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Reality TV "The Girls Next Door"


The Reality TV show entitled “The Girls Next Door? is a show in which cameras follow around three playmates, Bridget, Kendra, and Holly, as they live their lives in the playboy mansion. All three of the women are about the same height, have long smooth and shiny blonde hair and have all admitted to having boob jobs. The three playmates act like they are ‘above’ everyone else in the sense that they are the queens of their castle, the playboy mansion. The three women have three different personalities. Bridget is the girly girl who loves the color pink, cute little animals, and talks in a very high pitch voice. Kendra is the athletic girl who loves to talk about sports and can be seen as the “bitchy? girl who is often times complaining. Holly is the “housewife? type girl who wears pearls and acts as a mother figure to the other two girls and is shown to be actually dating Hefner. Even though the women are shown to be more then one dimensional, none of the women cook, do any housework or work of any kind so they can be seen to be utterly ‘useless’ without their looks which is the only thing that the women need to worry about. The main thing that these three women have in common is that in the show they are constantly showing off their bodies in some form or another in every outfit that they wear, which illustrates the shows dominant male gaze. To sum up the type of people that are on the show these four main characters all share the same intersectionality by being all white, rich, and straight. Iris Marion Young’s article “The Scaling of Bodies? is a perfect article to explain this TV show’s situation of narrowing down the ‘acceptable’ appearance of women to a slim minority. The three women are shown as the perfect example of what sexy women ‘should’ look like and how in effect these women should act. There are no women on the show that are above as size 4 in pant size and below a C-cup in bra size. The way that these women are ranked is only on the appearance of their bodies. Even though Bridget, Kendra, and Holly are each shown to have different personalities whenever Hefner is in the room all the women kiss him, smile at him, and agree with whatever he says or tells them to do. The episode that I chose to watch was one called “Fight Night? in which the playboy mansion hosts a night of boxing matches and invites all kinds of sports people and celebrities. During “Fight Night? the women literally transform into objects or animals (the bunny) when they put on their bunny costumes and pose for the cameras while holing signs that say “Round One? or “Round Two? of the boxing match. In one scene where a male sports star approaches Hefner to shake his hand he completely blows of the three women even when they look at him and smile as they shake his hand. The ironic part of this scene was that Hefner had no idea who the man was and Kendra the sports fanatic had followed this man’s career and was just dying to meet him. However since Kendra was a playboy bunny the man obviously treated her as an unimportant object and passed her by in order to talk to Hefner. Another aspect of this episode is that the outer appearance of the women boxers and the playboy bunnies are bluntly compared when Hefner’s old girlfriend from the 60’s says to her sex therapist, “Are those girls?? while pointing to the women boxers. This section of the show sends the message that if you don’t look like a playboy bunny then you will be assumed to be more masculine then feminine. In this episode along with appearance discrimination there is age discrimination. Hefner admits to not dating women over the age of 24. This sends a message to the viewer that being young is always seen as better then being older because men like younger women better than older women. Another aspect of the show is that no males are shown on screen unless there is an attractive woman in the same shot. This further proves the male gaze dominates the show’s production.
The film theory aspects of the show enhance the beauty of the women. There is always high-key lighting that allows the women’s bodies to be shown off in every shot. There is also some backlighting used in one scene with the playmate Bridget where she is shown as particularly innocent with a halo of light surrounding her long blonde hair coming from an open window in her pink themed room. A Long shot and a medium close-up shot are the main types of camera techniques used. The long shot allows the women’s full bodies to be seen from head to toe and the close-up shot is used during the commentary of the women who talk directly at the camera in a type of interview/diary part of the show where they share their feelings about what is going on at the moment. Medium close-up shots are used rather than close-up shots because the viewer ‘has’ to be able to see the playmate’s breasts in every scene, even in the commentary part of the show. Also a high angle shot is used most often when the playmates are in a scene so that the viewer can see more of the upper cleavage and down into the playmate’s shirts, allowing the viewer to have a voyeuristic gaze. Directive sound or live sound is used because the TV show is shot like a documentary where the cameras follow the subjects around filming them at all times.


Hi. I watch and love this show...I'm sorry but what did you think this show was about? It takes place at the play boy mansion what did you think the woman were gonna look like?
And one of the girls actually has a degree, and kendra is dumb but she knows who she is and doesnt back down from anything, she is strong willed and I'm sorry but your telling me that if you looked like these girls you wouldn't wear skimpy outfits and lfaunt your shit...I would...I am a large girl and I would if I had the body flaunt it. I think that these girls stand up for who they are and I am glad that they are on tv...I will continue to watch!!!!

I agree with you 100% I am a black woman, who is a mom, and after having my son, gained 20pds. I used to watch the show in shear amazement at how 'perfect' these women seemed to be. I never even see them argue not even a disagreement. And how ther is always some fabulous party to attend and numerous reasons to be nude, or wear revealing clothes. They are always so freakin happy about everything. It does make me feel that if you are white, blonde, skinny and with big breasts ,life is great, and wonderful if you hand around the right circle of people and end op landind the biggest cash cow of your life...Hugh Hefner

Just to let you know, Bridget has not had breast implants! And I love the show!

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first off, they arent playmates if your dating hef, you cant be one.
second, they are doing stuff with their lives. bridget has a degree and holly is interning at playboy so she can be an editor some day, the only reason you are typing this is because on that ONE episode you saw you were probably jealous because you wont look like that. do you honestly think that holly, bridget, or kendra can eat what ever they want and not exercize? no. on almost every episode of the show, kendra is working her ass off to keep it how it is. you need to get more sorces before you judge people just because they are in the magazine or wear revealing clothes does not mean that they should be descriminated against. by hating all playmates or people in the magazine, thats being predijust. thats no different than saying you hate black people or white people. if you dont know them, dont write crap about them on the internet.

Actually, this article analyzes and captures the show's essence perfectly. You morons keep talking about how jealous this writer is, but did you think for a second how ridiculous it is that these girls are seen as icons or heroes to women? Seriously, just because their only job is to keep their asses nice and tight doesnt make them hard working. theyre spoiled bitches, and they need some real jobs.

Everyone is titled to their own opinion. Everyone is also entitled to live their lives in whichever way they wish to. To look hot, have big boobs, date Hef, and be rich is a life style choice and if it's not for you, then that's ok. But just because you dont believe that is the way to live, it's no ones right to put them down. For the first person who wrote a message: your talking about them acting like their better than everyone else but here you are calling them down as if you think your better than them because of their lifestyle. Just cuz it's not for you doesnt mean it's a bad way to live. People need to quit analyzing things so much. who cares that their white, blonde, and hot. get over it.
In summary "to each their own" and find something better to talk about. There are more important things in life.

first bridget has not had implants she has a degree and is not dumb. Holly is interning so she can be an editor and, Kendra may act dumb, hell she may even be dumb but u have no right to talk shit about ANY of them so shut ur mouth and they are hot and can flaunt their bodies if they want thats their choice its none of ur concern so do us all a favor if ur near a tall building JUMP OFF!!!!

May I point out that The Girls next door has a mainly female following (my boyfriend grimaces every time I make him watch it with me) and that Bridget was born September 25, 1973, making her 36--and STILL hef's gf?

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