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Boys Don't Cry, Pierce's Accountability

When Kimberly Pierce decided that this story was one that inspired her enough to make a movie about it she assumed the responsibility of being responsible for its outcome. A story such as Boys Dont Cry requires alot of research and accuracy to ensure that the "real story" behind the film is acurately portrayed. Of course in a Hollywood film directors are often expected to take some creative license, because even the most dramatic real life stories can always be made a little more dramatic in Hollywood, but back to my initial point... When Kimberly Pierce made Boys Dont Cry she became responsible for just about every aspect of the film from the initial research of the story, and Teena Brandon to the inteseness of the final rape/murder scenes. It was her project from the beginning, and as with something that someone/anyone takes onand wants there name to be on you are responsible for the content of that work. I read an article that discussed how the members of the towns portrayed in the movies were upset with the movie because of their portrayal as biggot, drunk, idiots. It is that kind of backlash that Pierce should be held accountable for. She also gets the pleasure of getting the credit for the positive things surrounding the film such as Swanks Academy Award. Its a double edged sword, but I do think that Pierce is and should be responsible for the films content, and criticism and praise.