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The story the man tells in this vlog is a very sad one. He talks about how his neighbor dies at home after fighting a disease for a long time. He doesn’t say what the disease was but gives the impression that he was not old. He accentuates the somber mood with slow sad music and some interesting camera angles. His video shows only shots of the rain falling on a railing. He shows a variety of different zooms and sometimes leaves it out of focus. The way he chooses his style really helps show how he feels about what happened with his neighbor. The vlog he posted is his way of sending them flowers because he says that flowers won’t do anything for him now. If it were me I would much rather have somebody do something like this for me than to send my family flowers. I think he did the right thing. I chose this vlog because I think it actually has a real message and inspiration unlike so many other vlogs I view before this one.

vlog: http://pouringdownpictures.com/neighbors.mov