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So, over the weekend I relaxed a bit and saw the film Evelyn (starring Pierce Brosnan).
I basically saw this movie because I always meant to see it, but I never got around to do it… and I highly recommend seeing it—the story was very beautiful, and Evelyn was so talented, innocent, and sweet.

(made in 2002) It’s based on the true story of a man, Desmond Doyle, in Ireland in 1953. Directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy, Double Jeopardy )and written by Paul Pender (it looks like it’s his first major project).

In the beginning, Doyle’s wife leaves him for another man, his three young children (Evelyn, Dermot, and Maurice) are taken away from him (and sent to separate orphanages, one for Evelyn, and another for the boys) because the law prohibits him to raise them in a poor environment without a wife, and he basically resorts to alcohol to numb the pain. In the end he fights to win his children back by getting a job and a team of lawyers to plead his case before the Irish Supreme Court. Not only does Doyle get his kids back, he also changes the law—a very demanding and hard thing to accomplish in one lifetime.

Generally slow paced. A very gloomy, dark, and rainy atmosphere. Lot’s of green color. Mpst of the scenes are held in the courts and at the local pub (very dim and yellow, I think).

Overall, I thought it was really interesting to see a very traditional Irish catholic family suddenly turn completely around: the wife deserts the family (had about 5 minutes of screen time and I get the impression that she’s very cold, heartless, and cruel), while the husband is left to fill in the mother figure role for his children—although you can really see that he always had this very close/intimate connection to them.
I don’t consider this to be a feminist film, but it’s an amazing film nonetheless—I especially loved the sensitive and emotional side of Pierce’s portrayal, and the "angel rays." An interesting research assignment could be the comparison between the real story and the cinematic representation… and even the role reversal of the wife and husband.
also, in the homepage, one reviewer commented how Brosnan left 007 (his famous role as James Bond) to "show off his true acting skills"--not sure exactly what it means but perhaps the reviewer noticed how his role as James Bond was very masculine/domineering/, while his role as Doyle seemed to be more real/sensitive/sweet/family-like

here's where you can find the trailer and homepage:


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I never like Pierce Brosnan in any roles which aren't brainy. Take the bond series, or the thomas crown affair.
It's just me. Evelyn could be a good movie for many.