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I watched a couple of vlogs on personal narratives and other educational vlogs but I came upon this vlog that was about poverty and it really touched me. This vlog was made by an individual as an assignment for one of her class. This vlog is consisted of a slide show of a collection of images and words which includes facts and statistics about poverty. I thought the images that were being display were extremely disturbing and thought provoking. The images did an excellent job at portraying poverty. I thought it was pretty affective when the pictures were being zoomed in because it gave us the chance to see the picture at a closer view, which gives us the chance to really connect with the pictures. In some of the pictures that were being shown, they were taken from a long shot, mid shot, medium close up and big close up angle. It was also very affective that the pictures were pause for a couple of second for you to really digest the meaning of it. When looking at these pictures you can see the struggles and the pain that poor people have to endure, I don’t think anyone can look at these pictures and not feel anything. There were a couple of pictures that just wanted to make me cry, you don’t realize how much poverty can hurt people until you see it visually. Films like this make you realize how fortunate you are just to have a roof over your head and food on the table. Poverty is an important and emotional issue which should be taken seriously.

Additionally when displaying the slide shows of pictures the director used a song called “If Everyone Cared? to help her convey her messages about poverty. The song played a critical role because it made her film more emotional and more moving. This is one of my first time watching vlogs on line and I think it's great that people can use it as a sorce to send out positive messages, generally speaking this was a great vlog. Overall, I thought the photographs were mesmerizing, heartbreaking and more. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.