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This documentary was amazing. I'm just picking up the basics of film analysis in this class, so I still basically judge films by the gut feeling I get from watching them. This one gave me a stomach ache. I've been thinking about it a lot. I knew nothing about Juarez before I saw this film, and I'm glad to be a little informed about the atrocities that are happening there.
But I'm also frustrated. This film left me aching for vigilante justice. After watching it I found myself thinking that I should go to Juarez, single-handedly figure out who is murdering these women, and kill all the responsible parties. But then of course I realized that that would never work, that it would be me, one person, fighting a systemic and widespread problem. Basically impossible. That left me feeling powerless. I could give money to the organization that is trying to help families in Juarez, and I support that organization, but what I really want is direct action. Something I can physically do that would create tangible results. I guess that's my frustration in feminism as a whole. I'm committed wholeheartedly to this war for equality. I want to fight it on a large scale but I don't know how. Changing my own life has helped me personally and I feel strong in my sex and gender, but now I want to change the system so that it fits everyone and is open to difference. I find myself wishing that the patriarchy was a physical thing, or just a handful of people, so that I could destroy it. But its not, and I don't know how to fight these massive social and systemic problems alone. Not that I'm alone in this battle, I'm lucky to know many strong women that I respect and admire. I guess I just feel like theory and discussion and thinking have gotten me as far as they can, and now I need to act. But what do I do?


Most of the time, I feel exactly the same way you do. Especially when I am leaving a class that deals with controversial issues such as the situation in Juarez. Learning about all of the terrible things that are going on in the world definitely leaves me feeling powerless. The only thing that helps me out is the fact that by getting an education we are equipping ourselves with what we need to be able to make a difference. Because damn, there's a lot that needs change.