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I watched this documentary in a class last year and was shocked and appalled with the situation in Juarez. I have been there twice with my church and never heard anything about the crimes. It's amazing how corrupt governments can become when the wrong people gain the upper hand. The most shocking thing to me is that although 80% of the maquiladoras are owned by the United States, we do nothing to stop it (unless of course a U.S. citizen is in danger.) Our countires leaders claim to be doing all in their power to stop terrorism and to help mankind but because the situation in Mexico involves low income women, they do nothing. Sometimes, I wish that I didn't even know about what goes on in the world because it is so dispicable and as Angeline said, I feel powerless. It's amazing what the human race is capable of.
But on the other hand, situations like the one in Juarez gives the people and the women of the world a reason to stand up and tell the world that we will not tolerate this treatment. Even if the United States has recognized the female gender as equal to the male, many other countries have not. Being privaledged women, we need to make a difference for those who are not as lucky. I don't believe this documentary's purpose was to depress all that watch it. I think it was meant to show us how much work needs to be done and to motivate us to act.