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Modern Feminist: Women Should Ask

I love the "Modern Feminist" from Vidlicious! I have watched a few of her vlogs and I love them. She films herself and others realistically. She doesn't try to make herself into something she's not. Mostly, she takes situations and events and thinks about them from a feminist perspective. I love the fact that she uses the feminist lens for everything she blogs or vlogs about. She points out things that aren't always common sense until you notice it.

In this blog that I chose, she talks about a book she read called Women Don't Ask. She also gives an example of a time when she did ask and got what she wanted with a parking ticket. Her lessen with this vlog was a message to women: ask and you shall recieve. Her videos are hand held shots the whole time and they focus on her face. I think what I like about her most is her honesty. She talks about everyday issues and very simple things that women can do to close the wage gap etc. I absolutely love her!

You can find more from her at: http://modernfeminist.com
The blog I chose is at: http://mirror4.video.blip.tv/BShoot-WomenShouldAsk341.mov