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Feminism in media

When I took this class I knew of feminism as a movement but not of the different types of feminism. I feel feminism exists whether we are willing to proclaim ourselves as feminists or we are willing to acknowledge that there is a feminism movement. The same applies to all types of media producers. It is not necessary for me to know that the media producer is a feminist or for the same person to believe they are a feminist either. After this class, I have learned to watch everything with a critical eye. Social issues are represented in everything we see on TV and magazines, the question is whether we are willing to recognize it. For example, in Iris Marion Young’s "The Scaling of Bodies" she states that racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, and ableism have not disappeared but have gone underground, and dwelling in everyday habits and cultural meaning of which people are for the most part unaware. Where there is a person recognizing misrepresentation - there is the movement of feminism. Feminism, to me, has moved from only representing women, to the bigger scale of representing discrimination against any person’s beliefs. So do we still need to study and represent feminism? There is no question whether these issues still exist when skin still sells, we have not had a female president, and in fact...we have not had a black male president. What I am trying to say is that we are all feminists whether we like it or not. When we choose to believe that someone is being mistreated because of the color of their skin, their gender, or their sexual orientation and choose to stand up for them - that is what feminism is to me. As far as naming media, in fairness to everything I have watched and have yet to watch, I can't limit that list to a few. For example, I watched a football game and there were the cheerleaders, as an object of the sex in the game of football. During the same time, there were scantily clad women selling beer on a commercial. Then I flipped the channel and saw Titanic. Now for a big budget Hollywood movie and with no intention of using the film as an object of transport of the feministic view, there were numerous occasions when Rose was mistreated due to her gender and at the same time was given power through her gender.
Again, feminism is everywhere. I choose to recognize it, but I am not a feminist. I don't have to be one to realize that there is objectification of female bodies, homophobia, and still...racism are present. What we decide to do with the knowledge is what sets us apart from the "real" feminists. A "real" feminist is one who chooses not only to educate us about the issues but also offers some solutions.