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It's not a film, but I saw it on a screen

Last weekend I ended up "home" in Wisconsin, which means access to cable television. Usually when I'm confronted with 100 channels of filthy reality TV shows and cheesy sitcom dramas, I end up over-indulging in them to make up for the lack of TV consumption I get at my real home in Minneapolis. But last weekend, I just couldn't do it. Fifteen minutes of MTV's "Tiara Girls" was all I could take. (Plus, I had free rentals from Blockbuster.)

The show was about an over-zealous beauty pageant mom and her teenage daughter. Editors showed the daughter straightening her blonde hair, practicing her dance routine, showing off her sparkly, body-clinging costumes (most designed and sewn by the mom), and answering practice questions, such as "What would you say to a girl who is thinking of entering a pageant?"

After a few minutes of viewing the mother-daughter team whine and complain to each other, all I could picture was the giant monster mother shown in class last week by the first pair of presenters. I kept waiting for the real mom on TV to grow tentacles and blobs of fat and suck her perfectly primped child back into her womb.

Unfortunately, this did not happen, and I turned off the TV before I could see how the girl (and her mother) did in the contest. The contest based primarily on looks. On the scaling of bodies. Where an actual point value is assigned for smiles and limbs and clothes.


Its a great show to understand the persons ability

Hmm I couldn't watch it full.

was good enough to see

I saw the show of "Tiara Girls"

Feminist Film Studies has done us a real favor by making some enjoyable movies critically respectable and opening others up to fresh scrutiny.

it is Good to See

I can say for one that I have never seen the show, and now I probably will never want to. It clearly is feminist in the way of showing that you are scored on your outward appearance, which is totally different from your inward beauty.
I'm not saying that beauty pageants are horrible and that no one should do them, I'm just going to say to each his own. If they like it, do it, but I can say that I'm not a fan of it.