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Annette's Top 10

My 10 favorite movies - in no particular order because it would be way to difficult to rank them.

1. The Goonies
2. Say Anything
3. Stand By Me
4. The Notebook
5. Cruel Intentions
6. Little Miss Sunshine
7. Pretty In Pink
8. Forrest Gump
9. Sixteen Candles
10. The Breakfast Club


Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles have always been perfect girls night in movies for me:) I'm a huge fan of Cruel Intentions and I think I forgot it on my list. Before I saw The Notebook I was super skeptical because of all the hype and pretty determined I would think it sucked and couldn't help but love it.

I love the movie Goonies! It brings me back to my childhood. I have not seen it in a long time. Now that I am reminded of it I am going to go rent it. This movie rocks!