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ok so maybe its just me but I don't get it. It seems as though anything can be put up on a vlog, and there usually is no point to it. This one for example has to be the worst thing I have ever seen. As a big Lord of the Rings fan I was kind of offended by it. Not really but it was so painful to watch cause it wasnt funny and it was ruining something I really enjoy. Other vlogs have great stories, peoples personal opinions, stories and are really fascinating. then there are the vlogs that are just tuly funny, and the ones, like this one which are just not funny at all and I wonder why it was even made. For the most part I'm just not understanding the vlog world. Is it meant to be a simple, easy to access oulet for art? In which case I guess it works but there are so many different vlogs some with artistic intentions, some just there to pass the time and who knows what else. I think that if i wanted to promote my art, a vlog wouldnt be the way I would pick, its too much work to have to sift through all the different vlogs to find something of serious artistic quality. not that most of the vlogs are crap, its just many are funny or just ways to pass the time. they arent meant to be a form of artistic expression. or perhaps they are and I just cant quite appreciate them. regardless, i'm still not understanding the vlog movement.