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I watched the two-hundred and ninth episode of a vlog called Beach Walks With Rox. It was entitled "What if Everybody Did What They Loved?" From a feminist standpoint, the video was constructive and positive. The entire vlog was an interview with this woman who had switched careers when she was 53. She quit her desk job and learned to make things out of wood. The vlog included her personal story, her recommendations for other women trying to either switch careers or learn to work with wood, shots of some of her finished products, and two tips for solving common problems that one might run into when working with wood. I find this vlog to be constructive from a feminist standpoint because it tells the story of a woman who learned a skill and then began to enjoy her life significantly more. I think learning skills is part of the solution to the problem of low self esteem that plagues so many women. The two women in the vlog did not represent an unrealistic standard of beauty. Unfortunately, this vlog is really only accessible to middle to upper class women. In order to watch this vlog you must be wealthy enough to access high speed internet and take the time out of your day to watch Beach Walks with Rox. A class boundary is also present in Beach Walks With Rox in the way that It tells the story of a woman who was able to achieve happiness through something as simple as switching careers. The vlog did not mention a way for women to fulfill their dreams if they are not financially capable of quitting their jobs, buying woodworking tools, learning to woodwork, and making products. But all of the classes need feminist friendly media, so I still think its good that this is out there. It's just nice when you can be a feminist and fight the class war at the same time.
Unfortunately, this vlog is not nearly as good at being a film as it is at being pro-feminist. It is made with handheld camera and microphone and some simple editing equipment. This alone does not make for a poor quality piece of film. However, the vlog was almost entirely the same two-shot, except for cuts to go to montages of the woodworkers' handiwork and tools. The creator of the vlog did not make use of continuity editing, and a few of the cuts were very jumpy and jarring. Combined with the lethargic pace of the interview, these elements created a slow film that is hard to focus on in its entirety. But then again, I don't work with wood or take beach walks, so maybe I'm just the wrong audience for this vlog.


I think this is a good way for women to boost confidence. Watching this vlog could help them boost their confidence and will inspire them to try learning new skills.

Learning new skills will help them boost confidence and not stuck up to that low self esteem woman.

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