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I just wanted to share with you guys a interesting thing that happened to me yesterday... After class yesterday I met up with some people from my church to do what we call theology on Tap. We meet at a bar and basically talk about our faith, weird I know but thats what we do. So at the meeting I was talking to a man from another church that participates and he mentioned that he was recently down in Mexico doing some mission work. I probbed and asked where? He said he had been in Juarez. I stopped and being me went off about how I had just earlier in the day seen a really intense film about missing girls/women in Juarez and how big of a problem it was in their community. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked if we could possibly be talking about different Juarez, Mexico's. He said he had heard nothing like that while he was there, and was sure that he would have in his month long stay. It really made me think about the politics of the film, and whats truly being done to help the situation and protect the women of Juarez. Why do outsiders not hear about these things, espeially after being there for a whole month? He also told me that he spoke Spanish. I could believe that in he had heard nothing about this tragedy. It was just an eye opener to me that films really can bring awareness to subjects that may not otherwise have gotten exposure. It was just ironic that the two times in my life I have been exposed to Juarez they were in the same day and on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. I passed my new knowledge on to him, and encouraged him to maybe do a little research or watch the film before heading back down there next time. Thats it, just thought I would share.


believe me - it's not weird. my husband meets with his friends from church almost everyday of the week in different groups. they do a men's group, a family/relationships group, a bible study group...

and yes, it is sad (beyond sad) that after so many years and so many lives lost so many don't know anything about these women. it speaks to the "value" certain people (bodies) have in society. being poor and brown doesn't make the media pay attention.

the film is available in the LRC in Walter (east bank). encourage more to go and watch it!