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Reality TV Post

Recently I watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model. The show is hosted by Tyra Banks and is about women who want to become models. Each episode they are given a different modeling task. This particular episode they were made into things from the side show at the circus. The point was to make them look ugly and still take good pictures. To add to this drama they all live together in a big house and fight amongst each other often. At the end of each episode they are judged by Tyra and few others and the person that did the worst job with their shoot is kicked off the show and everybody cries for a while. The thing that got me about this show is a look into what modeling actually is. Most of the girls on that show, even the ones that are considered the best, are in my eyes, not as gorgeous as you think when you hear supermodel. The thing that gets me the most is that when they get all made up in fancy clothing and have their pictures taken, the pictures look great. This means too things are going on. The beauty of these women lays on the expensive make-ups and props and that there is a bunch of computer stuff going on after the picture is actually taken. I knew these things were going on but actually seeing it happen really made me realize. The bad part about this is some girls/women are looking at supermodels as role models for how to look. And likewise men look at supermodels as the way they want their wife to look. The problem comes in because there isn’t a possible way for a real person to look like this all the time. It is an impossibility and so some women are striving for something that can not be accomplished. Its fine if they want to make their pictures up all fancy with computers but it is unhealthy for almost everybody to look at.