch it too!

Yea, that's a pretty ecclectic list. I haven't watched anything recently; I don't own a TV. Most of my viewing is something I've already seen or short internet vids.

Ali Havey's Top Ten

My Top Ten Movies:
Princess and the Warrior, Coffee and Cigarettes, Shanghai Triad, Nosferatu (1929), Zoolander, Pride and Prejudice (BBC), Run Lola Run, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Godfather, and Edward Scissorhands

Erica's Top Ten List

I love Movies very much so i will give you my top ten favorite Movies!!

10. Man In the Moon
9. Ghost
8. Adventures In Babysitting
7. Scarface
6. Blow
5. Uncle Buck
4. Ace Ventura Pet Detective
3. Cinderella Man
2. The Great Outdoors
1. Dirty Dancing

Hope everyone likes my top ten!!

Nicole's Top 10 List

5. SHREK 2

Maggie's Top 10 Movies and TV Shows

I really enjoy the world of media, and so I have many favorites. Here a a few that I can watch over and over in no particular order!

1. Gilmore Girls- TV (Dvd box sets are my lifesaver!)
2. Top Gun
3. Pretty Woman
4. Nip/Tuck- TV (Dvd sets once again)
5. Garden State
6. When Harry Met Sally
7. loveactually
8. The Sweetest Thing
9. Dirty Dancing
10. Ally McBeal-TV (Oldie but a goodie!)

Pang's top ten

Hello everyone!! Picking my top ten movies was actually harder than I thought it was. I'm not much of a movie person so hopefully this class will help change my perspective and give me more inspirations to hit the movie theater. Anyway here's my top ten:
1.) While You were Sleeping
2.) Crash
3.) Million Dollar Baby
4.) Memoirs of a Geisha
5.) Devdas
6.) Pretty Woman
7.) The Road Home
8.) My Best Friend's Wedding
9.) Treasure Haunt
10.) Ever After

Lisa's Top Ten

This sort of task is always extremely difficult for me because I always have a horrible time choosing favorites or even keeping track of the ones I like the most. Nevertheless, I managed to come up with a list of about 40 movies that I especially admire (still forgetting at least twice that many more of course). The list is continuously growing as well so I could easily have a new top ten within days. I’m really not a big movie junkie and comparably I don’t have that many movies I’ve actually seen, but the trouble is that I’ve noticed I’m somewhat hard to disappoint in this area. A lot of it really depends on what sort of genre I'm in the mood for and how open-minded I'm feeling at the time. So here’s the list of the ten classics in my mind that I couldn’t bring myself to delete from the list, definitely not in any particular order because it took me long enough to narrow it down and so many aren’t of comparable genres anyways.

- Pulp Fiction
- Grease
- Fight Club
- The Princess Bride
- American Beauty
- Se7en
- Gothika
- Donnie Darko
- Super Troopers
- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 9, 2006

GWSS Reading

I can't do the whole internet/blog class thing and I already bought the packet so if anyone still needs one send me an e-mail. You can get it for $25. weat0029@umn.edu

Mikaela's Top Ten Movies and TV Shows

I'm sure that I've forgotten some amazing movies and shows, but so far these have to be the best...

1- Sex and the City: I know the shows been over for awhile, but it's just too fun to not put at the top of my list.
2- Garden State: because I love Zach Braff.
3- Requiem for a Dream: and Jared Leto.
4- Desperate Housewives
6- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: I had to watch it a few times...but I like movies that you have to put together piece by piece.
7- Napolean Dynamite: Yes, I'll admit it, this movie makes me laugh.
8- American History X: Edward Norton is the best.
9- Donnie Darko
10- Fight Club

Top Ten TV and Movies

10. Men of Honor
This movie portrays overcoming a huge amount of adversity by Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character and it's very interesting to watch because of the reality of the situation he is facing.

9. My Fair Lady
Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses and I think this is a great classic movie.

8. Friends
This show can always make me laugh, and did for then seasons straight. It was a very successful comedy.

7. Miracle
True stories make great movies.


5. Inside Man
I am a big fan of movies that don't allow you to figure out the plot until the end; this is one of them. It's a fairly new movie but worth watching.

4. Saving Private Ryan
This movie gives me a good idea of what World War II was like and gives a sense of what feelings the soldiers were experiencing.

3. Hable Con Ella
Pedro Almodovar directed this movie and although it's in Spanish, it is a great movie and poses a lot of questions for discussion. If you haven't seen it, or any of his movies, rent it soon!

2. Remember the Titans
I love this movie because it deals with racial issues and how they were overcome to be successful.

1. Ocean's Eleven
This movie is brilliant; it has a great plot and an all-star cast.

Kelsey's Top 10 Movies

For me there is no specific quality a movie needs in order to be considered good. Because of that, my list has a little variety and no particular order!

-A Knight's Tale
-Toy Story
-Remember the Titans
-Fight Club
-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
-A Christmas Story
-Finding Neverland
-Forrest Gump
-Big Daddy

Liz's Top Ten List

In No Particular Order...
-Ferris Bueller's Day Off
-Life As A House
-My Girl
-The Forsyte Saga
-Untamed Heart
-The Object Of My Affection
-Good Will Hunting
-Picture Perfect
-Ordinary Heroes
...and many, many more...

Lara's Top Ten Movie List

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an easier time getting to this point than I did! This is my very first blog - and I feel like I should warn you...One of the main reasons I took this course is that I am the opposite of a 'movie buff'. I rarely go to the movies - I haven't ever seen some of the classics (The Godfather and others). So here's my list - I hope to improve it over the course of this semester!
(Not in specific order)
1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2. Star Wars (Episodes 4,5,6)
3. 10 Things I Hate About You
4. The Wizard of Oz
5. Kill Bill (1&2)
6. Big Fish
7. Love Actually
8. Moulin Rouge
9. Empire Records
10.Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Claire's Top Ten List

How can anyone pick just 10 movies that they like?? Here is a list of a few that I have come up with, but it changes all the time.
1. Old School - crude and hilarious humor
2. When Harry Met Sally - classic
3. Mulan - I saw someone else likes this movie - yay! - by far my favorite Disney movie
4. Moonstruck - Cher at her greatest
5. The Notebook - Oh the sappiest of all time, but always great when you need it
6. Under the Tuscan Sun - I love Diane Lane, and setting is beautiful
7. Space Balls - I watched this all the time as a kid, and it has probably greatly influenced my humor
8. Reality Bites - the scene where they act out Steve Zahn coming out to his parents is HI-larious and timeless
9. The Parent Trap - Jodie Foster version...I don't know why I love it, but it has happened
10. Everone Says I Love You - I am a fan of Woody Allen, and the classic songs are always entertaining
I am sure there are more...but these are the ones that are always playing at my house when I need a break. Happy Weekend!

Jillian Schwantz's Top 10

It is really hard to think of just a “Top 10? list of movies, especially when there are so many movies to consider! I know I have a few favorites that I try to watch on a daily basis, but I am a little picky when it comes to a top 10 list of what films I love and hate. I know that no matter what film comes out on the market, no film can ever replace my person favorite film “American Beauty.? This movie allows me to feel the everyday problems of not only society, but also of myself and all with whom I am close with. This movie digs deep into the characters and people of America. My second favorite film of all time is “Goodfellas? by Scorcese. This film also initiates its characters with such grace, and allows the viewer to feel as though this story is their story. Most importantly, I hate traditional gangster films, but this film was so pleasantly entertaining and interesting. My third favorite film would have to be “Almost Famous.? This film was very popular with teen audiences, and I think this is because it allows the viewer a chance to be a dreamer. For all those who love music, art, hippies, and writing; this film truly reaches out to the stereotypical young indulgent mind.
I also recently saw the film “V for Vendetta,? and I loved it very much. It was a movie that challenges government and the issue of fear and surveillance. And as every film student knows, surveillance is a widely discussed issues in many film courses. “V for Vendetta? challenges the government and unique ideas, as well as the film “Fahrenheit 911,? which was largely criticized by the American people. However, I loved “Fahrenheit 911,? and I love Michael Moore. I love people who make you think about things with a different point of view. It is best not to always like the popular idea, because it distracts you from the truth. And film, especially independent film, is usually not the popular idea or the popular truths. However, some independent films can really bore me, and can be just plain sloppy and silly. For instance the movie “Me, You, and Everyone we Know? was pointless and way too silly.
The types of films I loathe the most are action flicks. This genre of film is often times poorly written because of the fact that the international market for film supersedes the value of a good action film. If a movie can be translated in many different languages, and be understood by all cultures, it will be popular because of its exporting demand. Movies like, “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,? “Pirates of the Caribbean,? and “Mission Impossible,? were all prime examples of a film going bad because of too many sequels and export demand. The movie “Fight Club? is probably one of the only action films I can tolerate because it actually has a plot that was creatively constructed.

Whitney's Top Ten

Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

- crash
- v for vendetta
- boondock saints
- pretty woman
- a christmas story
- moulin rouge
- pride & prejudice
- 50 first dates
- eurotrip
- thelma & louise

September 8, 2006

Tegan's Top Ten Movies

My top ten in no particular order.
1. Amelie
2. Rushmore
3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
4. Rope
5. Run Lola Run
6. Ghost World
7. West Side Story
8. The Princess Bride
9. Adaptation
10. Waking Life

This was hard to narrow down. Honorable mentions go to Better Off Dead and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Loved Movies
1. My Best Friend's Wedding
2. 50 First Dates
3. The Fast And The Furious
4. Good Will Hunting
5. Gladiator
6. The Wedding Singer
7. Star Wars (Old Trilogy)
8. Finding Nemo
9. Ever After
10. Troy

Top 10 Most Disliked Movies
1. From Dusk Until Dawn
2. Hellraiser
3. Wolf Creek
4. Eyes Wide Shut
5. Dark Crystal
6. A Clockwork Orange
7. Sin City
8. King Pin
9. Gacy
10. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

A.J.'s Top Ten List

In no particular order
~The Thing (1982)
~Mary Poppins
~Blue Velvet
~Annie Hall
~McCabe and Mrs. Miller
~Boogie Nights
~The Lady Eve
~Hoop Dreams

Rachel L's top 10 movies and TV shows

1. Seinfeld (TV)
2. Curb your enthusiasm (TV)
3. South Park (TV)
4. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
5. Best in Show
6. Star wars (4,5 and 6)
7. Newsradio (TV)
8. The Office (TV)
9. Project Runway (TV)
10. Dumb and Dumber

Kelly's Top Ten

These are my fav's (in no particular order)
1. The Big Chill
2. Whale Rider
3. The Celebration (Danish film)
4. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (a classic!)
5. Pollock
6. Bowling For Columbine
7. Angela's Ashes
8. Iron Jawed Angels
9. That was Then, This is Now
10. Proof

Lisa's Top Ten

Hi! I'm Lisa, and I like doing things. I love to read science fiction and sociology/cultural works, I also write, sew clothes, dance and volunteer at Arise! bookstore (for all your radical and progressive needs). And here's my list of movies!
1. Blade Runner - Science fiction movie based off a novel by one of my favorite authors.
2. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - My favorite Wes Anderson creation. Plus I once wanted to be a marine biologist!
3. Pulp Fiction - It really makes you feel like your reading a pulp.
4. Mulan - A female not winning hearts by being the prettiest.
5. Pi - I love math.
6. Eraserhead - I went off meat after this one.
7. Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind - Wow
8. Unbreakable - My favorite Shyamalan film, I guess for it's exploration of comic book themes.
9. Lost in Translation - Man goes to Orient, does not find peace.
10. Spirited Away - I love Miyazaki and this one about a girl torn from what she has always known is really touching.

Well that's it! I probably left off a few that I like even more, but that always happens when I think about making lists.

Chelsea Marie's Top Ten Films

1. 8 Women directed by Francois Ozon
2. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg directed by Jacques Demy (I am truly in love with Catherine Deneuve)
3. M directed by Fritz Lang
4. Breathless directed by Jean-Luc Godard
5. Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade directed by Steven Spielberg
6. If These Walls Could Talk 2 directed by Jane Anderson and Martha Coolidge
7. Secret Ballot directed by Babek Payami
8. Two Women directed by Tamineh Milani
9. Jules et Jim directed by Francois Truffaut
10. Breakfast at Tiffany's directed by Blake Edwards

I didn’t realize my top ten list would consist primarily of foreign film till I really put some thought into it. I had to leave out some of my favorites because I didn’t want a list of Catherine Deneuve classics.

Top 10 Movies

OK, here it goes... After many complications with this site, this is my first blog entry. I feel like this class is definately going to give me a little more knowledge about technology. :)

Top 10 Movies
1. Almost Famous
2. Se7en
3. Usual Suspects
4 The Sentinel
5. The Notebook
6. Wedding Crashers
7. A Cool, Dry Place
8. Vanilla Sky
9. The Princess Bride
10. Pirates of the Carribean

Top 10 Movies I Own

1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
2. Harry Potter 4
3. Ocean's 11
4. Harry Potter 3
5. Mona Lisa Smile
6. Pirates of the Carribean
7. The Bourne Identity
8. Runaway Bride
9. Finding Nemo
10. Twister

Sex and the City would be number one because I own the entire series but, unfortunately, it isn't a movie.

For all you John Mayer fans out there:
His new CD, Continuum, comes out on tuesday 9/12!

Jen's Top Ten

Hey Everyone,
My name is Jen, and this is my Top Ten (In no particular order):
1.The Way We Were
2.Sabrina (Original Version)
3.Little Miss Sunshine
4.Pretty Woman
5.Mystic Pizza
6.Pretty in Pink
8.The Godfather
10.Dirty Dancing

Allison's Top 10

Top 10 Favorite movies (no real order)
The Princess Bride
The Rules of Attraction
Mighty Ducks 2
Remember the Titans
Monsoon Wedding
Wedding Crashers
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Alicia's Top 10

(10) Every movie made in the 80's I grew up on these!
(9) The Patriot I have a not so secret crush on Mel
(8) V for Vendetta
(7) Matrix Trilogy
(6) Enemy of the State/Gladiator I love them both the same I can't choose.
(5) Color Purple
(4) LOTR Trilogy
(3) Star Wars All 6
(2) Pulp Fiction Tarantino's movies are AWESOME! But more importantly I am a HUGE fan of Samuel L. Jackson ...he looks exactly like my dad

and my number one, all time favorite movie that I watch over and over and over is...

(1) The Godfather Trilogy!!!!! I am so obsessed with Vito and the bunch!

September 7, 2006

Alex Browns Top 10

Wet Hot American Summer
Punch Drunk Love
Nightmare Before Chirstmas
Howl's Moving Castle
Encino Man
Three Kings
R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet
Pootie Tang
Jingle All The Way
Ghost Dad

These movies are not in any particular order, or are they.

Renee's Top Ten Favorite Movies and TV Shows

1.) House (TV)
2.) Anchorman
3.) Sixteen Candles
4.) Triston and Isolde
5.) Friends (TV)
6.) Troy
7.) Seabiscuit
8.) Ever After
9.) Elf
10.) Phenomenon

It is so hard to pick only ten favorites when there are so many good movies and TV shows out there. These are my top ten favorites..... for now, but probably only until I see another movie/TV show or remember one that isn't coming to the top of my head right now

Jade's Top Ten

2)Imitations of Life
3)The Brothers (Morris Chestnut)
4)The Village
6)Soul Plane
7)Two Can Play that Game (Morris Chestnut)
8)Love and Basketball
9)Brown Sugar
10) Ladder 49 (Morris Chestnut

Steph's Top 10- TV and Movies

1. Grey's Anatomy- TV
2. Some Like it Hot
3. The Little Mermaid
4. Boondock Saints
5. Breakfast at Tiffany's
6. Anchorman
7. You, Me and Everyone We Know
8. Sports Center- TV
9. The Office- TV
10. Serendipity

This was actually rather difficult. I know that there are movies that I could watch over and over again but could not remember them to save my life. Besides, it all depends on your mood. I will not miss Grey's Anatomy for anything and often subject my roommates to it. Other than that, if these are not the top 10, they are all high up on my list!

Steve's Favorite Channels

I don't watch a lot of tv mainly because I'd rather be out doing things than sitting in wherever. If my name didn't give it away, I am a guy. I can attest that this list is accurate and truthfull! So don't try to call me out later for not including the Spice Channel in my list, that would have been number 11 incase you were wondering. -Is he joking?

Here's a list of the tv channels I watch most frequently.

1. Comedy Central - I like to laugh.
2. Discovery Channel - I like to learn, plus I have a crush on Carrie from Myth Busters.
3. History Channel - History can be Interesting too!
4. CNN - I'm a journalism major so I'm a bit of a news junkie.
5. ESPN - What guy doesn't watch some sports?
6. G4 tv - They talk about new technology, gadgets and games, all of which I find facinating.
7. Spike tv - There's nothing like sitting on your couch with a bag of cheetos after class and watching "The Worlds Scariest Police Chases."
8. Cartoon Network - I still got a little bit of kid left in me.
9. NBC - This channel hosts my favorite idol... Conan O'brien! Damn! I love that guy.
10. Food Network - Watching other people cook successfully is a constant reminder of all of my failures in the kitchen.

That was actually tougher than I thought it would be. I didn't think I could make it to a full 10. I should really watch more tv.

Extended: When I write something here where does it go?

Rachel's Top Ten List

It seems people are having trouble doing this post. Not sure why folks can't log in, but I've emailed the UThink man and he'll get us going. I planned to show you step by step in class (and still will next week, if need be) but here goes what a post should/could look like:

1. The Professional
2. Say Anything
3. Breakfast Club
4 I Like It Like That
5.Senorita Extraviada
6. Nobody's Business
7. Every Mother's Son
9. CSI, Law & Order type shows, even Forensic Files and the First 48
10. ER (I love to rent the whole season DVDs and watch episode after episode


You could post with more details (and links, if you can figure it out):

Hollywood / Indie movies:

1. The Professional (also called Leon) - action, assasinations, and love
sort of love story where milk drinking assassin falls in love with pre-pub teen

2. Say Anything - John Cusack is my man
"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen!"

3. Breakfast Club - didn't you have to go to detention in high school?

4. I Like It Like That - a Puerto Rican ghetto girl story where the girl doesn't have to leave the hood to make a better life. she gets a job and uses her mind

Indie documentaries that I LOVE:
5. Senorita Extraviada - poetic visions on video incite political action

6. Nobody's Business - brilliant doc

7. Every Mother's Son - moving story about nypd corruption and mothers who organize

TV Shows I Can't Live Without:
8. HGTV - I don't own a house, don't paint, aren't too crafty, don't have any money, but LOVE these shows

9. CSI, Law & Order type shows, even Forensic Files and the First 48 - I get sucked in, I do

10. ER (I love to rent the whole season DVDs and watch episode after episode, especially the early seasons